Mike's Bait and Tackle

Mike's Bait and Tackle


Please relay my sincere apology to Mr Allen . I’m dealing with a pretty rough medical issue . There no excuse for taking my frustration out on anyone . Again I sincerely apologize for my actions . Thank you .
I love this bait shop they have the best meal worms around and also carry the fly fishing supplies I need
Beautiful day to be on the water. Carolina Christian Bassmasters Tournament lake Hartwell 3rd place finish. I like to thank God and my tournament partner Emily N Jeff Massey for putting us on the fish.
It was a beautiful day to be on the water Saturday. Carolina Christian Bassmasters Tournament lake Hartwell. 3rd place finish. Thank God for the day and I thank God for my partner Emily N Jeff Massey who put us on fish.
Thanks to every body that has offered support for this benefit. Unfortunately due to state regulation and laws in regards to the spread of the Caronavirus this tournament has been postponed to a later date that will be announced as soon as possible. If you shared this post before PLEASE share this update.
Wonderful place to find your tackle needs and have a good conversation
Registration is now open for the Lake Murray Spring Thaw Challenge on March 2nd. Look for the event on the American Striped Bass Challenge page.
Payouts based on number of entries:
For example 30 boats - $3,000 1st plus TWT 100% payback. Our last tournament paid close to $5,000 to the winners.
Guaranteed payouts:
$1,000 Cometic gaskets and Navionics BIG FISH Award
$200 Youth angler
Lake Greenwood Cross Hill area..3 br, 2 bath with updated Mobile Home that has a large addition and deck. Large kitchen den area. Large dock. Metal carpet. Boat ramp. Completely furnished. Move in ready. Quite cove near Skippers Landing area. $160,000. Region South Realty 864-706-3311
Vera Kate is only 4 yrs. old and is reading "Pops" BassMaster magazine!!
Dollines Cafe, Spartanburg, SC...breakfast and lunch....Opens 6am till 2pm, Monday - Saturday..Off Clifton Glendale Rd, across from Clifton 2nd Baptist Church, on Main St., Clifton, SC.
Little walker with a nice slab 16.5 inches long 2.5 lbs
March 3 2018 lake Cooley

Fishing Tackle - Live Bait - Ice - Snacks - Seasonal Hunting Supplies We are a cash and carry store-- no credit cards or debit cards. Open 6 days a week--CLOSED On WEDNESDAY - OPEN ON SUNDAY.

Our hours - 7:30 AM until 6:00 PM. Phone is not answered after 6 PM

Operating as usual


Lake Cooley Bass Club

Fishoff in the morning at Lake Cooley. Blast off at 7 weigh in at 3. The lake will likely be a little high so be careful on the water


Frequent Stomach Troubles

Yay its Friday!!! 🎉 🎉 🎉


Lake Cooley Bass Club

One last time this is the list of qualifying members. Hope to see y’all Saturday


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Tuesday With Tuffy ! I guess when you are famous, you can`t do anything without the paparazzi in your face. Get that camera away from me. Can`t you see that I am trying to eat my lunch? It`s so difficult being me! All Bass fishermen, the full moon is Sunday and the temps. are warmer so the Mama Bass will be pulling up to bed. You heard this from the lucky black cat. Good Luck to the Lake Cooley Bass Club members who are having their fish-off this Saturday at Lake Cooley. As you can see, we have the bait shop open again so come on by and see me. we are getting new shipments in and there are a lot of really good boxes which I am trying out. Gotta go. Here comes some more boxes in now.


Chapman High Bass Fishing Team

It was a tough day for Chapman Middle School at Lake Hartwell, with everyone weighing in fish.


Chapman High Bass Fishing Team

Chapman High School Fishing Team brought home a second place Win at Lake Hartwell.
Congratulations to Colton and Carson Harrell for finishing 3rd with 12.42 lbs. and Konner West and Brice Williams for finishing 5th with 11.53 lbs.


Squirrel TV

Happy First day of spring 2021 from Squirrel 🐿️ TV.


Byrnes Rebels Fishing Team

Congratulations to Conner Burnett and Bobby Wrinkle, the 1st place middle school team at the PBC High School Tournament Trail event on Lake Hartwell today! Conner also weighed in the biggest bass of the event. Byrnes was the 2nd place overall middle school and the 3rd place overall high school. We also had top ten finishes by Gavin Varner/Easton Peeler (7th place middle school team), Marshall Robinson/Mason Fulmer(4th place HS team), and Mitchell Robinson/Cody Abbott(6th place HS team). Two more landed in the top 20-Cole Ritts/Bronson Dunn(17th place HS team) and Logan Hopper/Cade Blackwell(18th place HS team). #caughtitforjack




Broad River Bass Club Spartaburg SC


Broad River Bass Club Spartaburg SC

Results from 3.13 outing
1st Mike and Dennis Blackwell 14.06
2nd Shane Belue and C Fowler 14.02
3rd Matt Arms and Zack Blair 13.05
4th Phil Vernesoni 13.04
5th Kevin Sanders and Rhett 11.00
6th Jeff Morris and KK Smith 10.81
7th Randy Settle 9.94
8th DeShields' 4.00

Big Fish Blackwell's 5.46

2nd Big Phil V 5.42

2 more outings remaining to qualify for fish off, must have fished 3 outings. Next outing 4/10 at Murray


Must be kin to the O’Possum Clan.

Big News. #happystpatricksday


Tuesday with Tuffy ! Just thought I would start introducing all my fans to the list of new characters that you might see at the Bait shop or on my face book page (and I mean CHARACTERS). I think you already know BUBBA but usually see him sleeping in a too small box. Then there is SPOOK, he is a black cat like me but is a boy and about 3x my size-not as pretty or as smart. He stays outside mostly and not into many Hoomans. He is one of my guards, works undercover and only reports to my Lady Hooman. I will be semi-retired now and enjoying my lounge chair at the house most of the time. It`s going to take a lot of characters to fill my shoes. I think you can also see Cricket outside the door; she is the Hunter of the Gang and doesn`t care for many Hoomans. Like me, these are all rescued. More on the gang later. Happy Saint Patricks Day tomorrow to all. May the Luck of the Irish be with you and all your money be green and gold. Hope I see that Leprechaun so I can get his Gold and his Lucky Charms. Good Luck to al the Upstate High Schools fishing at Lake Hartwell this weekend !

sullivanking.com 03/15/2021

Obituary for Jack Franklin-Lee Hunt at Sullivan-King Mortuary

Let’s all send prayers to The family. This was a tragic accident that took this young fisherman’s life.

sullivanking.com Townville, SC Jack Franklin-Lee Hunt, 18, passed away Friday, March 12, 2021. Born in Anderson, he was the son of Jamey Lee and Elizabeth Barker Hunt. Jack was a graduate of Pendleton High School and was a student at Erskine College where he was on scholarship as a member of


South Carolina BASS Nation Youth / High School / College



The SC Bass Nation will host the 2021 SC Bass Nation Youth Series State Championship Tournament on Saturday, April 10, 2021 @ Buster Boyd Boat Landing.

100+ JR. & High School Teams from across the state will embark on Lake Wylie to qualify for the 2021 BASSMASTER National Championship Tournament in Summer of 2021.

Come out and support the future of our sport as they pursue their dreams in the bass fishing world.

Hope you can join us!

Thank you!
Tony Gray
SC Bass Nation
Youth Director


We now carry Dark Corner Custom Crankbaits. Come on in and check them out because the pictures don`t do them justice.


Tuffy Tells All: Everybody is really busy (as you can see) for the re opening today!


TUFFY SAYS: Fans, Friends, and Fishermen lend me your ears and bring me your money. The Hooman has said that we will re-open the Baitshop on FRIDAY, MARCH 12 at 7:30 AM. Come on in to see me or my Hoomans; probably them because I have really been liking my lounge chair at the house. Maybe I will be there or maybe Bubba will be there. Spread the news !


Holden's Marine Center



Matthew and Johnny Green did it again. Looking like PROS.

Wow! What a start to the season. I had 55 teams come out in fish and most of them said they caught fish all day. Some said they couldn't buy a bite and others caught fish on everything that used. There were 25 limits and 15 sacks over 10 pounds weighed in. It took over 15 pounds to be in the money. There was one monster sack that was weighed in.

1st place.. Green / Green with 27.40 lbs
2nd place.. T Ellenburg with 16.72 lbs
3rd place.. Monkus / Ricken with 15.61 lbs
Big Bass.. Green team with 8.41 lbs

Congrats to the green team who weighed in 4 Bass over 6 lbs and it should be noted the 8 pounder was the biggest he had ever caught. WTG BOYS!
On the flip side of that, there were 20 teams that did not weigh in a bass.

Thanks to everyone for coming out and I hope to see you in 2 weeks on Lake Hartwell.


Cherokee Bassmasters

Lake Greenwood Champions!
Vince Blanton
Jim Manus 17.14 lbs


Cowboy's Castaways

The 2021 points season stars this Saturdy on Lake Keowee. We launch out of Mile Creek at safelite and we weigh-in at 3:00 p.m.. This is a membership tournament. Membership is $25 per person . Don't hesitate to contact me if you have questions or want more info on the club.



Happy National Pig Day from Magnolia the world's most photogenic pig!


Roebuck Bass Club

This saturday march 6th at lake wateree is the next tournament . at state park . safelight to 3 pm.


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Cherokee Bassmasters

Hey guys great turnout! Here’s the results from Lake Greenwood! Pics later on today!


This is what keeps us in business. THANKS !

Truer words never spoken...


Upstate Anglers Bass Club

The next Tournament is March 20 at
Lake Monticello out of #99 upper ramp.
Safe-light to 3pm
5 fish,14 inch size limit


Upstate Anglers Bass Club

Points after February 20

Michael+Austin Pugh
55 45 53 46 43 42=284
Michael Blackwell+Fred Benanti
49 48 46 50 47 43=283
David Arnold+Billy Collins
25 53 41 57 44 48=268
Perry Wycuff+Eddie Belcher
45 42 36 44 46 50=263
Scott+Chris Strickland
47 43 39 36 52 41=258
Gary Stribling+Larry Parris
25 38 42 51 50 25=231
Mike Weaver+Melvin Carr
52 50 47 25 57 00=231
Mark Adam’s+Jeff Hall
40 40 25 37 42 25=209
Michael Fuller
00 25 35 45 51 51=207
Mike Gault+Doug Sewell
51 39 52 38 00 25=205
Reggie+Pat O’brein
42 25 46 47 00 25=185
Randy+Randall Settle
44 37 25 25 50 00=181
Jeff+Keith Horton
00 00 40 48 38 54=180
Donnie+James Hayes
38 25 25 25 39 25=177
Billy Rochester+Ric Rhyne
00 52 37 00 25 49=163
Chris Smith+Terry Gregory
25 25 51 00 00 48=149
Gary Michaud+Dustin Compton
00 00 45 55 49 00=149
Jeff Humpries+Dawayne Bush
00 25 51 39 00 25=140
Eric Xaikhamharn+Andrew McNamara
43 25 25 00 37 00=130
Travis+Jordan Knight
00 47 40 43 00 00=130
Jonathan Strickland+Jacob Compton
00 00 34 25 25 41=125
Dakota Morton+Nick Saliba
51 25 00 25 00 00=101
Chuck+Kyle Robbins
00 51 25 25 00 00=101
Andrew Fowler+Andrew Allen
00 25 00 00 00 53=78
Doug Fuller+Austin Layton
00 25 25 00 00 25=75
Jeff Morris+Kevin Smith
00 25 00 49 00 00=74
Buddy Henson+Josh Upton
00 51 00 00 00 00=51
Brandon Sutton+Daniel Gordon
48 00 00 00 00 00=48
Travis Wilson
00 25 00 00 00 00=25
John Rasmussen+Hunter Green
00 00 25 00 00 00=25


Tuesday With Tuffy ! Just going to share a picture of one of my favorite things. I love to watch them, sneak up on them and chase them up trees. Some are old friends and we aren`t as fast as we use to be so the game has changed and we tolerate each others differences and disabilities. That`s life everywhere and with every creature. Lesson for today from an old black cat and a squirrel.

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(The following Squirrel TV post is not political. It's about taking a moment to honor those who have died from the terrible disease of Covid 19)
Squirrel TV wants to take a moment to honor the 500,000 victims who have died from this terrible disease in the United States. Squirrel TV send thoughts caring love and prayers for those who lost their lives and the loved ones who they left behind 😞


Cherokee Bassmasters

Hey guys Lake Greenwood is on for this coming weekend! 45 landing

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We are a cash and carry store-- no credit cards or debit cards. Open 6 days a week--CLOSED On WEDNESDAY - OPEN ON SUNDAY. Our hours - 7:30 AM until 5:30 PM. Phone is not answered after 5:30 PM. We carry a variety of live bait, fishing tackle, boating supplies, hunting supplies (in season), snacks, drinks and ice. We do not sell fishing or hunting licenses.




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