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The Yoga Path


Pretty sore from those hammock things Carolyn tortured us with on Friday. Can’t wait to use them again.
Tried yoga for the first time today.
The Dylan Bernstein workshop this last week was so great. Thank you, Jodee, for putting this together for our community. It is so special to be able to learn from you and the folks you bring in.
One final pose....
On the waterfront...
More from last night's flash...
One version of last night's Yoga Flash Mob on the very slippery waterfront! ;)

Yoga Instruction, Taichi, Mixed Movement and Pole Fitness Full schedule at my new studio starts in October. Check website for current schedule.

Operating as usual

This picture is from a sheep hunt that we never saw a ram. Plenty of other wildlife including this large flock of ptarmigans.

Silver linings.

Although I hope Thanksgiving was a time for you to have expressed gratitude, why not utilize every homemade meal as an opportunity for giving thanks. If not at meal time, at the beginning of each day or before a shower, any daily routine that reminds you to be grateful for something, anything.

I believe in the next month, in which there are typically many social gatherings (and this year none), expressing gratitude frequently will be useful. Set yourself up for success, show gratitude every day. If not for homemade things, for simple things, for silver linings. If this is not possible, please reach out for help.

More in our newsletter to come soon.

Exhale completely,


The gift of positive mindset in your email boxes - if you’ve subscribed ☺️

ALSO URGENT UPDATE... We no longer use MindBody services.
We do have online payment options and our schedule is on our website. Simply, no online registration. Choose a payment option and go to virtual class. We'll keep track on our side, but we'd love it if you keep track of your punch cards too.

Schedule at a glance:
Thursday, 7am-8am Vinyasa with Courtney *no class November 26th/Thanksgiving.

Sunday, 10:30am-12 Restorative yoga with Carolyn

Happy Thanksgiving and wishing everyone moments outside breathing fresh air.


When in doubt, deep breath.

They are free!

Acknowledging (perhaps silently to yourself), someone else is having a hard time breathing calmly, may give you more patience.

As long as Zoom platform and our teachers internet are working, virtual classes are on...


There’s several changes in progress with our website and payment systems. If you can’t register or pay on our website, go to virtual class and we’ll get things figured it later.
Thanks! Jodee

Need something to look forward to early in your week?

Register for Yoga class with Courtney:
Vinyasa Tuesday 5pm-6:30pm

I love taking a picture from my tent to start the days adventures.

Memories help inspire the next adventure (and or prepare differently 😳😂).

Motivation Monday and everyday 🤗!

Register for classes either on our website or use the MindBody app and make The Yoga Path your favorite studio for easy sign up.

I admit this one snippet of jelly fish doesn't look like much but I could not capture the awh and wonder of the huge area filled with them. Millions of jelly fish, I don't know, too many to fathom counting!

As you may gather at this point, the experience was striking and amazing for me.

I think there is a difference between sharing something amazing I experienced because sharing beautiful experiences feels good.
And / Compared to sharing an experience and trying to make you, or thinking I can make you experience the same sensations.

Sounds crazy. Literally, not possible.

One of my teachers taught that we are not supposed to share details about our:
Bathroom details
These are private things. Personal details and experiences.

So, I guess my message today is thanks for reading and following as I navigate communication that is appropriate, useful and inspiring.

I do want encourage everyone, as always as I'm sure you've gathered by now, to get outside, move your body, breathe fresh air and be open to the events unfolding around you.

Hash tag smash tag.

Reflect on the activities, work, people and topics that⠀

enrich your life, ⠀

that you feel energized to engage in.⠀

It's not all sunny days, calm waters and our favorite activities... as you reflect on what you enjoy spending your time on, maybe you can weed out things in your life that you don't love, nor do you need to spend your time on. ⠀

I don't love cleaning the bath tub, but it needs to be⠀
done. I don't love the attachments and emotions that often feel wasted with social media. ⠀

If our posts don't enrich your day, no biggie, unfollow. Just want to know when our classes are, be sure you are signed up for our news letters. ⠀

If our yoga classes enrich your life, please be sure to register early so classes meet the minimum registration, and so you get your spot. ⠀


Our decisions can be affected by many or the slightest of influences. ⠀

I don't want to influence. NOT a typo, I don't want to influence you. ⠀

I will post to inform you, students and people in my community of the classes we are offering. ⠀

Communication rather than manipulation. ⠀

Simple fact, we currently need 2 more students for Tuesday Vinyasa 5pm-6:30pm with Courtney, registered by 5pm tonight/Monday.

As we each walk our own path,⠀

may we support each other through all the changes within⠀

and surrounding us! ⠀

Fall Equinox is a brief moment in our year that day and night are equal. Balanced. Yet it marks the moment the daylight will be shorter than the night.⠀

The shift is in the leaves, in the wild animals and within us. ⠀

Wishing you all moments to bask in the fall colors.⠀

Want to honor Fall Equinox with a practice? Sign up for your spot Tuesday, September 22nd. Vinyasa class 5:00pm - 6:30pm with Courtney. ⠀

#vinyasa #vinyasayoga #fallequinox20 #naturemeditation #juneauak

Reset and recharge Friday evenings in October with Vinyasa, Breathe, Reset. This class will be taught by Courtney Sanborn, all levels are welcome! ⠀

Fresh perspectives and challenge postures will be shared to keep you present, and feeling new muscles. This class has the intention to reset and calm your nervous system and will finish with focused breathing, a body scan, and rest. Perfect wrap to a week, rejuvenating you for the weekend. ⠀

Fridays, only for October, 5:00pm-6:30pm. Space is limited and registration is REQUIRED! Click on the schedule tab on our website, link in our bio :)⠀

Note, the resting picture is pre - socially distanced mat days.

#movebetter #bepresent #ontheyogapath

Your inner strength is greater than you realize. When your feet are tired, it's your inner strength that takes you further. ⠀

What fuels your inner strength?⠀

Not just in the moment of trial and challenge, but the trickle charge... Is there something you do for yourself daily or weekly that helps you take a full breath? How about a smile coming to your face from simple joy?⠀

For most people, life has a trickle, or steady flow of stress onto us daily. If you need a weekly boost on your stress management, I hope you'll join us for a weekend class, both of these are virtual: ⠀

Gentle Yoga Saturday mornings 9-10am with Taylor.⠀

Restorative Yoga Sunday 10:30am-Noon with Carolyn.⠀

Please sign up for our newsletter if you haven't already to get all the details! Plus we email free videos for you to practice whenever you need!⠀

#getoutside #aforceofnature #naturemeditation #functionalfitness #movebetter #livinginthemoment #bepresent #ontheyogapath #thisuniquemoment #innerstrengthandbeauty

Happy New Moon, September 17th.⠀

We are pretty keen on the moon phases, seasonal changes and connecting with nature at The Yoga Path. It's link of connecting to nature and leading to our inner truth that keeps this focus. ⠀

Yoga is about knowing your inner truth, connection to


I have always spent a lot of time in nature. With the past 6 months changing how I can teach you, well, you can see there are no recent pictures of postures in the studio. My intent is to continue to share methods of connecting with your body and breath, reducing stress and seeing the clearest truth within.⠀

Connecting with each other so we DO yoga practice, have more fun, energy and commitment is part of this plan. ⠀

Is Thursday 7am-8am an option for you to attend a virtual class? If so, please join Courtney. Our weekly (or not so weekly) emails get you all the details. ⠀
Exhale Completely,⠀
Jodee ⠀
#positivethoughts #positiveselftalk #mindfulthoughts #ontheyogapath #calmandstrong #innertruth #seekinginnertruth #allarewelcome #livinginthemoment #bepresent #ontheyogapath #thisuniquemoment

We need connection, we are social beings.⠀

Register for your, 1 of 8 spots (one quarter of our capacity) to celebrate Fall Equinox with Courtney! ⠀

With careful consideration, we are offering in studio classes starting Tuesday, September 22nd, 5:00pm-6:30pm. This week 9/15/2020 is still a virtual class for one hour 5pm-6pm.. ⠀

Registration is REQUIRED 24 hours prior to classes in the studio. ⠀

The request for students to be healthy when attending yoga classes has always been in place. Certainly with the COVID-19 pandemic, this is extremely important. Please know, if for any reason we feel our teachers, staff or facility has been exposed to COVID-19, we would cancel classes until any situation was resolved.⠀

With our spacious studio, students will have 10 feet between each other. ⠀


9am gentle yoga 9/12 cancelled.

Enjoy your sunny Saturday ☀️

Picking low bush blueberries in the alpine in a familiar seated posture, upavistha konasana. Feet wide, legs extended, and in this variation, fingers turning blue with blueberry juices. I find joy when yoga postures turn up in daily activities. ⠀

Picking small, delicate berries is a meditative practice. Mixed with changing body positions and functional fitness. Yoga is in daily life, a way to look at life.⠀

This adventure did not go as planned, but do they ever? Not much of an adventure if a detailed planned is easily carried out. That is the mental health benefit, finding joy in the experiences that come up. Finding inner strength to walk further ...With a smile.

Yoga practice has no guarantee of results. I know, that's not exactly a sales pitch! ⠀

Your personal and unique experience IS guaranteed. ⠀

If you are inclined to practice, have an open mind to the results. Sharing the benefits you have experienced with friends and family is a great way to encourage others to participate. Be sensitive to your 'sales-pitch', as your love for yoga is unique to you. Truly, we love it when you refer friends and family, it's how we survive as a small business! ⠀

Encourage others in a way they can approach yoga with an open mind to their potential experience, rather than a desire for specific results.

PC @becomingimages ⠀

#livinginthemoment #bepresent #ontheyogapath #thisuniquemoment

Seasonal + Temporary = Special. Appreciate now. ⠀

Blooms, berries, harvesting of all kinds is happening right now. It's all perfect practice in being present. ⠀

I think it's an Alaskan or Northern climate thing to have varying degrees of panic to pick more berries, get outside, to GET more summer in before it's gone.

It's motivating! This along with the highly stimulating and plugged in life many of us live, we do need rest and recovery. If you're feeling a little burnt out and a good sleep in isn't doing to trick, commit to a gentle yoga or restorative yoga class.

These types of yoga practices help calm your nervous system. Down grade your stress response. ⠀

If you don't practice yoga daily, the physically gentle practices will be effective, compared to the subtle breathing and meditation practice. Generally, the breathe work and meditation will be more effect for most, when a daily practice is established. ⠀

As Manju says, 'there is only love in yoga' No guilt, only love. Love the days you do get a practice in PERIOD

What motivates you to get up early on a day off?

Please enjoy a few quick pictures from a day looking for goats, deer, porcupine and many marmots! The goats in the picture are nannies and kids, fun to observe at 80 yards.

The attempt to look at Billy’s was thwarted by fog.

Although being on a ridge in fog may not be ideal, unsafe if not familiar or equipped with navigation tools- it’s also empowering.

Hoping everyone has a sweet balance of empowering moments, and building endurance.

To 4200’ and back in a day with 30lbs. Not prepared for an over night but rather to pack out if there was a successful harvest. @dixonjodee pack is almost 7 lbs empty- the structured needed for her to pack 75-100lbs.

Prepare mentally, physically and with effective equipment or gear. 👍🏻🏔 @ Juneau, Alaska

Balance is a moving target. ⠀

The equation changes, our ingredients, perspective and circumstances change = changing solutions. ⠀

Soak up inspiration where you can and throw in your own awesome ideas for each unique day.⠀

Don’t let fear rule your day.⠀

Kind of funny when someone says; don’t be scared’. ⠀

At that point you already are! Unlikely there’s an instant off switch to your fear. ⠀

Can you evaluate what exactly, has you feeling afraid? Something new, challenging or dangerous? ⠀

Pushing forward with a challenge or changing course, trust yourself. Trust your gut feeling. Practice doing things that make you scared. Doesn’t have to be extreme sports, anything that you rattles your cage. ⠀

To feel - is a good practice in being present. ⠀

Being fearful of past circumstances and results - is living in the past.

Enjoying the present is important because the future is uncertain. ⠀

This is obvious at the moment with so many changes in our lives. The future has always been uncertain, it is our minds that have routines and expectations. ⠀

With so many routines and habits upended, taking care of our nervous system is more pressing. ⠀

Tonight, or every night if you want, look outside regardless of the weather and notice the colors in sky. ⠀

Calm. Full. Breathing. ⠀

To practice yoga is to notice how your body feels and to build trust with yourself. ⠀

Trust that discomfort and challenges ARE within your capacity, trust you can gain strength.⠀

Trust that you know what is painful and that you deserve to stop doing something painful. ⠀

Some of us are gearing up for hunting season which means heavy packs, possibly being wet and cold(although today is ☀️) and many other discomforts. I choose these experiences, I trust I can remain strong in my mind and body. It's a choice to put myself in these situations, basically forcing focus. At our edge of discomfort, we must trust ourselves, trust we can do what is needed, trust we will make the best choices with a given situation. ⠀

A message from @dixonjodee before I’m out of service - 🏔🥾

Support our virtual services

We are grateful for all the students wanting to contribute to our virtual classes and online content.
This link should be an easy way to make a one time payment (nice and safe with the reliable services from PayPal).

Thank you for your feedback, connection to our community and continued support.
Jodee Dixon, Owner Love our virtual classes or content we share on Instagram or Facebook? We'd love your support to continue to offer this content. We are a small business with big goals of supporting transformation for every student.

It’s been a rainy summer so far in Southeast Alaska.

Still the wildflowers bloom.

All things going on in the world, and still Mother Nature grows and blooms.

You and I are filled with the same strength & tenacity, we can grow right now. Maybe it’s in different areas but isn’t that the point?

Growth in an expected area - not that special 🤷‍♀️

Growth in new and an Unexpected areas - transformative.

There is room for all of us to feel like we are on top of the world. ⠀

#getoutside #aforceofnature #naturemeditation #functionalfitness #movebetter #livinginthemoment #bepresent #ontheyogapath #thisuniquemoment #womenoutdoors

When we are focused, we are calm. I think that is the under lying attraction to difficult balance postures. Handstands are not a basic yoga posture. They can be involved in advanced practices, the desire to accomplish something challenging is addicting. If it gets you moving your body, breathing and having fun, high five! ⠀


As many of my students have heard me say, no one cares that you can stand on your hands. If you love moving your body in different ways, great. Love balancing on hands or one foot, great. Move your body in a way that feels physically beneficial. If we feel good in our bodies, I think that is a wonderful practice at being calm in our mind and fostering wellness of our entire being.⠀

📷 photo by becoming images
Support by @rootedandrisencoaching
And many others 🙏🏻

Wishing everyone a moment or more of sunshine on your face this weekend. ⠀

Healthy snacks on your adventures and at least one amazing moment of belly laughter. At least our smart phones are good to search for a Saturday Night live skit that will do the trick if needed 😂

#laughoutloud #positivethoughts #positiveselftalk #mindfulthoughts #ontheyogapath #calmandstrong #innertruth #seekinginnertruth #allarewelcome

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