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Happy Pride Month!! 🌈🎉✨ Thank you SEAGLA for our flag! 🏳️‍🌈

📍Lingít Aaní
Run the Ridge! 🏃‍♀️

On June 26, you can race on one of Juneau’s most iconic alpine trails during the Juneau Ridge Race. Beginning and ending in Cope Park, runners ascend to the summit of Mt. Juneau, traverse the Juneau Ridge, and then descend into Granite Basin back onto Perseverance.

With approximately 15 miles and 5000 feet of total elevation gain, every finisher is a winner. 🏅

Register today as this event will sell out.

We’re back on Perseverance! 😎

As most of you know, Perseverance took a beating this winter with both an avalanche and a landslide at the beginning of the trail. That was after a storm last year damaged bridges and caused a section of trail to erode into Gold Creek.

We’ve got our work cut for ourselves, but the good news is that we had already planned to have a dedicated crew on Persy all season. Thanks for your patience as we start to get one of Juneau’s most iconic trails back into shape!

📍It’ji Shaanáx
Join our friends NAMI Juneau, SAIL, Juneau Bike Doctor, Zach Gordon Youth Center, and more for Pride Outside next weekend! 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️
100 trees and a 100 ft washout! 🌲 🌊🪨

With all the snow melted on Herbert Glacier trail, members of the Volunteer Trail Maintenance Team chainsawed through approximately 100 downed trees blocking the trail (yes, that’s in addition to the 27 earlier this winter 😮) and fixed a washout below one of the bridges.

To fix the washout, they first had to unblock the bridge underpass as an obstruction had caused the water to divert down the trail and erode the path for ~100 ft. After water was flowing freely again, they set about moving all the material deposited at the bottom of the incline back to the top in order to bring the trail level with the bridge again.

Now it’s a smooooth experience whether you’re riding, hiking, or walking your dog. Shoutout to Marc, Mark, Greg, Tom, Chris, Jack, Dave and everyone else who pitched in.

📍 Ḵaa Shaa Teiwalgi
What a stretch of sun! 🌄

This has been an incredible spring, but has anyone else been go go go outdoors and feeling alright with the rain today? It’s a welcome breather. 😮‍💨

📍Áak’w Ḵwáan lands
It’s national bike to work day! 🚲

Shoutout to Dane who rides to and from the Trail Mix shop with a full day of trail work sandwiched between his commute. We salute you and your daily use of 2 helmets! 👷‍♂️🚴🏼‍♂️

📍Áak’w Ḵwáan lands
Trail Mix won Best Nonprofit! 🥇

Thank you to everyone who voted for us for Best of Juneau. We love taking care of our trail system and serving our community.
🦫We’re beaver believers here at Trail Mix🦫

How can we work with the beavers instead of against them? We install beaver deceivers! 🦫 We spent a week out at Southeast Alaska Land Trust’s Very Beary Berry Wetlands conservation property learning how to install a beaver deceiver. Beaver deceivers help protect important ecosystems. 🌲🦆 Beavers are able to remain in their own space, and the ponds they create provide habitat for migrating birds.

Beaver deceivers provide a way for water to flow through a beaver dam without the beavers noticing. 🌊 For this project, we removed an old beaver deceiver that had gone awry and reinstalled it. While the end result doesn’t look like much, that’s the point. 😉 Beaver decievers are made to be incognito and blend into the surroundings.

❗️Stay tuned: tomorrow we’ll be covering all the details of the installation in our stories.

As beavers continue to make their home in Southeast Alaska, we’re happy to add “beaver deceiver installation” to our toolkit to protect our trails and important ecosystems.

📍Áak’w Ḵwáan lands
🎉Let’s hear it for the girls! 🎉

On Saturday we had a wonderful time with the Girl Scouts of Alaska - Juneau at our first Trail Stewards workday. 💪These incredible girls have chosen to work on the Deishú Áak'w-Outer Point Trail throughout the field season.

At the start of the loop on Outer Point Trail, there was a large rotting stump that was constricting the access to the trail. The Girl Scouts helped excavate dirt and debris from the area and clipped back the stump. Once the trail was widened, gravel was wheelbarrowed in and added to the trail.

✨What a great start to the Trail Steward’s season! ✨We can’t wait to see the Girl Scouts again next month!

📍Deishú Áak'w
We’re upping the ante with a harder bench to guess! 🧐 Do you know where this one is located?

If you think you do, tell us in the comments. We’ll reveal the correct answer after a few guesses.

Here’s a hint: Review the last ‘Take a Seat’ because it’s NOT that one. And to reduce confusion, there’s no snow present currently. Good luck!

📍Wóoshde X' Yé
Vivian Faith Prescott of Planet Alaska has a new book out! 📖

My Father's Smokehouse contains recipes like smoked hooligan spring rolls, salmonberry butter, & spruce tip sugar cookies.

But it also tells stories of Traditional Knowledge that is learned and passed on, from one generation to the next.

Check out Hearthside Books to get your copy today.

Trail Mix, Inc. is dedicated to maintaining and improving the Juneau Trail System.

Operating as usual

Photos from Trail Mix, Inc.'s post 01/04/2023

Say hello to the wheelbarrow's heavy-lifting cousin: the CanyCom! 💪

Canycom's are gravel and material moving machines that make trail work significantly more efficient. These bright red beasts can carry up to 1,000 pounds in their bucket! 🤩 Crew members use CanyCom's to transport gravel, bulky materials, and heavy tools.⚒️

At Trail Mix, we use CanyCom's anywhere that we can. These machines are designed for trail building and move on two tracks, similar to an excavator. While they look rather clunky, they are surprisingly nimble to navigate over roots and rocks. 🪨

📍It'ji Shaanáx


5 New Bridges coming to Treadwell Ditch in 2023! 🥳

With the planning, permitting, and designs completed, we’re ready to begin work from Bonnie Brae all the way to Eaglecrest. 🏔️ 2023 means the construction of our largest bridge yet, spanning over 50 feet! 🏆️

We have an incredible partner for these installations: the Volunteer Trail Maintenance Team (VTMT). Between our trail crew and the VTMT, we have both the skills and people power to pull this off. 🤝

Community partnerships are what fuel all of Trail Mix’s work. 🥾Will you join us as a partner and fund next year’s bridge construction on Treadwell Ditch?

Head to to donate!


Photos from Trail Mix, Inc.'s post 12/28/2022

Wheelbarrows make transport from point to point a breeze! 🌬️

Typically, we use Canycoms to transport gravel here at Trail Mix. But for some projects, nothing beats a wheelbarrow! 🪨

Wheelbarrows maneuver gravel and other trail-building materials over narrow, rooty, or hilly trails. These one-wheeled beasts can carry as much gravel as the wielder can push! 💪

📍Áak’w Ḵwáan lands


Better Together on Auk Nu👯‍♂️

This summer, our crew worked alongside Forest Service crew members to improve the Auk Nu Trail, which leads to John Muir Cabin.

That’s thanks to a new partnership with Pete Schneider, the USFS Recreation Program Manager for the Juneau Ranger District.

With your support, we can do even more in 2023 on trails like Auk Nu, Windfall Lake, and East and West Glacier.

If you believe that Trail Mix and the Forest Service can achieve more together, will you help fund our 2023 plans?

📍Áak’w Kwáan lands


Brighter days are ahead! Happy Winter Solstice! ☀️☃️ With the limited daylight, which is about to start increasing, we hope you have been able to squeeze in some sunny outdoor time. ⛸️⛷️

📍Áak’w Ḵwáan lands

Photos from Trail Mix, Inc.'s post 12/21/2022

Today's is an ode to the humble bucket. 🪣

While it isn't the most flashy of tools, many of your favorite trails were built bucket by bucket (literally)! In 2020, crew members built the Horse Tram Trail by moving gravel to and from gravel bags with buckets. 💪 When the terrain is too difficult to navigate a wheelbarrow or canycom, the buckets are brought in.

In addition to moving gravel, Trail Mix crew members frequently use buckets to move materials, collect rocks, and gather moss. But all uses pail (😉) in comparison to the crew's favored use: flipping the bucket for a perfect snack time seat! 🌯

📍Áak’w Ḵwáan lands


Where’s that bench? 👀 ⁠

If you think you know where it’s located, tell us in the comments. We’ll reveal the correct answer after people have a chance to guess.⁠

Here’s a hint: it has a nice view of the water.⁠

📍Shikaagi Noow


In 2023, our work will rely on the 💥power of partnerships💥 more than ever.

That includes supporting the Juneau Mountain Bike Alliance’s plan to build the Under Thunder Bike Park, a reimagining of existing trails into Juneau’s new riding hub for kids and beginners.

Will you help fund this new bike park and other projects that prove working together is how to improve our trail system?



Last week Trail Mix welcomed the community to join us, Juneau Parks & Recreation, Alaska’s National Forests, Alaska Department of Natural Resources, and Alaska Department of Transportation & Public Facilities for a presentation on the revised edition of the Montana Creek Master Plan. 🌲

The master plan process began in August 2021 with a community-wide survey and stakeholder meetings through the fall and winter. This past August, the community reviewed and commented on the draft master plan and based on that input, a revised master plan was developed.

Information on the revised plan can be found at or the Facebook event Public Meeting Montana Creek Master Plan. ⭐Public comments will be accepted via email to [email protected] through 5 p.m. on December 21st.⭐

📍Kax̱digoowoo Héen

Photos from Trail Mix, Inc.'s post 12/13/2022

This we’re introducing you to one of the most important Trail Mix tools: the tamper! 🪨

The tamper is a trail building tool that features a wooden or metal handle that is roughly waist height. Attached to the base of the tamper is a heavy steel plate, which can come in various sizes.

In soggy Southeast, tampers are key to creating a well-compacted trail that is resistant to erosion. 🌧️ Tampers are used throughout the trail building process to compact down each layer of gravel. Compact gravel is less likely to accumulate water, which creates soggy spots and erodes the trail. First, gravel will be added to the trail. Then, the tamper operator will raise the tamper and lower it back down to the trail, the weight of the tool and their strong muscles working in tandem to smash down the loose gravel. 💪 And then you repeat the process over and over and over and over and over….

📍Kax̱digoowoo Héen


Did you catch the sun halo yesterday? ☀️☁️❄️

This phenomenon is when a ring or arc of light forms around the sun as light refracts off ice crystals present in thin cirrus clouds. The light is usually white but can sometimes have color too.



Snow is coming and with it, new opportunities for recreation! ❄️

A winter favorite for many is the undeveloped trail from John Muir cabin to Peterson Lake cabin. Metal blue diamonds on trees mark this ~10mi traverse, which begins at the Spaulding Meadows trailhead and ends at the Peterson Lake trailhead.

A reminder that tonight at 5:30pm at the Trail Mix Shop is a public meeting about the revised Montana Creek Master Plan, which includes this area. Address is 5723 Concrete Way. See you there!

📍Áak’w Kwáan lands

Photos from Trail Mix, Inc.'s post 12/07/2022

Happy !🛠️💥

We're excited to kick off this new series with a Trail Mix classic: the Pulaski. The Pulaski is a crew and volunteer favorite for so many good reasons:
💚Versatile: you can chop and dig with the flip of a wrist!
🌲Lightweight: easy to carry in and out of the field
💚Sharp: able to slice through roots and small logs
🌲Handy: pulaskis can be used to chop, grub, build drains, loosen soil, and so much more!

Pulaski's are commonly used in wildland firefighting and were invented/reinvented by Ed Pulaski, who saved his crew of 45 firefighters from a disastrous wildfire outside of Wallace, Idaho in 1910. Tools that look similar to the Pulaski have been used for centuries in places as far away as the Alps and ancient Rome.🌎️

We'll be sharing more tools each Tuesday as we prepare for an exciting 2023 trail season! 🤩

📍Áak’w Ḵwáan lands


We 🧡 dirt so much that we named our newsletter after it. Did you know that Trail Mix sends out a monthly newsletter?

Each month, subscribers receive "The Dirt" on Trail Mix. We highlight what we're working on, upcoming trail events, and insider trail information! 🌲 Head to to subscribe!

📍Áak’w Ḵwáan lands


Want to look as cool as Mark? 😎

We just got in new hoodies, t-shirts, and crewnecks that we will have for sale at the JACC tomorrow! 🤩Trail Mix will have a table set up at the from 4-6:30 tomorrow for Gallary Walk. Swing by to say hello, ask questions about trails, and pick up some gear. 👋🏻🥾

PS: Trail Mix gear makes for an awesome Christmas gift for the trail enthusiasts in your life. 😉🌲

📍Áak’w Ḵwáan lands


Mark your calendars! 📆 December 7th at 5:30 PM Trail Mix, Inc, together with our partners at Juneau Parks & Recreation, Alaska's National Forests, Alaska Department of Natural Resources , and Alaska Department of Transportation & Public Facilities will be presenting a revised Master Plan for the Montana Creek Recreation Area at a Public Meeting at the Trail Mix shop (5723 Concrete Way).

The master plan process began in August 2021 with a community-wide survey and stakeholder meetings through the fall and winter. This past August, the community reviewed and commented on the draft master plan and based on that input, a revised master plan was developed.

There will be time for questions and discussion at the conclusion of the presentation. Public comments will be accepted via email to [email protected] through 5 p.m. on December 21.
For more information, visit or the Facebook event Public Meeting Montana Creek Master Plan, or contact the Parks & Recreation Department at (907) 586-5226 or [email protected].

📍Kax̱digoowoo Héen

Photos from Trail Mix, Inc.'s post 11/30/2022

There’s nothing better than a beautiful hike followed by a relaxing cabin stay and with new cabins coming to Juneau, more of us will get to enjoy them. The catch? Trails are not a part of the plan…yet! That’s why this Giving Tuesday we’re raising $12,000 to work on trails to cabins. 🥾 Will you pitch in and help build the trails to get there? Head to to donate.

📍Áak'w Ḵwáan lands


Juneau is getting not one, but likely two, new public use cabins in the next 2 years from our partners at CBJ and USFS! 🛖 Will you help build the trails to get there?

Cabins are only half the experience. The other half is getting there, and we need to make trails a part of the plan. Will you help us raise $12,000 for working on trails to cabins this Giving Tuesday?

It’s a big goal, but we know that anything is possible with the support of our community. ​​💚💪🥾



SheJumpers + full day of moving gravel + brushing = 💪💪💪

Sunny winter days are bringing back memories of warm summer days on the trail. ☀️Over the course of the season, SheJumps volunteers committed over 100 hours of their time to improve the Outer Point Trail! 🥾We know Outer Point needs more work, but don’t worry: we’re working hard all winter to prepare for big improvements during the field season.

Stay tuned: we’re counting on you to help us make a big impact on Juneau’s trails this summer. 🌲


Photos from Alie Ward's post 11/25/2022

The more you know 🌈


We are so thankful for the Volunteer Trail Maintenance Team. 🙏 How many hours do you think the VTMT contributed this year? 🤔

Formed in 2017 by just a few friends, the VTMT is now a powerhouse of trail work, and in 2022, they worked an astounding 2259 hours improving Juneau’s trails!

That included 1,667 hours on Treadwell Ditch, where they built bridge approaches at Eagle Creek and Neilson Creek (a collaboration with crew) as well as improved half a mile of trail tread. They also volunteered on Lena Point, Herbert Glacier, Windfall Lake, and Montana Creek.

Thanks for another amazing season!

📍Áak’w Kwáan lands


Your favorite Juneau trail guessing game is back! 🤨 Do you know where this bench is located?

Benches of various shapes, sizes, and materials dot our trail system, offering a place to sip or snack, chat with a friend, and take in one’s surroundings. While benches benefit everyone, they also increase the accessibility of our trails by providing a place for people to rest.

In this series, we’ll share a photo of a bench, and if you think you know where it’s located, tell us in the comments. We’ll reveal the correct answer after a few guesses. Good luck!

📍Áak'w Ḵwáan lands


What a night! 😂 This roast of outgoing board member Dave Haas by Taylor Vidic was just one of many moments that made our first dinner and auction since 2019 so special.

A BIG thank you to everyone who was a part of this event — from those who donated items and experiences to all the bidders at Centennial Hall and at home. You all helped us meet our goal of raising over $29,000 for trail work! We love our community. 💚

📍Áak’w Kwáan lands


No tix, no tux, no problem! Remote bidding is now available for the Trail Mix Auction! 🤩⁠

The Trail Mix Auction will be open for bidding Thursday starting at 6 PM and will close Saturday at 8:30 PM. Tickets for our live auction and dinner are sold out, but you can still register to bid remotely! ⁠

Head to to register today!


Photos from Trail Mix, Inc.'s post 11/12/2022

Happy Veterans Day! Today, we want to recognize and thank crew members Dane and Mark for their service.

Mark: Active duty Army 2011-2016, Infantry, 1 tour in Iraq
Dane: Army National Guard for 12 years, Calvary Scout and Infantry, 1 tour in Afghanistan

Thank you for your service!

📍Áak'w Ḵwáan lands

Photos from Trail Mix, Inc.'s post 11/11/2022

Any Lord of the Rings fans out there? 🙋 While digging deep to find information on our trails, our team stumbled upon the Juneau State Land Plan from December 1993. With its Tolkien-esque theme, we think the creator of the plan must have been a big fan. 🧙If you’re interested in checking out the full plan, head to 🪄

📍Áak'w Ḵwáan lands


Aren’t pups with packs the cutest? 🐶 This frosty morning brilliance was seen heading out from Peterson Lake Cabin.

📍Áak’w Kwáan lands


The Trail Mix Annual Auction & Dinner is right around the corner! Snag your ticket ( to join us on November 19th at 6 PM at Centennial Hall 🌲

The Trail Mix Auction & Dinner is our #1 fundraiser of the year. Will you join us on November 19th to celebrate our trails? Our shop is already filling up with amazing donations from local artists, businesses, makers, bakers, and more! 🎨🎭️🎂 Don't miss out on the trail celebration of the year--head to to snag your ticket today. 🎟️

📍Áak’w Ḵwáan lands


Interested in learning the Tlingit language? You’re in luck! Sealaska Heritage Institute just released the 2nd edition of their Beginning Lingít Workbook!

The workbook is a must-have tool for any student studying the Tlingit language because it teaches Tlingit words and concepts through imagery. It is based entirely on the teaching methods and steps developed by the Dauenhauers, as well as many other contributors over the years, but it also incorporates some of the ways people today are documenting and teaching various parts of Tlingit grammar, especially verbs.

NEW: Beginning Lingít Workbook, 2nd edition

The 2nd edition is now available through the Sealaska Heritage Store:

"Lingít G̲unéi Sh Tóo Dultóow Xʼúxʼ (Workbook for Beginning to Study Lingít)" is an extension of the landmark book Beginning Tlingit, which was edited by the late Tlingit scholars Richard and Nora Dauenhauer. The workbook was written and compiled by Du Aaní Kawdinook Xh'unei (Lance Twitchell), Ph.D., a language student of the Dauenhauers who is a professor of Alaska Native languages at the University of Alaska Southeast.

The workbook is a must-have tool for any student studying the Tlingit language because it teaches Tlingit words and concepts through imagery. It is based entirely on the teaching methods and steps developed by the Dauenhauers, as well as many other contributors over the years, but it also incorporates some of the ways people today are documenting and teaching various parts of Tlingit grammar, especially verbs.

Photos from Trail Mix, Inc.'s post 11/02/2022

The VTMT is at it again on Treadwell Ditch! 💪

Our hardworking Volunteer Trail Maintenance Team completed another major project before the snow started coming down. ❄️ To make the Eagle Creek bridge a smoother ride or hike, they rebuilt the approach leading up to it. ⚡️

This massive improvement involved building large turnpikes to stabilize the gravel. To build the turnpikes, the crew harvested trees from the area, removed the bark to prolong the lifespan, and pinned them together. Then, they filled it all up with gravel which became compacted down. Smooth travel ahead! 🚵‍♀️🥾

Thank you VTMT! You are all AWESOME! 🤩


Photos from Trail Mix, Inc.'s post 10/31/2022

Happy Halloween! 🎃

Stop by Spirit Halloween (or Breeze In😉) to pick up your Trail Mix Crew Member Kit!🌯 Don't forget-today is the last day you can submit comments to USFS about new cabins in the Tongass! Head to to comment. 🥾

📍Áak’w Ḵwáan lands

Timeline photos 10/28/2022

Timeline photos

For one year, KTOO filmmakers followed three Lingít carvers as they awakened their indigenous language and the craft of building dugout canoes. Episode five of ReVision Alaska, “Yaakw: Language Sanctuary on the Water”, explores the story of how colonial violence pushed the Lingít language and Yaakw to the margins and the healing potential of their resurgence.

Watch live on KTOO 360TV on October 27 at 8:00 p.m. or stream online and on Roku anytime.

More info and all the ways to watch:
📸 Screen grab by Andrés Javier Camacho/KTOO


That's a wrap! ⚒️

The end of the season is always such a bittersweet time for us at Trail Mix. Last Thursday, our fantastic crew members celebrated the end of the season and said goodbye.👋 Our crew members worked hard from April to October to make Juneau’s trails better, one pulaski swing at a time.

✨A huge thank you to Jesse, Hunter, Mary, Laib, Liam, Duncan, Sarah, Julio, Jestoni, Erin, Owen, Sage, Nick, Quinn, Henry, Ambrose, Garrett, Dane, Mark, and Sam. ✨You are all incredible. Your endless enthusiasm and dedication made for a wonderful trail season. We’re already counting down the days until next April.🥾

📍Áak’w Ḵwáan lands


New cabins coming to the Tongass! 🌲🥾

The U.S. Forest Service Alaska Region is receiving $14.4 million for new public use cabins and cabin repairs, with funding coming from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law.

Cabins are the go-to places to celebrate special moments and bring visiting friends and family. From now until October 31st, you can submit a comment to the USFS to let them know what you value when you arrive at a cabin. 🏕️

Head to to submit your comment. ✅ (FYI, the comment portal is significantly more accessible on desktop)


Which of the 6 Juneau cabin sites is your favorite? 🛖

The U.S. Forest Service plans to build up to 12 new cabins in the Tongass, and there’s only a few more days to share what you think. Do you want to to ski, ride, or drive up? Do you want a view of a glacier or the water? All these are options and more!

Whatever your preferences, more outdoor access increases the quality of life in Southeast communities. And if construction includes workforce development, local young growth timber, and partnerships with Alaska Native organizations like Alaska Youth Stewards? It’ll be an even bigger win. 🏆

Under ‘Cabin Features,’ be sure to share that the way these cabins are constructed is just as important as where. 👷‍♀️ Don’t delay - comment by October 31.

📍Áak’w Ḵwáan lands

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