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Operating as usual


Amen…..Happy New Year and Cheers to 2023 & God’s timing


Are you LIVING the same days, weeks, months & your years over & over again….. ready to EXPERIENCE something NEW?

It all starts with your THOUGHTS you are RECYCLING in your MIND

Whenever I get stopped up, stuck & CRAVING to EVOLVE the Groundhog Day experience

I must first check OLD THOUGHT PATTERNS that may have RESURFACED

Also taking a MOMENT to bring SELF-AWARENESS to the FOREFRONT of my MIND

To see if there is any NEW FINDINGS/THOUGHTS that are needing to be ADDRESSED


REPLACING the OLD with the NEW

Allowing for ALIGNMENT between my THOUgHts & the GOALS I want to ACHIEVE



Everything STARTS with a THOUGHT


Make 2023 the year you CHANGE YOUR THINKING & EXPERIENCE something NEW



A Day Late but sent with the same LOVE… Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Cheer to you,
Coach Jess


Punt the list & love the people……

Each year I lean into this more & more as I create loving boundaries for myself & those around me

I have always loved the people but it’s how I’m loving them that matters most (I’m not perfect at this but I’m leaning into giving them the best me)

The magic doesn’t come from presents 🎁 it comes to your presence

It’s hard to remember this sometimes when we put so much pressure on ourselves & society want to slather it on too

I had to check myself more than once this season to do more being and less do do doing

This year I …..

🎅Put out less decorations

🎅 Wasn’t as meticulous with cleaning

🎅Rested a bit more

🎅 I added some family games to the list of things to do (usually I’m so consumed with getting “stuff” done I too pooped to think about games)

Happy Holidays

Cheers to you, the holiday season & doing the best you can (because your best is enough no matter how big or small)


What is your Mantra for 2023? ……

My mantras are gratitude, health, lessons & love


Day 5 The Power of Discovering Your Strengths

Day 5: How I Discovered My 5 Core Strengths


When you apply your unique strengths

The Power of Discovering Your Strengths


Day 3 LIVE: What You Discover When You Accept ….


Day 2 LIVE…. Who you crave to be is hidden in your strengths


Day 1 LIVE …… Why Discovering Your Strengths is Key 🔑 to Your Personal Power 💥


Don’t Underestimate the Power of Your Strengths….. yes everyone has strengths including you

Can’t wait to dive into this topic of strengths with you

This season has peeled back another layer and continues to reveal some essential strengths that make me …well me

And as I embrace, love & move towards these strengths( that I once thought as weaknesses) my thoughts of what I “lack” seem to be dissolving before my eyes

What takes its place ???


Join me for the 5 Day LIVE to start reveling & accepting your own strengths

Coach Jess


Join Me…. Coach Jess ….Facebook Live

The Power of Discovering Your Strength……

5 Days of Live Content

Starting Next Week Dec 12th-16th

LIVE TIMES will be post soon!

Can’t Wait to Share My Discoveries with all of you!!

Coach Jess


Still Learning to be Human? …. Me too

But what if you could walk around being:

✅ Self-aware

✅ Letting go

✅ Responding instead of reacting …..and not taking things so personal


👍🏻And it feels GOOD 👍🏻


I found the secret is an awakening and/or revival within

We are all humans learning how to be humans …good humans

But we all fall short bc we are in survival mode from past traumas

Does the awareness make it any easier ….

I believe AWARENESS is 💥POWER💥

AWARENESS is the KEY 🔑 to letting the chains of the past go

I have let my AWARENESS spark AWAKENING in me

I now walk more in ALIGNMENT with my POWER

And continue to GROW my Emotional Intelligence

Cheers to the POwER of GROWTH,

Coach Jess


Appreciate yourself & honor your soul


Happy Thanksgiving……From Mine to Yours


It’s all starts with one step forward…

Sometime the journey seems too tedious that we decide we “can’t “ before we start

But that’s just the fear of failing or not knowing how( the critter brain 🧠 )

😳 There have been many times the journey will be or seems like 10,000 miles

🧐 There are times I haven’t been able to see the finish line

😫 There are times I’m putting in the work & not seeing the results

🥳 But you keep taking that next step

🥳 Keep checking in with yourself about what is working & what’s not

🥳 You JUST KEEP DOING the DAMN THING & move forward

Cheers to the 10,000 mile journey,

Coach Jess


Volunteering…Giving back

Today I get to help mamas & love on their babies while they get some refueling time

Cheers to giving back,

Coach Jess


To know & to execute…. Are two different things

This season has revealed things need to change

I know this

But to know & to do something about it are on two different playing grounds

This season is asking for major shifts

And knowing how to navigate it has been challenging

Have you been there too?

What did you do?

So ….. I hired my own coach to help me navigate through

This is not my first time hiring a coach either

There are a few steps I took to move forward

1. Became aware that something needs to change & I need help
(sometime you know what needs to change & sometimes you don’t)

2. Got the help of a coach

3. Doing the work to bust through to more clarity about what shifts need to be made

We are not made to do this journey on our own

I get stopped up too & that’s ok

I live what I preach, I get help & I believe in the process

Cheers to knowing & then doing the work,

Coach Jess


Thank you to the men, women & families that have sacrificed

& thank you for continuing to protect this wonderful country

❤️Thank you ❤️


Being a Green Goddess today…..

Running on all cylinders mentally, spiritually & physically takes….


I must fuel myself

When I fuel with nutrient dense foods I run more efficiently

💚Thoughts are more clear & positive

💚Energy is sustained

💚 More Focused

💚 Overall Heath/Wellness Improves

Cheers to FUELING & Feelin like a Green Goddess




Cat Napping with my Doggie Rosco ……

Got a nasty head cold come on strong this week

Feeling better but my body needs rest right now

So my little buddy gave me some cuddles 🥰

Resting & soaking up the vitamin D from the sun to help in recovery from this head cold

Cheers to rest & recovery

Coach Jess


Channeling My Inner Coach …..And having some fun 🤩

Today we were challenged to dress as your profession/bring props

Well I brought it 🤗 haha 😂

What a fun suggestion by the event coordinator Emily Phipps & winner of the BLING 🤑 for best 60 Second Commercial

Cheers to having some fun

Coach Jess


Shift , Pivot & Repeat …..It’s the name of the game

Have you ever had a week that requires extra?


That is what this week asked of me

I had my plan…📝

Just got back from my first trip alone feeling rested & rejuvenated 💆🏼‍♀️


🤒Sickness hit hard with the kidos last Sunday & still going strong 🤒

So I had to SHIFT & PIVOT a lot this week

☑️ Work


☑️ Family/Friends camping trip planned for 8 ⛺️ reduce to only 4 going

☑️ Sleep 😴

But the magic 🪄 happens with our


Letting go of what we can’t CONTROL

And LEANING into what we CAN

If your week is asking for EXTRA


The BLESSINGS that came out of this week were many but the one that sticks out the most is…

My husband & his friend got to have a daddy daughter camping ⛺️ trip with their girls 👧 👧


Coach Jess


I did something “WILD” this weekend ……..

7 years in the making

I gave myself permission to be uncaged & freed my heart ❤️

I went on my first trip completely by myself

My SOUL was craving silence & rejuvenation

As I get to know myself on the deepest levels there are things I need & only I can give myself

A few of those aspects are time & space without an agenda

Does this mean something is wrong…..NOPE

It means I’m honoring how I was uniquely designed & what guides me

I arrived Thursday night & I sat in silence most of the weekend

❤️ I did yoga 🧘‍♀️

❤️ got a massage 💆🏼‍♀️

❤️ Journaled 📓 🖊

❤️ Read 📚

❤️ Watched movies 🍿

❤️ Drank tea 🍵

❤️ Drank wine 🍷

There was a bit of a challenge though… I’m not used to silence or sitting still 😊

With 👱🏻‍♂️👦👧👧 🐶 there is always a lot going on at home in one given moment

It took some time adjusting but when I finally settled in I soaked it all up

I shifted from “ I need to be do something” ➡️ “I’m giving myself permission to just be”

I sat outside & just looked at the clouds, bunnies & felt the wind

What’s does an uncaged, wild & free heart mean to you?

How would you like to allow more of “ just being” in you life?

All I know this will not be the last time I get away by myself & allow for rejuvenation that only I can give to myself

Cheers to being “wild” & doing you,

Coach Jess


The only constant is change…. Ain’t that the truth

This season has showed & proven to me in many ways that change is a constant

Sometime the CHANGE is BiG & sometimes it’s small

There has been some BIG ChANGES this year to say the least

I have DISCOVERED CHANGE can happen for us

& as humans we can also make a choice to change

Here are some areas that are seeing new organic change & intentional change:

👨👩 my marriage has shifted & changed as my husband & I shift as individuals & as a couple

👨 my husband career direction has shifted & changed

👦👧👧 the kids are growing & their interest are changing

👩 my coaching career is shifting & changing

👩 where I put my time & energy is changing

Again CHANGE happens for us …. not to us

This season of CHANGEs have been eye opening

The CHANGEs that are happening this season pose their challenges


👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨 TRUTH that my husband & I are in a season of RECONNECTING & REDISCOVERY

⚖️ TRUTH that we are both CRAVING a LIFESTYLE of BALANCE & figuring out ways to make that happen

TRUTH is CHANGE is going to CALL ☎️ you but are you going to ANSWER

Or will you hit ignore???

I’m curious what is calling for more TRUTH & CHANGE in this season of life for you??



& I believe this will be a CALL I don’t want to IGNORE

Cheers to the CONSTANT CHANGE that gives us HOPE for what’s is not SEEN and yet to COME

Coach Jess


Don’t Stop in the 9th Inning ⚾️……you have great things to achieve

What would make you 🛑STOP 🛑 & not finish???

Even though this statement embodies baseball it really is referring to life (my opinion)

My friend Sue shared this statement with me with me yesterday :

“Don’t stop in the 9th Inning”

We were just having a nice chat about life in general

As I pondered on this statement I thought ….

Wow all the times I have been going into the 9th inning of a season of life & wanted to throw in the towel bc it was hard & exhausting

But when I think about what made me want to throw in the towel I realized…

It all started with my THOUGHTS

❌ of not knowing how

❌ not having the tools

❌ not wanting to fail

❌ wanting to protect my pride

Finishing the 9th Inning all start with your THOUGHTS & Mindset

No matter what the goal & the season you can achieve it 👍🏻 just don’t stop

You may have to…

✅ learn new tools for overcoming

✅let go of pride

✅ know that failing is failing forward & there is a lesson to be learned

✅ learn a new ways of thinking

Cheers to playing the game of life & not stopping in the 9th inning

Coach Jess


Vitamin D, Doggy & Lunch …

It’s that time of year where I try to soak up as much sun as possible

Vitamin D has many health benefits & even has the power to brighten your mood 👍🏻👍🏻

The weather is beautiful & so is the the view of the trees

The season that shows us it’s ok to change & do things differently

Cheers to getting out & making the most of the season

Coach Jess


The UNKNOWN can be EXCITING 🤩….and daunting all at the same time

The most notable memories & monumental moments in my life started with the UNKNOWN

So many positive shifts, learning, fun & love that came with the UNKNOWN

Does that mean there wasn’t hardship … of course not

But no matter how many times you bust through the UNKNOWN it can hold a little bit of that daunting & exciting feeling all at the same time

The more I continue to step into the UNKNOWN, whether it’s my career, relationship & life in general the more comfortable I get with the UNKNOWN

The magic or special sauce is entering the UNKNOWN with GRACE

🦶🏻🦶🏻Grace that the situation won’t be perfect

🦶🏻🦶🏻 Grace that the people involved won’t be perfect (including myself)

🦶🏻🦶🏻Grace that life is happening for me not to me

🦶🏻🦶🏻 Grace knowing Gods plan is bigger than my own

So today as you step into the UNKNOWN, enter it with GRACE

Cheers to the UNKNOWN,

Coach Jess


My Day 1st As BNI President ……with great power comes great responsibility

My BNI Chapter “Peak Performers” voted me into the President’s role to help LEAD

To LEAD a group you must first be able to LEAD yourself

This group saw something in me I’m not quite sure I saw in myself 🥸

To be able to take on this role I have had to really thank not only those members that voted me in but myself as well

The journey the past 7 years has brought me to this place of Presidency & ability to serve

❤️The self-awareness I have developed

❤️ Being aware of my old thoughts & patterns that were not serving me anymore

❤️ The time & space I allowed myself to take up & bust through guilt


So excited to be working beside an amazing LEADERSHIP TEAM & the opportunity to grow our chapter & ourselves in the process

Cheers to LEADING yourself first so you can then LEAD others

Coach Jessica


Deep Thinking …… Do you LISTEN to RESPOND or to UNDERSTAND??

Spending time reflecting while I sip on afternoon tea

Believe it or not the way you listen has a lot to do with your THOUGHTS

If your THoUGHTS are …



❌Full or Anger

You will listen to Respond

If you THOUGHtS are


✅Feel Safe


You will listen to UNDERSTAND

Which one are you?

I have been on both sides of the spectrum

But by practicing self-awareness with my THOUGHts I lean more towards LiSTEnINg to UNDERSTAND these days

It’s a game changer to listen to understand vs responding

Cheers to Self-Awareness & Listening to Understand

Coach Jess


Change is good…….also challenging

It’s natural in nature this time of year to see change

Change in the leaves 🍁 , change in the temperature & even the activities we do outside are changing ⛺️ 🔥

But it feels so organic the way the seasons change or change for us

We really don’t have to do a whole lot of work to see the change

But what if we are being call to shift internally??

What challenges us/you/me/I when we are being called to shift & change?

😡 Resistance from friends, family & self

😵‍💫 Society’s expectations that we have adopted

🥴 Lifestyle change seem too hard

🥺 What you may have to release to open your new self

Again the question…..

Change is so natural in nature but why is so hard as humans to allow the change??

Change is a choice & not always easy

But as you embrace the change in this season I ask you to embrace the change that is calling from inside of you

❤️Give yourself permission to change for the better

❤️ Give yourself permission to make some waves 🌊

❤️Give yourself permission to the positive change

As I embark on my own season of change that is calling ☎️

I’m thankful for the pull to evolve bc I want every moment to be at its full potential & the only way to do so is to embrace & learn in this season of change

Cheers to the season of change,

Coach Jessica

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