Snap-Hebron Strength Training

Snap-Hebron Strength Training


A HUGE thank you goes out to Snap Fitness - Hebron for sponsoring Thornwilde’s inaugural Turkey Trot 5K to benefit Thornwilde Elementary School’s Girls on the Run program! We very much appreciate your partnership with us in 2020! THANK YOU!! ❤️
Is there a 9:00 Labor Day class tomorrow morning? Sure hope so!!! THANKS!
Going live for class in about 6 mins! Like, comment - let us know you’re in!
Apparently signs aren’t enough? Put your weights away! Be respectful..this isn’t your home gym- clean up after yourself. The next person shouldn’t have to do this for you. This has become a frequent occurrence leftover from either Sunday or very early Monday.
Hey FitFam. I lost my class punch card and wanted to see if anyone found it? It would have had Heather G, H.G. or Heather Gonzales on the back. I last had it for Wed July 24th evening class. Thanks!
Is the class schedule still the one posted here in March?
All moms are SUPER moms! In honor of Mother’s Day we are having a flash sale on Class Cards Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday of this week. $10 off! Happy Mother’s Day to all our moms 😍❤️🌹
#2. Yesterday Sunday, Upper Body.
#1. Upper body workout.
Definitely want to keep getting tips in 2019.
Def want to keep getting tips in 2019.
As a newbie to the gym after some initial weight loss (still going), this place is awesome. Everyone is friendly, helpful and no intimidation regardless of where you are on the journey. Super clean, great variety of equipment, never too crowded. Thanks for making people feel welcome and able to start wherever they are on the workout spectrum.

Hebron's only neighborhood gym & training. Home of our Metabolic Bootcamp, small group & semi private training. Specializing in functional fitness.

OPEN 24/7 TO ALL MEMBERS. Our Facebook hours that are listed indicate when we are staffed.

Operating as usual

🎃 Oct 31st Saturday 9am! Bring a PUMPKIN for The Great Pumpkin Workout in our outdoor space! Let's have some fun and get fit at the same time!

❄️ It’s getting colder outside and that means classes are moving inside and people will be more active indoors in the coming months.
🦠With that in mind, to protect our gym members, we have installed Air Scrubbers with ActivePure Technology in our HVAC Systems.
ActivePure Technology is removes or destroys up to 99% of all surface and airborne contaminants including:
•The flu
•COVID-19 / Corona Virus
Many more

🙏🏻Thank you Polar Service Group and Poston Brothers Heating & Cooling and Jay Royer !
If you are interested in improving the indoor air quality in your home or business call Poston Brothers and Polar Service Group today and use the Coupon Code SNAP10 for 10% Off.

🏠 For your Home
Poston Brothers Heating & Cooling
Call: (859) 586-6823
Email: [email protected]

🏢For your Business
Polar Service Group, Inc.
Call: (859) 795-7900
Email: [email protected]

Come join us at Snap Fitness in Hebron on November 7 for a great workout! ALL proceeds from this event will go directly to the Ethan’s Purpose Foundation which is providing counseling to students in five area schools. You might want to bring a sweatshirt! It’ll be fun!!😊

[10/25/20]   Thank you so much Hebron family for supporting us!!!! For our Halloween party!! ❤️🖤

We're excited to launch the #FightItWithFitness campaign, to call on all Americans to join us in fighting COVID-19, diabetes, depression, obesity, hypertension, heart disease and more with exercise.

It's never been more important to get healthy and stay healthy! Commit to moving your body daily and share your story about how you fought to stay healthy through fitness using hashtag #FightItWithFitness.

Learn More:



Consider this frustrating fact about metabolism. It could care less about your desires for a lean, muscular body. It has its own directives & they are in direct opposition to your wishes.

The metabolism has been crafted through millions of years. It’s architecture is designed for one thing; keep you alive long enough to spread your genes. The major threat against that mission is starvation.

That may seem confusing, but the metabolism has no idea of your modern day realities. Expecting your metabolism to understand it no longer needs to worry about starving is like putting a hungry lion in a third grade classroom. It has no concept about innocent children, it’s simply hungry. I realize that is disturbing imagery, but maybe it finally gives you a sense of the unconscious, detached drives of metabolism.

Understand that & you can work with, rather than against, your metabolism. The metabolism does NOT like continuous weight loss efforts. When you hit a plateau, that is the metabolism’s way of saying, “I have had enough. If you keep pushing I will make you fat again.” Honor its wishes. Move to a maintenance plan. Focus on shifting to a stress reducing approach. More walking, more sleep, more sex, more creative pursuits. Less extreme dieting & over exercising.

Remember the metabolism is adaptive. You keep trying to eat less & exercise more & you may find your metabolism starts force feeding you cheesecake. You can’t win a battle of wills against the metabolism. Moderate your approach by eating less & exercising less OR eating more & exercising more. Both produce a more gentle calorie reduction & remove some of the metabolism’s concern about starvation.

Finally, understand that regaining a small amount of weight is exactly what the metabolism needs. Your lack of comfort with that may be what’s causing you to gain back 20 instead of 5. Take some time (1-3 months). You may find things are not as hard. That’s how the metabolism works, like it or not. The metabolism is not a calculator or chemistry set. It is more like a credit card. You over use it & go over its limits & it will make you pay steep penalties. #diet #weightloss #nextlevelhum

[10/11/20]   No 6am class tomorrow 10/12 (due to Columbus Day/schools closed). 6:30pm class still on.


DISCIPLINE drives success when motivation fails 💯


"Ok, so I am going way outside of my comfort zone here and putting it all out there. I’m doing this because number one I’m proud of myself. But most importantly I have to give Chanin April some love. Chanin is not only my trainer but has become what I am so lucky to call, a friend. She got me off my scale kick, off my killing myself HiiT kick. She put me on a 6 week program. And not gonna lie, I whined when the scale didn’t move, whined when I was down in the dumps, but also shared my triumphs with Chanin. She held me to my meal plan and kept me accountable and y’all. LOOK at these results!!!! - Allison Stahl

[10/01/20]   Hey Virtual Gym peeps- I've decided to stop doing LIVES for now. I have StrongHer and group training going on at the same time and I can't video at the same time.

•I will decide at the end of October if I will start going LIVE again in November due to the cold weather.
•I would love to see you back at gym but I understand if some of you cannot.

•For those of you who want access to all of these older workout videos from the last 6 months or so/ you are welcome to pay $20 to keep access.

Thank you!!

Happy Monday! 🙌🏼💯

Saturday 9am!!! Be there!💯

🔥Abs anyone?

[09/17/20]   Toilet at the gym keeps flushing and won't stop. Can anyone take a look at it or know what to do?

3 years of consistency, dedication and sustainability! Schawn started out in FitN6 group training and has continued on thru StrongHer, SH2 and now lifts regularly at Snap! Such an inspiration 💪🏼🥰💯

😱Over 40 and struggling with your body image? Self confidence? Changing your body seems impossible? I get it! ⁣

🤩Life is too short to feel crappy!! How can I help you? ⁣

I will be 52 in a month and I have been training women for over 25 years. I've helped 100s of women transform, feel better, feel sexier and more confident. Let me know how I can help you 🥰

🤗Share this post with someone who might be looking for help with their self confidence/Fatloss/body image.⁣

#strongnotskinny #lifttogetlean

Three Things Men Can Learn From Female Lifters:
1. Guys tend to focus excessively on bar weight and not enough on movement quality, range of motion, and the mind-muscle link. Men often place quantity over quality, and often to their detriment. Women don’t typically do this.
2. Generally, women don’t push through pain in stupid ways. Men often allow ego to take precedence over common sense.
3. Women tend to think of themselves as novices when they're actually fairly knowledgeable, whereas men tend to think that they were born knowing how to lift. The result is that women are much more open to learning than men are. We should all have that attitude. – Charles Staley (@charlesstaley)

Doctor Says Gyms Can Prevent COVID-19 & Lessen the Impact

❤️💪🏼yes! We have been working out in our gym with no masks the entire time and NO outbreak! We are careful but people need to be exercising, socializing and taking care of their health!!! Robert Sallis, M.D., says, “Whatever it takes to get places where people exercise and can be active to open, we have to do it, it's an essential part of life.”

Wednesday 6am & 6:30pm at Snap --
6:30pm on the Virtual Gym!


Dana Lee is an amazing soul who is battling neuroendocrine cancer. This 5k is to come together as a tribe and support a special soul and show her she is loved. Snap is honored to be a sponsor!!!!💗💗

[08/12/20]   *REMINDER- class is moving to 6am tomorrow!!!

You all know how much we love Mary Katherine Otto. Please say a prayer for her!! 🙏🏻💗

♦️FIT in 6 Fatloss Program is a 6 week program for ALL fitness levels!..

♦️This session starts AUGUST 31
♦️Also offering this on our Virtual Gym for the first time ever!!
♦️Unlimited group training classes 🏋️‍♀️...
♦️Nutrition guidance 🥗...
♦️Learn about macros, carb cycling..
♦️Before & After pictures 📷...
♦️Amazing & supportive coaches 🙌🏼...
♦️Private page 🔑...
♦️CUTTING EDGE Total body workouts🔥...
♦️Earn your FREE T-shirt or Tank top if you finish the program by completing at least 18 sessions in the 6 weeks!👕...

♦️PRICING - nothing to hide here- we know it’s worth every penny!!!! 💵 🔹Non member/new - $249...
🔹Member- $199/Teacher member-$179
🔹Repeat member- $149

♦️Come in to Register or call 859-586-6100

*before/afters in comments below!

[08/10/20]   *Due to school starting soon-
Starting Wed 12th -
We will be moving the morning classes to 6am!

#truth ⁣✨✨
Fatloss seekers... fatloss comes mainly through proper nutrition strategies, not doing a sh*t ton of cardio. If anything, doing too much cardio and training in an attempt to lose fat can cause more inflammation and water retention. Nutrition is King. Training and recovery are next. ⁣

If you want more info... message me for an appt or call. ⁣

Guess what's coming soon??? Help with your nutrition, accountability, balanced effective fatloss workouts in person and Virtually. 💙 🤍

[07/26/20]   Another Saturday sweat sesh. A little bit tougher than last weekend but still totally modifiable! Again we had teens, moms, dads, Andrea (who's 39weeks along), coaches, and over 70 something! So thankful to have this huge outdoor space!! 🙏🏻❤️🖤

☀️💦Oh my! What a workout today!! Kudos to all of our Fitfam! Lots of new people as well!!

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Weekend Warrior class only at Snap.
"Today is a great day to have a great day! Less worrying, more serving!" 👊🏼
🎉Re Opening June 1!




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