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Blending the grace and dedication of yoga with the power and discipline of kettlebells to bring a new and fun approach to becoming strong, flexible, fit, and overall healthy.

This is achieved in a hardworking, sweaty, and fun environment. Allowing all to grow physically and mentally. StrongFirst Girya (kettlebell)
200 hour yoga teacher training
Functional Movement Screen

Operating as usual


Welp, I’m in for it.
Very excited for this baby girl to come into this world.
I don’t think y’all are ready for
lil baby brown 👶


It’s doesn’t have to always be about the “big lift” or the flashy moves. Don’t get me wrong, I like those things too.
Sometimes though, we should celebrate the constancy, the mechanics, the FEEL of movement.

- No big PR here but I am ecstatic with how smooth these felt today. Something finally clicked.

In the process you must trust

Living .

Photos from Elevated Performance's post 10/24/2021

Look out world!
Things are about to get real!
Baby Brown coming in the Spring of 2022!
We are all so elated to grow our stellar family.
📸 @chrissyoneillco


Try not to get so caught up on where you are going… focus more on where you are.
KB Flow:
Swing - Clean to Thruster - Tactical Lunge - Snatch Down to Clean - Switch


We just wanted to shout it from top of a mountain…. So we did.


60% of the time we have a good time…. Every time.


Come support @aspenstrongfoundation and their mission to promote mental wellness practices and connection to mental health resources in the Roaring Fork Valley.
With @plant_medicine_
It’s a FREE class (space is limited) that will be a lot of fun and for an amazing cause @elevation_fitness_basalt
Please DM me for more details.

Photos from Elevated Performance's post 06/19/2021

When it comes “love”, expectations are the drought in which it withers away, the willingness to love and be loved are the seeds - while appreciation is what makes it grow. -J.B.
If you don’t already know….. I’m moving to Colorado in July. With that:
I’m fortunate of what has found me… a being that keeps my embers burning. It’s not her job to do that and it’s most certainly not her responsibility to raise the fire - THAT IS MINE. I’m already a raging fire, she keeps me cool and cozy.
Shout to all persons and things that guided me to this path. I appreciate it!


Bottom of Kettlebell Swing
🐓Blue: from the center of the body pushing in to the ground. Rooting down to charge up.
🐓Red: Reaching the chest as far forward as the butt and bell are pushing back - creating a long spine with its natural curves.
🐓Green: Setting the Atheltic tension and core compression that will be maintained through the full swing.
🐓The more you can think and feel the grounding quality of this (and any) movement the more stable, powerful, and connected you will feel through the ballistic swing.
-see last post for top of swing-


Actions at the Top of a Swing
🐓BLUE: Get as tall as you can by pressing into the ground
🐓RED: Keeping tension on the bell - pulling back and down
🐓Green: Athletic Tension/compression in whole core including glutes
🐓Yellow: Wait until the bell breaches the plain on the hips to hinge and receive the bell
Rather than enjoying the float try countering the float by pull the bell back and down through the legs. This will help keep you grounded and integrated.
Kettlebells should be treated with respect and with that said if you are looking to start or better your KB practice DM me.


I have no idea what day it is.
Try not to lose sight of the goals you have put in place as well as all the hard work you have already put in.
[email protected] of my favorite things:



When snatching or swinging heavy I prefer to exhale at the top and bottom of the movement the more I need to exert.
💥Breathing out is NOT relaxing in this situation - it’s aggressive, compressive, stabilizing, and grounding.
And then you do handstand stuff.


Think: How many great achievements have you accomplished with little effort? Then why put less effort into the one thing you want most, which is love?
- jason evert
This isn’t just for loving another, but for loving yourself - both require effort.
We have a good time 🎉


It’s said that you are as old as your spine is flexible.
Ring that sh*t out - Twist in every plane of motion, bend and flex at every possible vertebrae, breathe into your spine.

If you need help with mobility work pre/post workout, sport specific, or because you sit and/or travel a lot.... I am here for you.


I choose to believe there is still magic in this world. Even the darkest of nights turn to the brightest of days.
Photo credit: @plant_medicine_
Thank you for believing in me.


Rise and grind but have a good time.
We get one shot at this life thing. Be sure you spend more days doing what you love, doing what inspires and ignites your soul.
Thanks @ianandthewhippets for the dope cut


“Be still like a mountain and flow like a great river.” Lao Tzu
Matrix style ending


Put your big boy/girl pants on and get some sh*t done.
Try this burner:
3 Rounds
5 S.A. Snatch
5 S.A. Thruster
5 Superman Press



Flowin into to the week like a bunch of animals.
You have 52 Monday’s a year, make them count.


You got the keys but I'll never keep my door locked you can always come right in
And if my arms are full you can bet your sweet ass I will drop that sh*t right then
I might be busy but I always got some time to surrender to your beauty.


Kettlebell Swing:
* Feet gripping the ground, digging in, rooting
* Push earth down - jump without leaving ground
* Keep spinal extension
* Squeeze shoulder blades together
* Triceps on - keep tension on bell
* Pull the bell down - make it your bitch
* Patience coming down - wait until it crosses the plain of hips
* Absorb the energy
* Add more power
* Breathe & Repeat
This is something like what goes through my head as I swing.
Swings should be powerful, aggressive, explosive, fast, graceful, smooth, grounding, and energetic.
We have kettlebell classes and one-on-one training as well online sessions @kaizen_fs


Does anyone else sound like a one man band when they lift?
Playing around with some bottoms up cleans that I saw from @agatsufitness


Flowing with friends.
Spending some extra time in kneeling bent press, kick through, and windmill for 5 sec count to feel it out.


You become better at what you constantly do, so do the things you want to be better at consistently.
We flowin!
Tough flow full of traveling transition.
funny how similar @rascione
I think we pulled inspiration from the same place.


The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.
- Alan Watts
Wednesday flow:
Clean - Pistol Squat - Warrior 2 - Cossack - Cheer Press - Snatch Down


With you, I am home.


You are only givin a little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it!
- Robin Williams
Embrace your madness.


Flipin into the weekend.
If you have never flowed with @rascione... you should.

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John is a life long athlete with an immense passion for fitness and the well being of other humans. Using his training knowledge and experience that extends from sports, bodybuilding, functional movement, power development, Olympic lifting, and Yoga to create solid foundations for human movement and progress. With quality over quantity mindset and attention to detail he keeps a safe environment of training and maybe a couple laughs.

FRC - Movement specialist
StrongFirst Girya (kettlebell)
200 hour yoga teacher training
Functional Movement Screen

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