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Even those who hustle need rest.


What steps are you taking to prepare today?


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Great opportunity!

Build your Linklater voice practice in the New Year on your schedule!
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Moms are like rock stars! But you probably already know that or even better ARE one.

I have had the pleasure of working with one heck of a rock star mom the last few weeks preparing a speech for the PTA at her children's school. She was nervous as all get out when we first started but is now feeling prepared and confident. Wishing this particular rock star lots of success this week - you got this!

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Sending Thanksgiving blessings to everyone! May your day be filled with family, fun and food.


Being expressive with your voice can feel really vulnerable. It can also feel really weird to you if you're used to working in an office where you use your "indoor voice" more habitually. Take a look at this article that shares four ways to add expressiveness to your voice: https://communispond.com/insights/blog/150/4-ways-to-add-expressiveness-to-your-voice/


Had so much fun this week prepping a young actor on for his self-tape audition. He's coming back next week and we're recording it together! Wishing this young man the best of luck - fingers crossed for him! #TakeALookTuesday #PointBlancVoice

Also, taking a quick moment to enjoy the diversity of my work. I get to meet so many beautiful individuals looking to improve their communication in one way or another - for performing, the professional world and personal connections. I am eternally grateful to get to do what I do! Happy (almost) Thanksgiving y'all!




Have you ever noticed that sometimes people don't listen? I mean REALLY listen. Sometimes, people listen only enough to be able to have something to say. Deep listening, surprisingly enough, begins not with listening to others but to listening to yourself. Mindfulness can be a really helpful tool for getting in touch with listening. Check out this article on Deep Listening: https://www.mindful.org/deep-listening/




Point Blanc Voice & Speech is here for business professionals, performers and personal growth. To connect, explore and expand the depth of your breath, contact [email protected]e.com.


In voice work, all three brains matter. An imbalance may cause your way of speaking to seem insincere, arrogant or emotionless. Want to learn more? Reach out. Let's chat! [email protected]


It's one of my favorite times of year! Bak and Dreyfoos School of the Arts auditions are just around the corner. I have two spots left for private coaching for Theatre Department auditions beginning in January. Reach out today to grab your spot - [email protected]. #PointBlancVoice #TakeALookTuesday #Theatre #Bak #Dreyfoos #DSOA




Whether you speak high, low, loud, soft, quickly, slowly, in an inviting way or otherwise, you only have one voice. It’s unique, layered, interesting and memorable. It’s YOU. To learn more about your voice reach out to [email protected] today!


Take a look at this AWESOME image highlighting the path of airflow through the trachea, vocal folds and out of the mouth. Note the two different positions of the epiglottis (open and closing). The epiglottis is open when we speak and closed when we eat and drink. Check out the size of the tongue! Can you locate the soft palate? This kind of picture is something someone like me totally geeks out over. 😃

What do you find most interesting about this picture?



This past week I had the pleasure of working with a lovely woman who was under far too much stress. Not only did she have a lot going on in her personal life but she also was stressed about work.

She's a podcaster. As the host of her own show, she needed to be able to ground herself and focus her thoughts on her guests. She also wanted to make sure she wasn't doing anything to inherently "harm her voice." So we went over a list of things to do (and NOT do) when preparing for her podcasts and a schedule to structure the recordings so it was more optimal for her.

We now have a handful of zoom sessions scheduled and I could not be more excited! #PointBlancVoice #TakeALookTuesday #Podcast #Stress




Happy Halloween to everyone! Don't forget to say "Boo y'all!"


How often do you take a few minutes to sit, be still and just be present with yourself? Cultivate a life of being in the moment, which leads to inner peace, which leads to outer joy. Take five minutes right now (go, put on a timer) and reconnect with who you are. Don’t know where to start or where to go next? Point Blanc can help – email us at [email protected].


Our feet are there for us each and everyday. Do you ever stop and take the time to give your feet a little TLC? Take a look at the pressure points on your feet. A quick 5 or 10 minute massage could rejuvenate not only your feet but your whole body AND make you breathe a little easier! #PointBlancVoice #SelfMassage #Feet


Do you have an idea for a blog post but don't know how to put it together? Point Blanc Voice & Speech can help! Not only do I coach presentation skills, voice work and breathing, I can also help you find the right words to put that special touch on a blog or speech you are preparing. Call me a ghostwriter? You would be right. #PointBlancVoice #TakeALookTuesday #Blog #Blogging




Communication is a part of our everyday life. We tell others what we think and feel and know to be true. When we are asked to say how we think and feel and what we know to be true in front of a crowd, the demand is different. A fear of public speaking is so high on most people's lists that it trumps dying in a plane crash or being bitten by a shark. At Point Blanc, we can help you find that authentic form of communication even under the stressful circumstance of public speaking. Your listeners know the difference. Contact Lindsay at [email protected].


Back by popular demand! BREATHING WORKSHOP THIS SATURDAY FROM 1-2:30PM! Enjoy a relaxing and reinvigorating 90-minutes that's all about you. Learn simple breathing techniques that apply to everyday life. Sign up today! [email protected] #Breathing #PointBlancVoice



This in person four-week course is for those who seek to feel more comfortable and confident when public speaking. Participants will craft a short speech in class before adding to their communication skills toolkit to be a more authentic and impactful speaker. Course topics will include: overcoming stage fright, audience speaker relationship, body language, tone of voice, tangible presentation skills and more.

When: Thursdays, 7:00 – 9:00pm Oct. 28 – Nov. 18 (4 weeks) $100
Where: Actor’s Rep 1000 N. Dixie Highway, WPB 33401
Instructor: Lindsay Carretero
Register at www.actorsrep.org

We take the health and safety of our students, staff, performers and volunteers very seriously and are taking steps to help everyone stay in tip top shape.
All of our instructors are fully vaccinated.
Class is limited to 10 participants.
All classes are currently held in our theatre space for optimum space/ventilation.
Social distancing is being followed (classroom chairs are spaced at least 6 feet.)
We ask all students to wear a mask for classes and theatre activities, regardless of vaccination status.
Theatre/bathrooms will be cleaned and sanitized regularly along with a weekly deep clean.
Sanitizer stations will be available.
We ask all students, staff and volunteers to kindly stay home if you have a fever or suspect you may have had contact with someone carrying the CoronaVirus.

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