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Marine Assist


Installed another Touchless Cover on Herrington Lake yesterday. We are the dealer for several lakes around the area. No more dealing with a snap on pontoon cover for this boat owner.
Marine Assist saying hi and dropping off some coolies during the raft up! Thanks!
Thank you Marine assist for taking possession of my STOLEN BOAT found this morning, we will be in contact soon...
Please be on the lookout for this boat, STOLEN a week ago from Pittman creek, Burnside area. OHIO TAGS OH 1548 ES 2005 BAYLINER BR185. DOES NOT SAY BALINER ON THE BOAT. HIN# BBBW38CSF505 located under swim platform on the right rear. Please call PULASKI COUNTY sheriff's 606-678-5145, who knows, may be out at raft up, please help us locate our boat. More pics in comments if approved.
Coming down soon. I hope I never need you but I'm really glad you're there.
Im looking for quotes for a tow this summer. How far do you tow and for what $$$? How many tows a summer? Home plate is south of Burnside
Any news about the man from Conley
any news on the gentleman from Conley
Any updates on the gentleman from Conley 🙏🏼

Marine towing, salvage, dive and dock repair on Lake Cumberland, KY

Safe Harbor Jamestown

Making the best of a rainy February day by taking delivery of 5 Brand New 1-Bedroom Park Models at Safe Harbor Jamestown. More photos and details forthcoming; still need to complete set up and furnishings. These units will sleep 2.

-Fully Furnished

-Cookware, Dishware and Flatware Provided

-Bed and Bath Linens Provided

-Fully Equipped Kitchen

We are accepting advance reservations for these units for the 2020 season at 1-800-844-8862.

[01/29/20]   HydroHoist available! Used, 4 year old 12,000 capacity in a back-in configuration. Let me know if interested and I can get it all quoted for you.


Figured I better post this while the boat shows are active. I have not taken the official for sale pics yet and the boat is stored away, but here is a teaser.

2006 Sea Ray 250 SLX, single MerCruiser 8.1, duo-prop, captain's call, arch, 550 +/- hours. Perfect condition. Trailer included. $41,500.

Slip at Jamestown is paid for the season and MIGHT be able to be negotiated in the deal, MAYBE.

Boat also has a HydroHoist 8800 UL2 back in style lift available separately, but only after the boat is sold.

Seller is retiring from boating. Boat has been pampered.

Let me know if you are interested and I will fill in some blanks for you. Financing available for well qualified buyers.


Video of my two sons sailing 8' Optimist Prams as part of the sailing team out of the Venice Yacht Club, Venice, Fl. This was my idea if sports. One was 10 and the other 8 years old at the time. Yes, they had them sail the intercoastal and in and out the Venice jetty. We also traveled around the state for races. It was a great time and the experience lasts a lifetime.

East Coast Express Timelapse at Sea - 2 Weeks in 10 Minutes across New York, Charleston, Savannah

Follow my life at sea on Instagram If you'd like to support my camera work so I can continue timelapse (this piece u...

The advantage of an adjustable trailer is the fact you can adjust it for your specific needs. In this case, we moved the axle set back 2' to balance the unusually heavy stern of this boat. The pics show before and after moving the wheels back. Thisis the brand trailer we sell.

Capt Carl at Sunset

Marine Assist towboat #2 heading out to meet up with the Coast Guard to help them with new recruit training.

Here's to all of you! Happy New Year, and a big thanks to all of our members for their continued support. 2019 started off looking gloomy to me, but it has turned out to be our strongest year for adding new members ever! I cannot thank all of you enough and we all look forward to being here and present, ready to help when you are in need for the 2020 boating season and well beyond!


See you in 2020.

170-Ton Steel Freighter Pulled From Manatee River

My friend Duke with SeaTow Sarasota was involved in patching the hull, pumping it out and getting it ready for removal. They are always up for a challenge. The Caroline C was once used for humanitarian efforts.

[12/25/19]   Merry Christmas to all from all of us at Marine Assist. Thank you and we look forward to a great New Year with all of you.

At ease for a little bit.

Not sure if I mentioned it or not, but over the winter we are helping out my counterpart that runs MARINE ASSIST up on Lake Erie by getting another boat converted over for towing for him.

The boat is a 26' Shamrock Pilothouse, powered by a single Ford 351 V8 and a straight inboard drive with a keel. Its a boat he picked up in FL a couple years ago with a bad engine. I originally thought we would rebuild the engine, but after disassembly we found the prior owner left water in the cylinders. The rust was so deep, I could not save the engine block. I ended up buying an old Supra ski boat with the correct engine and parts, which we will now rebuild and transplant into the new towboat.

We will also be fabricating and installing the tow post, moving the cabin forward about 2', building a custom dashboard, converting the boat to hydraulic steering and of course a complete orange paint job!

If any of you would be interested in the 19' Supra ski boat as a project or for parts, it's here for a little while. It needs a floor and now a drivetrain.

I'll post pics as things progress. For those that do not know, we also restore vintage vehicles in the winter, and have a couple projects in the works on that side of the business as well. If you have any interest in old cars and their restoration, you can "like" my other page to follow along.

Tonight was the Marine Assist Christmas party dinner. I generally have the whole crew together this time of year and this one was no exception. We all met at Guthrie's River House in Somerset for an excellent meal. Guthrie's always provides the absolute best meal and service you can get anywhere near this area, and I thank them for another phenomenal job again this year.

As for my crew and spouses, all 15 of them were there and we had a great time.

I wanted to post this and again thank each and every one of my customers for keeping Marine Assist supported another year.

Merry Christmas to all of you and here's to looking forward to the 2020 boating season on Lake Cumberland. We would ll again be here when you need us.

Well, I pulled all the towboats out today and lined them up at my mechanic's shop for end of season service work. I don't like to leave dirty oil and gear lube in them for the winter, so that all gets changed now and then new water pumps and batteries in the spring before launch, along with any other service work needed.

[11/28/19]   Happy Thanksgiving to all from the head turkey around here, me!

Seriously though, I am thankful for all the support 365, not just today. Thank you and have a great holiday.

Capt Don

[11/21/19]   I have a Hydrohoist 10000 UL back in style hoist available for sale. It is currently 18' wide, but can be adjusted for your slip. Installation is available. This would be suitable for a boat longer than about 27'. It is in good working condition. Let me know if you are interested. I can also store it for the winter, if you need the lift but don't have a slip yet.

We are still working on the lake, moving Hydrohoists around for customers that are relocating from place to place. This particular job, the customer decided that rather than to have his boats spread out around the marina, he wanted them all in one spot, so he rented a second houseboat slip at Jamestown Marina next to his houseboat and hired us to build a slip divider beam and then install his 2 runabout lifts in the slip. We moved one of his lifts from the 700 row on the west side and one from the slips by the ramp up onto the front row. Now everything is all together in one spot. Yup, we do that!

Caption says "Props to this stump". LOL

Props to this stump🤣

I have one trailer left on the lot from this season's last order. It is a 2020 Venture Trailers tandem axle, rated to carry boats from 21' - 23' or so that weigh less than 5925 pounds fully loaded. Comes about fully optioned with aluminum mag wheels, disc brakes, LED lighting, poly-glide bunk covers, 2 speed winch, etc.

$4000 buys it.

Comes with year warranty from manufacturer.

[11/05/19]   Used, 3 year old Hydrohoist 6600 FRONT MOUNT tri-toon lift available. Let me know if interested. It is sitting on my lot in Jamestown.

Phone rang last night about 1:30 am with a bassboat that had run into the bank in Faubush Creek. I advised waiting until daylight to recover, simply because it removes a lot of the risk running up there in the dark and the fact if the boat has a hole in the hull, it is much better to be dealing with it in the daylight. Captain Dave pulled it back into the water, found no leaks and really hardly any damage. He then towed it to Cumberland Point to meet the owner with his trailer. No one hurt, so all is well.

[10/18/19]   I now have a pair of 8800 pound rated Hydrohoists available. These are about 10 years old and are both the pull in style lifts. Call if you need one.

Another in my "throwback Thursday" theme for our 20th year, this is a 30' Sportcraft that I brought here for a short time to use as a towboat. It has twin V8's with gear reduction Vdrives and it had large props. I had myself convinced I needed a bigger boat to perform certain jobs, especially ungrounings at the time. What I came to realize is that those jobs are uncommon and can be done using 2 smaller boats more effectively. I also found the larger boat was much less maneuverable in close quarters and basically unnecessary. My 4 current catamarans are the epitome of a perfect assistance towing platform and truly get the job done very well.

This 30' Sportcraft boat is currently in use up on Lake Erie by my counterpart Captain Ken at Marine Assist Ashtabula.

Capt Ken is bringing me one of his Shamrock 26' Pilothouses next week for me to refurbish for him over the winter. Apparently, he thought I needed something to do! I will post progress pictures of it as we work through it. It will get an engine rebuild, complete paint work, relocate the pilothouse further forward, custom built towpost and complete re-rigging. I have built many towboats over the years, especially Shamrock Keel Drive boats. They are a tank.

Headed back from a jump start call

Just an informational post here. Over the past 3 weeks span MARINE ASSIST has responded to about a dozen calls for assistance on Lake Cumberland. More then HALF of these calls were for boaters who ran out of fuel.

Please know that now during the fall season on the lake, most marinas have very limited hours of operation and many have closed their fuel docks much earlier than over the summer. This has left the uninformed boater with limited places to get fuel at times.

Please plan accordingly. I do not mind bringing you fuel, but I am NOT the least expensive way to get it!

[09/17/19]   I wanted to take a few minutes and thank each and every one of you for a great season on the lake. I know it's not over, but realistically, it is pretty much over for a lot of you so I wanted to say a thank you before other things take your focus away from lake related things for the winter.

This is our 20th year in business and 13 of them have been spent here on Lake Cumberland. I am not quite sure what happened this year, but you folks really responded to our anniversary year by TRIPLING my normal yearly new member sign ups!! We are now over 1800 members strong and we cover over 4000 of your boats! Thank you!

We absolutely love being the originator and your premier towing and salvage service for Lake Cumberland all these years and we so appreciate the trust and confidence you have placed in us all this time. Your continued support and our mindful growth in the market has kept us a strong mainstay local business that supports several local families here in the lake area. This is a big deal to me. I was able to create a business that did not take away, but actually be a plus.

When I moved here with this business, I did so never intending on stepping on another business's marketplace. I did not want to repair boats, nor do canvas work, nor gel coat repair. Every one of my business offerings came about to fill a need in the marketplace. It is not an easy task to develop a unique business plan and actually creates a marketplace for a business model that actually works. I sold everything I had and moved here to take a chance we would be accepted and thrive. I realize what we do is not everyone's cup of tea, and that is fine, but the support you have shown me, this year especially, is truly humbling and certainly appreciated. We all thank you and appreciate each and every one of you. I still believe this "all or nothing" approach to this business is the only way to be as customer focused and committed as you need to be. This cannot be a secondary sideline business nor an offshoot of another business elsewhere. We are 100% committed to you.

Again, thank you all.

Captain Don Hunter
Marine Assist

I have a full load of trailers just in last week. All the popular sizes in stock. Call me for pricing and info about fitment.

[09/13/19]   Facebook glitch this AM. Video of a Touchless Cover installation we did on Herrington Lake yesterday. I can put the video in the comments, but not in the main post.

Houseboat Magazine - September/October 2019

For those that are interested in seeing the Houseboat Magazine article about us in the actual publication. please consider subscribing if you do not already. September / October 2019 The Best Way To Getaway Why Houseboaters Love Powell 30 Years Of Thrusters A Look At A True Industry Pioneer Pleasure Cove Marina Where Families Go To Play

Couple of pictures from the poker run weekend from our customers. Thank you.

Feature article in Houseboat Magazine in the Sept / Oct issue about us.

This week's Throwback Thursday theme is "Where's the Beach?"

I think this is a timely topic, as all of the pictures I will post are from the Poker Run time of year on Lake Cumberland.

If you are running at night this time of year on this lake, you need to be aware of low water or no water spots there now, that were covered in plenty of water back over the summer. Some of these spots are marked, some not. The picture above is of the clay/mud/shale bar that is exposed every year at Ramsey's Point. It has claimed multiple boats over the years because people try to navigate by sighting the tree tops along the shore. Well here, this bar sticks out into the open lake much further than expected, so following the tree line will get you into big trouble.

Other spots are in the mouth of Beaver and Otter Creeks at the main lake. Many people call it Cemetery Island. There have been lives lost at this spot. If you do not give the south-east shoreline a wide berth, when coming from Jamestown and entering the creeks, you will find yourself minus an outdrive at best, and minus much more, if unlucky.

PLEASE, be extremely careful at night. Turn off ALL unnecessary lights inside your boat, throw a towel over the gauge lights, and basically do everything in your power to support your nigh adjusted vision. Use a GPS. Never travel faster than you care to hit something. Take your time - it's a lake to enjoy, not a survival course.

Have a good and safe Poker Run weekend.

[08/30/19]   I wanted to take a minute to say thank you to Darryl and crew at Southern Kentucky Marine for helping me out in a pinch. We had a defective 108' long zipper on a cover that they were able to correct for me on a moment's notice.Thank you for the help.

To continue the Throwback Thursday theme, celebrating our 20th anniversary, I submit today another in my "what the heck is that?" library.

A few years ago, State Dock was hit by a freak, strong summer thunder storm with severe winds. So severe, that an entire 22' X 45' houseboat party deck was completely blown off a large houseboat moored at the marina. The roof landed on edge and wedged between the dock and the neighbor's houseboat. It was quite a sight to pull up on.

We managed to secure the roof in place while the neighboring houseboat was removed from its slip, releasing the roof. We collected the debris and towed the now floating roof to the launch ramp, where I removed it on my trailer and had a local excavator break it up for me and load it into a container.

It was definitely a different kind of job and one you wold not expect.

The Sea Lad

Bad day when the towboat gets tripped.

Tugboat in danger / OS cuts rope in last second

SOLD - 2013 Bennington 24 SLX Tri-toon with a 150 Mercury 4 stroke and a 2014 Hustler trailer.

Boat is in excellent condition. Runs well. Has a little over 500 hours time on the engine. Always well maintained. Currently in a slip and being used. Available immediately. Clear KY title on both boat and trailer.

for the package. If you know Bennington, you know this is a deal.

[08/18/19]   This response to a question was buried in the replies on the sunken houseboat thread, but I thought it should be put in a more visible place.

Unfortunately, sometimes stuff just breaks. I recommend people should install a high water alarm. It is simple. Use a bilge pump float switch and mount it in the bilge or under the living space higher than the normal bilge pump switch. Hook it to a horn. If the water rises to the point the switch turns the horn on, the constant blaring horn will get things noticed and probably catch things early enough for a marina to be able to deploy a pump and save the boat or wake you up if you are sleeping.

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Capt Carl at Sunset
Anchors Away!
Airbag tow
Non-floating Truck Recovery
Diving on tugboat Pride of the Cumberland




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Marine towing and salvage service. On water boat towing, sunk boat recovery, yearly membership plans.
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