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If you just got back from vacation, it's time to get those extra pounds off before they take up permanent residence.


Today is a new day. This can be your day. You can choose to be in shape again.


Thought for the day: Yes you can get back in shape and stay that way for the rest of your life. You just need to learn how.

Yes we can help you learn how.


Which is the biggest obstacle pulling you off track?

Can't find the time to workout
Sugar grabs hold of you and won't let go
You wake up tired
You are always hungry
You get injured easily whenever you start working out again


Let's be brutally honest here for a second. If you don't feel confident getting your picture taken, you are missing out on a lot of life's big moments. This one is my 25th anniversary.

Yeah I didn't get my full smile in place in time haha, but there was a time when I wouldn't have wanted to be in the photo at all. I used to be obese. I don't know how many precious moments I missed out on because I didn't want my picture taken.

How about you? Do you want to have more confidence to have you picture taken?

We can help.


You want to get back in shape so you don't have to replace your clothes and you can stop worrying about your health.

I'm here to help.


How old were you when you felt at your healthiest?


Getting back in shape doesn't have to mean endless cardio.


This man is 66 years old. He is effortlessly carrying two 40 lb sandbags. No you aren't too old to get back on track with your fitness. YES you can be strong and mobile and as energetic as you were at 25 or 30 years old.


3 Huge Mistakes most people make when trying to get back in shape:

1. Doing too much too soon
2. Pushing through pain rather than finding the underlying joint or muscle issue
3. Not asking for help


Jennifer Walker's Testimonial

“I have always been fortunate to be a thin person that didn’t have to work hard at staying that way. Genetically lucky in the weight category but not so much in muscle tone, joint strength, or core stability. In short I was what some people refer to as skinny fat. I looked okay in clothes, but put me in a swimsuit and ask me to run along the beach and two events were likely to occur (1) I would dislocate my knee (which actually happened) or (2) I suddenly found myself in a competition with the ocean as to who could create the most waves (except my butt ripples weren’t as pretty to watch).

So after two children and multiple freak injuries, at 37 years old I decided to stop with the excuse of “I don’t have time” and make the time to get strong. After nearly two years of regular workouts with Coach Charles and the Fit Health community, I have put on ten pounds of muscle, dropped almost three inches from my waist, strengthened my joints and core beyond what I thought was possible, and I feel confident in a bikini!
At the start of this journey, Charles said to me, “everyone has the same number of hours available in a day…you can make the time to workout if you want.” He was absolutely right, and the changes I have experienced physically and mentally have been well worth my time.”

-Jennifer Walker
Working mom of 2


Beat these three traffic cones to reach your fitness goal:

1. Allow yourself to be accountable
2. Allow yourself to be coachable
3. Allow yourself to reprogram your mind for health and fitness


Carrie Mariotti's Testimonal

“I am privileged to be trained by Coach Charles. He is a great motivator, enthusiastic, and encouraging. He gently pushes without being pushy. He is dedicated to helping his clients achieve their personal goals with measurable results. He strives to make exercise and balanced choices, a lifelong commitment. I would highly recommend Coach Charles to anyone committing to getting fit and healthy. ” -Carrie Mariotti


Hugh Staples' Testimonial

“Since starting work with Coach Charles in December I have seen very positive results. When I came to him I had loss 60 lbs over a two year period but still had not gotten the definition that I was seeking. Coach Charles has help me get to the next level of fitness. Since working with him I have gained 1 inch on my chest, 2 inches on my biceps, 11/2 on my thighs, loss 2 inches off my hips and an inch off my waist. I can look in the period now and see the beginning of a 6 pack and a V shape. At 53 years old I am back to my college football weight (225) and feel strong and fit. But most important, since I have started a regular training program I am off blood pressure and Cholesterol meds. My goal is to stay medication free. Coach Charles’ program works…really.” -Hugh Staples, Professional Actor

Hugh is wearing his new pants inside his old pants!

Photos from Fit Health Oak Hill's post 06/21/2021

Joe Skowronski's Testimonial

Over the last 52 years, I have been at a healthy weight only four times: the last two years of high school and through college; immediately before and after my wedding; during the second term of the George W. Bush administration; and now.

During the first three times, I lost significant weight but was not able to maintain the healthy lifestyle long-term because I did not change all the factors necessary for weight loss success.

I thought I could make the necessary changes myself, but after several years of trying to eat better and exercise more, I only gained more weight and became less active. As a gift for Christmas 2012, my wife gave me a gift of the 2X JumpStart Personal Training Program with Coach Charles. I still thought I could lose the weight myself, but reluctantly met with Coach Charles and started the program.

At first, I could not even finish the warm-up exercises, let alone make it through an hour-long training session. During the second week, Coach Charles reviewed my week-long food journal and helped me develop a healthy nutritional plan that was both appetizing and achievable. Within a year, after going to fitHealthUSA twice/week, I lost over 60 pounds, 10 ¼ inches around the waist, and 28% of my body fat. I continue to go to fitHealthUSA to increase my strength and improve my overall health and am constantly challenged and motivated by Coach Charles. Each week, Coach Charles’ clients come to the gym and find a new list of exercises. He uses science to develop a program that addresses flexibility, balance, core strength, muscle mass, and endurance. The exercises are tailored to address each individual’s ability, strength, and training frequency and Coach Charles continues to modify the exercises to make them more challenging. Another motivating factor for going to fitHealthUSA is Coach Charles’ clients. Whenever I come to the gym, there are 2 to 4 people there, all with similar goals and the work ethic to move forward towards improved health and overall body conditioning. I know the names of the people I work out with and find several friends among them.

After several months of my continued success and steady weight loss, Coach Charles commented that he wished everyone would follow his advice and recognize that they also could change their health. He went through a similar weight and improved health transformation so he has personal knowledge and experience of what works. Thanks to Coach Charles, I am lighter, healthier, stronger, more flexible and have more endurance than I have ever had.

Thanks Coach Charles!
-Joe Skowronski


Coach Charles's Personal Testimonal

Coach Charles is a new man. While he may not sport a 6 pack or have the natural genetics of 25 year old trainers you meet at the national chains who have never been out of shape, he’s been through every step of what you need to do to slim down and tone up fast. 3 years ago, Charles couldn’t do a single pull up and had to take multiple breaths to tie his shoes. Today Coach Charles can whip out 60 push ups on a stability ball and bang out 20 pull ups. His problems with weakness, flexibility and fat gain are gone FOREVER!

“The last time I was in this kind of shape, I was 18 years old and playing high school sports while working out 3 to four hours a day. That was literally half a lifetime ago, I’m 37 now, and I only workout 30 min to an hour 4 to 5 days a week.” -Coach Charles

Update: At 43 years old now, I’m frequently mistaken for a much younger man. Quite by accident, I found the closest thing to the fountain of youth. Nearly 10 years after beginning my weight loss journey, I find eating a sensible diet and consistent workouts allow me to attack life with the energy of a 20 year old. Join me!

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