Boarderline Legacy

Boarderline Legacy


How far you goin' back? Way back...
I lived in Anchorage my whole life, but moved to Boise, ID several months ago. The pic on the bottom is a bumper sticker I always see on a vehicle on my street and it always reminds me of you guys. Today I made a pic collage and WOW. Someone is stealing your swagger! 🤣😏 Reminds me of home!!! ❄️🌨🏂🗻
Little Zack getting his new deck for his 6th Birthday!
Every time the pawn shop turns someone away with useless stolen property, they then go steal from the nearest place to feed their meth habits. I am sure you all know someone who is on drugs, or have a family member in jail in Juneau. Everyone who steals is someone's loved one who is having problems. You should be seeking out these perpetrators and trying to help them and their families make better choices.

Shop # 907-789-0169 Instagram @boarderlinelegacy Snowboard, skateboard, surf, live, lifestyle. Boarderline Legacy continues. Welcome to the Boarderline Legacy!

We are a rider owned and rider operated snow & skate shop. Boarderline Legacy is the rebirth of my father’s legacy – the original Boarderline Snow and Skate shop – that existed from the 80s to mid-2005 until big-box stores, the Internet and imitation industry chains forced us to shut down. My goal is very simple: support skateboarders, surfers, and snowboarders by providing them with sponsorships, events, programs and more than 25 years of experience within the action sports industry. My father provided this for a long time. It was an unbelievable and enduring experience for everyone who was involved. He worked his ass off and put in way too much work and love because, at the end of the day, he believed in what he was doing. He believed in Alaska and, more importantly, he believed in Alaskans. And I’m not going to see that die or be wasted in my lifetime. Mahalo, Jake Liska

Operating as usual

Jer boi Evan Fabrello has been getting his shred on down in Colorado this past month and slapped this little edit together. Always awesome to see the yung bucks rippin’ here, there and everywhere. Keep being rad Breeshio!

The mini shredders are out in full force!!

Check out the future X-Games champ Gavin showing off his brand new @libtechnologies Banana Blaster!! He was up shredding with his pops @liumsteve and they decided it was time to up the game, and that they did! Brand new Lib deck and some Burton Mission binders makes a good recipe for serious ripping!
Have fun out there and big thanks to the Lium family for years of supporting their local shred shack! (The whole fam shreds)

Come n’ Get em’!!!
Check out the TPH @raynewalling testing out the OG Beanie today at the crest. If you swipe left, there’s a whole array of different flavors in ball caps and Truckers. There’s limited supply, so get in soon!!

NEW TRACKER 4 Avalanche Beacons are in store now!
It’s the season for all the backcountry shenanigans you can handle...but always remember, SAFTEY FIRST, especially when you’re out in the backcountry.
Always have and know how to use a Beacon, Probe and Shovel (At the very least) because you or someone else’s life could depend on it.

Come through and swoop one of these up...super easy to use interface with extra durability makes for the best avalanche beacons on the market.

A Lil’ Sunday delight for all you night owls getting your shred fix.

Juneau’s own Mark Landvik putting everyone on notice. It has and will Always be a pleasure to see ole Toobe Lando playing in the mountains. And Daaaamn, that is one hell of a capture by @tylercresser 🎥 ...
Sleep tight y’all, and PRAY FOR SNOW!!

Come through and get the youngster in your life in some fresh new kicks!! All the shoes pictures here are in youth sizes 5 and below... But this is a Big shipment of @dc_skateboarding that hit the shop and there is a shoe for everybody! Men, Women and Children!! We got you covered!

Boarderline flannel’s Are in da shop!! Featuring the OG Boarderline patch and sewn into one of the most comfortable flannels I’ve ever done worn. Get in here soon, cause these are definitely going to be gone with a quickness...for real, these are hot cakes.

In House Model: @lu_ke_907

MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR from your friends and family at Boarderline Legacy!! We’d like to thank all of you for the continued support in keeping the shred dream alive. Another Christmas down!! And Here’s to a banger 2021. Bring on the POW for winter and the sun for summer and the shred sector should make it through another one.

Big thanks to our radical employees Rayne Walling, Evan Fabrello and Luke Eriksen for making it happen this year, couldn’t have done it without you.

Shout out to the homie Elliot Matheis for another awesome design (pictured here). You rule dude!


The 2021 @sharksnowsurf decks are in and looking PRIME TIME as usual!!

HANDMADE and HAND SHAPED by our buddy Tim down in Washington and sent up to the motherland for some good olde Alaskan testing! If you have a shredder on your list, I 100% GUARANTEE they would be over the moon if this was nestled under the tree Christmas morn. Gotta few sizes and shapes to choose from so get in here quick if you want first pickin’!!

NEW @dgk X Bruce Lee gear is at da shop NOW!! You can always count on DGK to come at you with the Illest designs and colabs in the game. Come swoop a few of these for yourself, your wall or knock someone off your Xmas list. Cant go wrong with any of these pieces. Tees, Hoodies, socks and Decks....come N’ get em’!

Throwback with the man himself Max Mcvay doing some intense spin in, straight down type stuff like a true OG. It’s funny how subtle a picture or video can make something as gnar as this look a little less gnarly than it is. I’ll tell you right now, this sh*t is GNAR BOOTS. Super rad capture by the homie @sonnypittman too. Good work boys, hope both of you get into some goods this winter.

Super stoked to say SPARK R&D BINDINGS ARE IN STORE NOW! I respect, @sparkrandd is at Boarderline!

The order is in and we have some bindings, split skins, Pucks, 2nd board kits, Zip Strips, compactor touring poles and we even got a couple VERTS that are compatible with any Puck compatible Splitboard binding. This stuff isn’t going to last very long so I suggest you roll in ASAP.

Whole gang of @welcomeskateboards and @orbswheels just showed up at Da Shop!!! Just in time for birthdays, Christmas and A DRY SKATEPARK! That’s right, park is dry and needing you to sesh it. So come through and snag a new complete and get to skatin’ while the gettin is good.

The homie @leonu03 comes through often and it’s usually in regards to some fresh new threads or (more often) he comes through chatting about downhill longboarding. Leon started charging the hills hard this summer but as you can tell, that season is over. So he did what any logical person would do and copped a new skateboard complete to shred the park with! Tis the season to get one of these boards under the tree for that special shredder or shredders in your life and we got all the goodies you could want. PLUS we just got a skate order in today, with A TON MORE in transit. Come through and score like Leon!! Have fun learning the transitions at the park dude, it’s a whole other obsession! ✌️

Rainery, full send.

Here’s a nice little banger to start a Wednesday. Check out Boarderline Team Rider and all around swell young man @markrainery just letting em hang off this Baker Road Gap. Doesn’t get much more rad than that, for real. Everything about this shot is EPIC. Hopefully we’ll all be getting into the white room here soon, in the meantime go check out all Mark’s rad clips and stay tuned for some more adventures with Rainery.

Rider: @markrainery
🎥 : @freedlecoty

A fresh batch of #quickstrike @santacruzskateboards @slimeballsog and @ojwheels gear is in at Da Shop! Come through and get kitted out like a G. Hoodies, Tees, hats....even little fingerboard keychains. You gotta come scope!

Super stoked to get the #bdp himself @psmith907 linked up with this killer set up!!
Paul, @jgsmith75 and @jacob_liska all went on a hunting trip up north for 2 weeks and had a rad ole time...So as a thank you for such an awesome trip and for blasting a moose, Jabo hooked him up with a board.
And he’s gona be stoked on this one! @libtechnologies #boxscratcher , which is our long time friend and a REAL Boarderline OG @jesseburtner pro model featuring art done by his wife and all around rad person @pika_burtner !! It’s going to be a perfect board for Paul to progress and rip the mountain to shreds this year! Have fun up there buddy!!

@volcom is easily one of our favorite skate and snow brands. We’ve be rocking with these kats off and on, through ups and downs, since the beginning. And to this day They always find a way to make the dopest gear in the game and they do it with serious style. Their saying “True To This” holds some serious weight...not just for them but for us and the rest of the skate and snow shops out there, along with everyone who continually supports their brand throughout the decades. Super stoked on this Swag we got hooked with that shows some love to the Alaskan sector...The REAL Northwest!! Haha
We’ll keep reppin’ till the wheels fall off, y’all just keep hitting us with the goods.
🤘🤘.... @volcom @volcomsnow @volcomskate @volcomwomens @volcomsurf

Don’t sleep on these! @nbnumeric and @primitiveskate teamed up again (round 2) with a quickstrike “Gold Rush” inspired collaboration for all our enjoyment, and we got em’ right here at your local shred shed!! These suckers got that DriLex lining for anti microbial and moisture wicking along with extra tread on the sole for the Juneau trails. Plus it has a dope Primitive hit on the side and some straight GOLD footbeds that look fit for royalty. These are super clean and limited edition, so holler atcha Boi!

I don’t know who needs to hear this but the new ULTRARANGE EXO HI is at da shop and they are a south east AK dream!! Super light, extra tread and did I forget to mention, these suckers are GORE TEX!! Come cop a pair of either the Brown/Black or get the true pimpers, the @bryaniguchi PRO model in black and grey. Stay warm, dry and looking good this winter with some EXO’s. Hit us up!

Now there’s a sight for sore eyes!! Getting hit with the double whammy of rad by two of the coolest dudes you’ll ever meet. The cool you’re gazing upon is non other than the homies @cory_simpson picking up his 162 EJACK KNIFE and @richiebehuniak picking up his 159 Rasman both of which are brought to you by our friends over at @libtechnologies .
Cory made an very factual observation earlier....he said something along the lines of how the grown up Boarderline dudes (himself and Ritchie in this) are all grown up with careers and can buy cool sh*t now. I thought that was hilarious, true and super awesome...Cause both these guys are now pillars of the community, extremely hard working, down to earth and just awesome people. Have fun out there this season, We’ll be getting in that white room together, no doubt.

Here’s a little post Thanksgiving, Pre Christmas gift from Boarderline to you...we just received the @unionbindingco “FORCE FAST 5 PACK” and they are up for grabs right here at Da shop!!!! EXTREMELY LIMITED.

These bad Larry’s are Limited exclusively to hand selected Union dealers across the globe (each dealer will only be receiving one “Fast Five Pack”) so get in quick and grab the color of your choice. There’s a very good chance you’ll never see another pair such as yours...or you can collect all five and solidify that theory. Whatever you do, you’re gonna want to Snag a pair FAST! These won’t be around long, and once they’re gone, there’re gone... forever.

Hope everyone had themselves an awesome Thanksgiving Day with family, friends or by yourself stuffing you face with some yummy food. Looks like quite a few of you got outside and in the mountains which is always awesome.
That being said, tomorrow is BLACK FRIDAY and Boarderline is OPENING AT 6:00A.M until 8:00PM. It would be a great day to come stock up on stocking stuffers and presents for the fam. We will be doing 10% TO 50% OFF on select items throughout the store. We have select snowboards, skateboards, outerwear, clothing, shoes, sunglasses, goggles and more that will be on sale. So Come on through and check us out!

November Wedge

Let the season commence!!
Awesome edit done by Spenser Johnson featuring Sam Buck and Evan Fabrello.
These guys know how to give you all the shredding feels and Boarderline knows how get you set up to join em. Come on thru, get a fresh snowboard and then got find these dudes on the mountain for some good ole fashioned snowboarding fun!

Also, go check out Spenser’s Vimeo for some awesome vids.


The stoke is high around these parts!!

Check out the lil homie @corg_cobain showing off his brand new @libtechnologies T. RIPPER with the Flight Pro @unionbindingco and @burton Photon boots in true Juneau fashion!! Like a lot of us Gavin is all fired up to shred this year and now he’s got all the goods to make it happen. It’s always rad to see the kids getting so amped to get out there and slide sideways And This dude has the fire of someone who is going to be RIPPING by seasons end. Have fun shredding and we’ll see you up there!!!

Someone out there is gona be hyped on their present!! This kids Grandpa rolled through on a solo mission and Wanted to know everything he could about a skateboard and the assembly of it for his grandson. So I gave him the treatment and while I was putting it together he was glued to the snowboard movie playing and was like “damn, can you do that stuff”?. He was beyond hyped on every thing and it was awesome. Good way to send out the first “New” Boarderline deck of this batch.

The NEW issue of @snowboardermag is in your favorite local shred shack! If you’re in Juneau, Come on thru for a chat and a mag. “It’s on the house.”

Thank you #SnowboarderMag and thank you snowboarding.


Always love getting a fat box of NEW @arcadebelts in!! We’ve been rocking with these Arcade adventure belts for awhile now and they never disappoint. The Worlds Most Comfortable Belt is about as accurate a statement gets. These suckers feel great, one size fit all and chances are you won’t get hassled in the airport security line because the buckles are invisible. Haha
Plus you can use them for everything. Snowboarding, skateboarding, hiking, fishing, biking, skiing, could even rock on of these for a wedding. Be perfect for breaking on off on the dance floor. Come an’ Get em’.

SNEAK PEEK!! I’ll throw some more pictures up but we just got in two pallets of @vanssnow snowboarding boots and a bunch of the long awaited MTE BOOTS/SHOES. Pictured here is the @arthur_longo Standard Mid MTE and IT IS DOOOOPE. Waterproof, insulated and extra tread will keep you warm and dry after riding or just walking down the street in this slush fest we got going on. Not to mention they are mad steezy. Better come through sooner than later if you wanna cop! First come first serve. If you look closely you can see the @bryaniguchi GORE Ultrarange among some other bangers. (There’s a bunch of people waiting for those so yeah, bet hurry on through.)

New BOARDERLINE swag has been rolling in THICK the last couple days and it ain’t over yet. Come check out the NEW color ways and styles we got, you won’t be disappointed. Here’s Jer Boi @akbevan907 rocking the Grey on Grey O.G. Hoody. Freshly printed and ready to go. Come and get em!!!

It might have taken a hot minute, but they have finally arrived!! NEW BOARDERLINE DECKS ARE IN and are looking ALL TIME!! We got one deck sporting the “Slimer” logo done by our good buddy and Boarderline homie @shredsndoodles ( Elliot)
AND then we have the NEW “Boarderline Crest” logo done by none other than our very own, the awesome and talented @jessicaliska !!
We have these decks in sizes ranging from 7.3 (Mini Deck) all the way up to 8.6 so there’s definitely one in there for you! Come on through and get set up with the goods!! The Perfect CHRISTMAS present for that skater in your life. We’ll see you here!!

If you haven’t slapped a pair of these ANON #MFI #SONAR GOGGLES on and took a fat SPRAY to the FACE, you’re legitimately missing out. The OG magna tech shred goggle just keeps getting better and we have em ALL!! Pair these bad Larry’s up with an Anon Helmet and you can’t be stopped!! You’ll be looking cooler than cool and throwing down a plethora of new tricks just off of the steez and function alone. We even have the Women and Youth MFI gogs in, so you can literally give the gift of cool to everyone in your squad. Come through and see what I’m spraying about!!

An Insane amount of rain, SNOW nor cooling temps can stop skaters from getting their skate on. With all this new snow gear and snow everywhere, people tend to sleep on the fact that skating is year round...Not the homie Isaiah!! @youngzayicy came through today with a plan to get a new complete and he followed through. He scored the @planbofficial @shecks pro deck with some @cadillacwheels for the roughy pavement and slick park, some @independenttrucks and bearings and slapped some pink @mobgrip for that ultimate flavor and flick!! He definitely got an upgrade. Have fun ripping dude!!

Stoke meter is running high and this dude is feeling it!! He came through and got the whole shabang, cause he knows the best winter of the millennium is upon us. With that knowledge he decided to go with the best deck choice and scored the @yes_snowboards HYBRID which will take care of any terrain or depth of snow reeeeeal quick. With an epic board you have to have your feet game strong so he copped the @burton Ruler double boa for that custom fit and insane comfort then matched it up with the legendary Burton Mission bindings which boast arguably the most comfy pressure point free strap in da game. Needless to say, that is one hell of a set up!! Have fun ripping and slashing dude, it’s gona be a damn good ride.

@nbnumeric shoes are in and they are looking siiiiiick! Seriously the best shoe run of the season (so far). The models are dope, the color ways are epic and they are all mad, you know them sh*ts are gona skate good. The new @jamie_foy 306 is arguably the best of the bunch but I’m personally eyeballing the 379 in Green. I tried that sucker on too and it is CLEAN, MEAN and yes, GREEN. Come through, try a few on and take a couple home. They are on the wall and ready to go!

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Rainery, full send.
Sam N Deez gettin’ it.




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