A premium blend of local bees wax and other high end ingredients that will give you a great slide in the toughest conditions.

Operating as usual

Timeline photos 02/11/2019

Mr.Miyagi wants you to wax everthing!!

Timeline photos 07/26/2018

You got this man. You have the whole world behind you. God speed brother.

Timeline photos 07/10/2018

Praise the blade gods!!

Timeline photos 07/09/2018

Hope everyone had a great vacation and hopefully got some blading in! Make sure you get your to keep you sliding this week! Add it to your next order at and

Timeline photos 07/08/2018

Big homie getting fitted down south by the one and only Mr. . Great launch guys I wish I could have made it. #🔵🔵🔵🔵


When life gives you lemons, say f**k the lemons and go blade your city!


Super excited to drop the teaser for the “DIRTY” a collaboration film by myself and all the crew here in Fresno California. We will be having an end of summer party showcasing DIRTY!!

Timeline photos 06/17/2018

The homie with a big backside royal!!

Timeline photos 06/17/2018

Happy Father’s day to all the ‘s out there!!

Timeline photos 06/17/2018

Timeline photos 06/17/2018

My big wolf! #usdskates

Timeline photos 06/17/2018

I love when fresh ledges are his with that butter!!


You asked and we delivered! Zax wax now comes in a much harder bar. Great as a top coat! And will be marked as both individuals and a street system(two bars). Get yours now!


Get the peeps an indoor skate park.

‼️Hey Olathe, we need some feedback from YOU‼️ We will have 68,000sqft available this fall as Hobby Lobby is vacating. What would you like to see come to town?! Comment below and tell us your thoughts! ⬇️⬇️⬇️



Brings a tear to the eye.


Huge thanks to for the shoutout. He was killing it this weekend on that . Thanks a million man so glad to keep you sliding.
Day 1 of my
Had the first session with the homies and .

Timeline photos 08/26/2017

Thanks for coming through with such a dope shirt!!!

Timeline photos 08/25/2017

The homie repping hard out in CO Springs!! Can't wait to see the footy man!!


Wednesday shaker line switch and reg!

Timeline photos 08/23/2017

Putting some boots together to auction at finish product coming soon.

Timeline photos 08/21/2017

These tacos were so good I hAd to make an add. Lol


The homie killing it. Loving the passion with this guy!!



Omg!!! I'm leaving my house early for this s**t!!

BRIAN ARAGON ON THE POWELL MOVEMENT - Be-Mag Brian Aragon’s life sounded like a dream until he realized it wasn’t. He was a world champion pro skater and his video parts were as legendary as his park skills. He’s traveled the world many times over, had 6 Pro Model skates, and a skatepark named after him all before the age of 30…. And then he r...

Timeline photos 08/21/2017

Guess that playlist!!! This dope edit dropped in 2003!

Timeline photos 08/18/2017

Care package sent to for skate competition this Saturday. I can't wait to see the footy!!!


Instagram Photos 08/16/2017

New product!!! Zax light bearing oil will keep you rolling super fast and protect your balls from the elements. Our synthetic hand mixed formula is derived from our background in ag and uses locally sourced natural material to keep you rolling and fast!! **e

Instagram Photos 08/16/2017

Customer testimonials are the best!! Thanks ! Dudes like you keep the sport alive!!

Just tried out some of that and man oh man does it slide. Barely any of it used or momentum exerted and I completed the full length of my box. 20' to be exact. If you haven't tried it yet.. I don't know what you're doing with your life and skates without this stuff!😂😂 is an amazing company! If the wax don't sell you Manuel the owner is on a whole nother level of being a phenomenally solid dude! Thanks again my man!
Box maker-


The homie killing it in his new Zax gear. Thanks for the support man!!

Instagram Photos 08/13/2017

We've been working on a line of l**e and ball cleaner. I had a chance to really try it today after a very dirty session [email protected] ;-). It made my wheels so fast it was ridiculous. So if you are in of a way to wash and l**e your balls, stay tuned. .

Instagram Photos 08/11/2017

We just got into skateshop. In Amsterdam!! This shop is so awesome I can't wait to see our product on the shelves!!

Instagram Photos 08/11/2017

What it's all about. Thanks and for the support

Instagram Photos 08/10/2017

Zax Wax is heading down under!! We will soon be available for purchase at

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