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After retirement from the military my behaviors were dominating my life. I was at a point of no return. Once I seek help, I met Johnathan Rios during my treatment. His approach was direct, honest and full of genuine care for others' recovery and wellness. That draw my attention, allowed me to lower my guard and be receptive to his knowledge with SUD, Co-Occurring Disorders etc. My life was changed. Today I am a better husband, father and overall men. I recommend you to listen Johnathan's approach. You won't regret it. It will change your life!


Licensed Psychotherapist


🐊The key to defeating panic attacks is to first realize you aren’t in any danger.
Your body is reacting to a false alarm.
Your RESPONSE to the alarm is what will determine how long the panic attack lasts.

🐊If you try to stop it, resist it, and seek to escape it you will end up throwing gasoline on the fire.

🐊BEGIN to embrace the symptoms… invite them, breath normally, and if you can, begin to demand more! We must begin to do the opposite of what our gut is telling us to do. In this particular case our gut instinct to run, fight, or escape is DEAD WRONG.👈

Jonathan Rios

Men Suffering In Quiet Desperation While Life Passes Them By. 10/19/2021

Men Suffering In Quiet Desperation While Life Passes Them By.

Full interview with Teresa Young. 👍🏼

Men Suffering In Quiet Desperation While Life Passes Them By. This week on the podcast I was joined by Jon Rios @jonathan_i_rios to talk about the reasons why so many men feel they’re losing the battle to lead their fam...


Join me on a journey to freedom from anxiety..

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Imagine where you could be if you lived courageously & full of boldness for 1 year straight🔥

Don’t allow your own unconscious (hidden) fear or the unconscious fear of others to stifle your growth👈


FREE Anxiety Assessment Download

Anxiety is on the rise and most of us aren't really aware of how much it is actually affecting our day to day lives. I've created a comprehensive anxiety assessment to help you pinpoint exactly where you are and if anxiety is having a negative impact on your daily life. Feel free to download, print and keep handy so that you can remember to make the necessary changes to your routine to help lower anxiety levels. -Jonathan Rios, LMHC


Assume the role of PROTECTOR. When

When is aggression appropriate?
We must patrol the gates gentlemen.
We must take the role upon our shoulders.


Oh, so you’re nervous? GOOD!! It means you care👊🏻 GOOD


We get to choose what we do with this one life. I pick this book up weekly to get fired up🔥. Get one if you haven’t. Available on Amazon.

Thriiv Co added a Shop on Website button to their Page. 09/29/2021

Thriiv Co added a Shop on Website button to their Page.

Thriiv Co added a Shop on Website button to their Page.

Motivation 09/29/2021

Just had to repost this one bc it’s so stinking true👈


Did you know that I have a weekly mental health newsletter going out? You don’t want to miss it. Message me your email address or visit my website to sign up.

This week’s topic ‘10 reasons people don’t change’.


18 - Primal Virtues for the Modern Man with Jonathan Rios

Overcoming Panic and Anxiety 08/19/2021

Overcoming Panic and Anxiety


After years of training & well over 10,000 hours of clinical practice I finally decided to develop this dynamic MASTERCLASS.

As a Licensed Psychotherapist I get calls daily from people who suffer in silence.

I’ve put together a full training program explaining what Anxiety & Panic is and a precise roadmap for recovery.

The course offers dynamic & effective clinical assistance that equals up to seven therapy sessions.

I’m so confident in this course that I’m offering a 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE✅. If you complete the course, follow my instruction, and actually do the work involved and don’t experience a significant reduction in symptoms I’ll give you your money back💯💰

Check it out here⬇️

(Link also in bio)

Or visit my website:

Thanks for reading.

Have a great day.

Jonathan Rios
Licensed Psychotherapist LMHC

Overcoming Panic and Anxiety Created by licensed psychotherapist & mental coach Jonathan Rios for anyone struggling with panic attacks, anxiety, and chronic fear.


Anxiety Ecourse N

We’ve added new payment options. Check it out. Investing in yourself is one of the best investments you will ever make for your future.


“Overcoming Panic and Anxiety”

Enrollment open. 💪
30 day money back guarantee ✅
Measurable outcomes. 💥

Thriiv Co added a Shop on Website button to their Page. 08/03/2021

Thriiv Co added a Shop on Website button to their Page.

Thriiv Co added a Shop on Website button to their Page.

Thriiv Co updated their phone number. 08/03/2021

Thriiv Co updated their phone number.

Thriiv Co updated their phone number.

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Photos from Thriiv Co's post


You can’t always be “ok”. Your body-soul-and spirit need renewal.
What are you doing to stay healthy?

Here are a few practices I utilize to keep my body, soul, and spirit in good working condition…

Occasional ice baths

Daily time with God (prayer, scripture reading, journaling, podcasts)

Frequent time in nature without technology

Intentional conversations with my spouse

Intentional time with my kids

Daily aerobic exercise

Books- books- books!!! (Books that inspire and encourage)

Motivational documentaries

Weekly sabbath

Healthy foods

Intermittent fasting

Memorizing quotes that speak to my spirit

Hanging around people that are on fire 🔥

Revisiting my dreams and visions frequently

Jui jitsu drills

Adult soccer league


✅Add your own in the comments!!!!✅


Follow through on your commitments. Your soul is watching👀


Sound familiar? If so you may be a good candidate for my new ecourse.“Overcoming panic & Anxiety”.

Goes live Wednesday!

Send me a DM with your email address to be added to our newsletter.
(The newsletter will include an early bird discount🔥)


Send in your email address if interested in my new Overcoming Anxiety & Panic ecourse👊🏻


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Assume the role of PROTECTOR.  When
Oh, so you’re nervous? GOOD!! It means you care👊🏻  GOOD
Anxiety Ecourse N
“Overcoming Panic and Anxiety”





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