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We are a science-backed, technology-tracked, coach-inspired workout designed to produce results from The smartest workout for more results. MORE results.

We make it simple to help you live a longer, more vibrant life. Our workout is backed by science and designed to super-charge your metabolism. Tracked by technology so you can monitor your results in real-time. Each workout is inspired and led by certified coaches to make sure you don’t overtrain or undertrain. MORE confidence. MORE Life. Because we don’t live to exercise. We exercise to live. Are

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Orangetheory: Where the energy is contagious, the accomplishments are monumental and every workout ends with a well-deserved round of applause! Let's celebrate our victories, big and small! 💥👏

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SPRING DRITRI 2024 ✅ Discomfort is temporary but the strength & pride you've gained from conquering the DriTri are permanent. Tag someone ⬇️ who pumped you up when doubt crept in.


Success doesn't come from hard work. It comes from consistently doing the hard work.

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From conquering milestones to birthdays burns to PR victories, you all shine bright! 🌟 let's clap it out for another week of wins!


As the countdown to DriTri begins, let's not forget the countless victories we've achieved within the studio walls. We’ve seen you accomplish hard things. This weekend will be no exception. Let's channel that same strength, resilience, and drive to push past our limits once again. Push yourself, push each other, and let's conquer this challenge together!

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DriTri was a magical day for Tina from . As she conquered the challenges of the DriTri Strength, the presence of her family in the studio cheering her on gave her the courage she needed to make every moment feel more meaningful. ​

As she reflects on the collective journey, Tina extends her heartfelt congratulations to everyone who lent their sweat and spirit to this event. From the supportive sales associates and motivating coaches, to the all the members and their families and friends, each played an integral role in creating the DriTri experience. Regardless of their role, everyone came together, showing the power of camaraderie and shared determination. She says, “Whether it was as an athlete or spectacular spectator, we are all family and we did it together."

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To the ones who continue to show up, to the ones who push harder every day — this applause is for you! 👏 Keep inspiring us all!


For Tess, completing the DriTri represented more than just crossing the finish line — it symbolized a triumphant return to herself, as it was one of her first goals after having her daughter, Mia. ​

Tess shares, "Since her, my life has changed entirely, and I thought at one point I had lost a part of who I was before having a child. But getting back into something I had so much passion for has been amazing. Thanks to my daughter, my new passion of being her mama sets the drive I have for getting back into a healthy lifestyle and building back strength."​

Through perseverance and determination, she reclaimed her sense of self, rediscovering the power of her own strength and resilience. With Mia as her driving force, Tess embraced the challenge of DriTri, emerging stronger, more empowered, and more deeply connected to the transformative journey of motherhood.


Please, for the love of all things Orangetheory, do not reset your rower today

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here's to the sweat, the smiles, the milestones and every victory celebrated under the orange lights. let's clap it out for another week of wins!


How I feel about my coach during a 2K meter row: 😡🤬🥵

How I feel about my coach after a 2K meter row: 🥰😍😊🤪

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Right before DriTri, Coach Sally from asked Ashley a loaded question: What is her why? It's a question many of us tend to overlook when confronting challenges or embracing new experiences.​

For Ashley, her why resonates deeply within the exhilarating aftermath of pushing herself beyond her comfort zone. She shares, "It’s that moment when you look back and say, 'heck yeah, I just did that!' When you push past all your limits and you grow in ways you didn’t know were possible. The nerves that always come before something big often turn into excitement after. I hold onto those feelings. That’s my why — to better myself by doing things I thought were impossible."​

To anyone who has yet to experience the DriTri, Ashley's message resounds: "Take the leap of faith and DO IT!!! It’s something I’ll always remember 🧡"

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Lights, camera, celebration! Red carpet ready for milestone moments and birthday burns! 🎉🔥


Today's Strength in Numbers signature is packed with challenges, but the highlight? The 14-minute rowing challenge! How far will you go? Remember, every meter contributes to your studio's average and global standing. Row together to show what it means to have Strength in Numbers! 💪🚣‍♂️

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On Jess’s final day of maternity leave, she is feeling both reflective and excited for the future. Since joining Orangetheory 2 years ago, Jess has learned more about inner strength than she’s known in her 32-year lifespan. She shares, “My husband and girls are my ‘why’ and I’ve learned that if I don’t show up for myself first, I can’t show up for them fully.” She has realized that to be the best mother, wife, and woman she can be, she first has to prioritize her own well-being.​

Jess extends her heartfelt gratitude to her family. Their encouragement and camaraderie have been instrumental in her journey, pushing her to new heights, cheering her on every step of the way, and creating an environment that makes working out fun. And of course, she can't forget her little Splat baby, Liv, who kept up with her until the day before she came into the world. As she looks toward the future, Jess dreams of the day when they'll tackle DriTri together, a full circle moment. ​

As Jess looks back on the challenges she's overcome and the milestones she's achieved, she's filled with an overwhelming sense of pride and gratitude. She's worked tirelessly to reach this point and isn’t afraid to voice how proud she is of herself. As she prepares to re-enter the workforce, she does so with a newfound confidence and determination, knowing that she's stronger and more resilient than ever before.

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Time to take center stage! With every achievement, the spotlight shines brighter on you 🎉

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🧡Magnificent Milestones🧡 we are always so happy to celebrate each and every accomplishment! Y'all are killing it, Palatine 💪🏻

Photos from Orangetheory Fitness's post 03/19/2024

When Savannah from started going to Orangetheory back in 2020, she never imagined how absolutely life-changing it would be. Amidst the chaos of planning a wedding during a pandemic and gearing up to defend her master's thesis, she found herself in a dark place. It was then that she stumbled upon Orangetheory, and little did she know it would become her beacon of light.​

Walking into her first class, she couldn't do a single push-up, running for more than 2 minutes seemed like an impossible feat, and the rower was a foreign contraption. Heavy weights? Terrifying. Fast-forward 500 classes later, and she's undergone a complete transformation, both physically and mentally. ​

She says, "I have met the most incredible lifelong friends who encourage me daily and I never thought that would happen at a gym. It hasn’t been easy. The journey was never perfect. But OTF is the one place where nothing else matters and I can truly just focus on improving myself. Thank you to every single coach who believed in me, who invested in me, and who pushed me to be the best version of myself. Thank you to all the friends I’ve made along the way. Thanks for changing my life under the orange lights — here’s to 500 more!"


It's not just a mile, it's a marker of your journey! How far have you come? Check your mile time from our 1/22 kickoff to see your progress. 🤩

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🧡 Till the next hill climb, team! Absolutely crushed this round of Everest! 🧡


It's finally that time of year, Palatine! Let's celebrate all that hard work you've put in the last 8 weeks with our lovely sister studios! 🧡 RSVP at front desk.
See you there! 🍊


There’s no mountain you can’t climb. How far did you get during Orange Everest?

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You're the reason for the celebrations, the heart behind every accomplishment. Here's to you 🎉

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200m Row Leaderboards! Who’s ready for Everest tomorrow?? 😁😁


🧡There are still 17 DAYS left to secure this promotion! Don't hesitate and give us a call at (847)-963-2133 to secure this wonderful deal!🧡

CURRENT MEMBERS! Don't forget that when you refer someone to sign up at ANY OTF location, you will receive $50 off your next month's billing! Take advantage now!




Sometimes you have to push yourself to new limits. Other times, you may have to pull 💪 Drop those 200m Benchmark Row times ⬇️

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12 minute leaderboards 🫡 look at those distances!!


March is and we’re sharing a quick “food for thought” from Susan Rizzo, RD, LDN and CDCES, a nutrition counselor and coach with Ascension Illinois.

Stay tuned for more nutrition tips this month to help you fuel your fitness!

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Happy Birthday to what we all have in common!🧡 Thanks for showing up and spending time under the orange lights, team! We'll see you at the next one😊


And yes Rachel and Crystal WILL be in party hats. 🥳

Classes ARE waitlisted but don't let that discourage you from adding yourself to the waitlist! 🧡🧡 We will see you tomorrow, Palatine! 😉


🚨 THERE IS STILL TIME! 🚨 Bring in your accountability partner and treat them to a special deal! 😊


Today, on , we’re celebrating the women behind the Orangetheory brand in Illinois and ALL of our women fitness coaches, staff and members! These individuals are a true testament to how empowered women can empower others!

Did you know that the founder of Orangetheory was a single mom in her 40’s? Another woman, Barb Morris, brought Orangetheory Fitness to Illinois and the state is now the largest Orangetheory Fitness region in the U.S. with SEVEN women owning multiple franchises.

Let's give our women coaches, staff, and studio owners a high five today!


your strongest muscle for today's challenge? your mind. let's hear those 12-minute benchmark distances ⬇️


🧡 friendly reminder 🧡


Mama • Orangetheory Coach • Personal Trainer • Nutrition Coach • Wife​

The list goes on. So many titles, but for Amanda from , the first one is her favorite.​

She shares, "Our daughter will always know what being a strong female means. Baby K has been under the orange lights from day one! Grateful for all that my Orangetheory family has brought into my life. Not just staff, members as well! Coached until the day my water broke!"


Discomfort is like the gas you put in your car — it takes you places.

Photos from Orangetheory Fitness's post 03/01/2024

So many milestones and exciting moments to celebrate — and it's all because of you! Keep shining!


🍀🪷 happy march! let's spring it forward 🍀🪷

Photos from Orangetheory Fitness Palatine's post 03/01/2024

🧡🖤 It's Employee Appreciation Day 🖤🧡 send your love and thank yous to your favorite goofballs 😊

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