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[01/18/21]   So True!

09/05/2016 01/05/2016

Navy's New Deep-Dive Helmet Prototype Will Conserve More Helium The U.S. Navy is at it again! Check out the new rebreather prototype that saves helium and saves money. 11/12/2015

The Ultimate Weight Check 06/10/2015

Details released in Blue Spring State Park diver's death

Not sure about the details, but this is a tragic story and something easily preventable. More details have been released after a man was killed in a diving accident at Blue Spring State Park in Orange City on Wednesday.


Cave Diver Harry

ALL IT TAKES THESE DAYS... become a scuba instructor is the ability to demonstrate fin pivots and Buddha hovers. If you have to spend the rest of the time standing, sitting or kneeling on the bottom because your personal buoyancy control sucks...well, no problem!



Join us April 25th!

To date, only a handful of people have seen the inside of this unique underwater phenomenon. This video not only shows you what it is like, but some of its d...


Provo Turtle Divers

Well, we have had a couple whale sightings lately and people have been asking for whale video so here is a video I shot a few years ago. I spent around 40 min, just me and this amazing creature!!


CDA Technical Institute Diver-Vision - Deep Water Hat Training

CDA Technical Institute Air Mixed Gas students practicing Deep Water Hat Training at CDA's Deep Water Training Center in Ocala, Florida. 08/29/2014

16 Things Nobody Knows About the Ocean That water covers over 70 percent of the Earth’s surface, mostly within our oceans, is pretty commonly known. As divers, we spend a lot of time in the sea, or at the very least a lot of time dreaming about it. It’s estimated that we have only explored 5 percent of the ocean, which leaves us with a v… 04/30/2014

Rebreather Fatalities | DIVER magazine

Best quote: "A diver smoking dope set up his unit incorrectly…then dived. I would call this fatality ‘natural selection" In the last column I outlined how rebreathers work. There are many brands available and more coming on the market though the basic concepts for all of them are the same. Rebreathers are complicated. There are many correct responses for the problems that can develop and it’s also true that many of t…


NASE Worldwide 02/09/2014

Yes! The Olympic flame went scuba diving o the ... The Olympic flame has been carried underwater in Lake Baikal – the world’s deepest lake – as part of the Sochi 2014 Olympic Torch Relay.


Timeline Photos 09/22/2013

Boulder thwarts plan to explore secret underwater cave - NBC In 1976, two college students died while exploring the "Blue Hole," an underwater cave connected to a deep lake in Santa Rosa, N.M.... 06/07/2013

Jacksonville's Best: Expect the Unexpected - Dive News Network

Summer diving is now here! Just offshore Jacksonville Florida is where divers of all levels can experience an amazing array of sealife and always providing the unexpected. With its Gulf Stream influence from the south and the rivers and tributaries that empty themselves into the Atlantic from the north, this area attracts som...

[05/22/13]   We are looking at Florida Keys dive trip July 20 & 21, Key largo - Spiegal Grove and other great wrecks. Interest?


NASE Worldwide

THIS ONE NEEDS... explanation

[09/17/12]   Spear fishing trip this Friday, offshore Jax. Contact me for details 04/27/2012

scuba hand signals

best uw signals


Fishing under ice (ORIGINAL)

Very cool, literally

Some under ice views from beautiful lake Saarijärvi in Vaala, Finland Divers: Fisherman: Eelis Rankka Fisherman's friend: Tommi Salminen Boy with the balloon... 11/11/2011

Scuba Cartoon | Are You Certified?

Too funny Scuba Cartoon: Are You Certified? This is the second of our scuba cartoons series by Jerry King. Let us know what you think and submit your own if you have any! Don't forget to share with your diver friends! 09/02/2011

Decompression Sickness & Scuba Diving Decompression Sickness (DCS), as it is commonly know, is caused by a build up of nitrogen bubbles in the body. When we breathe underwater, approximately 79 of the air (depending on gas blend) we're breathing i ...

[07/21/11]   Last minute trip offshore JAX! Tomorrow July 22, 2 spots available. Contact me or book directly with the boat, NATIVE DIVER 2 (904) 333-4645 07/14/2011

When Going to the Chamber is a GOOD thing…..

It is amazing to learn about the benefits of HBO. In commercial diving we use these routinely of all deep dives involving surface decompression. (DiverWire) – Having to go to the chamber as a result of Decompression Sickness is something every scuba diver hopes to avoid. Sitting there for hours while breathing oxygen under pressure in a hyperbaric chamber is not the way to end a day of diving. For many Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is s 07/08/2011

Dive Flag Awareness Public Service Announcement

Great info for here in Florida. PSA created to educate the public, specifically divers and boaters, on proper use of a dive flag to signal that divers are int he water and a proper distance... 06/30/2011

Virgin Oceanic Follow the Virgin Oceanic ultra-catamaran and sub on their mission to send one person to the deepest point in each of the worlds five oceans.

[06/28/11]   Dive Pompano Beach July 29&30!


Offshore Jacksonville Artificial Reef Diving with Channel 4 News

Just dove today, great dive! Here is a video by TISIRI, group dedicated to making creating dive sites.

TISIRI's Joe Kistel films WJXT's host Rebecca Barry scuba diving offshore North East Florida. Two artificial reefs were visited for Rebecca's marine life obs... 06/11/2011

Divers explore the edge of ancient Bermuda - Bermuda Sun... Beyond the Headlines - Hamilton, Bermuda The Bermuda Sun online delivers the latest Bermuda news, sports, business news, politics, entertainment news and more as it happens. Go beyond the headlines with Bermuda's best news source. 05/20/2011

Kittiwake quickly becoming a MUST DIVE in Grand Cayman

August trip in the works! (DiverWire) It may have taken nearly a decade to become a reality, but it’s only been a couple of months and the Kittiwake wreck in Grand Cayman has rocketed to the top of “MUST” lists for divers and snorkelers traveling to the Caribbean.


USCG Medical Emergency: The Bends

Great video

A diver ascends too quickly and is in critical condition far from shore. 05/12/2011


Fact: 73 Million sharks are killed each year for Shark Fin Soup Stop shark finning. Find out how you can help to stop shark finning. 05/10/2011

Dive Into the World’s Deepest Pool

Deep end? (DiverWire) It’s been called the world’s deepest pool, and for good reason. NEMO 33 in Brussels, Belgium is nearly 110 feet deep (33 meters). Earlier this year, a group of select dive pros from Scuba Schools International (SSI) were able to dive into this impressive facility as part of an internati

[05/01/11]   Just finished a great open water class at the Grotto! Great day for diving!




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