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Dance of Life promotes holistic health through yoga, life coaching; and chakra balancing. The goal is to promote health and wholeness.

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Aurora Education

I love poetry from Rumi, so I created these mini-posters with quotes! #iloverumi #ilovelearning #ilovepoetry #auroraeducation 04/11/2020

Found this on Pinterest This Is Why You Need To Put Essential Oils On The Bottom Of Your Feet Every Night Before Bed



The mind believes what you tell it.

The mind believes what you tell it. The key to creating the life you want and becoming your most confident self is to feed it with the right thoughts.

As Marisa Peer, Britain's No.1 Therapist says: "First you make your beliefs, and then your beliefs make you."

Join Marisa in this week's Masterclass, where she explains the secret to reprogramming your mind for success AND guides you through a free Instant Transformation Hypnotherapy session.

Book your spot here:


Mi amigo Silvio.


Kulin Shah

The yoga industry is booming: it’s a $16 BILLION industry in the US alone…and growing every day.

But if that’s true, then why are MOST yoga teachers struggling to make ends meet?

You grind out class after class. You drive from studio to studio. If you’re dabbling in online marketing, you’re making YouTube videos here and there, or posting picture after picture on Instagram.

You’re doing the work…but why isn’t it working?

Here’s the truth: You don’t need to work harder, and you don’t need to turn into some scammy “marketer”.

You just need a new STRATEGY.

Our clients are following a very simple, 5-step game plan to build six-figure online businesses that are spiritually AND financially abundant…

…while remaining 100% true to their higher purpose, and serving with complete integrity and authenticity.

The yoga industry is booming…but if you’re not enjoying the financial and spiritual benefits, you owe it to yourself to join us on a FREE masterclass that’s happening today:

We’ll pull back the curtain on the inside strategies smart yoga teachers are using to build a business that fulfills them spiritually AND financially…while making the world a better place along the way. Join us here:


Emerald Isle Essentials

“The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears or the sea.”
-Isak Dinesen
Coming soon...

🔹Lady Webster Seastar Soak🔹

A beautiful blend of Dead Sea Salt, Pink Himalayan Sea Salt & Epsom Salt, with pure essential oils.
Treat yourself to a most relaxing soak, helpful and healing to mind & body.


Artie Wu | Preside Meditation

What is the meaning and purpose of your life?

How do you follow it?

Here is the first session of the series on "How to Find Your Bliss"

To watch all the sessions, visit the main page here:

Feel free to email or message me with your questions, thanks and talk soon!


[email protected]


"Science has shown that meditating actually restructures your brain in ways that can train it to better concentrate and cope with stress, feel greater compassion, and more."

"Science has shown that meditating actually restructures your brain in ways that can train it to better concentrate and cope with stress, feel greater compassion, and more."kelly Mcgonigal
Today, 6pm: Meditation at Prana


Most Beautiful Hotel on Lake Atitlan

Sign up for a yoga class today! Small group or private yoga. Also at La Paz, San Marcos La Laguna, Sunday 3 pm.

Lush Atitlan is ideally located on a hillside on the shores of spectacular Lake Atitlán in San Marcos La Laguna, Guatemala. We have 7 unique suites and 3 roo...



"He is a different child." The power of dance to change a life. (via SunHerald)



Dancing heals and transforms!

"He is a different child." The power of dance to change a life. (via SunHerald)



My new hero. Watch more (via Glamour):

Mayan gardening Workshop 07/30/2017

This Sunday, July 30th!
10 am to noon, meet at Circles Cafe

This Sunday, July 30th!
10 am to noon, meet at Circles Cafe 06/04/2017

The Role Of Yoga In Healing Trauma

The Healing Power of Yoga So-called 'trauma-aware yoga' has mind and body benefits, says Georgetown research.



Yes!!! Love this ❤

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This is what yoga is about. Yoga is for everyone, wherever you are; whoever you are. Yoga is compassion for self. Live in the moment, and believe in transformation.

My new hero. Watch more (via Glamour):

[12/12/16]   New Thai Yoga Massage! 20% a 90 minutes massage! Treat yourself or a loved one for Christmas! :-) Gift certificates are available!



What life is all about.... Dancing!

Nobody cares if you can't dance well. Just get up and dance!!



Check this out! Makala Cruz

"He is a different child." The power of dance to change a life. (via SunHerald) 04/18/2016

The Benefits of Children's Yoga Only Beginning to Be Understood There are many studies out there touting the benefits of yoga, from increasing flexibility and strength, to helping with more debilitating conditions like


Please ask me about doTerra Oils!


Let's Dance! Dancing makes you Smarter!


Alternate Nostril Breathing for Kids

help focus the attention and have a calm mental state:

Child friendly breathing technique to effectively balance the brain, revitalize energy, promote a calm emotional state and soothe the nervous system Discover...


The beauty and grace of a dolphin.

Incredible photo taken in Australia in September.

"After an hour of shooting a pod of dolphins started to follow the surfers in on the big waves," says photographer Matt Hutton. "I was getting some great photos of Trent Sherborne surfing this awesome wave, when a pod of dolphins decided to join him."

More here:
Photo: Matt Hutton Photography


2 Year Old Yoga Teacher

Yoga is for all ages! I love watching children have so much fun in yoga class. Introduce your little ones to Play Yoga; we play yoga games, dance, color and relax.
Thursdays at 10, for Children 1 1/2 years old to 5 years old.

The world's youngest yoga teacher, 2 years old yoga Lincoln James teaches a yoga class. Please, no cell phones or shoes in this young toddler yoga teacher's ... 02/19/2015

Can ‘Mindfulness’ Help Students Do Better in School? Advocates such as Goldie Hawn say schoolchildren who use the meditation technique are more focused and less stressed. Critics see religion in disguise.


Mama Baby Yoga today was fun! After class, one of the moms said, "It's really wonderful what you are doing for us. Thank you for all your healing energy." Thanks for coming to class!



So much fun! Yoga for Children: Mama and Baby Yoga 10 am Mondays; Toddler yoga at 10 am Thursdays; and Kids Yoga for all ages on Saturday 10 am. Lets Play Yoga! Downtown, above Harri's Plumbing on 12th and Glacier Ave. Unique in the world,11Tracks Yoga Bubble album is a series of Yoga Songs that are yoga i...

[02/12/15]   Parent and Toddler yoga today at 10 am. Above Harri's Plumbing on 12th and Glacier Ave, kitty-corner from the downtown Blockbuster. 02/11/2015

Learning How to Read

Check out our new website! Just another WordPress site


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Practicing yoga at the top of Templo IV in Tikal, Guatemala in January 2015.

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