Trail Mix, Inc., Juneau, AK Videos

Videos by Trail Mix, Inc. in Juneau. Our mission is to be the steward of a safe and enjoyable Juneau Trail System by bringing people and resources together for trail improvements and activities.

Excavating a Wetland Pond at Duck Creek

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Excavating a Wetland Pond at Duck Creek

Brown Bear at Sweetheart

Sooty Grouse (Ho**er) Chick

Summer ocean vibes

S’áxt / Wooms / Ts’íihlanjaaw / Devil’s Club

High tide at Eagle Beach

Porcupine under chairlift at Eaglecrest

Sea Lions at Boy Scout Beach

Treadwell Ditch Fully Funded!

Raven Climbing Eaglecrest

A cool winter phenomenon

Winter Ermine

Sharing the Trail with a Black-Tailed Deer

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2020 Online Auction

2020 Auction, No Travel Required

Horse Tram crew member Kim is having a blast using a canycom! Moving gravel is hard work and a canycom is a little like ...

New Hike for a Pint stamp at Kalé/ Mount Juneau. Happy hiking!

Get Stampin’
How many stamps do you still need to complete our Hike for a Pint challenge? Reminder that September 20 is the deadline ...

Running into the weekend like 🐾What are your plans for the long weekend? Right now forecast shows sunshine🤞📍Sayéik

Lawson Creek bridge (Treadwell Ditch Trail)
The first of two 50-foot-long, 1,350-pound beams being flown to the Treadwell Ditch Trail for the new bridge across Laws...

Trail Mix crews building the Under Thunder Trail
Trail Mix crew member Selena Fraker carries a load of gravel down the new Under Thunder Trail from Valley Blvd. The Nikk...