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#4 Alabama gave undermanned Vanderbilt a huge uppercut tonight 101-44 as Alabama returned to form from the devastating loss to Oklahoma on Saturday. Bama was in the zone the whole night at home hitting 19 3's on the night while also hitting multiple dunks (10) while playing insane defense the whole way. TOs were limited, while points from TOs favored the Tide 27-6. It was a night where Bama needed to do a gut-check after a serious lack of effort over the last week. The gut check was led by Brandon Miller who threw down 22 points on the night while 5 others were in double-figures including Burnett who had 16. Let's hope this type of play continues as we head towards big games against UT and AU. Tonight was fun to watch if you were a Bama fan. The 57-pt win was the biggest margin win over a conference opponent in Alabama basketball history - the previous best was 53. What an insane game! Just Wow. I'm speechless. Next up: at 3pm Saturday. ROLL TIDE!


Bama is currently taking care of Vandy... but this was TOO good not to go ahead and post. It's Miller time as Brandon Miller hit 2 dunks in a row including a massive tomahawk which brought the crowd into a frenzy! ROLL TIDE! πŸ’₯πŸ’ͺπŸ»πŸ˜πŸ’―πŸ˜³πŸ˜³


Bama fell 2 spots in the latest AP Poll after going 1-1 last week with its loss at Oklahoma. #4 Bama is still a contender and tries to right the wrongs we made in Norman on Saturday. Vandy is up next tonight at 7:30pm on SECN. ROLL TIDE! 🐘 🐘


#2 Alabama ran into a buzzsaw today vs Oklahoma, losing 93-69. OU couldn't miss, and Alabama couldn't hit anything. Bama struggled all over the place and you could tell frustration set in in the 2nd half. Frustration fouls, technical fouls, and simply bad shots were abundant by Alabama, and we simply didn't have an answer against Hill and Sherfield who had lightning-in-a-bottle kind of days, both shooting for CAREER highs. And then there was Groves who completed dominated inside the paint. OU only averaged 67ppg this season. It was a frustrating game to watch if you are an Alabama fan - it reminded me of Alabama teams of old. Defensively, we got seriously out-rebounded with very little presence in the middle by Bediako (or anyone for that matter). There were just too many easy looks and dunks by OU, and Alabama just simply looked beat from the start. We just need to regroup, learn how to shoot 3's again, and start crashing the boards going forward. The good news is that we're still undefeated in SEC play and have a chance to continue a strong run into the NCAA Tournament. But it all starts again vs Vandy Tuesday night at home. Let's pack Coleman Coliseum and get this train back on the tracks. I can't watch this style of basketball again.... this was bad and hard to watch. Now teams are rushing the court after playing ALABAMA BASKETBALL... Wow. ROLL TIDE!


To say #2 Alabama struggled against Mississippi State tonight was an understatement as Bama held on to win at home 66-63 in front of a rowdy Coleman Coliseum. MSU came into Tuscaloosa doing what they ALWAYS do - FOUL. Alabama simply wasn't hitting shots they normally hit from 3-pt range, so we had to make our money at the free throw line from all of those MSU fouls. Bama went 19-22 at the line and needed them all as they only hit 5 threes in the game. In the 2nd half, Bama turned up the defense and also played smarter against MSU's tough defense. Bama scoring was lead by Miller, Clowney, and Quinerly with 13, 13, & 14 points respectively. Really "dumb" TOs crippled the Tide early on as we were simply making horrible passes on multiple possessions in addition to missing open shots. For Bama to play this poorly overall and win speaks volumes of how this team will fight till the end. One thing this team needs to understand is that you don't take ANY team for granted. Next stop -- Norman, OK -- for the Big 12 Challenge. The Big 12 have 6 teams in the Top 25 currently. It's going to be a tall task for the SEC to win it this year. Bama just needs to keep the hammer down and continue rolling. ROLL TIDE! Side note: The Barn lost to TA&M, ending the nation's longest home winning streak. Again, ROLL TIDE!


AP POLL RELEASED: ONLY a mere 16 first place votes separate #1 and #2. There is clearly separation between Bama/Purdue and the rest of the pack. Hopefully, we can continue this great run and get a #1 seed when March hits. Based on these votes, no one voted Bama or Purdue at #3 or lower. Clearly Bama is turning heads. Keep it rolling this Wed night vs Mississippi State! ROLL TIDE! 🐘


It's quite possible that #4 Bama can move up to the #1 spot this week…Today, #3 Purdue barely beat Maryland by 3 at home, and #1 Houston lost to unranked and 11-9 Temple, also at home while Alabama continues to beat SEC opponents by an average of 21 points and continues to get better each week. Bama may be the deepest team in the country right now. Our bench is crazy good and continues to impress. ROLL TIDE! πŸ’₯ 🐘πŸ’ͺπŸ»πŸ’―


#4 Alabama hit the road today and took it to a pesky Mizzou team who has recently played pretty well as of late and won 85-64. Mizzou was missing Kobe Brown due to injury, and that would nearly seal the deal even before the game started. The game started off slow, but Bama slowly built a 10-pt lead by halftime and won again by double-digits (21). Positives in the game were good FT shooting (25-32), 29% from 3-pt land (10-35), moderate TOs (11), and balanced scoring (4 players in double-digits). Noah Clowney led the way with 17 pts and 14 reb's while Sears also chalked up 17 pts. Miller had an "off" day at 15 pts. This team continues to impress and should move up in the polls next week as #2 Kansas lost their last 2 games. Houston and Purdue play tomorrow. Next up is a home game vs Mississippi State Wednesday night at 8pm. Let's continue to dominate! 7 SEC wins by double-figures, and Alabama is the lone remaining undefeated team in SEC play with TA&M losing to UK. 17-2, 7-0. ROLL TIDE!


#4 Alabama hit the road tonight in a normally difficult place to play vs Vanderbilt. Alabama came away with the 78-66 win with Brandon Miller leading the way (again). The game got a bit sloppy at times especially towards the end when we had the game put away. We got lazy with our passes and lost some defensive alignment. The game was never really in doubt due to the 20+ point lead in the 2nd half; however, Alabama needs to execute to the final buzzer. Scoring was pretty even outside of Miller who had a game-high 30. Bradley was the only other player in double-figures at 12. TOs were elevated tonight due to mental mistakes, but the Tide was able to overcome them with good defense and timely buckets when we needed them most. Free throw shooting iced the game in the end, so great job there. Next Saturday is going to be extremely tough at Mizzou. They have been playing great ball recently. We're going to need our best game there to continue rising in the polls. On a side note, #2 Kansas lost to K-State, so if Bama wins Saturday, we'll move up at least 1 more notch in the AP. Keep rolling Bama! 16-2 overall and 6-0 in the SEC! ROLL TIDE!


#4 Alabama came out guns-a-blazin' from 3-pt range, and LSU simply didn't have the athletes or talent to keep up as Bama smashed LSU 106-66. LSU's whole team is brand new this year along with their head coach, so this type of beatdown was expected. This game reminds me of the 2021 game when we annihilated LSU 105-75. Bama broke the SEC (& Bama) record for 3's made with 22 in that game. Though we didn't hit the 3's record again, this game was never in question. Bama controlled the TOs once again and appears to have righted the turnover ship finally. In addition, points off TOs had a huge lean towards the Tide, 19-2 in addition to 2nd chance points with Bama outgaining LSU 32-8 due to Alabama DOMINATING the boards 52-38. FT shooting was also great with Alabama making 16-20 on the night. Miller couldn't be stopped (31 pts), and most of the bench got a ton of playing time in the 2nd half. The win by 40 points breaks the Bama record of 38 which was also against LSU in "ye olden days." Let's keep the momentum going because next up is AT Vandy Tuesday night where historically Bama has struggled. In other news, Alabama extended it's lead in the SEC with UT's loss to UK, so Saturday was BIG for Alabama. Bama & TA&M are the remaining teams undefeated in SEC play. ROLL TIDE!


#4 Alabama visited #15 Arkansas tonight and this was an extremely physical and draining game both for our players and myself as Alabama came on late to win 84-69 after being tied at 33 at halftime. Whistle-happy refs did not help. The 3-ball came to life for Bama in the 2nd half especially with about 4 minutes to go when the Hogs got close. Bama hit three 3's in a row which created some scoring separation after the Hogs made a run after Bama was up by double-digits. Miller was held scoreless in the 1st half as Sears let the Tide during that time. Miller scored 14 in the 2nd half to help finish the game. TOs were similar for both teams; however, Alabama scored 24 off of the Hogs TOs while the Hogs only got 7 which was a key stat in the game. Any win on the road in the SEC is huge but especially at a ranked Arkansas who had won 17 straight at Bud Walton Arena. Let's continue to get better and get ready for LSU this Saturday in Coleman Coliseum. Bama is now 4-0 in the SEC with all wins by double-digits for the 2nd time in program history (1954-55). ROLL TIDE!


All that really matters is who is #1 at the end of the season - the Champion. But just because you're IN the championship game doesn't make you the 2nd-best team in the country in the final tally. AP poll voters, yes, TCU beat Michigan, but then they looked like tossed salad against a real formidable opponent, took a 2nd loss, and were champions of nothing except the Fiesta Bowl. TCU should have dropped below UT after that drubbing. I don't know of any team in history that lost their conference championship game (remained at same rank) and then lost THE game (moved up). I get the "reasoning" for leaving the Top 4 as-is, but rankings do have meaning, and TCU clearly is not the 2nd-best team in the country. Just Wow.


Bama continuing to climb in the rankings after the dismantling of Kentucky on Saturday. On another note, UK did not even receive "Others receiving votes" in the AP poll. My how the Wildcats have fallen so far in 2023. UT is right on our heels... we don't play them until 2/15 though. It's amazing how much better we play when we don't have a high number of TOs. Hopefully this is a sign of great things to come. Next up: @#15 Arkansas is up next on Wed at 6pm on ESPN2. That should be a tough one as the Hogs are one of the top 5 teams in the SEC this year. ROLL TIDE!


#7 Alabama put together probably their best game of the season annihilating Kentucky by 26 points, 78-52. TOs were, for the 2nd straight week, kept to single digits. Big play inside by Bediako shutting down Tshiebwe was huge. Bama's defense was superb, FT shooting was great, and points in the paint were aplenty. If we keep this type of play up, Bama will be a legitimate national contender. Keep it up, Bama! ROLL TIDE!


I have beaten the dead horse on TOs, and Bama listened. Only 7 TOs helped give the Tide a 22-pt win over Ole Miss tonight along with phenomenal shooting and FTs from all over. 4 players in double figures and Brandon Miller made most of the highlight reel. What a game! Keep up this type of play this weekend vs Kentucky and the sky's the limit. ROLL TIDE!

Photos from The Bamadog - FAN SITE's post 12/31/2022

Slow start, but Alabama kicked it in gear to let the world know, "THIS IS ALABAMA FOOTBALL!" Way to go Bryce, Branch and the whole team for finishing strong and a top 5 finish. ROLL TIDE! πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ’―πŸ’₯πŸ’ͺ🏻


Bama's first SEC road game of the year saw the Tide play a decent game overall. TOs still an issue at 19. Bama got lucky with MSU missing 18 FTs as Bama got in foul trouble early. If MSU makes 1/2 of those FTs, it's a different game. In the end, Miller and Sears carried the Tide on offense with some tough defense in the middle by Clowney and Bediako. Good start to the SEC...let's keep getting better. Side note: those refs need to be suspended. There were at least 5 major blown foul calls in this one. ROLL TIDE!


#9 Bama played another sloppy and turnover-prone game vs Jackson State tonight who had 1 win coming into tonight's game. In the end, Alabama took care of business; however, having both Barnett (out for season) and Clowney ("illness") out, there wasn't a lot of continuity in this one. The 3's would not fall, and we simply played down to the competition and actually gave hope to Jax St for most of the game. This season, it looks to me that it will be high-scorer by committee as no one guy has been really consistent as the lead guy all season. Miller has been great, but others have been in the spotlight too which is a good thing. Tonight, it was Sears and Gurley. We need to continue to dominate the boards and SOMEHOW stop turning the ball over in the 1st half so we can start taking teams and their fans out of the game when we hit the road. 2nd half TOs haven't been bad. We start the game as a TO factory. I feel like a broken record, but that's how this team identifies right now. For now, let's enjoy this year's pre-SEC success and get ready for Mississippi State next Wednesday night at 8pm. ROLL TIDE!


Another example of why turnovers are going to be the death of this team. These 21 TOs are lost possessions. Give us 1/2 of those back, and the game likely goes in another direction. Good to see Miller back on fire with a career game, but the sloppy play has simply got to improve. He had 6 TOs while 3 other players had 3 each. Ball security is preached heavily on the football field by Nick Saban - that same mentality needs to tranfer to the hardwood... I know BB is a different game, and there will simply be TOs, but it's time to protect the ball at a higher level, or we're going to have many a game that we're going to lose that we shouldn't. Learn and get better, Bama! RTR 🐘🐘🐘


Another big win for the #4 Tide tonight at home vs Memphis who just came off a big win vs the Barn last weekend. Up next: Gonzaga at Legacy Arena in Bham Saturday! Roll Tide!


With Alabama's huge road win over #1 Houston on Saturday, we have now moved into the top 5 at #4. The one team that beat us this season (UConn) sits at #3. Hopefully this is a sign of good things to come this season if we can both stay healthy AND work on limiting turnovers. If we correct the turnovers, this could be a final 4 team. ROLL TIDE!


ICYMI - #8 ALABAMA took down another #1 team in men's hoops this afternoon AT #1 HOUSTON. This was a true road test for the Tide, and we kept it close in the 1st half only being down by 4 at halftime while leading much of that time. Turnovers killed Alabama in the 1st half, but in the 2nd half, we took care of the ball and clawed our way back as Houston opened up to a 15-pt lead. Defense was big in the 2nd half along with great hustle plays. Bama ended the game with 15 TOs and is still the prime thing Alabama needs to work on more than anything else - BALL SECURITY. I'm proud of this team and how they have started this year. I look forward to more of the same - and a top 5 ranking in next week's poll. ROLL TIDE!!

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