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Total body workout. Strength, cardio and agility. Workouts include weight lifting, boxing, agility, kickboxing and more...

Operating as usual


Check out the “Jimmy Choo” exercise! Stay safe!


Bicep curls with a balance option! Dig in!


Try these Mt. Kilimanjaro’s! Message me if you’d like to train online! Be safe!


Try the always great Rosie The Riveter exercise!


The JB Push n Pull. Enjoy!


Hola cats, I hope everyone is safe during this time of the virus and protests that have turned violent. During the quarantine I've been training clients via FaceTime and Messenger and occasionally zoom. It's been working out very well. IF you're interested in training with me shoot me a note.
The workouts typically consist of core, body weight exercises, weight lifting and cardio. And if you don't have dumbbells at home it's ok, we can work around that. Please stay safe and I hope to see you soon.


Hey there! I've got space for a few more clients. Workouts include resistance training, core, kickboxing, body weight exercises and more. Shoot me a message and we'll make it happen! cheers


Yesterday I put on the 40 lbs. vest and walked for an hour and a half along the beach. With the view and tunes going it didn't feel like a workout at all...until I pulled the vest off.

In fact it wasn't really a workout, it was just a stroll with a few added pounds. I'll have to go harder today which will be upper body weights and kicks to the heavy bag!

Keep moving everybody! 05/05/2015

Vitamin Overuse Could Lead to Cancer

Here's an article about the 'possible' dangers of multivitamin overuse. In short moderation is the key to life…among many other things. Be smart people! A new study from the National Cancer Institute suggests a link between heavy use of multivitamins and increased risk for prostate cancer.


Amazing client rocks the combat ropes!

JB's Studio 06/03/2013

How'd this pic get in here?


Lightning fast client giving it her all at my home studio...


Lightning fast client giving it her all at my home studio...


Todays workout will either be 30 minutes kicking the heavy bag and then one of my 30 minute yoga dvds. Or 30 minutes of hill wind-sprints and then the yoga. Maybe I'll flip a coin.


Untitled Album

Untitled Album 10/25/2012

Untitled Album


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Apex Sanshou Team - Spinning Heel Kick Technique Tutorial

This guy does a great demonstration of the spinning heel kick. This is an effective yet difficult kick that we also use in hapkido. And actually demonstrating it slowly the way he does is harder than it looks--it takes balance. It's easier to do full speed once you've got the kick down. His 'set up' is informative as well. Enjoy!

Check out the first in a series of sanshou technique tutorial videos we will be doing. Wheel Kick, Spinning Hook Kick, Spinning Back Kick, Spinning Heel Kick...


Holding the side kick for balance


While filling up the other day I was shocked at the length of the mcdonald's drive-thru line. People were honking, sneaking and darn near shoving their way to get at, er 'food'. Come train with me and you'll not only get fit; you'll lose the craving for BAD food!


Jonathan Brown Personal Trainer's cover photo


Jonathan Brown Drum Solo

If I don't stay in shape, I can't have this much fun at my kit!

Jonathan Brown Drum solo, performing with Sound Bank. Suzys in Hermosa Beach.


I'm All Natural Baby 07/26/2011

Drummer Neil Peart's body is finely tuned instrument

Drumming and fitness, two of my fave things! Cue Simpsons-Comic-Book-Store-Guy voice: Best. Band. Ever! 07/26/2011

jb'sfitness: Work Breaks...Ya better Take 'Em!

Breaks do the body good... Are you one of those employees who works non-stop without taking a break? If you are, tsk tsk! More and more studies show that this is neither healthy nor smart. Ever ask yourself why you work this way? I'm going to say it's fear based. Fear of not getting things done. Which would lead to what? G


Work Breaks...Ya better Take 'Em!

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Bicep curls with a balance option! Dig in!
Try these Mt. Kilimanjaro’s! Message me if you’d like to train online! Be safe!
Try the always great Rosie The Riveter exercise!
The JB Push n Pull. Enjoy!




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