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Jamestown Police Department

be mindful, boaters!!!

The Jamestown Police Department is currently investigating several thefts from boats docked at rental slips at the Jamestown Marina. We are asking for any individuals who have boats docked there to check their boats for any missing items. If anyone notices missing items, we encourage you to call the police department at 270-343-3300 or Russell County Dispatch non-emergency line at 270-343-6600. The investigation into these thefts is ongoing.

Due to these recent thefts, we are encouraging individuals with boats at the Jamestown Marina to remove valuables from the boat when leaving for an extended period of time.

[07/19/19]   happy weekend, boaters!!! try not to melt!!!

comin in hot....

If you’re gonna #sendit on the 4th, make sure you’ve got enough entry speed to clear the roof! 🇺🇸
🚤 driven by: Buford T. Justice and his son Junior
#hammerdown #itwillbuffout #holdmybeer

keep to the right, and have a great and safe thunder run, boaters!!!!

Crossing another boat's wake - appropriate for the upcoming weekend?

There is no doubt Lake Cumberland can get busy on the weekends through the summer. There is also little doubt the boaters on the lake come in a whole array of experience levels, boat types, and attitudes. The key to your own comfort and safety on the water is knowing how YOU should handle situations yourself to keep you and your passengers safer when crossing another boat's wake. Personal injury from improper boat handling of boat wakes is second only to injuries sustained from slip and falls while boarding and getting off boats, so it kinda important.

1) First off, it is best to keep to the right on the lake. It is basically a river system, so rules for keeping to the right of center apply and should be followed simply as a best practice. If everyone adhered to this simple rule and passed oncoming boats as if they were cars on the road, the distances between boats would be larger and the waves therefore smaller by the time they reach you. On any given weekend right now, people all try and cut corners and all end up in the same space with confused boat wakes making a rough ride for all.

2) When you see a large enough boat wake coming at you where you know you will need to act, let your passengers know to be ready and to have a seat beforehand.

3) Boat wakes should be crossed at a 45* angle. You do not turn directly into them. You ride into them at an angle and allow the boat to slightly roll over them. If you head straight on into the wave, you will stuff the bow of your boat in the second following wave.

4) Slow down when approaching large wakes. If you slow your boat to where it just comes off plane when heading 45* into the oncoming wave, the boat will have it's bow raised "cushioning" the oncoming wave and keeping it from washing over the front. (this is of course assuming all 10 people in your boat are not in the front seats! LOL)

5) Bring your boat back up on plane after crossing over and try to run on plane most of the time. Running around plowing water everywhere is hard on the boat, creates larger than needed boat wakes and burns a bunch more gas than needed.

6) Wear your kill switch lanyard in rough conditions (really all the time to be truthful). If you get jostled away from the helm in rough conditions the boat will continue on without you controlling it. The kill switch will stop the engine, if you fall away from the helm and possibly save lives.

Really, if more people would keep to the right, things would improve on the really busy weekends. Pretend there is a wide, grass median down the center of the lake and everyone stays to the right of it. The wakes from oncoming boats dissipate as the get further from their source, so they become less of a problem trying to cross.

Anyway, just some food for thought while you are out amongst the crowd this weekend at the Thunder Run. AND PLEASE do your best to stay out of the path of these guys, Please. Stay off to the sides and watch the show. It is going to be a beautiful weekend and we don't need any mishaps to scar it.

Thank you.


State Dock BOAT SHOW | State Dock

the lake cumberland boat show is this weekend. stop by to see some boats and say hi to our dear friends at suntex!



[05/24/19]   The season is officially Upon Us! Boaters, start your engines! Stay safe out there, folks...

[05/04/19]   now accepting paypal and venmo for your convenience!!!! have a safe weekend and enjoy that derby!!!

Green River Marina

Lake update - we are 14.37 feet above summer pool this morning. More rain in the forecast. No access to the parking lot as the water is now covering most of it and as you can see from the photo, the bathrooms are almost completely covered.

Marine Assist


Jamestown Marina has made the announcement that at lake elevation 745', they will be turning off all power to the lodge and the marina slips. At 743, water will be over the causeway and the only access to boats will be by water taxi. I'm sure power will remain off until the water recedes again, which could be a couple weeks, depending on when the Corps can release water and how much more rain we get.

Hopefully, everyone fully winterized their boats because there will be no power to run heaters, pumps, etc.

Marine Assist

OK so I am asking please.... the temperatures are cold enough and the wind strong enough to cause an improperly winterized boat on the lake to freeze. Things will thaw out this weekend, with temperatures approaching 60* by Sunday. I am asking all of you who have concerns, or who are walking the docks this weekend, and ESPECIALLY the marina dock hands...... look around and take special notice of anything that does not look right. If a boat is leaning, or low in the water, or if you see a bilge pump working when you didn't notice it before, report it. Most of the times boats can be saved from sinking if a pump is in place early enough. Honestly, I really don't like to raise sunken boats in the cold winter months, so you would all be doing me a favor if you could look out for one another and keep an eye on your surroundings while down here.

[12/28/18]   We are closed thru new Year's. We hope everyone had a spectacular Christmas and a very happy New Year. Our best to you and yours.

[10/19/18]   make sure to keep your season long by doing your repair work in the off-season.....

[09/11/18]   we hope everyone had a fantastically fun, and supremely safe, poker run weekend!

valuable tips from marine assist to you!


Another one of my posts regarding HOT weather and engine running (or not running) issues. This weekend is the Thunder Run. It will be hot and sunny, according to the forecast. It will also be humid. If you want to lessen the effects of vapor lock issues on your boat, please use only NON- ETHANOL RECREATION FUEL in your boat. It contains no alcohol, which is where so many issues come from anymore.

Also, after you have been running up the lake and you want to stop and swim, let your engine idle for 5-10 minutes before shutting it off. This will allow cooling water to continue to be pumped through the engine to help cool it instead of just shutting it off and letting all that heat from running build up.

Leave the engine hatch up when parked as much as possible to allow the heat to leave the engine compartment.

Vapor lock is usually temporary and will resolve itself within an hour or less of sitting and letting things cool off.

BUY NON ETHANOL RECREATIONAL FUEL. I know its a little more $, but it is so much better for the boat and stops a lot of these issues.

[05/26/18]   let's all have a super safe and super fun weekend... try to thank someone who serves whilst we commemorate those that have given all there is to give.

[06/30/17]   have a great, and safe, 4th of july weekend, friends! and don't forget, if something unfortunate happens that's we're here for.

[06/22/17]   no one is quite sure how it became the middle of june, already, but happy summer, boaters!!!!

[04/27/17]   the off-season projects are coming to and end and we're moving towards seasonal work. finally, right?!?!? as always, we appreciate your patronage, and ESPECIALLY your patience during this hectic time of year... let's get everyone back in the water!!!

[02/07/17]   the season is quickly approaching, and we are super-fortunate to be so busy. we appreciate everyone's patronage, and patience! we are all looking forward a fun, and safe, season!!!

[09/08/16]   everyone have a super-fun, and super-safe, poker run!!!!! however, feel free to scratch a few things, though, if you like. have a great one!!!

[08/25/16]   start scheduling your fall/winter gel repairs, and bottom paints, now!!! get an early start on next season!!!

Powerquest hull repairs...

Eliminator... how's your fade, today???

SeaRay 220 - all ready to go bye-bye!

SeaRay 220 - Blister repair, epoxy & bottompainting, miscellaneous gel damage, and detail...

Janine Turner

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Welch Marine of Jamestown, KY's cover photo

Eliminator custom refinishing

Mariah 272 Overall/Stripes

Formula 400 hull refinish

Untitled Album

Rinker stbd side repairs, and refinish/gelcoat

Rinker stbd side repairs, and refinish/gelcoat

SeaRay 200 gel-fill/touch-ups and buff/wax/detail overall

Boston Whaler gel-fill/touch-ups, and bottom-cleaning

Bayliner bottompaint, hull polish, and drive touch-up

Bryant bottom/blister repairs, and wet sand/detail

PWC (seadoo) repairs

tige' refinish work

1998 Searay 310

Welch Marine of Jamestown, KY

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