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Photos from AKfilmlabs's post 04/13/2015

Weekend of Winter: Looking for Snow During Juneau's Warmest Cold Season

Photos from AKfilmlabs's post 01/23/2015

A Day Above the Ice: Photos from Heli-skiing the Juneau Icefield

Heliskiing the Juneau Icefield 01/23/2015

Heliskiing the Juneau Icefield

Heliskiing with Alaska Powder Descents

I have this romantic idea of taking a helicopter across the heart of a glacier to ski the untouched peaks looming above an icefield. As I cinched-down the climbing harness over the upper thighs of my snow pants, I felt the picture in my head of happy powder turns suffocating quickly. With my warm, puffy snow pants ballooning around my loins, I was now ready to be rescued in case I fell into a crevasse. You never see any of this in the ski videos, just epic lines down unbelievable mountains set to awesome music. The reality of the situation is that adding helicopters with skiers then multiplying it all by glaciers and mountains raises all kinds of risks. Was I worried? Starting to, or at least I was now not kidding myself. It was time to take it to the next level. I gave my harness one more tug and headed off to the tarmac.


Heliskiing the Juneau Icefield Behind the city of Juneau, Alaska sits a massive icefield stretching 1,500 square miles. During the spring Alaska Powder Descents bring skiers and snowboarde...

Photos from AKfilmlabs's post 01/15/2015

Anchorage Light Show

I've been wanting to photograph the northern lights in Anchorage for awhile now, but bad weather and no solar activity always seemed to coincide with my trips further north. Luckily over the new year my friend Cal dragged me out into the 3 degree weather for a cool display of aurora

Timeline photos 11/18/2014

The winter cabin season has begun in Alaska

Ridge Camping 08/28/2014

Blackerby Ridge cuts between the Mendenhall Valley and the downtown area of Juneau. The ridgeline sits high enough to view the faint glow of northern lights when they make their return during the dark nights of early fall.

Timeline photos 10/22/2013

Mother and calf make their way across the lawn, keeping us from our swing set. Typical Anchorage stuff.

The Crossing of Admiralty Island: Part 3 | AKfilmlabs 10/14/2013

The Crossing of Admiralty Island: Part 3 | AKfilmlabs

Checkout Crossing Admiralty Part 3. With 100% more pics, jokes, and ra**ch - join us as we enter the heart of Admiralty Island


The Crossing of Admiralty Island: Part 3 | AKfilmlabs The Crossing of Admiralty Island: Part 3Posted on October 11, 2013 by DavidMole Harbor to Guerin Lake I’d had dreams of waking up to an Admiralty brown bear sniffing on my feet, ready to chew. Luckily, when I woke all I saw was the missing fourth wall to our shelter and smoke from last night’s fire....

Timeline photos 10/08/2013

The bright summer nights have faded, the aurora is visible again!

Kayaking Alaska's Inside Passage to Homeskillet Festival 08/29/2013

Kayaking Alaska's Inside Passage to Homeskillet Festival

New footage from the upcoming documentary Larger Than Life, where Brandon Hauser and David Reed paddle 200 miles in order to film Homeskillet Festival in Sitka, Alaska


Kayaking Alaska's Inside Passage to Homeskillet Festival What happens when you try and Kayak 200 miles in ten days through the inside passage of Alaska? This trailer, for the documentary Larger than Life, will give you…

Word 2 the Wize 5: Real Deal vs. Phonetic 05/16/2013

Word 2 the Wize 5: Real Deal vs. Phonetic

A subtle storm has been brewing in Alaska for quite some time. Hip hop has taken root across the state. From small villages to "big" cities, people have embraced rap as an outlet from the frustrations and trials of living in Alaska.

Word 2 The Wize has become the flagship event that draws from the best lyricists acrossed Alaska and showcases their skills in head-to-head battle rapping. Now, forget what you think you know about battle rap. In the past ten years it has evolved into a very complex game of wits. A mix of prepared lyrics, rebuttals, and off-the-cuff jabs have turned rap battling into a strategic game of verbal chess.

What's so surprising is the level of heart and dedication each performer puts into the event. They give their all which makes for one hell of an entertaining night. I'm proud to say that Word 2 The Wize 6 was no exception, in fact everyone involved kicked it up a few notches. Lines were vicious and clever. People definitely won while others came up short, but at the end of the night everyone was on good terms and happy about the level of competition. I'm excited to share these battles with those who couldn't make it. They're coming soon. In the meantime, enjoy last years main event along with a hilarious interview with one of this years marquee battlers, Daylyt.



Word 2 the Wize 5: Real Deal vs. Phonetic Real Deal, legendary battle rapper from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania confronts Phonetic, one of Alaska's fiercest lyrical competitors. Squaring off at Marlintinis in…

Your Summer Plans | AKfilmlabs 05/08/2013

Your Summer Plans | AKfilmlabs

There are several big activities/festivals during the summer in Southeast Alaska but without a doubt the most ambitious and exciting has to be Homeskillet Fest in Sitka, Alaska.


Your Summer Plans | AKfilmlabs Your Summer PlansPosted on May 8, 2013 by DavidLearn more at: http://www.homeskilletfest.com/ This entry was posted in Music and tagged Alaska, blues, concert, Don't Talk to the Cops, folk music, freestyle, Fresh Espresso, Hella Dope, hip hop, Homeskillet Festival, improv, Kingdom Crumbs, live music...

The Crossing of Admiralty Island: Part One | AKfilmlabs 05/08/2013

The Crossing of Admiralty Island: Part One | AKfilmlabs

The first in a five part series - The Crossing of Admiralty Island details an epic path across an island famous for its dense bear population. Join David, Bryan, Inua, and Brandon as they discover the true meaning of the word PORTAGE.


The Crossing of Admiralty Island: Part One | AKfilmlabs The Crossing of Admiralty Island: Part OnePosted on May 7, 2013 by DavidOliver’s Inlet to Angoon – 70 Miles Across AdmiraltySometimes a trip into the wilderness sounds so good that I don’t question the reality of what it will take to actually survive the expedition. The idea of spending ten days tra...


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