Balloon Federation of America

Balloon Federation of America


Scott Spencer, founder of the Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic and the head of the Walla Walla Balloon Stampede, died Friday in Boise.
Looking for balloon training in the Mid-Atlantic region - ideally through an independent pilot who I can barter ground crew for/with.
Throw back Thursday - TBT. Guy Gauthier, President of the Georgia Balloon Association presents a check for $12,000 to the American Cancer Society Children's Fund in Atlanta. Money came from the proceeds of the 1st annual Mike Adams Memorial Balloon Festival in Atlanta (around 1990).
It sure would be nice to see daily postings / photos of what is happening leading up to Nationals in Scotts Bluff...
Hello. It's a longshot that anyone can help with this, but here goes. I am transcribing a journal from 1912. The woman is in London England where she describes a man on a wireless balloon. One word of the text is illegible. She seems to say that he is playing a piano on the balloon. It looks like it says "three pianos". Is anyone familiar with this balloon stunt from early 20th century London? Here is the text from the journal entry: "In the evening Mr. Sullivan took we five girls to the Colliseum. [sic] We saw a wonderful show. It was very good. There was a wireless balloon there, that some day England will use in war. It flew all over the audience and at the same time the man played [illegible] pianos by wireless. We had a fine time."
I will be conducting a private/commercial ground school in Greenville, SC on February 23-24.
Flight from Hodgenville, Ky
The Flag City Balloonfest has a few more openings for hot air balloons at their 2018 festival taking place on Aug. 10 - 12 in Findlay, OH! Visit for more info!

The Balloon Federation of America is dedicated to the advancement of the sport and science of lighter-than-air aviation, both hot air and gas balloons. Membership in the BFA is open to anyone who shares a fascination with Lighter-Than-Air flight.

The Balloon Federation of America is an open forum where all Balloonists may find support in achieving their dreams, excellence in their area of interest and assistance in reaching their goals. We envision all forms of Ballooning as a safe, family oriented sport where all members may come to enjoy the art of Aerostatica and the wonder of flight. We support those competitors that come to ballooning for the thrill of winning. We will serve as the Official Sanctioning body for America's Team to the World's Ballooning Competition. We support all members that come to ballooning seeking community with others of like interest. We will continually strive to provide an environment that espouses Safety, Skill, and Achievement. We will seek an organization that provides enjoyment of ballooning all the while valuing basic human values of ethics, honesty and respect for all.

Mission: The Balloon Federation of America is a membership organization dedicated to the art, sport and science of Ballooning, and to providing a unified voice for the purpose of representing U.S. balloonists and ballooning enthusiasts across the United States of America, its territories and possessions, before the international ballooning community. The Balloon Federation of America will provide a national forum for the exchange of ideas to advance the cause of Ballooning as a safe activity that enriches not only the lives of those that directly participate, but the general public as well. In seeking to meet these objectives, the Balloon Federation of America will maintain the highest standards of excellence by promoting understanding and cooperation between ballooning disciplines, by establishing safety and training programs of value to all members, and by encouraging sporting activities that meet American values for fair and just competition.

From world records to Darth Vader, meet man behind the hot air balloon industry

Ballooning would sure look different if Don Cameron hadn't gotten involved. Mr Cameron's balloons are now enjoyed all over the world and can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes

Congratulations to Kelly Gatfield, winner of a 1 year digital membership. Kelly is participating in the Liberty Balloon School ground school in Fleetville, PA this weekend!

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Registration for the BFA online continuing education seminar (CES) is now open! The video format seminar will be available starting April 25, 2020. The cost is $60 and you must be a BFA member to register for the CES. Register for the CES here:

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100 hot air balloons light up the skies of AlUla for spectacular glow show

Balloons setting records! The Royal Commission for AlUla achieved a Guinness World Records title for the longest hot air balloon glow show spanning over three kilometers with 100 balloons in AlUla in Saudi Arabia.

The Great Eastern Balloon Association invites you to their annual Continuing Education Seminar! This year's seminar is on March 7th at Lackawanna College in Scranton, PA. This unique seminar features a "choose your own" format with 3 hours of breakout sessions where you can choose from 3 different topics to learn about.

Seminar registration includes a continental breakfast, a hot lunch, and an afternoon snack break.

Join GEBA when you register and save some money! Click here to register and follow our page, Great Eastern Balloon Association - GEBA for more information and updates!

We hope to see you in Scranton in March!

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Get youth involved in Ballooning, through the Crew Achievement Award Program!

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Make 2020 the year of balloon safety through education! Attending a Continuing Education Seminar helps you to take steps towards safer flying practices. Help promote safety through education by using the hashtags #witheducationcomessafety and #gotoaCES when you post about educational ballooning events!

This New Hot Air Balloon Ride Shows You the Northern Lights From the Sky

Another thing to add to your ballooning bucket list! Hold onto your butts.

Angus & Rupert visit India on their way to the BFA National Convention

Angus & Rupert visit India on their way to the BFA National Convention

Increase your skills and aeronautical knowledge through the pilot Achievement Award Program (PAAP)

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Ballooning in France in the 1900's

Preparing for a balloon flight in France, 1900.

The Gateway Aerostatic Association/GAA is hosting a a BFA Educational Seminar on Saturday, February 22, 2020 in St. Louis, MO Metro area.

They are offering a good line up of speakers, a nice meal, and an affordable price..


Maritz Inc.
1400 S. Hwy Drive
Fenton, MO 63026

Note the optional Social time on Friday evening Feb. 21th.

Please pass this information on to any individuals or groups that might be interested.

Registration forms will be available on the website,

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Do you have an event coming up? Get your club meetings, continuing education seminars, flying events, ground school, and balloon festivals listed on the BFA event page! This service is available to everyone, you do not need to be a BFA member to submit an event. Go to and click on Events, Submit a Calendar Event and be sure to watch for a confirmation email from Jill Koehlmoos McConnell. View the calendar events by clicking Events and All Event List. Get your event listed today!

LONGVIEW, TEXAS – A first-time event attached to one of the premiere balloon competitions is growing to more than twice its size this year and is looking for young and new-to-the-sport balloon pilots to enter the field.

The Young Guns competition debuted at the 2019 Great Texas Balloon Race in Longview, Texas, with six up-and-coming pilots who competed alongside their more-seasoned colleagues. At this coming year’s event, June 19 to 21, 2020, up to 15 Young Gun pilots will take to the skies for a chance to win substantially more prize money but with considerations made for their experience level.

To qualify for the Young Guns competition, pilots must be licensed and 29 years of age or younger on the first day of scheduled flights.

With a total purse available of $12,100 for Young Gun pilots – not including a possible extra $5,000 for our “Ducks on a Pond” contest – these younger competitors stand the chance of taking home significantly more in winnings this year.

The pilot in first place at the end of the competition will win $2,500, a black cowboy hat a six-shooter. Each of the competitors will win something in the competition with winnings as follows:
· Second place: $2,000
· Third place: $1,000
· Fourth place: $800
· Fifth place: $700
· Sixth place: $600
· Seventh though 15th place: $500 a piece

Young Gun pilots will also be recognized on the Great Texas Balloon Race website ( and at a kickoff event Thursday, June 18, 2020, receive a hotel room during the event, breakfast and dinner each day, pilot shirts, propane for the competition, pilot gift bag and crew if requested.

The goal of the Young Guns competition is to introduce newer and younger pilots to competitive ballooning, and we do it at an event world-renowned for hosting a top-of-its-class competition in what will be its 43rd year. After only its first year, Young Guns has already created a buzz in the balloon community.

More information is available at

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The Quick Release is out! Head to to read it. This is available to everyone, regardless of BFA membership.

Congratulations Kelly Sasser, the first student Aeronaut for 2020

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Share this link with your crew and encourage them to participate

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Balloon Federation of America 2020 Survey

This is your last opportunity to have your voice heard via our 2020 survey! This is open to all balloonists, BFA members or not. If you haven't yet done the survey, please do it now. Take this survey powered by Create your own surveys for free.

Are you ready to have the best week of your life? Balloon camp is an experience you will never forget, even as an adult volunteer! If you are interested in volunteering as a pilot, counselor, or in a different role get started by getting your name on the list! Register here: to get your camp adventures rolling! Please note that volunteers are selected based on camp needs.

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The January/February issue of Ballooning is now available online and will soon be in your mailbox!

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Happy FAVIA day! On this day 227 years ago the first air voyage in America took place with Jean-Pierre Blanchard at the helm of the balloon. At 10:09 am the balloon launched from the prison grounds on Walnut St., Philadelphia, PA with George Washington, Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and many others in attendance. The balloon touched down in Deptford Twp., NJ at about 10:56 am. Read more about the flight here:

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“We’re not JUST crew, we ARE ballooning!

Submit your first or next Crew Achievement level and get the recognition you deserve!

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Time is running out! If you have not yet completed the BFA 2020 survey please take a few minutes to do so now. The survey will close on January 12th. 1550 of you have completed it so far but we need more of you to do so. As the FAA gears up to deal with the new balloon legislation the BFA board will use the information in this survey to address the rule making. The board will also use this information to better serve the balloon community. You do NOT need to be a BFA member to complete this. Please urge all of your balloon crew and family to also take the survey. Thank you very much for your help!

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Early balloonist Jennette Piccard is featured today on the A Mighty Girl page!

Jeannette Piccard -- the high-altitude balloonist who became the first woman to ever reach the Earth's stratosphere -- was born on this day in 1895. With her 10.9 mile high altitude balloon flight in 1934, Piccard became the world record holder for the highest altitude reached by a woman. She held this record for almost thirty years until Soviet cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova orbited the Earth in Vostok 6 in 1963.

Born Jeannette Ridlon, Piccard grew up in Chicago, Illinois and was unusual for a woman of the time for her pursuit of higher education; she completed a Master’s degree in organic chemistry in 1919 at the University of Chicago. There she met Jean Piccard, who she married the same year. Jean Piccard was from a family of balloonists; his twin brother, Auguste Piccard, became a celebrity in Belgium in 1931 for his own stratospheric balloon flights. Star Trek fans may be familiar with this famous family's surname as Gene Roddenberry named Jean-Luc Picard, the Star Fleet captain played by actor Patrick Stewart, in their honor.

In 1934, Jeannette and Jean Piccard, pictured here, decided to make their own stratospheric flight with Jean taking scientific data while Jeannette piloted. Their plan required that Jeannette Piccard obtain a pilot’s license, making her the first female licensed balloon pilot in the US. On October 23, 1934, 45,000 spectators gathered to watch their hydrogen gas balloon, The Century of Progress, take off from Dearborn, Michigan. After rising to the stratosphere and setting the women's altitude record, they landed eight hours later and 300 miles away from their takeoff point in Cadiz, Ohio. The editors of Flying magazine later asserted in their 1976 "Sport Flying" that this record-breaking flight made Jeannette Piccard "the first woman in space" and stated that this claim was "allowed even by Valentina Tereshkova."

Following the famous flight, Jeannette Piccard went on to work with NASA, acting as a consultant and speaking publicly about the space program from 1964 to 1970. At age 79, in 1974, she also fulfilled a childhood dream when she became an ordained Episcopal priest as one of the Philadelphia Eleven, a group of eleven women who were ordained as the first female priests in the Episcopal Church.

Piccard's spirit of adventure is best summed up in this quote to her father, when he asked her why she wanted to fly: “There are many reasons, some of them so deep-seated emotionally as to be very difficult of expression. Possibly the simplest explanation is that we started along this road... and I cannot stop until I have won.”

For an inspiring picture book about another early pioneer of flight, French aeronaut Sophie Blanchard, we highly recommend "Lighter Than Air: Sophie Blanchard, the First Woman Pilot" for ages 6 to 9 at

For a fun picture book about an inventive young girl who loves to build flying machines, check out "Violet the Pilot" for ages 4 to 8 at

For books for all ages about trailblazing female pilots throughout history, visit our blog post, "20 Books About Boundary-Breaking Female Pilots," at

For books to encourage your Mighty Girl’s adventurous spirit, visit our "Action & Adventure" section at

And, if your Mighty Girl is fascinated by how things work, you can learn about our favorite toys to encourage this curiosity in our blog post, “Building Her Dreams: Top 60 Building Toys for Mighty Girls," at

Read all about Rio Grande Balloon Camp camper Isabel Maus' experiences last summer!

🎈🇩🇪 German pilot Isabell Maus participated in the Rio Grande Balloon Camp organised by the Balloon Federation of America and supported by the FAI Ballooning Commission. She explains what she learnt about ballooning during her five days at the camp.

"It was an awesome experience to be part of such a camp, especially as I was the only foreigner, but never felt like that. Such memories are likely to be told to my grandchildren once I am old. That is one of the fascinating qualities of ballooning: the balloon family spreads worldwide and hugs its children! "

Read more about her experience at the International Youth Camp (Ballooning) ▶️

Join your fellow balloonists at the Black Hills Ballooning Safety Seminar on January 25th.

This BFA sanctioned continued education event is open to hot air balloon pilots and crew; space is limited. Please RSVP to reserve your spot by emailing [email protected] or click "reserve a spot" on this event page with group size.

SATURDAY, JAN 25 - 7:30am - 5:00pm
Full day of presentations
Custer County Annex - Pine Room

FEATURING presentations by:
Mark West
Kay West
Don Day
Adam Magee
Kim Magee
Robert Allen MD-AME

Cost is $40 for pilots and $30 for crew. Price includes lunch provided by The Custer Wolf - Food & Drink

Click here to reserve your spot and learn more:

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Happy New Year! We hope 2020 brings you lots of wonderful flights and new friends!

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As 2019 winds down, share with us your favorite balloon moment from this year!

As we prepare for a brand new year why not consider volunteering for one of the many committees the BFA has? We could always use fresh ideas and people willing to help out! Check out all the committees here:
Contact the board liaison or committee chair to volunteer!

[12/29/19]   Head over to the page for Chabad of New Mexico to watch the livestream of the balloon menorah at Fiesta field! Starts at 4:30 pm local time.

Have you taken the survey yet? We have had 1,207 of you take a few minutes to complete the survey. Thank you to those that have already done this! If you are part of the almost 3,000 balloonists that have not yet taken it, why not? This survey is for ALL balloonists, even non-BFA members! Click the link and take a few minutes to help the BFA know more about our ballooning community. Share this post or link with all of your ballooning friends, family, and crew and please encourage them to take the survey, too!

Balloon Pilot Tim Cloyd Talks About the "Extreme Flight to Find a Cure | Van and Bonnie in the Morning | 1040 WHO Hot air balloon pilot Tim Cloyd has his annual "Extreme Flight to Find a Cure" where he goes 17,000 feet in the air and travels at over 100 miles...

6 Angus & Rupert got lost on their Journey to the 2021 National Convention.
Watch the newest episode of Angus & Rupert on their way to the 2021 BFA National Convention.

Angus & Rupert got lost on their way to the BFA 2021 National Convention.

Merry Christmas! May your day be filled with happiness, good food, and balloons!

Catch Some Air | "The Happiest Clothing Brand on Earth"

Christmas is about many things - family, friends, giving others special gifts and memories, and for some giving back to others. This company, Catch Some Air, gives back to kids with cancer. Their logo is a balloon and one of the many goals they have is to give kids with cancer balloon rides. Tim Nelson and Scott Appleman have worked with these ladies flying them and kids in their balloons. Check out what they do, how they fund it, and if you like what you see maybe give them a follow on Facebook and on Instagram!

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Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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