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Saturday happenings at the karate dojo💥👌

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Saturday happenings at the karate dojo💥👌

Decisive moments💥💥💥the alarm clock and your day😳😳😳(run time 2 minutes)

🥳We LOVE celebrating our students!🥳Today, we’re shining the spotlight on ✨Auri P✨Auri has been a student here for a year...

1 action item to change the way you think = leading a better life!2 minute run time

Karate is about so much more than just being able to take down an attacker…👺💥Build unshakeable self-confidence💥Fine-tune...

Its all about………..corn 🤔

Important💥💥💥💥💥The black belt hardship mindset ✅✅✅

Your karate dojo has a wardrobe challenge just for you🙋‍♂️👊🤗

A note of Christmas encouragement for you👌

An amazing day of adopt a family at the dojo👌

Zones 💥💥💥👊

An Alaska Day challange 😊

The importance of pursuing excellence in our daily lives 💪

A strategy to have an awesome fall season💥💥💥

Ripped from the Sensei library✅✅