Cumberland Trout Guide, Jamestown, KY Video April 8, 2018, 10:58pm

Videos by Cumberland Trout Guide in Jamestown. Fly fishing guide service in the Cumberland River.

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The Sluice gate is open. Higher D.O.=Happier fish.

A beautiful cloudy and foggy day on the Cumberland with Bob.

Repost, because I’m getting sick of nothing to post! We may be closer to getting the season started.

Cindy on the Creek.

Nice vid from "Kate the Hog Slayer"

And again

Shirley again.

Shirley at 85 years young still getting it done.

Sluice on the Cumberland.

Death by over grease. Not! Luckily Mike has a real good friend.

It's been a great few day of Tarpon fishing. Landed a 150lbs. Jumped a few and a few eats. Can't ask for more. Not a great vid, but it's the best I got.

My buddy is back.

Ok guys and gals, this is how you strip a streamer. You don't pussy foot around. You strip hard and fast. Be aggressive! This lady knows how.

I don't think so....Chet!

No words.

***PSA*** Painlessly removing a Streamer Troy's Super Bugger.

Ron Jensen with one on.

Report for today. Fished real good again today. Another 50 some. All Rainbows, but one Brown. copper Johns and midges.

What I'm doing today.

Hagan with a nice little Brown. I think.

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