CrossFit Kaneohe, Kaneohe, HI Video July 25, 2019, 2:48am

Videos by CrossFit Kaneohe in Kaneohe. We offer free one-on-one intro sessions. Message us to schedule yours today. We cater to individuals of all levels and fitness backgrounds.

4pm class is the place to be!!

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You don’t slack on your workouts. Don’t slack on your nutrition either! Sign up now for the same one-on-one nutrition coaching that’s helped Joanne lean out and continue to get PRs. Click the link in our profile to learn more! PS - this 240lb sumo deadlift was a PR during our Strong & Sexy lifting program. __________________________________________ __________________________________________ Get in amazing shape and have fun doing it! Step 1: click the link in our profile Step 2: make an appointment Step 3: come get fit and have fun!🍍💪🏼🏋🏽‍♀️ __________________________________________ __________________________________________ #CrossFitkaneohe #cfkaneohe #since2012 #cfkbay #crossfit #kaneohe #oahu #hawaii #windward #fitness #gainz #community #ohana #aloha #wag #workingagainstgravity

This is what it’s all about!! Pushing each and supporting each other until the end. Have an awesome Thursday! __________________________________________ __________________________________________ Get in amazing shape and have fun doing it! Step 1: click the link in our profile Step 2: make an appointment Step 3: come get fit and have fun!🍍💪🏼🏋🏽‍♀️ __________________________________________ __________________________________________ #CrossFitkaneohe #cfkaneohe #since2012 #cfkbay #crossfit #kaneohe #oahu #hawaii #windward #fitness #gainz #community #ohana #aloha #wag #workingagainstgravity

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Kaneohe!! WE WANT BEGINNERS LIKE YOU! Start your transformation today!

Beginners wanted!! Message us to get your fitness journey started today!

Heavy clean and jerks are on the menu for today

Coach Ka’i’ini walking in to the weekend.

4pm class is the place to be!!

We had an awesome two days with @thexplosivecoach and @thexwod Explosive Seminar this weekend. If you ever have the chance don’t miss out on this awesome course!

Mika @meeeeeeeeeeeks going hard on the assault bike for 59 calories in 1 minute!

Come learn how to be explosive this weekend with @thexplosivecoach Link is in our bio to register for the @thexwod seminar Level 1 and Level 2.

Guess what’s in our workout today?! If you need to get stronger and faster with your running, jumping, and lifting, then register for the explosive seminar. It’s coming April 6-7th. Use the link in our profile! •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• RYAN MOODY | FITNESS COACH on Instagram: “I strive daily, to help make YOU better 👊🏻 • Check our our upcoming seminars at • • #thexwod

This is what the Open is all about! Here’s to pushing ourselves to be better and all the firsts along the way. Happy Aloha Friday!!

Happy Sunday!!! Who’s ready for 19.2?

This starts Monday!

Our 6 week weightlifting program starts February 4. Everyone wants to get better and this is the best way to work on form and get stronger. Talk to a coach if you have any questions

Joe made it! He’s an official coach! We are so excited! Congratulations Joe

Bobby moving weight tonight. Love watching everyone get stronger!

3 rep max back squat today! Huge shoutout to Kū. A high school senior who gets up every morning before school to workout.

Katie hit a new Clean and Jerk PR and she is lighter now thanks to our nutrition challenge

Not much better than a PR first thing in the morning!

This is Coach Chloe. She got a 10lb snatch PR this morning. Let’s all try to be as awesome as Chloe!

Sometimes all you need to do is get the flu and lose 5lbs to get your first muscle-up. Great job Craig!

Sometimes you just have to show off your strength by ripping a phone book in half.

Who likes heavy deadlifts?!

More heavy lifts from the CrossFit Total!

More PRs for No-Excuse November! Katie with an easy 190lb.

Craig with that No Excuse November 1 rep max. He came in this morning for the WOD and back tonight to squat. #noexcuses

We have 17 members and coaches competing this weekend. Take the day off and come show us your support!! Event 1 starts at the first lagoon at 6am. See you there!!

When you squat like a killer.

#TBT to Saturday when a bunch of amazing humans got together for a great cause #barbellsforboobs @barbellsforboobs

More heavy front squats!!

8am getting explosive today!

Coach Chloe @chloekaulana dropping knowledge bombs during the “Why You Don’t Need a Weight Belt” clinic today.

Backsquats for the win! Kū making 90% look easy.

We survived hurricane Lame. Back to regular schedule tomorrow.

Katie got a new 5RM yesterday and she was sick. @holokaismama

That feeling when it’s Friday AND you get a snatch PR at 6am. Your day is basically complete! Congrats @holokaismama keep up the hard work!

Ali making snatch balances look easy!

Power snatch complex....working on positions, speed and timing.

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