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My son lost his invitation to Audrey's birthday party today. All I know is that its at 3pm.
They're in the red belt class if you have any info.
I had just came back from my appointment to a white van delivering flowers. I want to thank my dojo family from the bottom of my “kata heart” Wow I really do appreciate this. I needed this. You guys are the best! I’m so glad to be a part of the dojo. ❤️🥲
Open Tuesday? no one picking up phone? so I think closed for snow?
Hello, everybody! This is Zareen’s grandma. Her birthday is Friday the 30th. She is turning 9. Her family is in quarantine and she cannot have a birthday party. We are hoping some of you can assist us in a birthday drive-by. We will assemble in the back parking lot of JRC at 5:30 pm and drive by her house at 5:45. Please come join us. (We may be able to gather in her yard to sing happy birthday to her)
Mr. Grant and Miss Emily do such a fantastic job training future ninjas. Zoe loved her "try out" lesson! 🥋
Hello JKA family members! This week is our final push to gather Christmas gifts for our adopted families. There are still about 30 tags on the tree, which represent gifts for needy children right here in a Juneau. We’ll be sorting and delivering the gifts on Saturday afternoon at 1:00. Please consider donating a gift or two if you are able, and make this holiday season a little brighter for some deserving kiddos. Questions? Contact me at 209-9884.
We had a fantastic Mother’s Day self-defense class! A very happy Mother’s Day eve to all the moms out there! #JKAFamily #JKAProud
Mother’s Day self defense class
Mother’s Day class fun
Karate Radar at Cocoa Beach, Florida 5.6.19
We went out disc golfing yesterday and the kids found a root sticking out of the ground that looked like it was practicing karate!
Rylee doing birthday push ups

www.juneaukarate.com We are the friendliest and cleanest place in town! Our teachers and students are:

Operating as usual


What’s in store for June?

Wow! Where did the month go???

We’re already looking forward to June and all the amazing things we have planned.

Stay tuned for announcements and FUN!

It’s going to be a BLAST! 💥
Can’t wait for you to join us! 🎉

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Today and every day, we bow in deep gratitude to those that have served in the Armed Forces and to the ones that have sacrificed their lives to keep us safe.

Take a moment today to sit in gratitude and respect for these brave men and women. 🙇


A Little Progress Each Day Adds Up to BIG Results

With how far technology has come, kids don’t understand the concept of “delayed gratification” unless we teach it to them.

Karate Do is hard work - no matter the style.

💪It takes a deep commitment to consistency and showing up for yourself to succeed.

In all of our classes, but especially kids’ classes, we celebrate the small wins that make us better each day. 🎉

This positive reinforcement teaches them that even if it’s a difficult day on the mat (or in the world🌏), there’s ALWAYS something to be grateful for. 🙌

We encourage parents to carry this home too. Teaching our kids to see things through and not give up just because it gets hard shows them that hard work and delayed gratification is worth the effort.

👉THEY👈 are worth the effort.


WOW. 🤯

Chad Brown left us a 5 star google review and said:

"My son has been attending Karate at JKA for just over a year and a half. The training he is receiving is absolutely top notch. Not only is he learning to control his body and mind, the values of Good Manners, Respect & Self Discipline resonate throughout the classes at all levels and reinforce what we as parents are trying to teach him.
I’ve enjoyed watching him grow so much that I’ve started attending myself and even though I am more like Kung Fu Panda than Chuck Norris, I feel completely supported by all of the staff at the dojo. I really can’t speak more highly of JKA, it really is a neat family to be a part of".

🙏 THANK YOU to Chad for this incredible review!

We are so grateful to work with amazing people like you every single day to help them achieve their full potential.

You are AMAZING! 💥

P.S. If we’ve made an impact on your life or your child’s life… can you take 60 seconds to leave us a 5-star review, so we can help more people in our community? https://bit.ly/3G8LFe6


The world is changed by your example, not your opinion.

Kids learn by example, so we must make sure they have the best possible examples within their reach.

Our instructors aren’t just teaching kicks and punches and katas.
They’re teaching life skills. And they do this by example.

🔥Respect is mutually earned, not freely given.
🔥Determination is a direct result of consistency.
🔥Confidence is born from crushing goals.

We work hard. Not just for ourselves, but for your children too. 💪

If your kiddo could use some more positive forces in their life… come to the dojo for 2 weeks of try-it-out classes and see what we’re about.


“Wax on. Wax off. Wax on. Wax off.” - Mr. Miyagi

Success without a solid foundation is a fluke.

We’re not in the business of Beginner’s Luck.👎

We don’t want that for our students. We want success that comes from a solid foundation.

And that solid foundation comes from a commitment to consistent hard work.

💪The first time you overcome a hardship or obstacle.
💪The first time you take down an opponent.
💪The first time you rank up.

It’s not always easy - In fact, most days your classes are the hardest thing you’ll do.

But it’s worth it.
And so are you.🔥


“I keep the white belt mentality that I can learn from anyone, anywhere, anytime.” - Georges St. Pierre

📣No matter what color is around your waist, there’s always something more to be learned.

The best and most successful Martial Artists are eternal students. Always watching, learning, and growing. 🌿

They know there will always be someone they can learn from.
❌Even if it’s learning what NOT to do.❌

What lessons have you learned on your journey that can only be learned from martial arts?

Juneau Karate Academy | HOME - Juneau Karate Academy Juneau AK 05/24/2022

Juneau Karate Academy | HOME - Juneau Karate Academy Juneau AK

Our classes ROCK!

But don’t just take our word for it…

📣See what our students are saying:

"Amazing environment for the development of mind, body, and heart! Everyone is so welcoming. I can’t say enough about the positive benefits of Juneau Karate Academy for all ages!"
5-STAR Google review from Will H

Ready to join in on fitness, fun, and friendship? 🎉

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Youth: https://sparkpages.io/?i=lc8
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Juneau Karate Academy | HOME - Juneau Karate Academy Juneau AK #1 kids and adults martial arts center in Juneau, AK. See why hundreds of Juneau residents love our martial arts classes for their kids. You’ll love our fun, friendly community of members.

Photos from Juneau Karate Academy's post 05/24/2022

Last night we had the honor of promoting Mr. Conrad to Jun Nidan (2nd-degree black belt - Apprentice).

Mr. Conrad, supported by his family, received the new degree after 5 weeks of a rigorous physical and academic examination process.

We are very proud of him and grateful to have him and his family as part of our dojo family! 😀

Photos from Juneau Karate Academy's post 05/23/2022

What a GREAT weekend!

We had the privilege of promoting one of our awesome students to purple belt. 😀😀😀
Krystal is now HALFWAY to Black Belt. She is an awesome person.💪💪💪

We also hosted our dojo moms in a Mothers Day self-defense class and they EARNED their PINK belts.

So cool to see all the happy ladies with their kids working hard towards new goals in their lives 😎😎😎


If not now, when? Dreams + action = goals. 💪

What actions are you giving your dreams today so tomorrow you can crush them as goals?

⏳There’s no time like the present to dive headfirst into making your dream a reality.

And if that dream includes getting fit, gaining confidence, and changing as a person - we can help with that! 😎

Check out this link for our adult 2 week trial class special offer
👉 https://sparkpages.io/?i=7i8

What are you waiting for?


Kids are blenders without lids.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to harness all that energy? They could rule the world with their tiny, sticky fists! ✊

Kids karate classes are the perfect way to help your kiddo rein in that never-ending energy and focus it into fitness and fun! 🎉

Get ready for the best post-workout naps EVER! 😴

Spaces are limited, so sign up TODAY!


The educational opportunity with no downside!!!

Preparing youth for a life of thriving


Teacher Shout Out!

Have you met Mrs. McWilliams? 👋

Not only is she an awesome person, but she is also a FANTASTIC teacher in our dojo. 💪

She and her family have been training in Karate for a long time and everyone in our dojo loves her smile and cheerfulness.

She is a teacher in our Lil' Dragon's program and really loves to see her tiny students grow, learn, and discover.

We truly appreciate all the things that she brings to our school and we are proud to have her in our dojo family.

Make sure to give her a BIG hi 5 next time you see her!


Parenting Hack!
Get rid of “I’m bored!”

Letting kids get bored can be great for their development. 💪

💥Encourages imagination, innovation, and exploration.
💥Teaches problem-solving.
💥Gives them the confidence to be more self-sufficient.

But they still need direction or they’ll gravitate towards the screen. 😖

Help keep their brains and bodies moving by setting up a checklist of things they can do BEFORE claiming they’re bored and grabbing technology…

✅Read for at least 20 minutes
✅Exercise - ride your bike, go for a walk, practice your ninja moves
✅10 minute tidy up
✅Self-care task - shower, brush teeth, get dressed
✅Fill a box with old toys or too-small clothes to donate

Try it out with your kids and let us know how it goes!

Photos from Juneau Karate Academy's post 05/15/2022

We love seeing great people reach their goals 👍 👍 👍 👍

Showing up with a good attitude is the key ingredient to meeting goals.....that's it 😊😊😊

Congratulations on your well earned new belts 💪💪💪


Its all about………..corn 🤔


“If size mattered, the elephant would be king of the jungle.” - Rickson Gracie

But he’s not.

The lion is - not because of his size, but because of the fire in his heart. 🔥

Karate-Do doesn’t require you to be a certain size or age or fitness level to get started.

💪It just requires that you START.

How has Karate helped you grow the fire in YOUR heart?


We are very proud to shine the spotlight on: Kingston! 👏

Kingston is 12 years old and has earned his third degree Brown Belt in Sh*to Ryu Karate-Do!

We’re highlighting Kingston this month because he is a fantastic example of what a young man can be in our dojo.

His mom says:

“Kingston is a very dedicated and hard-working kid. He meets challenges head-on, with a sense of purpose, a sense of humor, and a sense of how his actions affect others. He is a brilliant mix of serious, goofy, and inclusive”.

We agree!!!

One of his teachers, Sensei Puustinen, says:

“Kingston is a model to others, and we really enjoy training with him. He is going to be an awesome black belt in our dojo and will become a leader in our community”

We agree!

Help us celebrate this very special student - drop a ❤️ in the comments for Kingston 👇

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An Alaska Day challange 😊
Ripped from the Sensei library✅✅




8800 Glacier Hwy
Juneau, AK

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