Aqualogix with Chris Kaifos

Classes NOW offered at WaterWorks Aquatics in Irvine. MON-FRI 1230 and TUES/THURS/FRI at 6-645pm
ww High intensity, low impact.

AquaLogix is the stand alone superior choice in high intensity aquatic fitness. Resistance in all planes of motion.


Aquatic Fitness Workout Abs

Don’t forget to do your ab work before you get out of the pool!

Aquatic Fitness Gear Use Aquatic Fitness to get ripped abs in half the time using Aqualogix a...


Wall work in the pool means a great abdominal workout, don't forget to add Aqualogix ankle find to increase the challenge! 07/28/2016

This Fitness Blogger's Before-And-After Pic Shuts Down A Major Misconception About Weight - SELF

Quit looking at the numbers! It's all in how good you feel! My Sweat Life blogger Kelsey Wells wants you to remember that a number on a scale is just a number on a scale.


Were you at our lunch time class today at WaterWorks Aquatics in Irvine? Mauro warmed up our upper body with drag resistance exercises using the AquaLogix bells.


What is your favorite Aqualogix exercise? Mine is the Grinder!


Aqua X Fit

AquaXFit Trainer Chris Kaifos will be at the IAFC for the 3rd year presenting AquaLogix Fitness Gear!


The IAFC is here yet again! I will be in Florida the week of May 9th - May 15th. I will keep everyone updated on the schedule for that week and if we will have a sub for your classes.

The hip swing utilizing the Aqualogix ankle blades for drag resistance helps create more mobility and less pain for the lower back. 03/25/2016

Aqualogix AquaBells Standard Resistance (Green)

Get your gear here :) Standard resistance aquatic fitness bells provide resistance to upper body & core during aquatic fitness workouts. Added challenge to aquatic fitness classes


Variety is the spice of life, add some to your fitness routine today with Aqualogix Fitness Gear, available at


Aquatic Fitness Gear Aqualogix

What's all the talk about drag resistance?

AquaLogix is the best drag resitance aquatic fitness gear available in the world. Providing 360 degrees of water resistance, this gear set offers nearly unli... 01/17/2016

Underwater Trampolines? How does that work?

Aquatic innovation! Benefits of the Aquatic Fitness Aqua Jump Trampoline. An aquatic fitness trampoline is built to absorb the pressure of you body as you push down 01/14/2016

Aquatic Fitness - HIIT Training - Drag Resistance

HIIT Training gets results! Burn calories, strengthen muscles, build cardio, and increase range of motion, all in one class. Order your Aquatic Fitness Gear and get started with a high intensity interval training system that lets you strengthen muscles you didn't know existed.


Bring a friend to class during January and both of you are free! Get back on your fitness plan before it's too late.


Hieu using her drag resistance gear to work on balance for her Parkinson's.


Hey team, check out some of these Aqua All-Stars! 12/07/2015

Aquatic Fitness: High-intensity training in football

Fantastic results for the top athletes! With aquatic fitness we have the perfect medium to train the athletes with omnidirectional drag resistance in season with High Intensity and low joint impact 12/03/2015


Aqualogix YOUTH! This Girls soccer team knows how to train hard while staying safe and healthy during the off season. Chance favors the prepared. A big thank you to Gary Rossi for inviting me to work with his team.


Hydro Warrior Aqua Punch Fitness Gear

Support a veteran in a real way, in a way that helps.

Hydro Warrior is the only way a fighter or martial artist can utilize the medium of water for maximum punching power and speed.


How has Aqualogix helped you? Weight Loss? Decrease in pain? Increased range of motion? Share your successes with us!


Go Claudia using HydroWarrior and H2OFit, at the same time!


Aqualogix with Chris Kaifos


Aqualogix with Chris Kaifos's cover photo 09/19/2015

Review Aqua X Fit - Aquatic Cross Training - Thumbtack

Please click on this link and leave a review of you experience with Aqua X Fit training. It looks like you've already reviewed Aqua X Fit - Aquatic Cross Training. Thank you for helping to improve the Thumbtack community. 09/03/2015

Review Aqua X Fit - Aquatic Cross Training - Thumbtack

Hello team, please give me a hand with a small review of your aquatic experience. This is what your review page looks like. You won't be able to leave a review for yourself, but this is what people who come to this page will see (minus this notice, of course).


Parkinson's Aquatic Fitness Class

Check it out :) so much fun!

Aquatic fitness class format called AquaCore(TM) using Aqualogix Fitness gear. 01/20/2015

Get fit, have fun, live life better! Aquatic fitness classes using a futuristic drag resistance equipment known as Aqualogix. 12/03/2014

The Kettlebell Aqualogix Conversion - Advance your workout In this video clip Greg Fraser is introducing an idea of how you can increase the resistance of your already available aquatic fitness tools. Here Greg demon...

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Wall work in the pool means a great abdominal workout, don't forget to add Aqualogix ankle find to increase the challeng...  #workout via  #aqua #boxing via #aquaxfit #aquaticfitnessgear #h2ofit #aquamma #h2ovideo via via #aquaxfit #waterbell #aquaticfitnessgear  #fitness via
Bring a friend to class during January and both of you are free! Get back on your fitness plan before it's too late.
Hey team, check out some of these Aqua All-Stars!




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