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Operating as usual

[08/03/16]   That's a wrap with Last Frontier kydex. Tell your friends to check out Razco as that will be my official and only business page from here forward. A huge thanks to everyone who has helped and supported my American Dream.

[07/06/16]   OK folks two more weeks and this page will be no more. I needed to get the kydex out of my business name as it is a trademarked name. So from here forward My business will be called Razco and can be found here Razco. Head on over and check things out and tell your friends so they don't miss my new page.

[06/26/16]   Only a couple weeks until this page goes away. Head on over to Razco and give my new page a like and a share if you would. I'd sure appreciate it.

[06/20/16]   Last Frontier Kydex will be changing names to Razco effective immediately. I have a new Page Started and it can be found here Razco. I will keep this page up for another month as everyone gets migrated over to the new page. Id sure appreciate if y'all could spread the word and thanks for all the support as I build my little piece of this American dream.


Orange turned out way cooler than I thought it would.


Now that's Alaskan classy. Tiffany blue and a .44


Folks sure take my gear on some pretty rad adventures. What's the coolest place you've carried one?

[03/15/16]   Looking for a gun to make a mold of. Anyone have a Smith and Wesson 629 classic (full lug) they would like a holster for? (at a discount for letting me mold it while I have it)

[12/25/15]   Merry Christmas everyone.


This holds exciting promises

[11/26/15]   Happy Thanksgiving to all. Im very thankful for everyone who trusts me with their holster needs and spreads the word about LFK.

[11/23/15]   I will be available Tuesday and Friday this week who needs something built?

[11/16/15]   I appreciate everyone bearing with the longer than usual wait times. I have been one busy man for the last 3 months.

[09/26/15]   From a customer:
It was amazing. It held still while we rock climbed, hiked 20 miles, packrafted... no rubbing and never worried about it. Thank you!
Glad you like it Brian and thank you for the great review and product test.


For those that have asked I have finally settled on a design for a chest rig. The price will be $100. That particular holster can be seen at Juneau Mercantile & Armory.

[07/09/15]   If you need a holster for a g***k 42 stop by JMA. I dropped off a pile of them today.

[05/12/15]   It's official everyone should own a 460v. Funnest gun I've shot in awhile. I couldnt stop smiling when that cannon thumped my chest with each squeeze of the trigger.


So it seems carbon fiber is popular. I'll have more middle of next week!


Really digging the carbon fiber.


Now stocking carbon fiber in several colors


Smith & Wesson 500 in a chest rig my buddy built for me. Pistol and binos in perfect position for chest waders or carrying a pack.


A sweat shield covers the slide of the gun closest to the body. It is put there to keep your perspiration off the gun and keeps your shirt/love handle out of the holster so you can get the gun back in more effectively.


Ta**us TCP in a black IWB.


R***r .357 in a great black OWB . Really enjoy the definition I'm getting now!


Ta**us tracker


Sig Scorpion in black shown with an Emerson specwar


R***r MK II in flat dark earth


Ta**us 24/7 in the new style OWB and FBI cant.


Changed up the way I'm doing holsters a bit.


For sale! G***k 19/23 one OWB and one IWB holster. OWB is $60 IWB is $55 both offer adjustable retention.


Here's something new.


R***r Alaskan .44 mag


M&P 340 in a flat dark earth IWB (Inside the Waist Band) holster .


Hardest sheath ever! Multiple attempts were made at making this little guy and I finally have one I don't hate.



8537 Steep Pl
Juneau, AK

General information

Kydex is a thermoformable plastic. It is heated and then pressed around an object in foam to create holsters, sheaths, tool carriers, and many other rugged retaining devices. Many different mounting options are available including several belt loop options, hooks, molle style webbing attachments, and Velcro attachments. Kydex comes in a variety of colors ranging from black all the way to hot pink Kydex is superior to leather and nylon as a holster or sheath material. It doesn't retain water and get heavy or cause rust. It doesn't stretch when wet or rot away. It is made to fit your gun or knife exactly and therefor is a better fit than a run of the mill nylon holster. As a Inside the waist band(IWB) holster the hole the gun is supposed to go back into will not close up like a leather or nylon holster will. It is also very thin and light weight. I stand behind all of my products and have a no BS, no paperwork needed warranty. If I made it and it breaks, bring it back and I'll fix it or replace it no questions asked. If your happy with my products tell your friends, if not tell me and I'll make it right.
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