Lucky Strike Live Hollywood

Lucky Strike Live Hollywood


We are live in Hollywood tonight!! 9pm ~ 1am Lucky Strike Live Hollywood Rock N Roll
Joey getting ready to kick some ass...
At Lucky Strike Live Hollywood

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The Falling Doves Virtual Tour 2021 Live
Tomorrow Sunday January 31st
Ronny Dave Castro
Nico Castro
Are DJs at The Rock Casserole - Digital Revolution Radio
Hosted by Jeffrey Alan Dbury
Thank you so much for the opportunity!
We are gonna love this!
Tune in at 2:30 pm EDT time!
11:30 Pacific time!
Tomorrow! January 31st!
Let’s close the month with a high dose of Rock n roll!
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Goor morning universe! 🚀
To all our Patreon community, there is a new video up of the series Painting with The Darbies!
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Gold N’ Blue! Out now! #rocknroll bb

Produced by Alex Kane
Mixed and Mastered by Stewart Cararas
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Muddy Blues (Lyric Video) Out Now!

We as society are facing a lot of changes lately. A lot of confusion, a lot of chaos, and a lot of uncertainty. But also this changes bring new ideas. New perceptions and new people into and out of our lives. We learn and we grow. We see through the mist and we speak the truth. We hold our brothers and sisters and stand for our beliefs.

To all the black people that have been killed and treated unfairly in the hands of a corrupted government throughout history and to all the people that have been targeted by such.

This is Muddy Blues #muddyblues #Blacklivesmatter #blm #wewantjustice #justice

- The Darbies

Nothing is what it seems
I learned that before the age of sixteen
Bent back by a bloody hush
Delivered by the hollow thrill of absentee trust
Maybe god's not what it needs
It's servitude or travesty
Salvation tied to a dollar bill
Guaranteeing that it's debt can never be filled
Hey mama, do you feel the tide?
Do you know about the subtleties between the lines?
Our souls are still in tact
Or did we sell them away with the Patriot Act?
Mmmm! I smell blood!
That's attrition that's about to come
Uncle Sam, do you hear that sound?
A generation rising up from off the ground
Don't let me down!
Don't let me down!
I said don't let me down!
Don't let me down!
Down, da-da down
Mom and pop!
I said mom look what I've done
Hey mama, listen to that sound!
A generation rising up from off the ground!
Hey mama listen to their sighs!
Muddy blues rising on a crimson tide!
Come one!
Hey mama! Hey mama! Hey!
Hey mama! Hey mama! Hey!
Hey mama what happens next?
Pause a moment let me catch my breath!
Hey mama and you know whats more?
Hey mama listen to that sound!
Muddy blues rising up from off the ground
Hey mama do you hear their sighs?
It's muddy blues rising on a crimson tide
Come on!
Hey mama, Hey mama, Hey!
Hey mama, Hey mama, Hey!

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A video a day to keep the blues away.
(that and an episode of Tiger King)

Soundcheck Live - Take 10 - Brian Tichy Guest Curator
Foreplay/Longtime - Boston (Cover)
May 18th 2016

Vocals: GabrieLa
Guitar: Steve Fekete
Acoustic: Barry pointer
Drums: Brian Tichy
Bass: Marty O'Brien
Keyboards: Steve Ferlazzo

Performed at Lucky Strike Live Hollywood

#stayhome #soundchecklive #luckstrikelive
Remember when we could all get together and vibe with no anxiety? 😩 Those were the days! And they're soon to return after this Pandemic blows over 🤧

Before #COVID19 started disrupting societal norms, Soulfulofnoise took over Lucky Strike Live Hollywood at the end of February for a show that we could never forget. And it was the kickoff show to the road to SXSW 😩😩😩

Take 45 seconds out of your show binging day & check out this event recap. Hope it brightens your day!
We loved all the 80s-themed costumes at last night's #MartellRockNBowlLA and are grateful to Ryan Cabrera, DJ Lisa Foxx and everyone who came out to Lucky Strike Live - Hollywood to support our #cancer research programs!
Tomorrow! Our first headlining show in LA! Live at Lucky Strike Live - Hollywood 10 pm. Free Entrance
Who is ready for some rock n roll?
Photo by: @7thsignphotography

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@bcallwood #rocknroll #thedarbies #liveshow #rockshow #hollywood
2 Days left for our first headlining show in LA!!!
On Thursday we are gonna lay down the rock n roll at Lucky Strike Live - Hollywood
Free Show!! Press, friends, everyone is invited to be part of the night!
Show 10 pm sharp!
See you Hollywood!
Bands of the night: No Small Children @risingelijahofficial @burndownhollywoodband
Photo by: @7thsignphotography
Blackstar Amplification Ernie Ball Vater Drumsticks Brett Callwood Alex Kane Paulina Bertoia Vrozos #rocknroll #thedarbies #luckystrike #hollywood #rockshow @ Lucky Strike Live - Hollywood

Right at the corner of Hollywood & Highland, Lucky Strike Hollywood is the perfect place to grab a drink at our bar that is a piece of Hollywood history (ask our bartender about it…it’s a good one!)

Right at the corner of Hollywood & Highland, Lucky Strike Hollywood is the perfect place to grab a drink at our bar that is a piece of Hollywood history (ask our bartender about it…it’s a good one!) You never know who you will see on the lanes, so keep your eyes peeled for your favorite celebrities and musicians. Oh, and don’t forget to check out those celebrity bowling scores!

Operating as usual

Timeline photos 06/01/2022

Let’s be real, we’ve been living since March 2020... come let loose with us on the lanes and enjoy a drink tonight!

Timeline photos 05/30/2022

Wishing everyone a safe holiday today

Timeline photos 05/22/2022

5 steps to a better weekend...

Steps 1-5 go to Lucky Strike.

📸: _stephaniesegovia

Timeline photos 05/18/2022

We’ve got everything you need to have the office buzzing with excitement!

Book your summer outing today!

Have a group of 20 or more guests? Ask us about our special offer.

Timeline photos 05/17/2022

We love the way you roll! 🎳❤️

📸: itsme.roro

Tag us in your photos to be featured!

Timeline photos 05/13/2022

The weekend is finally here and the lanes are calling your name, let's roll!

Timeline photos 05/10/2022

Yea other places offer bowling and games..but are they Lucky Strike? Come roll with us!

Photos from Lucky Strike Live Hollywood's post 05/08/2022

Whether your high score is 50 or 300, you're still a winner in our eyes. Happy Mother's Day!

Come in today to enjoy a Chocolate Insanity on us!

Timeline photos 05/06/2022

This Sunday, May 8th, show mom some fun with a trip to Lucky Strike! After you roll a few spares and strikes, enjoy a bite from our menu, then end the day on a sweet note with a FREE Chocolate Insanity!

See you Sunday 💐


A Cocktail Minute with Lucky Strike

What's your favorite cocktail on our menu?

Ours is the deliciously fun Pink Elephant, a sweet citrus blend of Grey Goose and Triple Sec, one sip, and it'll be your favorite too!

Stop in today and try it for yourself!


A Cocktail Minute with Lucky Strike

What's your favorite cocktail on our menu?

Ours is the deliciously fun Pink Elephant, a sweet citrus blend of Grey Goose and Triple Sec, one sip, and it'll be your favorite too!

Stop in today and try it for yourself!

Timeline photos 05/04/2022

Monday, May 2nd to Friday, May 6th is National Teacher Appreciation Week, and class is in session at Lucky Strike!

Pick your subject 📚:
Free Hour of Bowling
Free $15 Game Card


Think you can top our Celebrity High Score Board?
We challenge anyone on this list to beat there previous score, and make it to our NEW TOP 20 list.


Timeline photos 05/03/2022

Monday, May 2nd to Friday, May 6th is National Teacher Appreciation Week, and class is in session at Lucky Strike!

Pick your subject 📚:
Free Hour of Bowling
Free $15 Game Card

Timeline photos 04/29/2022

It's Thursday, who's thirsty? Join us for a drink!

Timeline photos 04/22/2022

Fun Fact: For every bottle of Trinity Oaks Wines Lucky Strike buys, Trinity Oak will plant a tree!

Happy 🌎 Day


Head into your local Lucky Strike to enter the . After, stay and have MASSIVE fun with good music, bowling, games, and great food!

Watch The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent only in theaters this weekend!

Get your tickets now!



@sadurdaynightz is a Live Band Emo Night playing all your favorite emo songs from your MySpace days. The event features songs from Blink 182, My Chemical Romance, Panic! At the Disco, Fall Out Boy, New Found Glory, Yellowcard + many more! Bust out those black clothes and eyeliner and let's get EMOtional!

Timeline photos 04/19/2022

It’s finally time to put down the calculator and pick up a bowling ball, tax season is over! Hit the lanes and have some fun with Lucky Strike, party packages available!

Timeline photos 04/15/2022

A lot of love + a little luck = a great date night at lucky strike 💕🎳

Come roll with us this weekend!


April 22nd, see Nick Cage in his upcoming film, The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent! Get your tickets now!


Timeline photos 04/11/2022

Spring Break has officially started and the lanes are calling your name!

Timeline photos 04/11/2022

Do Sibling Day the right way with an intense (but loving) friendly bowling competition. Loser buys the next round of beer 🍻, deal? Deal.

Timeline photos 04/07/2022

Cheers to beer lovers everywhere, it's National Beer Day! Stop by Lucky Strike to celebrate with a cold beer, a delicious burger and fries all for $15! Deal is only valid today, come roll with us 🍔🎳

Timeline photos 04/05/2022

Post for your chance to win, MASSIVE!

Post a photo of yourself at with The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent poster, using the two hashtags:

3 lucky winners from each participating location will receive an EXCLUSIVE BOWLING PIN and LIMITED EDITION SEQUIN PILLOW!

Plus 3 Grand Prize Winners will be selected to win a Lucky Strike Bowling Party for up to 8 people!


@americanmile has been carving their name into the roots of rock music around North America. With influences ranging from Aerosmith and The Black Crowes to Chris Stapleton and Tom Petty, their powerful sound has garnered them important shows in front of thousands at festivals and shows such as Summerfest, the NASCAR Auto Club 400, and a NYE headlining slot at The infamous Idaho Potato Drop in Boise.
Forming in 2018, American Mile drew attention with their explosive stage presence and southern/blues rock sound coupled with three part harmony and a hint of country. Having earned their stripes at venues around Los Angeles, American Mile began working with Grammy Nominated Producer Keith Nelson of the band Buckcherry, as well as, Grammy Nominated Producer Bruce Witkin. With the release of their Debut Album in 2020, and signing to booking agency TEI North in 2021, American Mile is fully focused on becoming a strong force on their own terms.
@tommypeacockmusic play classic covers, originals as well as hits from all decades. The Monkeys/Jackson Browne/Johnny Cash/Billy Idol/Sublime/Tom Petty/Bryan Adams/Modern English/White Stripes/Santana. High level energy, high level entertainment. Based in The Southwest US, TPB replicates and rejuvenates artists from across the board.

Timeline photos 04/02/2022

It's down to the wire! Hang with us this weekend and catch all the final action!

Timeline photos 03/29/2022

Friends don't let friends alone. Tag your bowling besties and start making plans 🙌


Join us this Saturday 4/2/22, as the Ghastlies will be rolling in to cause a cacophony along with The Derbies & The Claws.
This is a show you don’t want to miss!


Tomorrow can wait, Sundays are for rollin' with the homies 🎳

Timeline photos 03/21/2022

If you're fans of us, we're even bigger fans of you! Tag us in your photos to be featured 📸

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This March, win BIG!

Share your bowling scores with us from March 17th to April 4th for your chance to be featured on our page and win 1 hour of FREE bowling and shoe rental, EVERY DAY, for A YEAR. Insane, right? 🤯

Head to the link in our bio for more details :



Experience March Mania while you bowl with a bucket of your favorite beverages. Competitive spirit required.


Grab a beer and hit the lanes, something tells us today's your lucky day!

Happy St. Patty's Day 🍀

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Where Luck Comes to Eat, Drink, and Play





6801 Hollywood Blvd Ste 143
Hollywood, SC

General information

+ 12 Lanes
+ Private Room
+ Sophisticated AV System
+ DJ Booth
+ Open-Air Lounge
+ 7 Large Projection Screens
+ Bottle Service Available

*Sound By #BosePro*

Opening Hours

Monday 4pm - 12am
Tuesday 4pm - 11pm
Wednesday 4pm - 11pm
Thursday 4pm - 11pm
Friday 2pm - 2am
Saturday 12pm - 2am
Sunday 2pm - 11pm

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