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[03/29/17]   This saddens me to no end to be posting this. The 2017 season for Mountain Motor Speedway at this time has been cancelled for circumstance beyond my control . No one wanted to see this track run more than me "Tony " But seems like the people that would help you get going don't care or must not . I have come up against many things this spring to not get the track open but I fight through that best I could , but seems like no matter how hard I tried it was like a no win for me. I want to think each and everyone that came to race and supported me last season and I want to apologize to everyone that was planning on racing here this season. I hope things could have been different but I'm not here bash anyone or point fingers. Just want everyone to know I had my hart 100% in running this track and never once was in it for the money , Just for the love of the sport.

[03/22/17]   Due to 201 Speedway canceling there 2017 season ,We have revised our 2017 schedule changing the Friday nights before 201 races to Saturday night races.

2017 schedule for Mountain Motor Speedway
April 5th- Open Practice
April 8th - The Spring Champion 30, $3,000 to win super late models, Plus racing in all class's
April 15th- Racing in all class's
April 22nd - Racing all Class's
April 29th - Fist Points Race in all class's Plus $1 Hot dog Night
May 6th - 2nd Annual Kentucky Mist Moon Shine 30 , $3,000 to win super Late model, Plus racing in all other class's
May 13th - Racing in all class's
May 20th - Racing in all Class's , Plus Powderpuff 4cyl
May 27th - Arm Forces Night, Veterans, past and current will be honored and get in for $5 , plus racing in all other class's
June 3nd - Summer Championship 30 , $3,000 to win super late models plus racing in all other class's
June 10th - Kids Night + meet the drivers , plus racing in all other class's
June 17th - Racing in all class's
June 24th - Racing in all class's Plus Powderpuff
July 1th - Red,White and Blue night with Big Fire work display , Plus 2nd Annual Summer Sizzler $2,500 to win Open Wheel Modified race and racing in all class's
July 8th - Racing in all class's
July 15th - 2nd Annual Bomber Nationals $1,000 to win , plus racing in all other class's
July 22nd - School Night , All kids in grade school or High school gets in free
Jully 29th - Racing in all class's ,Plus $1 Hotdog night
August 5th - 2nd Annual Mountain Dirt Classic $3,000 to win Super late model , plus racing in all other class's
August 12th - 2nd Annual 4 Cylinder Mania $600 to win , plus racing in all class's
August 19th - Racing in all class's , plus Powerpuff
August 24th - Double points in all class's , Plus last points race
September 1st - Fan Apperation Night
September 9th - Off for world 100
September 16th - Off
September 23rd - Big race TBA

[03/20/17]   Heading to Ponderosa Speedway. To see a tire test there doing on Hoosier's and American Racers. Representatives from both company's will be there , Going to try see what's going to be best for racers and the track for 2017

[02/28/17]   This for openwheels and sportmods , with Hoosier changing up there tires once again just seeing what the majority wants to do stay with mediums all around or switch to hard all away around like 201 Speedway . You can reply her or private . Just like to do whats best for the drivers and have there input

[02/27/17]   WE are re-posting the Sport Mod rules with a little change and more clarification on the Head rule .
Sport Mods Rules
1) Chassis, Frames and Bodies UMP/AMRA/TSMA Modified frame and body rules with the following exceptions: -No coil over shocks -No spoilers -No tubular front clips allowed. -Air shocks not allowed. -All coil springs must be at least four and one half inches outside diameter. Steel springs only. Shocks, Steel CRIMPED / SPUN tube top and bottom, non-adjustable, non-rebuild able With a $80.00 Buyout. Must have a fixed bearing and can have a removable hime joint. (No Schrader valves or remote reservoir shocks of any kind.) NO bump Stops.
2) Brakes Brakes must be operated on all 4 wheels and must lock up all 4 wheels during inspection.
3) Fuel Gasoline ONLY, no alcohol. Racing fuel is allowed
4) Battery One 12 volt battery must be securely mounted and shielded
5) Weight Rule 2,500 pounds for all cars.
6) Tires and Wheels 1. 8 inch wheels. 2. No aluminum wheels, hubs, calipers or A-frames or any other suspension parts allowed. Plastic wheels are not allowed. Calipers cannot be lightened and must be OEM. Rotors cannot be lightened or drilled. 3. Any 8 inch racing tire
7) Engine . Chevy 350, Ford 302 or 351W, Mopar 340 or 360. OEM steel block only. (Max Cubic Inch 390.) . WILL BE CHECKED. B. Crankshaft-Must have a stock appearing rear crank fl**ge. Balancing OK, No lightening, knife edging or reducing of the crankshaft circumference.. Must be cast iron crank, no steel. C. Harmonic Balancer-Must be of OEM design with rubber mounted dampener ring (SFI rating recommended) D. Connecting Rods-Must be of OEM design (IE If stock rod was “I-beam than Aftermarket must be “I-beam). Rod length is up to engine builder (does not have to be OEM length).
Rods may use bolt and nut or cap screws to secure the caps. E. Pistons- Cast or Forged, Flat top or Dished. No domed or gas ported pistons allowed. F. Camshaft-Hydraulic camshaft only. No roller camshafts allowed. Must pull 15 inches of vacuum at 1000 RPM’s. Must have access to vacuum port in manifold. No 4-7 swaps. G. Cylinder Heads and Valve Train-Must be unaltered approved OEM. All heads must have been used in a production vehicle. No limited production or special purpose over the counter only heads allowed. No porting, polishing or unapproved valve bowl work or other alterations of any kind to heads or intake. 202’s allowed. No screw in studs. No pin studs. Must use stock diameter valve springs. Stock steel stamped rocker arms. No beehive springs. No studgirdal. Polylocks ok. No canted value (Cleveland style) heads." Vortec Head allowed in casting numbers, 10239906 (#906) or 12558062 (#062). Not allowed are the GM Performance Bowtie Vortecs Heads (#25534351), and (#25534445),"
Valve springs can’t be more than 100 pounds with valve closed. No variance, this is a black and white rule. H. Exhaust-May use aftermarket headers. Exhaust system must be mounted in such a way as to direct spent gases away from cockpit of vehicle and away from areas of possible fuel spillage.
Exhaust header outlets no higher than midline of the body sides. Officials may require turn downs on the collectors. Dual exhaust only no “Y” pipes or 180 headers. No oxygen sensors allowed. I. Intake-Any cast iron or aluminum intake. No porting or enlarging inside of intake or gasket matching. No Bowtie, SVO or W2, marine or other special production.
No intake manifold to cylinder head spacers allowed. J. Carburetor-2 barrell Holley 4412 only. 1.375 Venturi 1.687 Base Plate max. Must have stock measurements. Carb gauges will be used.
Steel, aluminum or Phenolic adapter plate or spacer allowed. Distance between the bottom of carburetor and top of intake manifold cannot exceed 1 ¼ inch! Total spacer height includes gaskets. THIS WILL BE CHECKED. K. Fuel Pump-OEM style diaphragm pumps only. L. Ignition-OEM Stock appearing Distributors only (all components, even coil cover). Must run stock firing order. No MSD boxes. M. Cooling System-Cooling system may be modified. Radiator and oil cooler must not protrude above interior. No electric waterpumps or cooling fans. No sprinkler systems.
Any overflow tubes are to be directed to the ground, between frame rails. N. Starter-All vehicles must have the capability of starting without being pushed or pulled.. Starter must bolt to engine in factory location
8) Transmission. Bert, Brinn, Falcon etc. 2. Must have forward and reverse working.
9) Rear End. Quick change or any American OEM. 2. NO cover on pull bar spring.

[02/08/17]   After discussion it with serval drivers we have decided to add the Sport-Mods to our weekly racing schedule . We will have our rules out within a couple days .

[02/04/17]   Just a reminder that tomorrow Saturday the 4th is the 2016 Awards Banquet in Whitesburg at the Shriners building located behind the VFW " 95 Maryland Dr, Whitesburg, KY 41858" . Everyone is invited to come . It is free to attend and there will be Pizza and refreshment , So come out and help celebrate the past season . Also come out and go over adding the sport mod class and go over all class rules . Hope to see all racers fans and crews .

[01/27/17]   Drivers and Fans its time for the Mountain Motor Speedway 2016 Awards Banquet . The banquet will be Saturday February the 4th at the Whitesburg Shriners building located behind the VFW " 95 Maryland Dr, Whitesburg, KY 41858" We invite all racers , fans and crews to come out and help celebrate the 2016 season and talk about the upcoming 2017 season. So make plans to come out and be apart of the excitement. The Banquet will be starting at 5:00 pm see everyone there.

[01/23/17]   Just looking to see what racers think about adding the Sport Mod class to our weekly schedule .

[12/28/16]   2017 FOUR CYLINDER RULES
Body Rules:
1) Any 4cyl Production 2 wheel drive automobile, front wheel drive allowed
2) Wheelbase must be in accordance with body specifications of car
3) No convertibles, factory steel body. No aluminum
4) All glass must be removed, bars or screen in front of driver
5) Must have stock floor pans and front and rear fire walls
6) If battery is in drivers compartment it must be securely mounted and covered
1) Must be stock 4 CYL. And must match manufacture of body
2) Must have stock production head. Aluminum heads permitted only on front wheel drive cars that came from the factory with stock aluminum head
3) Must have stock block
4) Must have stock intake
5) Headers will be allowed
1) Stock frames only
2) Stock front and rear suspension
3) Only one shock per wheel allowed
4) All shocks and springs must be in stock location
5) No weight jacks
6) Stock rear end only
7) Radiator in stock location
8) Fire extinguisher mandatory
9) Fuel cell mandatory, must be located in the trunk or securely fastened
10) 6 point roll cage minimum
11) Feature winner must start in the rear of the next feature event
12) No aftermarket transmissions
Tires and Wheels:
1) No American Racer, Hoosiers or racing recaps allowed
2) No bead locks
3) Only 13 and 14 inch wheels allowed. 15 inch only on front wheel drive that came that way stock
4) 8 inches maximum width
Raceiver are MANDATORY at all events

[12/28/16]   2017 BOMBER RULES
Body Rules:
1) Any American Steel Production Car. No Sub- Compacts Allowed. Must be Complete OEM Body, OEM Replacement steel Panels, “Trunk and hood can be Aluminum but Must remain stock appearing.”
2) Bodies must retain all stock OEM dimension and original body lines and contours
3) Bodies that appear to be flat sided and/or do not have stock contours and stock appearance will not be permitted.
4) Must have stock Floor Pan or equivalent
5) Must have Steel Front Fire Wall between Driver and Engine Compartment
6) Must have Fire Wall between Drivers Compartment and Fuel Cell
7) Doors must be welded or bolted shut
8) Protective bars or screen for drivers protection mandatory
9) No open body rear ends. May use stock appearing plastic type or thin metal
10) No bars to protrude outside the body
11) 8 inch rear spoiler maximum
1) Steel block and heads only
2) 23 degree heads only
3) #1 spark plug cannot be past ball joint
4) HEI and MSD ignition
5) Headers Allowed
6) 2 or 4 Barrel Carburetor, Only one carburetor
7) Engine must match the make of the car
8) Radiator must remain in stock location
9) No Electric fuel pumps
10) Fire extinguisher mandatory
11) If battery is in drivers compartment, it must be securely mounted and covered
1) Full Stock Frames Only, Uni – Body may be tied together
2) 108” Wheel base minimum
3) Hidden screw jacks allowed in front, Screw Jacks allowed in rear
4) Fuel cell mandatory, must be located in the trunk and securely fastened
1) 1 shock per wheel only, in stock location. No coil over’s, aluminum body or adjustable shocks
2) All front steering components must remain stock, Front shock must be stock OEM length .
3) No 4 bar or z-link rear suspension, no J-bars or lift bars
4) Coil Spring cars will use factory mounting points , 2 uppers and 2 lowers
5) No brake floaters , No Fast Boy setup
6) Top front control arms can be aftermarket no-adjustable replacement mounted in there stock OEM Location, bottom must remain stock.
7) No adjustable heims or aluminum control arms
8) Car must weigh 3000 lbs.
9) Passenger car or truck type rear end, floaters allowed
10) Transmission must have forward and reverse. No direct drive.
Wheels and Tires:
1) 1 " Lug Nut Mandatory
2) 8 inch maximum width wheels and tires
3) Hoosier: UMP Approved Tires: A40s, A40, H40 ,Hard
American Racer: Hard, & Extra Hard
Tires Must Durometer 55 or Harder when “Cold” Grooving is allowed
Raceiver are MANDATORY at all events

Body Rules:
UMP Body Rules Apply
2400 lbs
Tire Rule:
Hoosier: UMP Approved Tires: A40s, A40, H40 , Medium & Hard
American Racer: Medium, Hard, & Extra Hard
Tires Must Durometer 48 or Harder when “Cold” *Siping Is Allowed*
** No Grooving Allowed** *** Anyone found with chemically altered tires, will be suspended
Raceiver are MANDATORY at all events.

[12/28/16]   2017 SUPER LATE MODEL RULES
Body Rules:
Late Model Rules
World of Outlaw Late Model Series or Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series
**Steel Blocks can run a 10" rear spoiler.**
Aluminum Block: 2300 lbs.
Steel Block: 2200 lbs.
Tire Rule:
Front Tires:
Rear Tires:
Hoosier: 1300 or Harder
American Racer: 44 or Harder
Both tires must punch '40' prior to qualifying and before each race!
Raceiver are MANDATORY at all events

[11/29/16]   Just letting everyone know that the points winners jackets are ordered and the trophies and plaques are being made for the upcoming banquet. When everything is done we will post the date for the 2016 banquet. Once again thanks to all the drivers and fans and we are looking forward to the 2017 season

[09/24/16]   It's a beautiful day as we getting the track ready for our post season practice today , it's Free to watch and $10 in the pits so come out and try some new set ups and shack down your car before next season

[09/20/16]   Open post season Practice this Saturday the 24th at Mountain Motor Speedway . With so many team needing a few practice laps we decided to have a post season practice. Any type or class of car is welcome. gates will open at 1 pm and practice start around 4 pm and last till dark. Hope to see everyone at the last season event at the track, before work begins on the 2017 season with already a big announcement coming latter in the year the excitement is already building for next season .Its $10 in the pits and grandstands are free .

[09/13/16]   The 2016 race season at Mountain Motor had its up and down but over all it was a great season. great racing in every class and close points battles till the end . I want to thank each and ever racer, crew and fan that support Mountain Motor Speedway. Without your help we could not have made it work and a big shout out to all the points winners . With so much going on with big races in the area and the local Festivals we are not going to run the last 2 scheduled races and concentrate on the 2017 season . We are looking for a date to have a post season practice with a lot of race teams asking to practice one more time. We will be posting soon about our 2016 points banquet and keep everyone updated with the off season improvements and our bigger and better 2017 schedule . Once again thanks.

[09/04/16]   Another great night of racing at Mountain Motor Speedway , I like to thank everyone that come out to support our track . We couldn't make it without you all , Run down of tonight's races .
Late Model
1- Brandon Fouts
2- Stephen Breeding
3- Steve Stollings
4- Justin King
5- Mark Sturgill
6- Joe Click
7- Deanne Noble
8- David Fields
9- Joe King _ DNS
10- Buddy Sturgill - DNS
11- Josh Shuffler - DNS

Open Wheel
1- Keith Jabber Gray
2- Jamie Maggard
3- Shon Flannery
4- Mike Pratt
5- Steve Stollings
6- Jimmy Collins
7- Chase Soler
8- Dustin Mosley
9- Willie Blackburn
10- Henry Sizemore
11- Josh Lee
12- Oscar Profitt Jr

1- Reggie Ritchie
2- Andy Mason
3- Greg Hensley
4- Josh Watts
5- Darren Seals
6- Robert Rose
7- Cody Fields
8- Chad Hicks
9- Nathan Honeycutt
9- Eddie Griffith - DNS
10- Richard Brewer - DNS
11- Tony Sizemore - DNS

1- James Ramey
2- Greg Hensley
3- Shane Yates
4- Jamie Banks
5- A.J. Mullins
6- Roy Caudill
7- Jacob Taulbee
8- Oscar McCowan

[09/03/16]   Drivers that get in on our driver loyalty program for tonight's race are . Late Model Deanna Noble , Openwheel Keith Gray and Mike Pratt, Bomber Reggie Ritchie and Tim mason 4 cyl James Ramey , A.J. Mullins and Oscar McCowan

[09/03/16]   The Winners for free pass to tomorrows race are Casey Boyd , Mary Anne Roesel, Jeremy Wright and Darlene Dobson . Congratulation to all the winners . You names will be at the main gate




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