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Multi discipline facility that offers boarding, training, showing and lessons for all levels of riding.

A day in the life of an ACE boarder 😂🦄 #homeofunicorns

We have a wonderful relationships with the small businesses we support. Two Socks Designs has been making me beautiful swag for many years and you can now own your own ACE swag!! Visit to support us as well as Two Socks!! And don’t forget, Stockbubble has beautiful ACE belts available also!!

Continuing to share our space with you. Here’s our feed room 😍 #cfcsponsoredrider #grainofthehnicorns @tributeequinenutrition

Saturday’s, a great day for tortur...errrr... teaching 😂🦄

So many aisles to obsessively rake 🥰🦄 #acesbaby #homeoftheunicorns

Here at ACE we welcome horse and rider of all shapes, sizes and disciplines. A year ago when April moved her 2 horses in with us, I don’t think she quite knew what she was getting herself into. Since then we’ve had some milestones together, her first cross country experience, her first cross derby experience, an amazing transformation of her position, and the amazing growth of her baby horse, Suvi(shown here). I have loved EVERY second of getting to know April and her four legged kids, and help them on their journey of education and ultimate enjoyment of each other. Suvi, is truly turning into quite the lovely gentleman! I’m so blessed to have a barn full of clients committed to their personal growth so that they can get the best from their equine partners.

Alittle food for thought. My horses have never laid down and napped so much while in their stalls, as they have since moving. At first I thought they were just tuckered out from antics outside at night because of the venue change. But, the napping continues. Now, at their last home they lived in big 12X14 stalls, with a courtyard and the horses seemed to love the outside feeling. The stalls however had solid walls(which I preferred because sometimes you see horses mess with each other during meals) and a “low” ceiling. The new stalls have no ceiling as far as the horses are concerned and they can all see each other, which hasn’t been a problem during meals.

We don’t always have much of a choice with where our horses live, and generally we just care it’s safe. But from my observations it would appear that they prefer the “no ceiling” feel and enjoy being able to easily see each other.

I love when they actually use their houses 😂🥰🦄 #gratefulponies #mostlytbs #horsesofinstagram

It was a great day to be a riding instructor 🥰🦄

This is a nice sight 🥰🦄 #OTTB #unicornsoface #hackout #allthebays

I’ve shared lots from the outdoor ring, but the indoor is a pretty great space too!

Traveler was a magical unicorn for his jump school today. It’s so great having an outdoor ring to enjoy!!

The sky is not your limit. Your mind is. 🦄😎 #unicornsoface #fauquiercounty #ottb #tbmakeovergrads

Confessions of a Hunter Princess Gone Rogue: Life Lessons from Different Disciplines - Jumper Nation

This article took me back to my roots. Some amazing memories in 4H Katie Morgan Melissa Kelly Jennifer and the deep respect it gave me for riders of other disciplines, the work ethic Mrs L’ski instilled in all of her kids. Some details on my time with Cornerstone Horsemanship, how Jean French opened my eyes to ground work and everything in between. If you followed my journey to the Retired Racehorse Project Thoroughbred Makeover in 2019, you’re well informed of my #disciplinegypsy lifestyle. If you’re not (I won’t hold it against you), you at least know I’m a hunter princess gone rogue. Last year, I started wearing a new hat, a Stetson...

Our lesson boys Beau, Shot, Eos and Benelli. 3 OTTBs and a hony 🦄🥰 #unicornsoface #spring #fauquiercounty

Working on sharing every nook and cranny of our new home with you. Here’s the indoor for those rainy days! 🦄 #acesbaby #destinairefarm

Too windy to ride? Naaaah, great lessons today!!

These horses really love to nap 🥰🦄 #unicornsoface #naptime #horsesofinstgram

Go where you feel most alive 🐶 #australianshepherd #farmdogs

2 of our biggest and most handsome residents 🥰🦄 #xxl #baeisbay #unicornsoface #horsesofinstagram

Relaxed, happy horses are the best horses 😍🦄 #ottb #tbmakeovergrad #unicornsoface #naptime

Keep an eye out for the link to our Stable Shop on Two Socks website, so you can get your own ACE swag!!

Amanda has been an awesome longtime Two Socks customer. I was very excited to help her with apparel for her new endeavor, ACE Equestrian!

The new digs are Traveler approved 😍🦄 #happyhorses #horsesofinstagram

Happy Easter!! He is risen!

[04/11/20]   This my friends, is how you dress when you head to the office 💁🏻‍♀️ Two Socks Designs Stockbubble

I wish I had gotten more before pictures of the barn. The transformation was nothing as drastic as that at Ashland 4 years ago because Destinaire was actually really well maintained for it’s life. But you can imagine what happens to a barn when it sits vacant for years, which was the case here. Mostly, the barn just needed a good dusting and power washing. The ole gal looks pretty spiffy now! 🥰🦄 #fauquiercounty #acesbaby

The barn is pretty dang adorable 😍🦄 #homeoftheunicorns #fauquiercounty

It was a successful moving day. We’re now operating from our gorgeous new home at Destinaire Farm in Hume. Boarding, training, lessons and all the services you love, contact us for more info! #acesbaby

Pacific Farms Incorporated

It’s true! We started a new chapter today. All of the horses are officially settled into their new digs at Destinaire Farm in Hume, VA. Ever since I met Pacific Farms Incorporated, I knew God meant for us to do big things through horses and now we finally get to be on the same property. ACE will still be offering the same exceptional care, with even more learning opportunities to our clientele. Limited spots available for boarding and training, so message soon!!

We have big news.
And are finally so happy to announce it.
After 22 years at the same facility, Pacific Farms is moving! We have been working hard to get it ready for the horses to arrive, and are so excited for all that’s in store.
Destinaire Farm holds 118 acres in Hume, VA, in Old Dominion Hunt territory, with a spacious indoor and outdoor arena, both with excellent footing, 25 stalls, 20 fields, run-in sheds, miles of hacking, an incredible conditioning field with the vision of cross country. But wait, there’s more! ACE Equestrian Inc is coming with us! We know that we work better in community, and combining resources and talents elevates everyone, so while Pacific Farms will operate from one half of the property, ACE will be operating their boarding and training on the other, so be ready for a big influx of videos and hilarity, clinics, learning, and shenanigans.
We are incredibly grateful for our years spent at Sherwood Farm (later Cloverwood), but are blessed and excited for all that is in store.
We want to thank Jason Brady from Oak View National Bank, Alan Zuschlag of Washington Fine Properties, and John Coles of Thomas and Talbot Real Estate, for making all this magic happen. Thank you for your time, direction, expertise, and patience.
And to our clients, for being the most supportive, positive, and enthusiastic bunch of adult daycare-ers you’ll ever see. We couldn’t do this without you and we wouldn’t want to anyway.
Stay tuned for said shenanigans!
#pacificfarms #adultdaycare #humeva #nottosoundcheesybut #blessed

[04/09/20]   This is a fun way to get to know our crew!!!

How many horses do you have? 6!

Oldest horse? Eos and Beau are both 20

Youngest horse? Duncan is 8

Meanest Horse? Nessa, the geldings are all pretty social

Shyest Horse? Shot, he’s pretty reserved

Friendliest horse? Probably Dunc

Sassiest horse? Benelli for sure

Dirtiest horse? Beau is disgusting

Smartest Horse? Nessa 🙄

Largest horse? I’m not sure if Duncan or Eos is bigger

Smallest horse? Beau

Any Purebreds? Everyone except Beau

Who do you use for your non-horsey friends? Beau, Benelli, Eos

Who is your escape artist? None thankfully

Who has the most energy? Nessa and Duncan

Who is your favorite horse to ride? Duncan but Nessa is pretty leisurely these days and Shot is a blast

Who is your favorite trickster? Duncan

Who goes out the most with you? With me personally, Duncan

Who is your absolute favorite? I love them all for different reasons

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These two graduated the Thoroughbred Makeover in 2017 and are enjoying life with their own people. 🥰 The riders are pretty great too #tbmakeovergrad

It’s always about the position... even on Tik Tok. 😂

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