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Operating as usual

Photos from Bribick Athletics's post 10/01/2023

Haven't been too active on this account lately, I guess you could say I've had a lot on my mind (and in my belly lately) 🀣
But all is well and healthy. We are still doing long walks and our daily yoga or Barre workouts and yes, still riding the bike (all be not in a bent over position anymore). These have been really great to both keep my mind in a healthy spot but also ensure I can continue to do tasks of my daily life for as long as possible.

Ready for a jump scare? Swipe through to see how far we've come since the last time I updated you! 🀯❀️❀️🀰🏼

Photos from Bribick Athletics's post 03/29/2023

Forgot to take out picture during the run so I took one in our living room. And then we snuggled on the couch. Today Garmin told me to run for only 33 min as my suggested run, so that's all we did. Still felt great to get out there and tackle a workout for the day. And now we get to spend the day cuddling together kn the couch!
Ps yes I did change hats in between, gotta let the running hat air out so it doesn't get too stinky πŸ˜…



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πŸ”—πŸ”— Link in bio.


Haven't run in more than a month so it felt only fitting to do my first run back on a trail I wanted to run all the time but wasn't allowed to because it doesn't allow dogs.
It wasn't a fast run by any means, it was a therapeutic one. I walked some parts and took in my surroundings, I stopped to take pictures of trees and signs, and then I walked the last Β½ mile with my mom and her dog.
My hip felt quite a bit better, not perfect but I could feel that it was less stressed out and painful than it was 2 months ago. Overall a win. Here's hoping it just keeps feeling better.


8 more 21:30 cycling workouts in the books.

I this past week I saw my power to weight ratio increase 0.1 W/Kg (watts per kilogram body weight). My body weight is doing its normal fluctuating thing where it goes up when I eat 🍟🍟and it goes down when my hormones aren't going 🍌🍌 (Can you tell I wrote this post while I was hungry?🀫🀫). So with that said there is cause to believe that both weight loss has occurred and some strength gains are happening simultaneously.

I am also now able to maintain more high cadence in my big ring so that is also helping those power numbers πŸ‹πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

❓️❔️I'm curious do you train with data numbers or are you solely a "enjoy the time" kind of person?

This next week I will try to vary my poses more so the collage is more fun πŸ€ͺ


Don't worry I'm still here....just took a needed break from social media posting. It wasn't giving me any sort of joy and so I just decided not to do it. But then I realized if I didn't post then everyone else would have 1 less post of a sweaty woman and her cute doggo on here to space out the gloom and doom that seems to be all of social these maybe I'll try to post more again. πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

Did a cheeky 3.75 miles today out in the bone chilling wind. And now I am just procrastinating going back outside to the grocery store.


Beginning to build the mileage back on. The good part about rebuilding mileage during the winter season is that pacing will automatically be slower during the colder night runs. It keeps me honest on focusing on endurance and not trying to chase PRs.


Oh hey it's me. Been off my fitness for a while because I had some sadness spells and then some sickness days. But we back at it. Started out "small" with a 5k a couple walk breaks on some hills but other than that felt pretty good. The hardest part is just stepping out the door, the rest is all "downhill". But I do need some new shoes, asap!!!!!

Also he is keeping watch for birds out the window.


584 days 🀯🀯
But we're back!!!!!!!!

Sure I was close to the same speed as when I had to stop last March but today felt like it was not even in the same league as before. 100m was about as much as I could go at 1 time before needing a rest. My breathing was anything but efficient, and we won't even talk about the extra wasted effort my legs were doing.....that said, WE. ARE. BACK!!


Best way to beat the jet lag? Exercise! Went for a leisurely run yesterday on one of my favorite flat trails! Looked and smelled mostly the same. Excited to share them with the husband today!

Photos from Bribick Athletics's post 09/19/2021

My day was full of piΓ±as today.
Strength workout in my pineapples shirt, followed by a 29 mile bike ride in my aero suit, followed by dinner out, at an actual restaurant, with dessert of piΓ±a cold ice cream sundae (& surprise rum πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜ƒ)


Sometimes it is more fun to just get lost in the woods.


Texted my husband earlier today and asked if he wanted to go for a bike ride after work. We got to go for a short loop around the area to start exploring some fun new routes to ride. I gotta start earning the right to wear this hat somehow πŸ˜„
The route was flat all the way until the last 2 miles when there is a short but mighty little climb before cruising on home! We will have to continue to work on the hills sp that I can maintain a double digit speed more often going up.


To the woods!!!! Just a brief run in the woods to investigate where the entrance is from our house and how dog friendly those trails are. Turns out super easy (minus all the altitude gains were basically in the first .25 miles) and we will now be doing more of our longer runs in there and hopefully not getting too lost as we make our turns through the trails.


Just a short run today. 30 min around and ended at this little guy's favorite place to run around at (dog park)
We took a break from running for a bit because it just started to be less fun(for me). But today was definitely fun ( except the last 5 min which I was tired from the strength work earlier).

Photos from Bribick Athletics's post 08/27/2021

"Never trust your fears, they dont know your strength"

I almost didn't go on the bike ride today. I was afraid I would be so slow and our of cycling shape that they wouldn't want to go again with me or that they would get bored riding slower and then just leave me.
But none of that was true, it was just my mind playing tricks on me. It had been quite some time since I have ridden my road bike outside that i was I'm fact very nervous about it. The old saying of "just like riding a bike" is only true if you are saying that you will be nervous, a little less confident, and need to put in a bit of practice to get back to where you were. But luckily the Belgian country side was fairly empty tonight (probably the threat of rain) and we were able to do a quick 19 miles in just over an hour without getting wet from the rains. Our neighbor is a beast on the bike so this was like an easy toodle for him :) but a good shake out of the legs for his 100km ride tomorrow.


Ugh, even the cow pastures have views of abbeys and cathedrals. Not hating this view from our run! ❀


We did it!! We finally made it to Belgium and can now commence running all over Europe!! Today we started to explore the provincial domain near our house. On our next outing we will try to capture more of the nature and wildlife around so you can see the beautiful swand in this pond/lake behind us.

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