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Hydrodynamic Training, LLC provides individual & small group swim instruction for competitive swimmers, triathletes, & fitness nuts. According to USA swimming, the National Governing Board of swimming in the United States, water impedes the forward motion of swimmers in three distinct ways: 1.

Overcome the resistance of water; 2. Deal with the water turbulence they create; and 3. Overcome friction caused by contact between fabrics or skin and water that slows a swimmer (i.e. drag). In short, swimming fast is a matter of increasing propulsion while reducing the resistance of water to forward movement. Skilled swimmers use more of the energy produced per stroke to move their bodies throug

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Fall/Winter Swim Practices at Claude Moore

Looking for swim practices for your swimmer/s but don't want the commitment that joining a USA Swimming Team usually entails?

You aren't alone!!!! Per the request of several swimmers and parents Hydrodynamic Training is putting together some swim practice times at Claude Moore Rec Center in Sterling, VA. This form is just to gauge interest and availability (this is NOT an official sign up). If your swimmer would be interested please go ahead and fill this out and we will be in touch soon! Feel free to pass this along to those who may not be on Facebook.
THANK YOU!!!!!!!
-Coach Coco


docs.google.com Interest form for a Fall/Winter practice swim season with Coach Coco at Claude Moore! Hello!!! Coach Coco here. I want to try to organize a Fall/Winter practice season. If you are interested, please fill this out so I can gauge interest. This is not a commitment...just putting out some feelers :-) T...


Breaststroke Undulation

Chest undulation is a very important (yet often overlooked) aspect of a FAST BREASTSTROKE but it is a fairly challenging concept to teach. Here is one of my favorite ways to demonstrate it to my swimmers.
After showing Maggie what it looks like to undulate in breaststroke (bringing attention to the timing and what the hips are doing), I had her perform that motion in the water by breaststroke kicking with her arms down by her side. After only a few laps of that drill....💥VOILA💥 adding super power to her fast breaststroke!!!


Josh Pray

*On a serious note, hang in there ...hopefully pools will be open soon🤞Stay safe and healthy💕 I'm here to help if you need "dryland" workouts!


Swimming is the vibranium of sports 😳😳😳😳


Feeling stuck with improving your turns?!
You know your turns aren't as fast as they need to be and need some work....but don't know HOW to change or correct them? 🤷🏼‍♀️

I run my swimmers through a progression of drills that help them UNDERSTAND the turns and HOW to implement the changes that need to be made. 👌

I have a few slots left for PRIVATE sessions on Monday October 14th at Claude Moore Rec Center. Shoot me a message if you are interested!!! 🏊‍♀️


Making a "wonky" breaststroke legal is one of the most daunting tasks as a swim coach...raise of hands if you agree🙋🏼‍♀️.

This kid came to me with a scissor breaststroke kick ➡️ the "wonky" left leg was the culprit (top video). After only two 45 minutes lessons not only did we correct his kick but we tuned up the entire stroke! Look at that body line, shoot, and glide!!! 💥 (bottom video)

We still have a few things to tweak but the progress this awesome kid made in such a short amount of time is incredible! We worked diligently to get it right and get it tight! 🤗

🗝The key coaching point in this situation was relating the kick (the motion and the leg & foot positioning) to his Taekwondo side kick. Being able to adjust your coaching cues to each individual swimmer is a vital part of being an excellent coach. Everyone learns differently. So it is part of the coach's responsibility to get to know each individual swimmer and to change they way he/she communicates with each individual swimmer. Tthe instruction needs to be delivered in a way the swimmer can understand...one size does not fit all!


Hydrodynamic Training, LLC specializes in private and small group swim instruction for ALL types of swimmers with ANY type of goal! 🏊‍♀️🏊‍♂️

Fall 2019 -
Lessons are done at Claude Moore Recreation Center in Sterling, VA. Please contact me, Coco for more information!
📧[email protected]


Working on tightening up open turns today!
Yep, that's a chair👍


Effortless Swimming

In this video, you will learn the number one indicator to get your elbow into a high position for freestyle.

In order to press the water back effectively, your elbow needs to be elevated and slightly out to the side. A decent amount of shoulder flexibility is also required to ensure proper mechanics.


We had a fantastic weekend in Charleston, SC with Olympian's Tyler Clary and Chloe Sutton! Lots of sun and swimming...two of the best things in life, right!? How often do you hear "I'm with everyone in the swim but lose it on (and off) the walls"? The reality is you are only as good as your "walls." In this clip Chloe demonstrates a drill used to help the swimmer make the most out of his or her underwater efforts by attaching yourself to the water to help propel you forward (as opposed to just flailing and slipping). This "feel" is the difference between moving your body through the water or just moving water.


This is a fantastic depiction of the amount of precision this sport requires. It's the smallest details that often make the biggest difference.


This weekend I was in Ontario, Canada with 2012 Olympic gold medalist Claire Donahue working on underwaters and butterfly. Streamline squat jumps are great to test the "integrity" of your streamline!



Here's a little bit about the power of visualization. I'm a fan! https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10154695544407509&id=30911162508

Michael Phelps explains why visualization helped him in the ultimate worst-case-scenario.


Hydrodynamic Training, LLC's cover photo


Vertical Dolphin Kicking with Olympian Scott Weltz

Understanding how to get the most out of your vertical kicking drills in practice. Vertical kicking is such a valuable tool but only when done correctly. Scott describes the difference between productive (beneficial) and unproductive (useless) vertical kicking mechanics.


Ballistic Butterfly Pull with Olympian Scott Weltz

The butterfly pull is probably one of the most challeging aspects of swimming for many swimmers. However the butterfly pull, when done correctly can be one of the easiest and most effiecent pulls.
I had the opportunity to travel to Colorado with Olympians Scott Weltz and Melanie Margalis as the teach butterfly and underwater dolphin kicking.

businessinsider.com 08/20/2016

The Optimal Level Of Anxiety You Need To Perform Well

Optimal Performance Anxiety: Anxiety isn't always necessarily the enemy. A certain amount is necessary to optimize performance. This is a quick article talking about finding the "Anxiety Sweet Spot".

businessinsider.com According to the Yerkes-Dodson curve.


Here's a quick clip sent to me from one of my client's mom of a drill we were practicing at one of my sessions yesterday!


The Biggest Mental Mistake Made by Coaches and Athletes

The real "game" of swimming is what's going on in your head!

Do you want to win more? Dr. G. discusses why taking your goals and expectations into a BIG game can set you up for choking. Dr. Alan Goldberg, international...


Former Olympian Ed Moses

Let's talk BREASTSTROKE. This is probably one of my favorite clips to show kids of the home/body position that is Step 1 in conquering the stroke.

swimswam.com 07/05/2016

2016 U.S. Olympic Swimming Team Complete Roster

2016 USA Swimming Olympic Team! Ready to rock it in Rio !

swimswam.com See the offical roster for the 2016 U.S. Olympic Swimming Team.


Cody Miller is on the way to RIO!!!!! Congrats, bud!!!!!


Connor Jaeger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Holy hay stacks, that was an amazing race....I am crying right now, CONGRATS on making it to RIO! I had no doubt.

[06/27/16]   I think I just had a heart attack after the Men's final heat 400 I.M. at Olympic Trials...don't EVER sleep on the breaststroke!!!!!!!


Timeline Photos


Swimming World

Forget About Laps – Introducing ‘Speedo Fit’ Water Training


This was the Final Jeopardy question last night...any guesses??? (Only 2 out of 3 contestants got it right!) "Bueller, Bueller...."

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High Performance Freestyle, Tempo and Flip Turns- Springfield, IL | Fitter & Faster Tour...

I'm excited about my quick trip to Illinois this weekend for two (sold out) clinics with Larsen Jensen! His accolades include being a 2-time Olympic medalist and an American record holder in both the 400m and 1500m freestyle events. In 2008 he retired from his swimming career to pursue his passion to become a US Navy SEAL!!!!

fitterandfaster.com fitterandfaster.com/swim-clinics/high-performance-freestyle-tempo-and-flip-turns-springfield-il


If schools are cancelled next week and roads are operable, let's use the opportunity to get pool time! Text or email me to schedule.

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JP Popovich Memorial Scholarship

youcaring.com The JP Memorial Scholarship is being created to remember John Paul, his accomplishments and his love of swimming. He meant so much to many different facets of the community. He will be missed by all! This portal is a place to make an online donation to the scholarship fund. The funds will be held...

adamsgreen.com 12/22/2015

John Popovich - 2015-12-18


adamsgreen.com John Paul Popovich, 19, of Potomac Falls, VA, passed away on 18 December 2015. Born in Melbourne, Florida, John Paul resided in Orlando, FL for 10 years before moving to Virginia in 2007. He was a 2015 graduate of Dominion High School in Sterling, VA, and was currently attending the University of Vi…


I'm sending everyone positive vibes for the meet this weekend!


Chloe backwards freestyle

If you have worked with me it is highly likely you have been challenged to try this drill....love it! Thanks, Chloe!!!

Two-time Olympian Chloe Sutton demonstrates a drill that will help you with great body awareness and positioning. Three-time Olympian Peter Vanderkaay narrates! To…

swimswam.com 11/18/2015

15 Rules for a Monster Swim Season

There's a few of you....you know who you are...that need to read this!!!!!

swimswam.com Looking to charge hard into the 2015/2016 season? Here are 15 rules for making it your best yet.

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Virginia Cavaliers Official Athletic Site

UVa S'Women #1 in the polls...hot dog!!!!

m.virginiasports.com CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va.—For the first time in program history, the Virginia women’s swimming and diving program has been tabbed No. 1 in the College Swimming Coaches Association of America (CSCAA) national poll for the first time, the CSCAA announced Wednesday (Nov. 4).


The past few weekends hanging out and learning from the best have been a blast! (Olympians Christine Magnuson, Chloe Sutton, and Connor Jaeger)

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Breaststroke Undulation
Feeling stuck with improving your turns?! You know your turns aren't as fast as they need to be and need some work....bu...
Making a "wonky" breaststroke legal is one of the most daunting tasks as a swim coach...raise of hands if you agree🙋🏼‍♀️...
Working on tightening up open turns today!       Yep, that's a chair👍
We had a fantastic weekend in Charleston, SC with Olympian's Tyler Clary and Chloe Sutton! Lots of sun and swimming...tw...
This weekend I was in Ontario, Canada with 2012 Olympic gold medalist Claire Donahue working on underwaters and butterfl...
Vertical Dolphin Kicking with Olympian Scott Weltz
Ballistic Butterfly Pull with Olympian Scott Weltz
Here's a quick clip sent to me from one of my client's mom of a drill we were practicing at one of my sessions yesterday...
Former Olympian Ed Moses



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