Marine Assist

Marine Assist


Installed another Touchless Cover on Herrington Lake yesterday. We are the dealer for several lakes around the area. No more dealing with a snap on pontoon cover for this boat owner.
Marine Assist saying hi and dropping off some coolies during the raft up! Thanks!
Thank you Marine assist for taking possession of my STOLEN BOAT found this morning, we will be in contact soon...
Please be on the lookout for this boat, STOLEN a week ago from Pittman creek, Burnside area. OHIO TAGS OH 1548 ES 2005 BAYLINER BR185. DOES NOT SAY BALINER ON THE BOAT. HIN# BBBW38CSF505 located under swim platform on the right rear. Please call PULASKI COUNTY sheriff's 606-678-5145, who knows, may be out at raft up, please help us locate our boat. More pics in comments if approved.
Coming down soon. I hope I never need you but I'm really glad you're there.
Im looking for quotes for a tow this summer. How far do you tow and for what $$$? How many tows a summer? Home plate is south of Burnside
Any news about the man from Conley
any news on the gentleman from Conley
Any updates on the gentleman from Conley 🙏🏼
We are looking for 15,000 pound HydroHoist lift do you have any used one

Marine towing, salvage, dive and dock repair on Lake Cumberland, KY

Large 22,000 pound capacity Hydrohoist installed today for a customer's 43' Midnight Express. 2 day installation.

I have another of these lifts used, available for sale.

Lake Cumberland Webcam Providing the most advanced Phone, Digital TV, Broadband and Wireless services to Russell, Adair and Cumberland Counties, Kentucky.

[06/12/20]   Hydrohoist - 22,000 pound capacity - used.

I know there are a couple of you that will probably be like, really, now?, but yes. There is a used, long frame, 22000 pound capacity Hydrohoist available from one of my customers. It is currently 18' wide. This lift is suitable for boats over 37' long, for proper balance. It has double wood walkboards and guide poles. I would say it is around 6 years old or so.

If interested, let me know and I can put you in touch with the seller.

Price is $19,000. Labor/modifications are not included.

Another Touchless Boat Cover installed today at Jamestown Marina. Perfect protection for this customer's boat. He is on the south-west end of the dock where rain and sun were taking it's toll. Not anymore! No more mooring cover install on those 95* days either.

Jamestown Dive Equipment Fund organized by Chris Money

This is an approved Go Fund Me donation page for the Jamestown Fire Dept Dive/Rescue team. They are trying to get enough money together to purchase a Remote Operated Vehicle (underwater). The one requested is equipped for the depths we encounter on Lake Cumberland, has proper thrust for the expected lift capacity needed, has robotic claw arms, underwater camera and built in side-scan sonar. This device is primarily used for drowning victim recovery in deep water. Along with the purchase of the ROV is the training required to run it, which is over $7000 by itself. We expect it to be used on all of Lake Cumberland for the benefit of all lake users. Thank you! By request of the wonderful people of lake Cumberland we have decided to start a page that p… Chris Money needs your support for Jamestown Dive Equipment Fund

Captain John, getting all "artsy" with his photo taking! LOL

Pulling this one up in the Big South Fork River portion of Lake Cumberland, up near Echo Point. Headed to Woodson Bend Resort, Kentucky and to its home slip.

The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources asked me to post on here to PLEASE slow down to minimum speed in order to reduce your wake near the mouth of Beaver and Otter Creeks on the main lake. You will see several flashing lights and official boats on scene.

The heavy wake in the area is making the search for the two lost swimmers nearly impossible, as the sonar pickup bounces up and down from the boat going over the waves.

Please, for the sake of the families involved trying to get their family back.

Captain John bringing one out of Faubush Creek, bound for Conley. First one of the weekend.

Captain John bringing one back from up in the Big South Fork River portion of the lake.

Interesting night last night 5/22/20. There is a TON of debris between Waitsboro and Conley Bottom. Sure enough, last night, we had a member call in, broken down in White Oak Creek. I dispatched Captain John in the boat I keep at Lee's Ford. Normally, that is about a 40 minute run to them. Last night took 2.5 hours. When the wind and boat traffic subsides at night, the wood and debris all migrates back out into the lake. The crew picked their way through it last night at about idle, using a boat pole on the bow now and then to push away logs and raising the outboards now and then to clear debris from under the boat. We finally picked up the customer out in the main lake, as they had paddled for 2 hours out of White Oak. We towed then in to the dock and moored the towboat there at Conley for the night, not wanting to risk another trip back through it all.

While that was going on, there was another call in the mouth of Beaver and Otter Creeks from a boater in a 22' boat with 7 people aboard that had hit a log, broken the outdrive off and were sinking. I dispatched my towboats from Grider Hill and from Jamestown as well as the Water Patrol, simply because there were so many people and the bilge pump was losing the battle. The last call I had with them before the water patrol arrived, they were standing in water.

Boating is supposed to be fun. If you have to dodge debris and swim to shore I don't think that is fun. Slow down and maybe suspend the night time runs for a bit. Help can only arrive as fast as we can make our own way through the debris fields safely.

Pics are of the broken transom assembly of the boat that hit the log. The hole in the middle of the bearing you see is where the water comes in QUICKLY. This is several thousand dollars in repairs, and could potentially cause an insurance carrier to consider a boat a total loss, depending on circumstances. We pulled the boat out on one of my trailers and removed the outdrive on the launch ramp, to prevent further damage to it.

Safe Harbor Jamestown

Bring your appetite, Lake Cumberland boaters!

We are proudly hosting local favorite, The Little Chop Shop at Safe Harbor Jamestown from 10AM-3PM on Saturday, May 23rd and 10AM-5PM on Sunday, May 24th. Outdoor service and dining only.

Menu includes shredded pork barbecue & potato salad, hot dogs and burgers. Also serving Coke products.

Accepting cash only.

Please observe social distancing guidelines as indicated throughout the marina.

I made the comment yesterday on the Lake Cumberland Boaters page that with all the rain we had over the eastern watershed the past two days, expect to see the lake come up 5 feet. I may have been too conservative in that guess. It has gone up 3' since I made that comment!

Unfortunately, this will me a lot of debris for the weekend and I would assume the Corps will open the upper flood gates at some point, drawing a lot of the debris westward. PLEASE take it SLOW. You are at the lake - relax and take a leisurely cruise and keep a good lookout. I would suggest not traveling on the lake at night this weekend.

Captain John, hooked up and underway!

I have a couple thoughts I want to share regarding the boat fire yesterday and the sunken boat we raised on Friday.

First of all - drain plugs - when the boat is out of the water the drain plug should be out. This is just good practice. This allows you to see how much water accumulated in your boat when you remove it after a day on the water. You can also see if there are problems, like a gasoline leak or oil. And finally is keeps the bilge dry if it rains, or your storage has a leak in the roof. There is no good reason to keep the drain plug in the boat when out of the water.

So, boat out - drain plug out. Boat in - drain plug in.

It should be installed just before the boat hits the water. If your boat developed a gas leak while out of the water, you would see and smell it at the ramp while installing the plug and know to investigate further.

Second point, engine compartment blowers. People seem to not truly understand their usage. A blower is secondary to the human nose. Again, good practice dictates you should raise the engine hatch BEFORE DOING ANYTHING ELSE when launching. You need to visually look around the engine compartment and sniff thoroughly for fumes. If you smell gas, pull the boat back up the ramp and locate the source.

Now, if you simply have fumes (which used to happen with carbureted engines now and then, but not much with fuel injection), the blower will assist in clearing fumes out of the bilge. You should smell the air coming out the blower vent on the side of the boat to make sure the fumes are clear before starting.

However, if your boat developed an active fuel leak during storage, fill up or the trip to the ramp, you would probably first notice it when you install the drain plug. This is one reason to leave the plug out until launch. If you have left the plug installed, you are in effect trapping any leaked fuel in the bilge of the boat. That means you diligently have to search and smell before starting with the hatch up.

If you have leaked fuel in the bilge, have left the engine hatch closed and run the blower and then turn the key, it is very possible the boat will start and run, but - but, with the blower continuing to run and drawing fresh air into the bilge, there will be a tipping point where the fuel-to-air ratio will allow the fumes to ignite and explode.

Too much fuel vs air, probably not an explosion

Too much air vs fuel, probably not an explosion

Correct ratio, and all it takes is a spark.

Finally, do not let people at the ramp rush your routine for a safe startup. Same goes at a fuel dock. Your life depends on a good, safe startup and fueling procedures.

Echo Point boat fire

Thanks to Barbara H for the pics and video and letting me share them

Thanks to Barbara H for the pics and video and letting me share them

Captain Walt spotted this afternoon by one of our newest members up in Wolf Creek. Thanks for the pic!

[05/15/20]   Just towed in a nearly new boat that hit a log and tore the outdrive off the boat this evening. This will be the second one I know of in the past week.

It is early in the season and there is still a lot of debris that is not going anywhere. Please be careful. These two boats will be tied up in repairs and insurance for 4-6 weeks I bet. Parts are all delayed due to factories working with half crews.

5/14/20 I know the temperature forecast for the weekend will drive many of you to the lake, some of you for the first time this season, so I wanted to post with a few observations.

Please make sure your boat's batteries are fully charged before heading to the launch ramp, and while you are at it, hook up a hose to your boat and start it up for the first time in your yard or storage facility. This not only ensures a speedy launch when you get to the ramp, but it also evacuates any antifreeze out of the engine and not in the lake. NEVER RUN YOUR BOAT WITHOUT FEEDING IT WATER FROM A HOSE. even a few seconds of running without water will damage the engines intake water pump.

If you have not had the water pump impeller replaced in your engine in over 2 years or 100 hours of use, change it.

The majority of our springtime calls for assistance are due to marginal batteries or overheating from failed water pumps.

DO NOT CONTINUE TO RUN AN OVERHEATED ENGINE! The risk of extreme engine damage and / or fire is very real. Limping back to the dock is not a viable alternative. On a boat with an inboard/outboard engine or sterndrive, the water being pumped through the engine is also used to cool the exhaust as it exits the boat through the rubber hoses. Without that cooling water due to a failed water pump, the 1100 degree exhaust melts the rubber hoses and exhaust flappers and can cause an engine room fire or incoming water from holes in the hose.

The forecast for the next couple days is for gusty conditions and increasing chances for showers through the weekend. The lake is up to or above summer and not dropping much at all. The wind will keep debris away most of the time, but when the wind dies, the debris will migrate back into the center of the lake. You will have to really keep a good lookout, as conditions will change throughout the day. What once was a clear path can be covered with debris an hour later if the wind changes or subsides.

When you do come to the lake, remember, most marinas are still on very small staff and there are no restaurants open on the water that I know of. The state park launch ramps are still open from 7am to 7pm and there are signs posted on the ones in question.

The water is still cold, so be careful, but have a good time. Call us if you need us.

My other crew that handles the dock work is busy getting Hydrohoist orders fulfilled. Yes, we still do that! The 4 new ones are going to Jamestown Marina and the used one is headed to Wolf Creek Marina.

Busy day on the lake yesterday. Had a few calls. Almost like a summer weekend. Captain Carl took this one.

Doin' what we do!

This is where my two sons learned to sail, and learned many other life skills. It is a great program and I know several of my Marine Assist members have second homes in the Sarasota / Venice, FL area. Even if you don't, this is still a great way to promote a great benefit to kids.

When you give to youth sailing, you give to a mentally challenging and active sport - exactly what we want for our youth! Foster a life long love of the water by giving to VYBA! See link in our profile to make your donation! or visit and click on the "Giving Challenge" Icon. #givingchallenge2020 #betheone #govyba

I wanted to let all our members know I have sent out your renewal requests through the end of May so far. June's will go out in a couple weeks. If you have not seen your renewal invoice and your expiration date is prior to May 30, let me know and I will get it fixed up for you. As you know we count on each and every renewal in order to keep the service available 24/7 for those in need. I am pleased to see renewals coming in as usual. Thank you so much.

I have also been pleasantly surprised at how many new service plan members Marine Assist has gained in the past 3 weeks. Thank you so much for supporting our LOCAL operations!

We are local responders. All of us live in the counties surrounding the lake. I have kept my entire crew on payroll throughout this episode. I am able to do that thanks to the Lake Cumberland boating community supporting us year after year. We do not take this lightly and we will always be there when you are in need with the most experienced crew and the best equipment for the job at hand.

I keep finding myself wanting to say thank you again and again, simply because your support and trust in us has been so humbling over the past 14 years here. That's right - 14 years this May and 21 years in this business, total. Time has really flown by.

Anyway, thank you again from all of us here at Marine Assist, and hopefully we will see you on the water sooner, rather than later! Keep thinking good thoughts, take care if yourselves and keep well.


28' cruiser salvage at Grider

28' cruiser salvage at Grider

I noticed I had two pictures that really tell a story from this last job we performed today. The one picture the marina staff took and sent to the boat owner, who forwarded it to me. You can see how much of the cabin is still out of the water. The other picture I took when we arrived on scene about 1.5 hours after the first pic was taken. You can see how much the situation had deteriorated in just over an hour.

Point is, sometimes speed is of the essence when boat recoveries are concerned. As the boat sits in the water all the interior and items inside begin soaking up water and getting heavy. These jobs, it is just a matter of time to go from a simple recovery to a full on salvage job. Most boats like this like to roll over when allowed to sit any time at all. They keep getting heavier and then a mooring line snaps and over the boat goes, sometimes completely upside down.

The owner here called Marine Assist and his insurance company, but did not wait to be told what to do. We were on scene with crew and gear in just a little over an hour and photo documented the entire process for his claim. Insurance is there to pay you back for your loss. It is still YOUR BOAT and you have to make the right decisions on your own behalf. If you wait to hear back from an insurance company after calling an 800 call center or an agent to file your claim, you are wasting valuable time that can really cost you in the long run. It can sometimes be 24 hours to hear back from them. In the mean time the situation always gets worse, from the position of the boat to spilling fluids, etc. Recoveries from fully sunken vessels in deep water can get very costly, so failure to act in a timely manner will hurt your claim in the long run.

Just something I was reminded of again today.


28' cruiser salvage at Grider

28' cruiser salvage at Grider

On our way this morning to raise a 28' cruiser that has sunk in it's slip. More later.

Bub got the bottom primed and painted today for me on the Lake Erie towboat. I moved the waterline up about an inch from where it used to be. This boat came from Florida, and they are more buoyant in salt water, so they sit lower in the water in fresh water. I adjusted the waterline to match the expected difference.

I sandblasted the old, incorrect bottom paint off on Tuesday, but forgot to get a pic.

Deep Eddy Vodka

My son works for Heaven Hill, and is currently out at their production facility in Austin, TX at their Deep Eddy Vodka production facility working for the next couple years. They have switched the plant over to hand sanitizer, to help with the virus.

Everything is bigger in Texas, and that includes our production line. From Buda to Dripping Springs, we’re making hand sanitizer for first responders and local communities in need.

#DeepEddy #DeepEddyVodka

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