Indianapolis Soap Box Derby

Indianapolis Soap Box Derby


2021 NDR Nationals!!

Indianapolis, Indiana
September 3rd - 6th

Mark your calendars!!!
Come feel the THRILLS of NDR RACING!!!

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Am so glad to announce.....
Anyone out there have a extra Brian Hunt string crossbind set up they would sell? Pm please need ASAP
What hotel does everyone stay at
Attention Rally Racers!
Saturday, February 22nd & Sunday, February 23rd - Stock, Super Stock, and Masters, 1 Double & 1 single elimination race each day.

Fantastic new race location for 2020 Chicago Indoor Rally Races!

We have secured a large indoor location (former Sears store) at Fox Valley mall in Aurora IL for hosting our February and March rally races. This new location offers 275 feet of smooth race track (no grout lines) including a long run out area, huge pit space and 8 foot tall starting ramps with a steeper starting angle to allow a more tuner friendly tail weight setup.

The race venue is cozy warm with multiple bathrooms, many food choices in the mall and easy load and unload of you race car.

We are recruiting race teams from 10 states and expect a large racer attendance allowing you to gain a big number of rally participation points.

Race Fees:
Cost is $100 for all 4 races if paid in advance or $120 upon registration at the race. Individual race fees are $35 per race.
Please note: Pre paid race fees will be refundable if you are unable to attend due to inclement weather or other circumstances so there is no reason not to pre register!

Rally Race Form Here:

Pre-register by sending the above form and payment prior to race day to:
Greater Chicago Soap Box Derby
1530 Fairway Circle
Geneva, IL. 60134

Fox Valley Mall is located at: 195 Fox Valley Center Drive Aurora, IL 60504

Looking to reduce the cost of the race weekend? Our race director Stan Iglehart will be opening his house to racing families, with 3 full baths, plenty of floor space, couches, and a couple of spare beds you can save yourself the cost of a hotel for the weekend. Bring your own sleeping gear and let Stan know you are coming at 630-841-8832 via text or phone call. Stan’s house is about 25 minutes away from the mall.

Questions? Contact Stan Iglehart at 630-841-8832 or email [email protected]

Do not miss this great points earning opportunity and the chance to claim that you are the BEST Indoor Rally Racer in the Midwest!!!!
Anyone that can help tomorrow we are putting together tracks for cars in the new place at Marion University to store cars. Help is really needed.
Region 5 could use your help. We're still looking for Masters drivers to fill our fields for the Chicago race weekend on Oct 5 & 6. If there are any Masters drivers out of Indiana that could assist us, it would really be appreciated. Please contact Stan or Mark or reply here so we know you are coming. We do still offer a first time racer in Chicago discount if that would apply to you as well.
Hey Indy... Will we see anyone up in Chicago this weekend for our last Fall Rally for 2019. If coming, please let Stan or Mark know.
Ming racing at the All American derby, Geordan Wells on way to victory in the legacy class. Indianapolis represented well in the All American this year.

Indianapolis soap box derby website

Indianapolis (Indianapolis, IN) 03/05/2021

Indianapolis (Indianapolis, IN)

We are racing!
2021 Indianapolis Soap Box Events:

April 24,25 Soap Box Rally Weekend, Wilbur Shaw Memorial Hill, 2200 West 30th Street, Indianapolis, IN
May 22,23 Soap Box Rally Weekend, Wilbur Shaw Memorial Hill, 2200 West 30th Street, Indianapolis, IN
June 10 Mayor’s Cup Openhouse
June 11 Local Inspection and Impoundment
June 12 Mayor’s Cup, Wilbur Shaw Memorial Hill, 2200 West 30th Street, Indianapolis, IN
June 13 Indianapolis Local, Wilbur Shaw Memorial Hill, 2200 West 30th Street, Indianapolis, IN
August 7,8 NDR Rally, Wilbur Shaw Memorial Hill, 2200 West 30th Street, Indianapolis, IN
September 3-6 NDR NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS, Wilbur Shaw Memorial Hill, 2200 West 30th Street, Indianapolis, IN
September 25,26 Soap Box Rally Weekend, Wilbur Shaw Memorial Hill, 2200 West 30th Street, Indianapolis, IN
Visit our website at
For Information or Questions email Director Bob Getts [email protected]

Indianapolis (Indianapolis, IN) Indianapolis Soap Box Derby INDY HAS A WORLD CHAMP! Congratulations to Marlon Wells, 2017 World Champ Rally Masters Division. See the awesome article in the Star on Geordan Wells! 2018 Indianapolis Local Champs Masters: Geordan Wells Super Stock: William Bivens Stock: Quinton Hatfield These 3 winner...

America's Oldest Soap Box Derby Racer Used Racing to Distract Her During Chemo | #Grandgoals 01/29/2021

America's Oldest Soap Box Derby Racer Used Racing to Distract Her During Chemo | #Grandgoals

America's Oldest Soap Box Derby Racer Used Racing to Distract Her During Chemo | #Grandgoals Drew meets the inspiring Deborah Houston who has no problem doing soap box derby races at the age of 59 and explains how racing served as a positive distract...

[01/28/21]   Hey Soap Box Derby Family!! Grandma Debra is going to be on the Drew Barrymore show tomorrow, Friday Jan. 29! You have to watch. They showed her lots of love.❤️


Many of you have heard about or meet our racing grandma Debra. She is in need of our prayers right now. Her husband died suddenly last night. He was her rock and the love of her life. She is now faced with going through this cancer journey without him and continuing to raise her grandchildren on her own. Please pray for her and her family. 💜


Congratulations to our 2020 NDR Stock car Champions!!!! #ndrnationals2020


Congratulations to our 2020 NDR Super Stock car Champions!!!! #ndrnationals2020


Congratulations to our 2020 NDR Masters Champions!!!! #ndrnationals2020


Congratulations to our 2020 NDR Legacy Champions!!!! #ndrnationals2020


Congratulations to our 2020 NDR Round Bottom Champions!!!! #ndrnationals2020

1st Annie T.
2nd Brittany S.
3rd Cason H.
4th Ronan J.
5th Jenna W.
6th Courtney R.
7th Carlie K.
8th Thomas K.


Congratulations to Ronan Johnson who now has 7 NDR Championships!!!

Ronan has 4 Masters NDR Championships, 2 Round Bottom NDR Championships, & 1 Legacy Championship!!!

Job well done!!!


Championship charts! Good luck to all!!! #ndrnationals2020


Girl Power!!!


NDR Nationalsare going strong! We have some fast cars and some great one times! So thankful for the beautiful weather! 09/05/2020

Indy grandma, a cancer fighter, to become world's oldest soap box derby racer INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) -- A speedy Indianapolis grandmother is going to set a record this weekend. She's the oldest person to ever race in the Soap Box Derby National Championships. They are in Indianapolis through Monday. Debra Houston got her grandchildren involved with


We are racing!!!! NDR Nationals!


As you are getting ready for and traveling to Nationals be sure to post lots of pictures and use hashtag #ndrnationals2020


Attention NDR Race Families and Fans. With apologies for the length of this post, here's a ton of info from our NDR President Mark Miszewski concerning our updated plan and schedule for Nats. Note, an email was sent on this as well. Mark and others have been working tirelessly to make this our most outstanding National Championship in recent memory. With nearly 140 cars registered, we need to work together as a Team for this to come off seamlessly. Note, we can still use volunteers, even if only for a portion of the event. Please reach out to Mark at [email protected] if you are available to pitch in.

Here's what Mark has to say...

Hello Derby Fans!

The Indianapolis Soap Box Derby and National Derby Rallies have been working hard to provide you all with a great event this Labor Day weekend. Attached is a revised schedule that has been developed to help ensure we are able to get all racing in and maintain the health and safety protocols required by the State of Indiana, Marion County, and the City of Indianapolis. We are excited that we have had such great support from the city, county, and several of the local unions. For those of you that made it to the rally, you got a glimpse of several improvements that were being done to the grounds. They have not stopped since then.

We are fortunate that the drivers in our Legacy division are all planning on arriving by Friday so they will actually be ready to race first thing Saturday morning. We have an 8 car field lined up in this new division. For any of those that are in the area by Friday, we will be keeping the lights on so to speak. ISBD has arranged for lights on the track to allow for practice runs to go past sunset and our inspectors will work out a schedule to provide coverage late on Friday and Saturday.

On Friday, any division is welcome to come and complete their check in, inspections, and practice runs. On Saturday, we need to ensure that all Wrap (Round Bottom), Stock, and Masters cars are able to get their practice runs in before their designated race times. All three of those divisions will be racing on Saturday in addition to the Legacy field. The check-in process will be open from 7 am on Saturday. Please make sure you leave enough time to complete the process so you are ready to start racing at the times designated in the schedule. While the Legacy and Wrap races are in operation, practice runs will be slotted between them on all available wheels not being used by the race. Please have your cars completed through inspection as soon as possible and be ready to utilize all available wheels.

We do ask that Super Stock cars either complete their check-in process on Friday or wait until later Saturday since they are not scheduled to start racing until Sunday morning. There is a period Saturday afternoon where no practice runs will be allowed because the wheel bank will be fully utilized by the Stock and Masters division Qualifiers. If you still need to complete the check-in at that point, please make sure the inspection aspect is completed prior to the conclusion of the Qualifier heats so you can take your runs as soon as available.

We are still having a meal on Saturday evening. Do to the larger turnout, we will be providing a free meal to the registered drivers. All others we are asking for $5. Prepare to have your taste buds tantalized by the amazing culinary skills of the Indianapolis Soap Box Derby chefs. We did add the ability to purchase your tickets on our website and we appreciate it if you can do that in advance so we know as close as possible how many to expect so we don't over spend on food.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know. We have put great effort into trying to accommodate everything in this short weekend schedule We wish we could give you all more practice time, but unfortunately, that is one item that had to be shrunk.

Hope to see you all soon. If for some reason, you are unable to attend or choose not to attend, please notify us as soon as possible. Also, if you have not already paid, payment via our website page at via our PayPal Shopping Cart is greatly appreciated to minimize contact points. The schedules have also been posted to the website and will be out on social media shortly.

Yours in racing,

Mark Miszewski
NDR President


Big thank you to Mayor Hogsett and the City of Indianapolis! Our Mayor’s Cup Race was a huge success. Larry Theines is one amazing hero helping introduce racing to our intercity kids who may not have had the chance otherwise❤️


Derby Families, the NDR Board and Indianapolis Soap Box Derby hope you're all getting excited for what's shaping up to be one of the biggest and most competitive National Championships in years. As many know our registration numbers have been higher than anticipated and we are working hard to ensure we complete racing in the available time. This includes adding additional trailers, etc. A revised event schedule will be posted later this week, with racing in some divisions starting Saturday, and certain limitations on practice runs. We thank you for your patience as we work to accommodate this big field.

Note, for those with extra friends or family members attending or in the area, we could **really** use additional volunteers to help with areas like scales, registration, starting line, wheel tent, trailer drivers, etc. We will have Board or Indy Club volunteers managing these areas, but we can use back-up and assistance. We can also work schedules around family members who are racing. If you are available to help, please email Mark Miszewski at [email protected] ASAP, so he can add you to our Volunteer Plan and contact list. Thanks so much!



If you are coming to Nationals & have not registered please do so ASAP!!!

Because of time restraints and COVID regulations we are cutting of at 48 cars per division & all divisions are close!

Please register now & get ready for an Incredible Nationals!!!


Sarah Jones WTHR

ICYMI (In Case You Missed It).
Indianapolis Soap Box Derby held a race this weekend. But Soap Box is more than just a thrill, it's a way for kids to get exposure to hands on applications of science, math, engineering and technology. And Indianapolis Soap Box Derby has nearly 80 cars that they provide for the kids! The track is by 30th and coldspring


The T-Shirt order is in & we are ready to have an amazing NDR Nationals!!!

Please visit & thank Corrosive screen printing for making our shirts!!!


120 Pre Registered!!! Gonna be a great race don’t miss it! NDR Nationals shaping up to be the best race in derby this year. 08/16/2020

Soap Box Derby Even though fans aren't allowed at the Indy 500, there was still an opportunity for some race fun at the Indianapolis "Soap Box Derby" Mayor's Cup.


Sarah Jones WTHR

When I woke up this morning I knew I would be covering Indianapolis Soap Box Derby, I had pitched the story. But had no idea I would be participating in my first ever soap box race and that it would be against Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett! After the live video you'll see some behind the scenes footage that didn't make air but was captured by WTHR-TV Photog Jim Johnston! I didn't realize he had captured the moment the mayor came up to me, it was right before my last live hit!


NDR racing is not a sport for kids! It is a sport for families!!

Bring your family to join us at NDR Nationals in Indianapolis September 5-7!!!

Tag your family you are bringing to Nationals here!

#indianapolissoapboxderby #soapboxracing #soapboxcar #soapboxderby #nationalderbyrallies #ndrnationals #ndrnationals2020


We hope you are planning to join us this Labor Day Weekend in Indy at what is shaping up to be one of the finest National Championships in recent memory. We will be competing for titles in five divisions this year: Stock, Super, Masters, NDR Round Bottom, and Legacy. If you've not already registered, please do so ASAP as we are about ready to order t-shirts and would like to collect driver sizes. Registration, host hotel, and online payment info can be found on our Nationals Event Page:


Some Candid photos from the NDR Rally 8-8-2020 & 8-9-2020


National Derby Rallies, Inc.

A special "Thank You" to all who came out to race in Indianapolis this past weekend and to the volunteers from the Indianapolis Soap Box Derby organization and the National Derby Rallies Board Members. We had a total of 44 cars racing:
Stock (17)
Super Stock (15)
Masters (12)

We also had a few drivers taking some of introductory practice runs in an NDR Wrap division car in preparation for racing their first race in the division at Nationals. Always great to see kids getting an opportunity to try something different. Thanks to everyone who passes along the NDR Wrap cars making them available for the next generations to continue racing.

The top 8 in each field are as follows:

1st - Logan Webb
2nd - Davis Hinkle
3rd - Elijah Anderson
4th - Noah Thomas
5th - Alexa Garren
6th - Kaiden Young
7th - Cayson Hayes
8th - Kevin Elmore

Super Stock
1st - Laura Smutney
2nd - Gerald Young
3rd - Levi West
4th - Quinton Hatfield
5th - Ella Probst
6th - Caiden Clements
7th - William Pickens
8th - Eli Murphy

1st - Zach Hiller
2nd - Callie Elder
3rd - Collin Shaw
4th - Lilian Allred
5th - Stephanie Hicks
6th - Sarah Whitaker
7th - Claudia Campbell
8th - Thayne Hayes


Working hard organizing NDR Nationals at our rally. New timing device with apps on your phone. NDR always on the cutting edge of technology in of Soap Box Derby! 08/08/2020

2020 Soap Box Derby Awards Show This video recognizes the Champs, Hall of Fame inductees, as well as the Presidents Youth Volunteer Service Award winners from 2020.


For those joining us in Indy for the Rally this weekend or NATS next month, please be aware the following COVID-19 Policies & Procedures will be in place to comply with local regulations and allow us all to have a safe and confident racing experience. Other details around car return, wheel swaps, etc will be announced at the driver meeting. Your cooperation with helping abide by these procedures is most appreciated.

**Health and Safety Advisory**
As all should know, the Coronavirus pandemic is far from over. Participation in this event is by your own choice. The NDR and Indianapolis Soap Box Derby organizations will do our best to help provide items to reduce risk such as hand sanitizers and masks. However, we need everyone's cooperation in using the health related items, following any health and safety protocols we put in place, and practicing appropriate distancing. In addition, we need you to be forthright in making sure that if you have been exposed or have any symptoms that could be related to Coronavirus, please make sure to keep everyone's health and safety in mind and refrain from coming to the event.



2200 West 30th Street
Indianapolis, IN
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