Health by LEAH

Health by LEAH


Thank you Leah! Not just for the prize box, but for helping others enrich their life. You have been instrumental throughout my process of a healthier me!
So excited that it came in today! And it included a handwritten note! Thank you Health by LEAH Leah Souza #fallintofitness
Salad for dinner! #fallintofitness thank Leah for all the inspiration!!!😘
Precor Treadmill run but mostly speed walk after my box workout today. The beginning is always the worst but trust I’m not giving up💪🏼.

Healthy choices for a healthy lifestyle. Living Everyday Around Health. Follow and share for tips and tricks for healthy lifestyle changes.

Operating as usual

[10/22/20]   Happy Thankful Thursday Friends 🥰

Saw the 2nd part of this combo a few weeks ago and had to give it a try💪🏽 Wholly chesticles🥴😅

I am thankful for this body God gifted me with. What amazing vessels we are given! Hard work, dedication, and consistency is what it will take to tranphorm your body to every new height! Once you start taking care of it, it will start taking care of you. So be sure to love yourself fit lovelies🙌🏽 Make everyday count!!


Hey Lovelies! Hope your week is going well☺️ Sorry I’ve been MIA 🥴 We are on week 2 of our he Fall Sprint Challenge hosted by 1stPhorm, so I’ve been spending most of my time with those who have joined that challenge! If you’re interested in joining please send me a direct message. While you won’t be able to win the challenge since the cutoff date was the 12th, it’s not too late to join with this private group😉 Looking for serious people who want to better their health💪🏽

In the meantime, what are some of your favorite healthy meals? Comment with a response or pic of something yummy 😋 This was my lunch today, spinach wrap with lettuce, avocado, salsa, cheese & fish 👍🏽 Your turn, go!

Pumpkin Spice Latte Protein Coffee 😋 So good!!
Hope you all know how much you are loved!🙏🏽😘

Hey Fam! Just a quick look into protein sources☺️ No matter what your fitness goals are, it’s so important you are getting adequate amounts of protein into your system. Protein is one of your main macronutrients (carbohydrates, fats & fiber), it is what impacts muscle growth the most. Proteins help with growth and recovery in order to build and maintain lean muscle. As you may already be aware, a pound of lean muscle versus a pound of fat is going to look a whole lot different on a body. Lean muscle is going to determine the difference between a 150lb person who has 20% bodyfat vs 35% bodyfat and the world of difference in their physics. Be sure to get lots of protein in your system 💪🏽🙌🏽

It was such a blessing to visit with these souls and especially my dear friend Matt & wife Yuka! They are such amazing positive troopers and I’m standing in prayer with them and for them. Take every day as the gift that it is. Love hard and pray continuously. Life is too short to hold on to grudges or ill feelings. Be blessed and be a blessing daily! Jesus loves you & I love you🙏🏽💜

Hey Fam! Just wanted to share this reminder with anyone who may need to hear it...a couple hours after my Live last night, I got the word that my Tia passed away. It’s been a long day for our family and we also celebrated my daughters bday today, so it was a struggle as everyone was sleep deprived and heartbroken, yet trying to stay positive and in good spirits. I love how God always reminds us that He never promised a life without trials, but trials we won’t have to carry the burden to on our own. Knowing His promise for the things above brings comfort to our spirits and gives hope for our future in eternity with Him. No more pain or sorrow🙏🏽💜 Jesus loves you, I love you! Hold your family close and remind them how much they are loved.

Happy Aloha Friday! Just in case you are like most who struggle to sticking to their nutrition plan once the weekend hits🙋🏽‍♀️🤭 Be sure to track your calories for your adult beverages and hold yourself accountable. If you’re anything like me, once you see the numbers rise, you’re more cautious of how many you pour into that precious body!😉💪🏽
Be strong friends!

Happy Thankful Thursday Friends! I hope you are having a wonderful week💜 Fitness has been a huge part of my life and it’s feedback like these that keep me going and keep me inspired to continue to help others. You never know who’s watching or how much you’ve impacted others. Knowing that God gave me this passion and desire to lead by example and to genuinely help others reach their goals, is amazingly honorable. We all come to a place at some point in our lives where we don’t feel good enough or worthy enough, like what are we doing with our life, like we have nothing to offer the world. For me especially so as I was furloughed from my day job back in April, I didn’t know what I was gonna do with myself, my kids were at different stages in life and I had a hard time connecting because work was always keeping me busy and an excuse for the most part. I had so much cleaning out of my heart, mind & spirit...time with God and with my kids, to re-prioritize my life choices really lol I am just so blessed, even in the middle of my mess, God was able to use me right where I was. Thank you for letting me be part of your daily lives in whatever form or role I is a great privilege to use this platform and the gifts God have me to reach others. I pray you see the true value on your life today! Never forget, Jesus loves you & I love you🙏🏽😘

Let’s finish this week strong!💪🏽

Happy Tuesday fam!! I just wanted to stop in and share my life with you ☺️ Out for a special Birthday celebration with my youngest of my 4 minis! I can’t believe my last one just hit the double digits😳 where does the time go?? 😩 This is her and her 3 besties whom I love as my own! These girls are so blessed to have each other especially during these times when so many kiddos are isolated and alone. Hug your loved ones and keep on living fam! Tomorrow is not promised so take every day as a gift, that’s why it’s called the “present.” God loves you, never forget that! Stay blessed lovelies🙏🏽💜

Happy Birthday Ryllie! 🥰😘

My Transphormation Starts Today!

If you want to join me in the 1stPhorm Fall Sprint Challenge, see details below. I will provide my personal link for the app download so that we can be directly connected and I will be your personal advisor. The premium version of the app will be the most beneficial for this challenge, even if you only do the monthly subscription for the length of the challenge, it will allow me to help you more efficiently. However, you can still join with the free version of the app! Let’s get fit together!💪🏽 Rules and Regulations Welcome to the 2020 1st Phorm Transphormation Challenge!   The goal of this challenge is to help you transphorm your body…and your life! We are here to help you make the change and we are committed to you with any assistance that you may need along your journey… NO MATTER...

I love avocados! Along with a laundry list of health benefits (see linked article in comments), Avocados are also one of the best remedies for bad breath, it cleanses the intestine which is the real cause of coated tongue and bad breath🤭😆 Guacamole? Yes please! (Although, garlic probably not the best for breath, but hey, we all take our chances🤣😋)

Good morning beautiful people! Sorry I’ve been MIA since posting the last workout on Wednesday 🥴 I don’t know where the time went🤦🏽‍♀️ Anyhoots, I wanted to share my 30 day progress pics with you all first before anyone else! Photos on the left are Sept. 1 and photos on the right or Sept. 30th. I’m still waiting for some stats to come in, but I’m looking forward to announcing the overall transformation progress winner is!💪🏽🙌🏽 I hope you all are still working hard and not quitting on your fitness journey just because the challenge ended! Keep up the momentum and maybe even start from day one all over again! Stay active, stay connected, and keep being an inspiration to those around you!🙏🏽💜

Fall Into Fitness Challenge (Day 30)

😭😭🥺 It’s Day 30 you guys!! That means it’s our last workout in this challenge💪🏽 I hope you all enjoy today’s routine, it’s another tough one, had to make it worth your while!! Lol check back later, I’ll be going live to do a recap of this past month☺️

😭🥺 It’s our last day! Hope you crush today’s workout 💪🏽 45s w/15s rest Heisman In/Out Plank 3x 30s rest Switch Feet Burpees 3x 30s rest High Knees Cheek to C...

Fall Into Fitness Challenge (Day 29)

Day 29!! You guys, we are almost at our very end of this challenge 😭🥺😆 Im so so proud of each and every one of you! Hope you enjoy today’s workout, it’s another tough one💪🏽 I believe in you! Push yourself 🙌🏽

45s w/15s rest Mountain Climbers Funky Hip Flexors 3x 30s rest Rolling Plank Switch Kicks 3x 30s rest Plank Jacks Jumping Jacks 3x

Fall Into Fitness Challenge (Day 28)

Happy Monday lovelies! Time to put in that work💪🏽 I hope you enjoy today’s HIIT routine! Ain’t gonna lie, I was dying 🥴😅 But I made it through, so I know you can too🙌🏽 We are 28 days deep....push yourself like never before! You got this!!👏🏽

45s w/15s rest Toe Taps PopUp 3x (30s rest) High Knees Cheek to Cheek 3x (30s rest) Jumping Jacks Mountain Climbers (cross knee) 3x

Congratulations to week 3 winner; Tasha! Who’s hubby gets to reap the benefits of sharing is caring 😅💪🏽🙌🏽 Love you guys! Keep pushing forward and training your bodies as a living sacrifice to the One who gives you life! 🙏🏽🎉🥰

Fall Into Fitness Challenge (Day 27)

Good morning beautiful people!! Quick reminder, we will not be submitting photos tomorrow...hold off til Wednesday morning! Push yourself these last few days and see what you can accomplish 💪🏽 I am looking forward to seeing your overall progress 🙌🏽 Today’s workout is pretty intense, but it needs to be, we are so close to the end of this 30 day challenge! You guys got this!! 👏🏽

45s w/15s rest Burpees Downdog/Plank Switch Kicks Mountain Climbers Jump Knee Tucks Rest 30s Repeat for 3 rounds Rest 1min 45s w/15s rest Plank Side Plank (R...

Fall Into Fitness Challenge (Day 26)

Happy Saturday Loves! Today is another hybrid HIIT & Strength Training, but with body weight 💪🏽 Hope you enjoy it!🙌🏽

45s w/15s rest Jumping Jacks Pushups High Knees Plank Alt. Extension to Knee Crunch Squat to Alt. Knee Crunch Repeat Rest 1min 45s w/15s rest V-sit Up & Over...

Fall Into Fitness Challenge (Day 25)

Happy Aloha Friday Fam! It’s Day 25, that means we only have 5 more days left 🥴 I’m so proud of you all, but I’m also sad it’s coming to an end😩 You all have been so amazing and positive throughout this challenge and I’m so honored to have been a small part of your fitness journey! I hope you enjoy today’s workout 💪🏽☺️ You got this!🙌🏽

45s w/15s rest High Knees Plank Shoulder Taps Sprint Burpees Front Pushkick Rolling Plank Jumprope Plank Side Toe Taps Rest 1min & repeat

[09/24/20]   Hey Fam! Guess what??
Tune in at 2pm, I’ll be going live, right here on this page to share the good news🙌🏽 You won’t want to miss this live!!
Looking forward you seeing you all then! 💪🏽

Fall Into Fitness Challenge (Day 24)

Sorry for the late post!! I ran out of space on my phone so it took forever to make space and upload the video to YouTube 🤦🏽‍♀️ But here it is, it’s a hybrid of HIiT & strength training, emphasis on legs, so be ready to work hard!💪🏽🙌🏽 Let me know how you did!

45s w/15s rest Mountain Climbers (Cross Knee) Reverse Lunge Overhead Press Funky Hip Flexors Squat Forward Press Jumping Jacks Alt Forward Lunge Twist Popups...

Fall Into Fitness Challenge (Day 23)

Happy Humpday everyone!! We have HIIT with an emphasis on core today💪🏽 Hope you al enjoy🙌🏽 Let me know how you did!

45s w/15s rest Burpees Crunches Mountain Climbers Lying Heel Reaches Plank Jacks Jumping Jacks Plank Shoulder Taps Banana 3x15s Rest 1min Repeat

Fall Into Fitness Challenge (Day 22)

Good morning fam! Grab your weights and get ready for a good burn 💪🏽 Today we are doing weight training and if you have some extra time, I encourage you to get outside and do an outdoor activity ☺️🙌🏽 Have a blessed day everyone!

Arnold Press 15x Squatted Curl to Around the World 15x Wide Bent Over Rows 15x Repeat Corkscrew Press w/V-hold 12x Static Lunge w/Front Raise to Rear Fly 12x...

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