PXF Pierre's Xtreme Fitness, LLC.

PXF Pierre's Xtreme Fitness, LLC.


Look who's back in the Gym
I am soaking wet did my exercise then went and cut grass, help move stuff and empty out a trash can so my exercise has had more add to it than what I was suppose to do
These are the BEST with Peanut Butter! Healthy! (I think)
How do I get info on training sessions in the Hoover Area?
Pierre is an awesome drill Sargent!!! Excellent trainer... You do see phenomenal results with him... God's. Blessings to you, and enjoy the rest of your day...
Hey, just found your page on Facebook and took a look at your webpage. Are you accepting new clientele?

Helping people reach their Health Goals at a very affordable price. Sessions for only $7, a lot of u

Operating as usual


Don’t Give Up you are worth it….


Food for Thought: Bad days will come, mistakes will happen but quitting should never be an option because those tough moments are there to prepare us not make us give up….

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Everything in life comes down to a choice mentality, either a choice to stay the same or a choice to be better….


The Mind is where the Victory is won….


Let’s stop focusing on a New us but let’s focus on bettering this version of ourselves….


Every day isn’t the same, so watch this video and get an understanding of what I’m talking about so it can sink in for this New Year so you can walk into everything that God has for you….


Happy New Year….


Food for Thought:
Being Uncomfortable will force you to change but being Comfortable will just make you lazy….


What are you Connected too that is hindering you????


What are you connected too???


Preparation is the key to change…


God Is My Why, God is My Strength and God is Why I continue to get back up no matter how many times I may fall…. What is your Why???


Just because you can see doesn’t _____________________________


JUST BECAUSE YOU CAN SEE IT ________________________




Happy Sunday…..


You have to see the Victory….


What’s your motivation???


Stop getting upset for the work you didn’t do but expecting Results/Change….

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Happy Monday everyone it’s been a minute but I truly believe in order to lead, in order to make a difference it has to start with yourself. When no one is watching you, are you doing what your telling others to do. Because it’s not about being Perfect, it’s about never giving up no matter what…..This is what I have been doing when no one is watching because that’s how bad I want it…. Not perfect but consistent in going after it….


You are a Diamond….


Don’t Gove Up….


There will never be a right time because the right time is now; tomorrow isn’t promised so start now…. …


Find Your Pace!!!!!


Special Reminder: This is a Sprint, it’s a Marathon…. Slow and Steady always prevails…..


Mistakes are the opportunities to learn, grow and propel you forward in life if you can look at them as a teaching tool instead of a hindrance. So choose to learn in every mistake instead of wanting to quit every time you make a mistake….


If it was Easy it wouldn’t be called a Sacrifice… Have a great Tuesday…


Things won’t ever changed until you get truly Fed Up with your situation….


Good morning….
When we are Truly ready to Fight/Achieve what we set out to accomplish we will not let our setbacks, our off day’s or our mental breakdowns allow us to throw in the towel. Stop focusing on your mistakes, how many times you had to start over or things aren’t going the way you planned and just keep fighting. Don’t quit because all those things are happening to mold you spiritually and mentally if you will only stay the course. And remember you are worth fighting because if God got you up, he didn’t give up on you, so stop giving up on yourself…. So FIGHT to reach that finish line you are WORTH IT……


Good Morning…
I want to challenge everyone with a serious question this morning… ARE YOU WILLING TO FIGHT, TRULY FIGHT??? Now ponder on that question and I will touch base more on this question throughout the week… Have a phenomenal and blessed day everyone…..


I let my Why motivate me to get it done today after two bad days but just because we have bad days doesn’t mean we just throw in the towel, that just mean we have to go that much harder by let our Why’s be bigger then our bad days….


Transparency Friday…
Please watch till the end…
Have a great weekend and stop giving up on yourself….


Prayers go out to all the Families in Texas…. My God My God…


Small Sacrifices daily will eventually gain you great Returns….…


Not Sometimes but A lot of times your not going to want to do it but if you just get up and get it done you will be happy with the end Results…


Your Faith/ Belief have to be greater then your Excuses for you to see True change in any area of your life….


Being consistent isn’t easy by one bit I know that first hand but when you want something bad enough you will Never give up no matter how many times you have to start all over. By not giving up eventually it will all click and you will get those changes that you’ve always envisioned.


You have to believe in what your going after that no matter how many time you get knocked down, you keep getting back up because you know deep down inside as long as you don’t quit you will achieve it….Good Morning……..


The victor will always go to the person that never quits no matter what the situation looks like or how many times they get knocked down.


If you can’t find peace and happiness where you are, then getting to the next level will be very difficult with an unsettled mind and spirit….

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You are a Diamond….
Don’t Gove Up….
Find Your Pace!!!!!
Special Reminder: This is a Sprint, it’s a Marathon…. Slow and Steady always prevails…..
If it was Easy it wouldn’t be called a Sacrifice… Have a great Tuesday…
Things won’t ever changed until you get truly Fed Up with your situation….
Transparency Friday…   Please watch till the end…   Have a great weekend and stop giving up on yourself….





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