Boarderline Legacy

Boarderline Legacy


How far you goin' back? Way back...
“Snowboar道” (Snowboardoh/Snowboardou)
道 means "road" or "way" how you live your life.
So "Snowboar道" means "the way of the life with Snowboard"
This was explained to Jason Borgstede as the path we choose to follow to live a life around snowboarding.
Jason's pursuit of Snowboardou has introduced him to others on the same pursuit.
These two men are black belts in the art of Snowboardou. They have molded their lives around being a part of the mountains and snowboarding. It's an honor to share the mountains with them and to call them friends. This day riding was spent chasing Japanese snow with people excited to ride despite tough conditions. Each man pictured has been riding about 30 years, and there is still a child-like excitement at the hope for soft snow or deep turns.
Kohei Amemiya (L)moved to Alaska when he was 14 to attend school and fell in love with the state. Snowboarding became his tool of connection to the land Jason call home.
Shin Biyajima (C)went to Boarderline Legacy snowboard camp when he was 19 and has gone on to become a world famous free rider featured in a documentary produced by Travis Rice .
These men have given everything they have to stay involved in snowboarding, improve their communities, and open their hearts to others that love the mountains.
Thank you for being so kind to our crew and family. You guys are amazing and we look forward to our next turns together.
p:Brandon Chenault
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I lived in Anchorage my whole life, but moved to Boise, ID several months ago. The pic on the bottom is a bumper sticker I always see on a vehicle on my street and it always reminds me of you guys. Today I made a pic collage and WOW. Someone is stealing your swagger! 🤣😏 Reminds me of home!!! ❄️🌨🏂🗻
Little Zack getting his new deck for his 6th Birthday!
Every time the pawn shop turns someone away with useless stolen property, they then go steal from the nearest place to feed their m**h habits. I am sure you all know someone who is on drugs, or have a family member in jail in Juneau. Everyone who steals is someone's loved one who is having problems. You should be seeking out these perpetrators and trying to help them and their families make better choices.

Shop # 907-789-0169
Instagram @boarderlinelegacy
Snowboard, skateboard, surf, shoes, apparel, lifestyle. Boarderline Legacy continues… Welcome to the Boarderline Legacy!

We are a rider owned and rider operated snow & skate shop. Boarderline Legacy is the rebirth of my father’s legacy – the original Boarderline Snow and Skate shop – that existed from the 80s to mid-2005 until big-box stores, the Internet and imitation industry chains forced us to shut down. My goal is very simple: support skateboarders, surfers, and snowboarders by providing them with sponsorships,

Operating as usual


Might be snowing a bit again but dry, sunny days of skating are right around the corner!! That being said, come on thru and get laced up with some new wood! People are definitely thinking ahead, like the homie who copped this sick @quasiskateboards deck today. I had to snag a pic of this masterpiece cause the shape and graphics on all the Quasi decks are 🔥 🔥 🔥.

We have plenty of decks and whatnot in store and next week spring orders will start hitting so LETS GO SKATE!!!! 2022 summer of skate is gone be the best one yet!


Spring time is on the horizon and the skateboard sessions are right there with it!

Super psyched on how Tobi’s skateboard turned out!
Tobi (pictured here) came in a few weeks ago and picked out all new skate stuff for a deck that has been sitting around and looked pretty beat up. She then said she was going to paint her own graphic on it and come back when she was done and get it set up to skate. Welp, here it is and it IS AWESOME!! She hand painted that on the deck and it came out super smooth and super rad. Always cool to see people creating and skating. Thanks for bringing it by, showing me and letting me set it up to shred! Have fun cruising that sucker around this summer Tobi!!


Come to the place where the real players play! It’s about that time of year when alot of you think it’s time to start packing the winter goodies away because y’all believe the snow is done…WEELP, it ain’t!!
I’m gonna bet we’re going to get slammed with some tasty POW here very shortly and you’re gonna want to be prepared! Don’t worry, We still have a bunch of shred gear at BOARDERLINE and this season is a great time to buy cause next season the prices on everything is going to be a bit higher than now. Come thru and score big…just like our buddy Shannon did with this @jonessnowboards SOLUTION SPLIT and skins with ARC @sparkrandd binders!! (Pictured here).
We are open everyday all day for all your snowboard and skateboard needs so roll up!!
Inside the Nugget Mall next to La Salsa and Hearthide Books. 907-789-0169


Evan testing out the park jump.

I said it once and I’ll say it again, this kid is gettin’ good!
Boarderline Employee and Team Rider Evan Fabrello is steady stacking clips this season. This dude loves to snowboard and gets noticeably better every time he slaps on the board. Pretty rad to see the next generation picking up the slack!

🎥 @spenserak


Attention Current and future split boarders!! We still have a few of the @karakorambc Split bindings left at the shop!!
Arguably the best to ever do it, Karakoram boasts an amazingly light, durable and efficient binding for any type of ripper.

We got The GRIZZLY bindings which are easily the best bang for your buck and then the hyper responsive and light RECON bindings that is priced a lil higher but for good reason.

These aren’t going to last long at all so come they and swoop a pair while you can!! All at your favorite shred shack Boarderline Legacy! Inside the NUGGET MALL across from La Salsa.

Eaglecrest Ski Area officials want $2M to buy a used, aerial gondola system 02/21/2022

Eaglecrest Ski Area officials want $2M to buy a used, aerial gondola system

I’m game for this action.

Eaglecrest Ski Area officials want $2M to buy a used, aerial gondola system Buying it could save millions of dollars and shave years off of a plan in development to cash in on summer cruise ship visitors and eliminate the need for local taxpayer support to run Eaglecrest Ski Area.

Photos from Boarderline Legacy's post 11/14/2021

It’s getting to look a lot like winter around these parts and I know you need a new shred kit! We got in a good chunk of our @volcomsnow order and as always, ALL of it looks 🔥🔥🔥 !!

We got men’s, women’s and a little kids in right now and almost All of it is GORETEX, which is a must have here in SE Alaska! Come thru and get you a set up that will make you look rad and keep you warm and dry. Juneau Exclusive only found at BOARDERLINE right here in the Nugget Mall next to La Salsa! 907-789-0169


@andrewreynolds and @vansskate hitting you with a heater in a two seater! Got the 92’ Half Cab Skate and The Old Skool in at Boarderline and both these are some of the best color ways I’ve seen.
I’ve always been a fan of Reynolds and any of his signature shoes so I was curious on what the move to Vans would entail….it didn’t disappoint!! Come thru and cop em both right here at Boarderline in the Nugget Mall next to La Salsa.


Got a nice lil pleasure pack of some @backcountryaccess goodies just in time for that lil Snow we got in them mountains the last couple days!!

The shred season is approaching with a quickness and anyway you like your shred, you should always be prepared with the best/most reliable backcountry avalanche gear out there in the field and BCA is it! We got the legendary, tried and true Tracker Avalanche Beacons (the TS , T3 and the newest, T4). Also we got some shovels, probes and the Link 2.0 radios so you can communicate with your pals in the mountains.
Come in and score, cause these are gonna go fast!!

If you don’t want to piece it together, we have some T4 Packages up for grabs too! (T4, Shovel and Probe). Come thru to talk some shred and score on some of the hood stuff!


As I’m sure you’re all aware, the snow is blasting down the mountains and will be in town before we know it…but that doesn’t mean much to this lil shredder. Landon came thru and scored himself his first real deal skateboard and was going to hit the park up right away and break er in. Lil dude was all fired up which definitely stoked us out. We always have skate goodies piled in the shop so whenever it’s needed, come thru and get set up proper at Boarderline.


Boarderline Bevan’s First Day of University.

Here’s a throwback from a few weeks ago that I forgot to post on here, but it’s too good not to post.

Boarderline shredder/employee Evan Fabrello had his first day of University a few weeks ago…here’s what he did in between classes. Butter alert!! 🔥🧈🧈🧈🧈 🔥 @uma_landsleds @nikesb

Photos from Boarderline Legacy's post 09/21/2021

And just like that, WHAMMY!!! Winter goodies have started to arrive and the wall is full of the good stuff!! Super stoked that our first shred sticks of the year to arrive is none other than 2022 @libtechnologies and @gnusnowboards and DAMN do these suckers look 🔥🔥🔥… Come on thru, take a gander and score one while the getting is good!! Boards are already starting to disappear and we just pulled them out of the boxes a couple hours ago, so obviously people got the need for some POW!! Find em at your favorite local shred shack, BOARDERLINE LEGACY and bring on the SNOW!!!


It’s time to stop neglecting doh’s nuts y’all!
For real tho, for years we’ve been telling you how awesome these @saxxunderwear are and for years I’ve had the comfort of a “silk hand” cupping my balls all day while the rest of your sacks are living miserable in 1985 slapping and chaffing all day…I can’t force you to buy them but I’m letting you know you’re missing out.

Come thru Boarderline and snag a few pairs of “the most comfortable nut sack holders/underwear in all the land”- Deez


TIS THE SEASON for EVERYTHING!!! This time of year can get some people in the skate and snowboard game a little down due to the confusing season transition. Gets a little too cold and wet to skate but it’s not cold enough to snow, so we kinda tend to just wait and wonder. 😂
BUT around here at BOARDERLINE we like to keep the stoke alive on all fronts and all seasons!! This time of year we receive the most inventory from all sectors and there is usually a week when that starts to pop off. IT HAS BEGUN!! Today we received a FAT skate order consisting of Decks, Wheels, Trucks, Apparel and MORE cause it’s ALWAYS skate season around these parts!! So come thru and check all these goodies out and stay tuned cause this week we have several PALLETS of SNOW and SKATE goods dropping in at Your favorite shred shack!! Boarderline Legacy in the Nugget Mall across from La Salsa and Hearthside Books.


Check out Lil shredder Minali showing off her brand new complete with custom grip!
She already had herself a longboard but wants to learn some tricks and rip the park up, so she picked out all the goods!
She got Boarderline Deck with clear @mobgrip over a love Alaska sticker, some pink @tensortrucks , bright blue @mini_logo wheels and some @bonesbearings to get that speed. The board looks awesome and she’s already ripping it! Have fun out there Minali and Keep pushing!!

Photos from Boarderline Legacy's post 08/20/2021

NEW BATCH OF @nbnumeric (New Balance Numeric) just landed in da shop!! If you haven’t already gave these NB shoes a try then you better get on it!! They are legitimately some of the most comfortable skate shoes I have ever worn and the styles/colors are ALL 🔥 🔥 🔥…. Swipe left to get a peek at the colors and then come into Boarderline and get a pair of your new favorite kicks! Open 10-8 inside the Nugget Mall across from La Salsa and Hearthside books!


Shout out to the lil shredder @haydenjimenezak1 who swooped up this beast of a complete skateboard today! Hayden is on his way down to Woodward skate camp and wanted to show up with a new whip to rip up all those epic ramps! This dude was the epitome of stoked and we couldn’t be more hyped to get him set up and reppin’ down in the Mecca of shredding. Have fun having a blast!!

His epic set up…
@drkrminc deck
@independenttrucks Hollow Forged Trucks
@bonesbearings SUPER Reds

Photos from Boarderline Legacy's post 07/22/2021

Another FAT shipment of @vansskate shoes arrived and is already on the wall waiting to get and on to dem feets!

I wanted to feature these two shoes specifically because that new Scarab/Military color way @vans is doing doing IS STRAIGHT 🔥🔥🔥🔥!!!
We got the Skate Half Cab and the Skate Old Skool in that color way which have the “pop cush” footbeds for ultimate comfort, the “duracap” toes and sidewalls for the classic look and durability and of course the “SickStik” rubber for legendary grip!

Come thru your favorite shred shack and check em out! Even if that color isnt your s**t, there is a bunch of other models/colors to choose from at BOARDERLINE!!!

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Evan testing out the park jump.
Boarderline Bevan’s First Day of University.
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