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I motivate others to develop and commit to a health and fitness program that works for them on their quest to live healthier and more fulfilling life.





I joined the Armed Services as a way out of poverty and to get an education. There I experienced first hand how effective personalized motivation was in helping us reach

[09/25/18]   What is new in your world today?
I can hardly believe the life I've created.

[06/15/17]   Aloha, What is Your #1 Fitness Challenge?


The Most Pretentious Diet Plan Yet


“And yes, we are on a juice cleanse” Check out more awesome BuzzFeedBlue videos! Subscribe to After Party for hilarious and ran... 06/01/2016

Best Enjoyed By - 99% Invisible

So much waste, for no reason. 😡 Every day, workers at grocery stores and convenience stores in Montana carry out a sad ritual. They come in, check the “sell-by” dates on their milk and throw out any milk that’s past the date. Montana throws more milk down the drain than other states because the sell-by date on the milk is require... 05/13/2016

Burn More Fat by Eating Fat

It just does not sound right, to most. But the data tells the truth. And, it's so satisfying. Burn More Fat by Eating Fat


Insanity vs Walking and Running - Which hurts the knees and which is the Best Cardio?

I still stand behind what I said 5 years ago... I'm 48 years old. The first time I started Insanity I was 43. I got results from Inanity that I never had in my entire life. ... 05/02/2016

Working Out at Home Is Better than the Gym

This may not be true in all cases, but I was talking to a neighbor about this. She told me she got a rash all over her body. The rash was traced back to the gym equipment she working out on. Others contracted the same rash.!1844 Working Out at Home Is Better than the Gym Working Out at Home Is Better than the Gym Working Out at Home is Better than the Gym! Give some thought to this… A recent study found that gyms have over 635 different viruses, bacteria’s, and germs throughout their facilities. Only 5% of people wipe down… 04/28/2016

Sleep Better with Healthier Nutrition

How well, or how poorly, you sleep is directly connected to your health and everything you do through out your day. And of course, nutrition plays a huge role in how well you sleep.!1844 Sleep Better with Healthier Nutrition


Veteran Suicide Awareness Challenge - 22 Minute Hard Corps - Platoon 22

We can all bring awareness to the 22 Veterans who commit suicide every single day. Please share You Can Help our Veterans and Improve your health at the same time. Get Beachbody On Demand! ☞ Make W...


Fifty Shades of Chicken Book Trailer

Does anyone have this new cookbook yet?

A young, free-range chicken. A dominating, ravenous chef. A naughty tale of fowl play. If Fifty Shades of Grey left you hungry and lusting for more (more, mo... 02/22/2016

Feel Better After 40 with Two Easy Lifestyle Shifts

I know many people over 40 who really need to read this.!26 We can all Feel Better After 40 with Two Easy Lifestyle Shifts. In today’s society it is unfortunate, but many people over the age of 40 have difficulty




Honolulu, HI
Other Gyms in Honolulu (show all)
CrossFit East Oahu CrossFit East Oahu
549 Halemaumau St, # D7
Honolulu, 96821

Body Balance Body Balance
1019 Waimanu Street, Suite 101
Honolulu, 96814

Pilates • Barre • Rhythm Cycling Boutique Fitness Studio in the heart of Kaka'ako

Martial Arts Family Fitness Hawaii Martial Arts Family Fitness Hawaii
2600 S King St, Ste 202
Honolulu, 96826

Martial Arts Family Fitness-Hawaii (MAFF-Hawaii) is committed to improving lives through the Martial Arts. Martial Arts can change your life. Start your journey today.

Island Club and Spa Kakaako Island Club and Spa Kakaako
1177 Queen St
Honolulu, 96814

Honolulu's luxury fitness and rejuvenation destination!

Transformations Fitness Transformations Fitness
250 Ward Ave Ste 205
Honolulu, 96813

Experience Honolulu's all-inclusive fitness program!

Functional Fitness Hawaii Functional Fitness Hawaii
1126 12th Ave Ste 208
Honolulu, 96816

One of the latest types of workout programs that involves a combination of flexibility, coordination, cardio conditioning, core work and strength training

Hawaii Medical Marijuana Clinic Hawaii Medical Marijuana Clinic
1019 University Avenue Suite 6-A
Honolulu, 96826

We are a locally owned health services practice where your wellness is our #1 goal

Orangetheory Fitness Kakaako Orangetheory Fitness Kakaako
660 Ala Moana Blvd, #217
Honolulu, 96813

OrangeTheory is a 1 hour science-backed, technology- tracked, HITT-inspired training paired with high energy coaches in a group workout environment designed to produce results from the inside out.

R Fit Hawaii R Fit Hawaii
560 N Nimitz Hwy
Honolulu, 96817

Increase your knowledge and awareness of how your body is built to move, and strengthen it to move properly for the rest of your life! Low Risk - High Reward training for real people!

UFC Hawaii Close Quarters Combat Course UFC Hawaii Close Quarters Combat Course
805 Pohukaina St
Honolulu, 96813

Close Quarters Combat Self Defense

American Barbell Hawaii American Barbell Hawaii
2312 Kam Hwy
Honolulu, 96825

All your Fitness Needs

Pure Barre Pure Barre
4211 Waialae Avenue, Suite UB-4A
Honolulu, 96816

Pure Barre is more than just a workout, it's a lifestyle. Classes are designed for all levels. Clients typically see results in as little as ten classes.