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A club for practitioners of Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA), and European fencing.

Operating as usual

Banners. Do you prefer fat bear or traditional bear?

Latest sword, Dacian Falx. A two-handed sickle sword that was very effective against Roman armor (w/ Roman Gladius)

I have spears if you need to stay six feet apart..

[05/12/20]   So, when do you think we will be restarting? You can now have gatherings of up to 50 in Juneau. If the makerspace isn't available, we could meet outside somewhere? I have practice spears if people want to practice social distancing while still pretending to kill one another...


10 Why are shields different shapes and sizes?

Here's an interesting video about why shields were shaped the way they were shaped: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zEsjPQeWmd8

Shields have taken many shapes and sizes over the thousands of years of their use. Their design isn’t just random or aesthetic. What can the evolution of the...


Military Sabre Cutting Exercise - According to John Musgrave Waite 1880

Saber solo exercises to do while quarantined:


A little sabre cutting advice and exercise, according John Musgrave Waite's system. Generally interesting advice for all sword fighting, which I hope might b...


"Unbelievable" discovery of a 5000-year-old sword is made by an archaelogy student at a Venetian monastery


(Looks more like a dagger to me)

cnn.com Italian archaeologist Vittoria Dall'Armellina was a PhD student in 2017, when she visited the Saint Lazarus monastery.

[03/24/20]   Well, I'm sure you've all heard the news regarding hunker down.
But we will rise again!


Crash Course in Highland Broadsword- Basics/Fundamentals of British/Highland Military Swordsmanship

Clayton thinks he’s the best broad sword fighter in Juneau. Which on of you is gonna prove him wrong?


I was recently asked to do a private lesson by two HEMA instructors from Niagra School of Arms in Ontario who visited us at Broadsword Academy Manitoba. Comi...

En garde


Endo yuu ritori


9gag.com Watch the video and join the fun convo with 9GAG community

Gold town Sunday
Cool movie with sword fighting and skiing, AT THE SAME TIME!

Juneau Sword Club's cover photo

How does this look for the crest/logo/banner?

Juneau Sword Club's cover photo


Diego Alatriste VS Gualterio Malatesta Y venganza de Iñigo Balboa

Some rapier/dagger fighting with Viggo Mortensen, whom I hear is one of the best sword fighters around in real life:


Duelo entre el Capitán Diego Alatriste y Gualterio Malatesta en la España profunda del siglo XVII y la venganza de su entenado Iñigo Balboa extracto de la pe...

We spoke last night about making some shields from the wooden blanks they sell at Home Depot, covered with an old bike tire. Here’s what they could look like.



People were asking yesterday about where they can get protective equipment. This is a good site that will sell you an entire kit for a decent price:


[01/28/20]   I believe that there is another practice scheduled for tonight at 6:30. Correct me if I'm wrong...



So, we've registered as an official member of the HEMA Alliance:

That means we get insurance, discounts on equipment, ability to register for tournaments, etc. Plus, most importantly, the appearance of credibility!


hemaalliance.com The HEMA Alliance supports the Historical European Martial Arts community across the world.


SPES Forearm and Elbow Guards V2.0 - Pair

People seemed to find these very useful at the last sparring session. Here’s where you can buy them:

That seller also sells wooden singlesticks.

woodenswords.com SPES Forearm and Elbow Guards V2.0 - Pair

[01/19/20]   Looks like next Sword Club is Tuesday Jan 21, at 6pm-7:30pm at the Makerspace in Douglas.


Gentleman asks a court for a legal sword fight with his ex-wife to settle custody and property tax disagreement

Why HEMA matters. This could be you someday: https://boingboing.net/2020/01/14/gentleman-asks-a-court-for-a-l.html

boingboing.net A Kansas gentleman has asked a court in Iowa for a legal sword fight – or trial by combat – with his ex-wife. According to the Des Moines Register, 40-year-old David Ostrom claims that she has lega…

[01/11/20]   What type of sword fighting are you most interested in?

Long Sword?
Side sword?
Sword & Shield?

Lounging around the house.


Military Sabre six cut cutting drill lesson according to Roworth

Similarly, here’s a video on a saber cutting drill. It’s not quite the same as the Meyer Square, but the same general idea:


This is a lesson on the basic cutting drill shown in the Roworth/Taylor manual on Napoleonic era British military swordsmanship, 1798, in regard to Sabre, Sp...


Meyer's Cutting Square Drill: Part 1

We were talking about the Meyers Square on Thursday. This set of videos explains it better than I can.


Part 1 of a 5 part series breaking down Joachim Meyer's Cutting Square. This is a solo drill done here with a longsword, but can be applied to any weapon. Ca...

Juneau Makerspace

Also a sword fight may have broken out at the Makerspace tonight. As they do. Check out the Juneau Sword Club on Facebook.

#juneaumakerspace #juneau #makerspace #hema

Thursday night practice.

Timeline Photos

[12/27/19]   Looks like 1st sword fighting practice will be happening Thursday Jan 2, 8pm @ Makerspace in Douglas. No equipment or experience necessary. Tourniquets and band aids will be provided.


Solo training advice 1: one-handed swords

Here is a good video on solo training exercises.


Historical Injury vs Modern Tournament Targeting - Sword STEM

Interesting article about historical targeting: http://swordstem.com/2019/10/02/historical-injury-vs-modern-tournament-targeting/

swordstem.com Comparing the archaeological injury patterns from Matzke’s 2011 “Armed and Educated” to statistics from modern HEMA tournaments.

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