Brain Fitness Hawaii Confidential Brainwave Optimization Therapy Brain Fitness Hawaii™ The 2014 Best of Honolulu Awards - Brain Fitness Hawaii has been selected for the 2014 Best of Honolulu Award in EEG Neurofeedback, Biofeedback Therapists category by the Honolulu Award Program.

This recognitition is given to those companies that have shown the ability to use their best practices and provided exceptional value to Hawaii. "Brain Fitness is life changing. It breaks through what a lifetime of talk therapy couldn't even crack. Change your mind; change your life!" - comments made by one of our clients strikes the core of brain fitness training. When you encounter STRESS, your pulse quickens, your palms sweat, your chest tightens. You are on the edge and at any moment you fear someone might push you over. Brain fitness training transforms stress; it is a very simple, easy to follow method to shift the brain's neuropathway to manage stress more effectively. Peace is all in the brain. EMOTIONAL TRAUMA - both physical and emotional - can knock brain functions out of balance. Imbalanced brain activity can leave us in a state of hyper-arousal, unable to relax and let our guard down. When the brain returns to a state of balance and harmony, the effects of the initial trauma are eased. Millions suffer BRAIN INJURY each year, whether in a fall, an automobile accident, by bumping into something, or being hit by an object. Many of these cases result in persistent, debilitating physical, mental and emotional agony. What if the headaches, confusion, concentration, fatigue and severe depression could be eased simply by helping the brain towards more optimal functioning? The by-product of modern life, starting with a sip of coffee in the morning after piercing loud alarm, creates anxiety. ANXIETY has become uncontrollable in today's fast-paced world. We are over stimulated, threatened and powerless in times of ever increasing amount of fear and worry. Brain training transforms anxiety. We address anxiety by training your brain like training a polo player. If stress were a ball on the polo field, your brain is the polo player who controlls the ball; not the ball (Anxiety) controlls you. An independent clincal study from Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center indicates: "POOR SLEEP has been linked to neuropsychiatric impairments, cardiovascular disease, metablolic disease and decreased work productivity. More than ever, it has become clear that if one is not sleeping enough and well, then health and life quality are at risk. Insomnia tends to be correlated with a state of hyperarousal, in which the brain has become "stuck" in a state of relative high frequency beta brainwave dominance. Data also show that individuals with insomnia tend to have patterns of EEG hemispheric imbalance." Brain training's primary goal is to transform negative energy like DEPRESSION AND ANGER into positive energy through reconstruction of new positive neuropathways. Depression may be associated with left brain hemisphere dominance; anger is associated with right brain dominance in fight and flight mode. When we balance your brain towards coherence and harmony, the underlying anger and depression disappear on its own turn without your conscious force. So is ADDICTION. Brain training does not overly emphasizes on action such as reducing food or chocolate intake, restraining oneself from drug, alcohol and nicotine abuse; but more so focusing on memory pathways associated with pleasure seeking behavior. Once we disassociate addictive substance from pleasure, the addiction NATURALLY falls away. Thus, there is a famous saying called "Pen*ston's syndrom" meaning alcohol taste like venigar, thus, alcohol addiction falls away automatically. Imagine what if you are no longer a slave of sweets, nicotine, marijuana and alcohol, you are free man! The cost for freedom sometimes is life itself!

Mission: Train Your Brain , Better your Life Now

Operating as usual

Neurofeedback training for puppies!!!

My Nani was abandoned by a puppy mill. When I first got her, she had no fur ( for a long hair Pomeranian)! She could not bark for two years, and she was always afraid of men in general ( not women).

I held her in my arms doing Alpha theta training for several years and my clients held her for AT training as well.

She is now a well-adjusted sociable, loving girl! And she barks too now. AT training has given her voice back.

Do you know there are 12 different subcategories of ADD. Anxiety and depressions have distinctive brain maps. Depression IS definitely associated with IBS or leaky gut syndrome

What is going on in his head ???

Harvard university, Brazilian national soccer team, evidence based Neurofeedback is a powerful alternative for athletes, writers musicians & dancers

People ask me:” what is exactly brain fitness?” - its Biofeedback with EEG cap. We have annual check for breast or colon, but no brain check...hmmm considering the brain is the most important organ .

1) 24 fitness gym is a mainstream phenomena to feel happy & lose weight
2) But few know brain fitness can accomplish these much faster as mind is the power house !
3) Blend in NLP & peak performance training, professional golfers & runners can get competitive edge
4) Do you know Biofeedback is a Brazil soccer team secret weapon!
5) Tiger Wood does Yoga and Biofeedback for Peak performance training too.

Type in brain fitness hawaii in Youtube, and you will be surprised ...

Our very own yoga/meditation/brainwave peak performance 5-day intensive retreat completed yesterday! Amazing creativity & meaningful appointments are secured!!!

Insight 1: the world is the play ground for me to play. Thank you fot playing with me this week

Insight 2: we attract people into our lives because of our needs; when needs are met, they leave in any reason or form.

Insight 3: dog barking no longer bothers me, in fact, no can hear as I entered into that space of bliss - no form hard to describe

Insight 4: universe is made to our likings!!! I created them all MYSELF... I cant believe how powerful I was!!!!!

Kick off Alpha Brainwave training June 4, 2019.

[12/05/18]   Mother Ayahuasca still shares with me her wisdom teaching even though 1.5 years have gone by. Once tune in , hard not to turn off that high frequency! - Hana 12/5/18

Today’s Alpha theta brainwave training insight: for all grievances of mine , I thank you as you guide me into deeper self cultivation. It’s nobody’s business, it’s mine as a result of my pain. 9/14/18

If your brain is murky, everything in life is messy - dr. Hana

Art of being instead of having. All possession will fade only love remains

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Dr Hana Yin - PTSD

Benefits of brain training by Dr Hana

PTSD, Addiction

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Deep State brainwave alpha theta training can enhance your meditation. As this famous meditation chart states - you see the whole world in that deep conscious state .

YouTube has many brain fitness Hawaii educational materials. They cover various subjects of successful brain trainings such as PTSD, ADD, depression, insomnia or social anxiety, body medicine & herbs that could boost brain Neurotransmitters for athletic peak performance.

Brain Fitness Hawaii

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Voted for the Best of Honolulu, Best Neurofeedback Therapist of the Year.

Thank you for those who voted for us.

We will work harder to win your next year's vote

Thank you, thank you and Thank you
Dr. Hana Yin

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Kaneohe, HI
96744, USA
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