Zach Gordon Youth Center, Juneau, AK Videos

Videos by Zach Gordon Youth Center in Juneau. ZGYC serves as a home away from home for youth. This page will share about our Youth Employment in Parks, the BAM After School Program, and our Outreach program too!

Our chickens love tomatoes! They are a good source of Vitamin A, C and potassium!

Other Zach Gordon Youth Center videos

Our chickens love tomatoes! They are a good source of Vitamin A, C and potassium!

Our chickens enjoying some lettuce!

2021 Closes 75 Years of Zach Gordon Youth Center!
2021 marked 75 years of Zach Gordon Youth Center formally known as The Teen Club! Over those 75 years, the center has se...

Shéiyi X̱aat Hít Youth Shelter opened its doors to youth ages 10 through 17 in July. Get a tour of the house in this vid...

YABers! We are meeting WEDNESDAY at 4:30 at the Zach! Come meet new SXH staff and co-create more of the vision of Sheíyi...

YABers! Today is the day! See you at the Zach at 4:15 so we can set the vibes of Sheíyi Xaat Hít together!

Summer Activities FB Live

Youth Programs Update!

Parent and Caregiver Self Care

Supporting Kids-Covid Parent Support Series

BIPOC Teen Talk Introduction
BIPOC Teen Talk is a social gathering for BIPOC youth to connect with each other, as well as BIPOC adults in the communi...

YEP 2020 Graduation 🎓

Summer Activities for Youth In Juneau!

Why Pride? Panel discussion of the history of Pride and Juneau's celebration of Teen Pride, 2020.

Taking care of ourselves!

Hike, Harvest, and Heal with Vivian Mork

Working from home!
This is a sneak peak at how Amanda works from home

Join us for a live conversation with Annie Caulfield, retired Harborview School Counselor!