Team Shinobi

You will not see us
You will not see our shadow
You will not hear us
You will not feel our presence
untill you feel our blade
We are Team Shinobi

Operating as usual


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Paintball Training Drills

It's time to dig that ass out of the couch an d get out running!
We need to pick a day to get together ideally two days a week. Drills and schermishes maybe grill up some grub
And I miss you ass holes!
Let's make this happen!
Paintball Training Drills: Learn from the best! Planet Eclipse sponsored pro players give you the inside line on how they keep themselves at the top of their game and what YOU can do t...


Living Legends 8 x HK Army

CPX Sport's Living Legends 8 is world famous for the being one of the biggest and most anticipated paintball games in the world!!! If you haven't been....don...


World Cup Champions // Professional Paintball

Relive the 2015 NXL World Cup Finals like never before!! Check out the amazing footage captured during the Dynasty Vs Houston Heat 2015 Finals!

[08/28/16]   We may not be filling tanks again yet but we are throwing paint! Juneau Tactical Paintball is a group of up and comers looking to get shot! Let's oblige them!


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Timeline Photos

[02/13/15]   Capitol Paintball will not be returning this year. We will be trying to open 2016 with a storefront. We made zero sales this last year but enjoyed getting people out to paintball. We are still gonna be paintballing this year so don't worry. We just need to figure out finances. We will keep everyone updated.


The World is Ours x HK Army RED EPIC

we missed week or two and it feels like it has been years!
i miss you guys and want to see you shooting back!

2011 End of the Season Video Mix including footage from the final events and clips from a red epic being used for paintball for the first time some highspeed...

[08/03/14]   The sun is out guys let's paintball! Looking at about 4:30 hit us up!

[07/30/14]   We are trying to get a paintball game going before sunday. Is anyone down to play?


Thanks for the help Jordan!


Sandbar break

[07/20/14]   Now im running late. .. Sorry guys

[07/20/14]   Tanks are full the weather is calm and im awake on time

[07/18/14]   Sunday noon need to know how many can make it hit me up morning of is a huge pain!
Lets make this happen!!!!!

[07/16/14]   Sunday is sounding like another great day for paintball!
hit me up if you plan on showing up and need to borrow gear!

[07/06/14]   Paintball starting at noon-1pm tomorrow

[07/03/14]   Its been too long guys!?
when is everyone available to play next?

[06/16/14]   Just got done with another good day of paintball. Biggest turn out yet.

[06/15/14]   We are slightly behind schedule but will be there around 11:15

[06/15/14]   Hello, everyone who wants to play tomorrow we will be meeting at the sandbar at 11am. We want to start playing by noon. We have paint for sale. $13 for 500 or $40 for a case

[06/12/14]   We are trying to get a game of paintball going Sunday. If you would like to go and/or need co2 tanks filled please leave a comment below or call 957-2596

[05/24/14]   We have paint for sale!!!!!


I ment Waly


Fred's package deals

[05/14/14]   Tippman 98 c platinum at Fred's on sale 75 if anyone needs a gun!

[05/10/14]   We also currently have access to a field if anyone wants to play or come see the field let us know

[05/09/14]   FINALLY after a screw up with our supplier and the mail system we got our CO2 fill adapter. We will open for business TODAY!!

[04/30/14]   We are now in possession of a 75lb co2 tank, making the fill station the full station the last piece of the puzzle!
Hurry up FedEx!!!

[04/30/14]   If all goes well we will be filling tanks by this weekend!!!


Photos from Team Shinobi's post


Kori and Joel at the paintball field


Open fields and woodland anyone in to scenario games?

It's time to bust out the invert mini gathering dust on the shelf! Dig up that ol' reliable 98c in the closet! Fill the tanks and call your friends!
We are looking for anyone willing to help revive the capital's paintball community!





Location Not Found Yet
Juneau, AK

Opening Hours

Sunday 12:30 - 15:30
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