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Muscle Monday!
A 1969 AMC AMX 390 featured in Beale Street blue with Ascot gray stripe and platinum gray interior at the 1st Saturday cruise in atHoover Tactical
The AMC AMX is a two-seat GT-style muscle car produced from 1968 through 1970.
The AMX made its debut on February 24th of 1968. Inspired by the 1966 American Motors Experimental concept car, it was the first steel-bodied, two-seat American production car since the 1957 Ford Thunderbird. making the AMX and the Corvette the only American-built two-seat performance cars. It was created by cutting a foot out of a Javelin body and removing the rear seat. The resulting 97-inch wheelbase made it one-inch shorter than a Corvette. In 1968, the base price of a Corvette was $4,275. The AMX base price was $3,245.
The AMX introduced many 'industry firsts', including the first production vehicle to use a one-piece injection molded dashboard that improved safety. In 1969 and 1970 it was named 'Best Engineered Car of the Year' by the American Automotive Society of Engineers. It featured a bolder grille, a fastback roofline, and more aggressive power dome hood.
The interior featured fully reclining adjustable bucket seats. Carpeted panels ran up the back and to the bottom of the rear window replacing the rear seat. The driver's side dash-pad housed both a round, large-face speedometer and tachometer. Optional "Go-Pack" gauges were mounted in the center section of the dash.
Standard was the 225-bhp 290-cid V-8 , optional was the 280-bhp 343, and the most popular choice , a 315-bhp 390. The 390 shared the 343's heads, but had its own block, forged instead of cast crankshaft and connecting rods, and larger bearings. All used a single four-barrel. A Borg-Warner four-speed was standard and a three-speed automatic was optional. Factory axle ratios ranged from 2.87:1 to 3.54:1, dealer-installed 4.10:1 and 5.00:1 gears were available.
Performance and Handling were enhanced with power steering, front disc brakes, tuned suspension, and Twin-Grip rear axle ,E70X14 tires, a beefy front sway bar. Twin racing stripes were optional, but each AMX got its production number set into the dashboard. AMC advertised that it would build no more than 8000 '68 AMCs, and this emphasized the limited-production nature of its two-seater.
The 69 AMX received only minor changes, Interior upgrades included standard headrests, optional leather seats, and revised door panels and 0-140 mph speedometer. Starting mid year, manual transmissions had closer gear ratios cars and a Hurst shifter. Another mid-year offering was the special-edition "Big Bad AMX" option. Cars were painted bumper to bumper in either Big Bad Orange, Big Bad Green, or Big Bad Blue, with optional white or black stripes. A Big Bad-colored AMX could be ordered with any engine and transmission option. Total Production numbers were :Big Bad Blue- 195, Big Bad Green- 283, Big Bad Orange- 284.
Not long after the AMX's introduction, AMC decided to cancel the two-seater body style after the 1970 model year and make the AMX a four-seater on the longer Javelin body. Sales in 1968 model year totaled 6,725, 1969's amounted to 8,293. The 1970 number fell by half to 4,116.
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1st Saturday Cruise in at Hoover Tactical happening now!
Tailgate Thursday!
A 1971 Chevrolet C10 1/2 Ton Fleetside LWB the 1st Saturday Cruise in at Hoover Tactical
The second generation , 67-72, was named the Action Line trucks, or more casually as the “Glamour Pickups”. These new trucks featured an increased emphasis on features and comfort. GM recognized that many truck buyers were looking for refinement normally found in cars.
Chevrolet's 1971 line of light-duty trucks continued in the style introduced for 1967, with minor changes including a new egg-crate grille, with the Chevy "bow-tie" in the center. Trim levels were reorganized, with Custom becoming the new base. As in the past, "C" designates rear-wheel-drive trucks, and "K" four-wheel-drive. C10 and K10 are the 1/2-ton models, C20 and K20 are the 3/4-ton, and C30 is the 1-ton model. There is no four-wheel-drive version of the 1-ton truck.
Base Custom pickups have white bumpers and painted hubcaps. The next trim level is now called the Custom Deluxe, previously the Custom/10, it features a full-width bench seat, vinyl upholstery, padded arm rests and other upgrades.
The Cheyenne package was basically comfort features including a cargo lamp, cab headliner, extra sound insulation ,upgrades to seating and interior, carpet, chrome trim, and upper and lower side molding and tailgate trim. This was the first year for AM/FM radios factory installed. The Cheyenne Super trim, added at mid-year, also includes a chrome tailgate release and wood-grain side moldings.

The second-gen Chevrolet C/K trucks first arrived with either a 250 cu in “stovebolt” six or 283 cu in V8 with a column shifted three-speed manual transmission standard. Optional engines included the 292 cu in straight six and the 327 cu in V8, while optional power delivery included a manual three-speed with overdrive, Powerglide two-speed automatic, Turbo-Hydramatic three-speed autos, and three different “granny gear” four-speed manuals. The 1968 model year added the 307 cu in in place of the 283, and the option of a 396 cu in big block V8, the 327 , in 69 it was replaced with the 350 cu in V8.

Half-ton C10 and K10 trucks were available in two wheelbases: 115 inches, with a 6.5-foot box, and 127 inches, with an 8-foot box. Both Fleetsides, with a flat bed exterior, and Step-Sides, with flat interior and protruding wheel wells, were available. A chassis-and-cab option with no bed is also available. The 3/4-ton C20 and K20 come with the 127-inch wheelbase. Customers could also order the C20 as a "Longhorn" edition with an 8.5-foot bed, which rides on a 133-inch wheelbase. The one-ton C30 rides on a wheelbase of 133 inches and is available as a Fleetside, Step-Side, chassis-and-cab, chassis-and-cowl or stake truck.

1/2 Ton Fleetside LWB $2,967

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Muscle Monday!
A 1971 Chevelle SS at the 1st Saturday cruise in at Hoover Tactical

The Chevelle SS was the high performance version of Chevrolet’s Chevelle, that was Introduced In 1963 and built between model years 1964 and 1977.
The Second generation was produced between 1968–1972.
For 1971 The Chevelle grille was modified and lost its painted center stripe, new front turn signals wrapped around the fender, replaced those in the bumper, and twin round headlamps were replaced with singles, while the rear traded its single finned tail lamps for twin round replacements, in a all-chrome rear bumper. The interior was virtually unchanged with the exception of new seat patterns. When ordering the SS option on a Chevelle from 1969–72 required the Malibu trim level. The SS option was available on only the two-door Malibu sport coupe, convertible, and El Camino bodies.
SS models incurred heavy insurance surcharges, so Chevrolet introduced the "Heavy Chevy" available with any V8 engine except the 454, (exclusive to SS ). The Heavy Chevy was only available with the base Chevelle sport coupe and was basically a dress up option and options were limited For 1971.
The Available SS engines were a two-barrel 350-cubic-inch V8 with 245 gross /165 net horsepower. Optional was a 4 barrel version of the 350 V8 with 275 gross /200 net Hp. The 402 cid big-block engine was still available 300 gross /270 net hp; and the 454 V8 with 365/285 net. In 71 GM mandated all divisions design their engines to run on lower-octane regular, low-lead or unleaded gasoline to permit use of the lower-octane fuels, all engines featured lower compression ratIos. Chevrolet specifications for 1971 included both "gross" and "net" horsepower figures for all engines
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1st Saturday cruise in atHoover Tactical happening now!
Front End Friday

A 1970 MG MGB/GT at the 1st Saturday cruise in at Hoover Tactical
Happy Birthday Dillon Whitlow hope you had a good time at Hoover Tactical.
Taillight Tuesday!

A 2009 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor or "P71" package
Replica from “Grand Theft Auto V” at the 1st Saturday Cruise in at Hoover Tactical

The Vapid Police Cruiser is one of the Emergency Cars vehicles featured in Grand Theft Auto IV & Episodes.

The design of the Vapid Police Cruiser in GTA IV is based on a real life 1992-1997 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor;
I try to avoid going to Hoover. But when I do, I always try to stop in and check out the selection at Hoover Tactical.
Join us this Saturday for our annual Single Stack Championship! 6 challenging stages and prizes! Thanks to our match sponsors! Precision Tactical Arms Company Hoover Tactical Match details in the comments. Join us!
Stack food now!

The world is going into a grand solar minimum, which means the sun will not output as much energy and as a result the productivity of the world's crops will be vastly decreased for over a decade. China understands the cycles and has been buying record amounts of grain from the US for 2 years (prepping). China also understands that civilizations fall during solar minimums.

Buy food! While we prefer you buy from us, we just want you to buy food!! Lots of food. Start a stop watch when you pop the top on your first bucket. You will need to have enough food stacked in order to reach self sufficiency with your own crops, which can take awhile. Stack it!

Hoover Tactical
What's the word on Babes and Bullets? These ladies round here are starting to get restless...

Making the world safer, one educated firearm owner at a time. Specializing in fi****ms, accessories,

Operating as usual


No more Red Ryder bb guns for me. I want what Santa is shooting.


We got three pretty Kimbers in today. Pretty fancy.

Photos from Hoover Tactical's post 12/08/2022

We would like to send a huge thank you to all the guys from Alabama Power and Craneworks for saving the day. We came in this morning with power issues. Alabama Power was there in record time and worked with Craneworks to get a transformer replaced and our power restored. Thank ya'll a ton.


Today is the anniversary of the biggest “F around and find out” moment in history. Weary from WWI, the US was pretty much determined not to be involved in another conflict. FDR and Congress enacted neutrality laws in ‘35, ‘36, ‘37, and ‘39. In the same timeframe, Japan had wildly brutalized Manchuria and China a couple times, Mussolini attacked Ethiopia (other areas of Africa were also getting trashed), and Hi**er overran Rhineland, Austria, Sudetenland (Czechoslovakia), and Poland. Russia also attacked Poland. Russia was on Germany’s side and was militarily annexing all kinds of regions until Hi**er attacked Russia in mid 1941. The UK declared war on Germany in 1939, thereby involving Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and India. Pretty much the whole world was at war. The US public probably didn’t know all this and certainly didn’t want to get involved. Then came December 7, 1941, and the unprovoked Japanese attack on the US base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, where 2,403 people were killed. Fourteen ships were lost or damaged as well as 328 planes. Late on December 7, the Japanese attacked US forces in the Philippines, destroying 100ish planes (I don’t know the human loss). The next day, December 8, US neutrality was over as FDR and Congress declared war on Japan. On the 11th, the US declared war on Germany and Italy. By mid 1942, we declared Bulgaria, Hungary, and Romania. Mexico went against the Axis in 1942. Through all this, the United States people joined up and supported their military in ways that will almost certainly never be seen again, and the industrial action of the US will also go unmatched. The actions of Japan on this day triggered the biggest player of the Allied countries which then trampled their way to victory, and ultimately changed every corner of the world forever.

Photos from Hoover Tactical's post 11/29/2022

Call or stop by to schedule your next class with our amazing USCCA instructors.

To schedule a group class:
Go to www.usconcealedcarry.com,
Click “Training”,
Type in zip code “35216”,
All of our currently scheduled classes will populate and from there you may sign up if you wish!


We will be open 10am to 7pm on Veteran’s Day, November 11.

Veterans shoot for free!


Tomorrow is October 22, 10/22, which R***r has declared National R***r Day. The 10/22 being one of the greatest and best selling 22 platforms of all time. Stop by today and tomorrow and check out some of our deals on R***rs. They sent us tons of swag to give out.


HTF hats are back! They come in blue, black, and navy

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The Micro-Roni for the Sig P320 and the pmag D-50 drum mag for the G***k 17 are on sale now! Come by this weekend to check out our amazing deals


Have you seen the new spec series?

The 3rd iteration of the M&P Spec series features a 4.6” threaded barrel, optic cut slide, one standard 15 round magazine, two 23 round magazines, folding knife and challenge coin.


Happy Labor Day!! We are open normal business hours 10 am to 7 pm. The range takes the last shooter at 6 pm

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Just in time for your Labor Day celebrations!! New conceal carry purses available now.

Timeline photos 08/05/2022

Hoover Tactical is Hoover, Alabama's premier choice for tactical supplies and safety classes! Call us today to speak to a friendly representative or visit our website for details. (205) 822-3600 https://bit.ly/3PBjat6


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On Sunday we finished up our Concealed Carry and Home Defense Fundamentals class! We even got a smile out of Brandon!

August classes are open now! Visit our website to learn more and register today!


Gun Sales | Hoover, AL | Hoover Tactical 07/25/2022

Gun Sales | Hoover, AL | Hoover Tactical

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Here's how to enter:
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Gun Sales | Hoover, AL | Hoover Tactical Hoover Tactical is your source for gun sales in Hoover, AL. Call us at (205) 822-3600 or stop in.



Our certified instructors want to work with YOU!



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Family comes first, and we believe firearm safety is a value critical to family life. When there are guns in the house, safety is of the utmost importance!

That's why we encourage parents to bring their children at least 10 years old to the gun-range!

Come spend the weekend with us, and/or sign-up for a private lesson today! Our certified private instruction is available for families, and we want your family to join ours!

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You're in luck!

Registration for our August classes opens at midnight tonight, and the schedule of classes drops tomorrow morning!

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Tomorrow is the last day to register for our HTF x USCCA 'Concealed Carry & Home Defense Fundamentals' class! Only $175.00! Learn more and register using the link below!


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We love our first-time shooters!

That smile we see when a first-timer becomes comfortable with the firearm is what we do it for! Check out some first-timers we had last week!

If you've never touched a gun before in your life... no worries! Everybody starts from the same place, and we want to help you be comfortable with fi****ms! Come see us today to get started!


Gun Range | Hoover, AL | Hoover Tactical 07/21/2022

Gun Range | Hoover, AL | Hoover Tactical

Hoover Practical Tactical is the perfect way to take the next steps in your tactical journey!

Join us Thursday nights from 6:00pm-8:00pm for our USPSA-style matches! First-time HPT participants shoot for free, and HTF members get to shoot matches for free!

*First-time participants should arrive at 5:15pm for info and visit the link below for more details!*


Gun Range | Hoover, AL | Hoover Tactical Visit Hoover Tactical's gun range in Hoover, AL. Our team is dedicated to family fun and gun safety. Call (205) 822-3600 today.


We want to feature YOU!

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On Sunday we finished up our July 'Ladies-only' class!

Three levels, three classes, and you'll receive $75 off our annual membership upon finishing the course!

Visit our website for more info! hoovertactical.com

Thinking about taking one of our courses? August classes are on the horizon! August's schedule is on it's way and registration is opening soon!


There's never a bad day to come shoot with us, Tuesdays are just icing on the cake! Check out these weekly gun-range specials, then come see us today and every Tuesday!



Reason 4 to become a member: We are centrally located!

Just 10 miles south of Birmingham, between The Galleria and the intersection of HWY 31 & IH-65... we've got guns for sale, classes for gun safety, and a gun range to perfect your skills... all in the same building!


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1 hour early access on the weekends

If you've been on the fence about registering, there's no better time to join the family! Come see us today!

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The World Games is coming to a close this weekend, and most athletes head home on Monday. Here are some more international folks we've had the pleasure of hosting this week!

A few of our members even joined, letting them shoot their personal fi****ms showing some true Alabama hospitality!

No need to have an Alabama driver's license or pistol permit to come hang-out with us, if you've got a passport... come get the full USA experience at Hoover Tactical!



Friday is already here, which means it's time to make your plans to come hang-out with us this weekend!

10am-7pm Monday-Saturday, 1pm-6pm on Sunday!

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We want to host your event, and now you can fill out the HTF Event Inquiry Form online! Click below!

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The World Games is here, and that means we get to share fi****ms with visitors from all over the world! Check out some of the international visitors we had last week!


No need to have a pistol permit or Alabama Driver's License to come hang out with us! All we need is a current physical copy of your government-issued photo-id. Passports and European Union lDs welcome!


Reason 3 to become a member: "Room for Improvement" is the best "Reason for Return"... Come see us today to join up!

$32.99/month or $350/year
You and a guest for free
1 hour early access on the weekends
10% off targets
5% off ammo


Call, us, visit us, connect with us, join up today!


The weekend is finally here, and we want to spend it with YOU! Come see us 10am-7pm today, or 1pm-6pm tomorrow! Fi****ms sales, gun-range, and archery!


Gun Range | Hoover, AL | Hoover Tactical 07/07/2022

Gun Range | Hoover, AL | Hoover Tactical

Ready to take it up a notch?! Come see us tonight 6-8pm for Hoover Practical Tactical! First-timers shoot for free and should arrive around 5:15pm! Click below for more info!


Gun Range | Hoover, AL | Hoover Tactical Visit Hoover Tactical's gun range in Hoover, AL. Our team is dedicated to family fun and gun safety. Call (205) 822-3600 today.


We love our international visitors, and we get to share the importance of firearm safety, in addition to what fi****ms mean to us!

It’s a great feeling when folks from other countries get a small sense of America when they let a few rounds off!

No need to have American ID to shoot on our range! If you’ve got a passport or some form of gov’t issued photo ID… come get a taste of freedom at Hoover Tactical!



We love our heroes, and are proud to offer MIL/LE/FD/EMT discounts every day! On top of our daily discount, every Tuesday is an extra discount!

Current & former MIL/LE/FD/EMT can come shoot on our range all-day every Tuesday for just $5.00! Come see us for $5 Tuesdays!


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