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Breathing Light Wellness Coaching, LLC

I lead my clients to clarity through self-awareness & cognitive insight around their thoughts

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Transformation at its Finest…… happens when you are ready to let go of the old

My son has had his hair long for about 3 years now & lots of hat hair days 😊

His identity and how he saw himself had a lot to do with his hair

(and honestly we as humans do this a lot, having our identity be wrapped up in something we or the world around us generate & it creates our identity)

As much as he has enjoyed the long/ bad boy hair he said he was ready for a change

He was nervous about the “change” as he voiced it over & over but he really wanted to cut his hair

We talked it over and talked about the benefits

1) easier to manage

2) no hair in his eyes

3) and if the hair cut went “wrong “ he would have 3 weeks before school started and we can get it cut again & “fix” it

Change is never easy but when you are CRAVING CHANGE …. The overall outcome out-ways the CHALLENGES that may come

Change maybe scary but what’s even scarier is to resist change bc your scared

😟 To keep repeating the old ways

😕 To let fear freeze you into doing nothing

😔 To not allow yourself to grow into the next version of yourself

Today I saw a boy that was ready for change but despite his fear he moved forward into his next best self

Cheers to evolving and not allowing fear stop you,
Coach Jessica


Are you putting in the effort….. But not seeing the fruits 🍎 of your labor???

You, Me, We all want to have “it” NOW!!!

❓Been working on your marriage❓

❓Been working on your habits❓

❓Been working on your health❓

❓Been working on growing your business❓

Whatever you have been working on to improve on or in you are probably craving the RESULTS NOW

I get it I want “it” now too

But in the WAITING we get impatient, discouraged and wonder if the effort is all worth it 😖

What if all you needed to do is work on your THOUGHTS to get you through “it”

Your THOUGHTS about how long “it” should take and how “it” should look….

Is blocking the beauty that you are cultivating along the way

The RESULTS are what you want NOW but the JOURNEY to get there is the REAL FRUITS of YOUR LABOR

The LEARNING, the TRIUMPH, the UNCOMFORTABLEness of the growth can never be taken for you

NEVER GIVE UP….. YOUR FRUIT is being CULTIVATED along the way


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Life is a BEACH 🏖️…… Beaching it


If you look for reasons to be bothered you will find them….. are you ready to be less bothered???


Sometime we do the same thing with our THOUGHtS…… Sweep them under the rug 🥴

Until you can’t sweep 🧹 anymore bc you will eventually trip all over your THOUGHTS

Your THOUGHTS affect every aspect of you life

Need a space to get your THOuGHtS sorted through so you are not tripping all over them??

This is exactly what I do as a LIFE COACH at Breathing Light Wellness Coaching, LLC

Set up a Virtual 1 hour complementary Fully Expressed Clarity call to kickstart your THOUGHT clean up

Coach Jessica Jones

Great illustration by Dr. Kim at Village Family Chiropractic


Elevate your business & your personal life with BNI Peak Performers TRIAD


Happy Mothers Day… the days are long but the years are short ❤️

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All work & no play isn’t the way…. having fun playing today


When we say NO to something ….. We are saying YES to something else

This is a paradigm… a way of thinking/living

So many times when we say NO to something we feel we are losing an opportunity or letting someone down

But in reality you are actually GAINING time & space for NEW

When we say NO to overcommitting we are saying YES to….. family, sanity, health, rest & so on

When we say NO to being treated poorly by someone, we are saying YES to setting loving boundaries with those around us

What is this season asking you to say NO to so you can say YES to what is craving NOURISHMENT???

Cheers to saying NO,

Coach Jessica


Are you feeling this ????….I’m 😖

I go through moments & even seasons of Analysis Paralysis

📌I over analyze

📌Feel like I’m always focused on the “wrong” task

📌Unable to Make a Choice & STICK to it

What is creating this Analysis 🧐 Paralysis???

I allow all the variables & things call ☎️ on me at the same time


Don’t know where to start 🤔

So how do I OVERCOME Analysis Paralysis??

I use the same techniques I use with my clients to help with their overwhelm & their own Analysis Paralysis

By verbally processing with them and narrowing down what top 5 priorities

Narrow it down again if it still feels overwhelming to the top 3

Narrow it down again if it still feels like too much to the top 1

Sounds simple …. but when you already over analyze & your brain feels like it’s going to explode 🤯 one more decision can feel like too much

So we will Verbally Process the CHALLENGE together to Gain Clarity

If you are feeling stuck & overwhelmed I offer a 60min Complimentary Fully Expressed Clarity Call to kick start you journey calm ex*****on

Cheers to moving past Analysis Paralysis,

Coach Jess


The Importance of smaller steps….

How many times do we want to just hop to the RESULTS?

But by doing so we miss the JOURNEY, LESSONS & FOUNDATIONAL work for lasting RESULTS

FOUNDATIONAL work is where you START to BUILD and LEARN YOURSELF & the SITUATION in front of you

But when we BITE OFF more than we can handle we also make the JOURNEY harder than it needs to be when we RUSH the PROCESS or SKIP STEPS

❤️No matter where you are on your JOURNEY, give yourself PERMISSION to take ALL the STEPS




Cheers to taking smaller consistent steps,

Coach Jess


Self-Love is the BEST LOvE💕……. Repeat these mantras

Today as you may be looking outward for validation

Know You are Always:

ENOUGH, Worthy, Beautifully Designed, Capable, LOVE, Amazing, Smart, Strong, Joy, A Light & so much more

Today & Everyday YOU are AMAZING

Cheers to the one & only amazing YOU,

Coach Jess


Usually I push through……..but some day just call for rest……

🥴Today I woke up and my body said rest but my mind contemplated whether to rest or not

👤Today I had clients to serve

👤Today I had new potential clients signed up for Fully Expressed Clarity Calls

⌚️Today I had an agenda

Sometimes we just have to create a💕 LOVING BOUNDARY 💞and give ourselves permission to REST

❤️Loving Boundaries around work

❤️Loving Boundaries around “the to do list”

❤️Loving Boundaries around RESTING & NOURISHING our bodies

🗣️Our bodies talk to us all the time but many times we ignore it out of the inconveniences it will create

Today is all about RESTING & NOURISHMENT & HONORING the body that works so hard for me day in & day out

Cheers to REST & NOURISHING to body,

Coach Jess


What are BOUNDARIES ??……
👉🏻Boundaries are ESSENTIAL to diminish burnout

👉🏻Boundaries are SELF-LOVE & HONORING who you are at the CORE

👉🏻Boundaries DON’T have to be yelling, screaming & full of anger but can be SHARED in a LOVING WAY with CALM COMMUNICATION

👉🏻Boundaries DON’T have to be accepted by others to be VALAD

👉🏻BOUNDARIES tell others how YOU would like to be TREATED & YOUR EXPECTATIONS


What BOUNDARIES do YOU need to SET in YOUR life so you can EXPERIENCE less BURNOUT & FRUSTRATION????


Coach Jess


Do Have ANTS????….

🤯Automatic Negative Thoughts 🤯

That was the focus of today’s 10min presentation at BNI Peak Performers TRIAD

How your Thoughts + Emotions = Behaviors

If you want to change your OUTCOME you must first EVOLVE your THOUGHTS

It’s time to EVICT the ANTS so you can be more in ALIGNMENT with your best self & your goals….

Not only for you but the ones you love the most 🥰

Coach Jess
Breathing Light Wellness Coaching, LLC

Great presentation today about Breathing Light Wellness Coaching, LLC by Jessica Jones!! Contact her for your FREE 60 minute clarity call!
See how she can help you! Tag some friends!


Unlock New Levels….& NEVER give up on YOURSELF


This morning’s LIVE Talk was all about ……


What a smart, amazing & talented team of women at Fusion

I feel so blessed to have shared this time & space with each one of you❤️

Thank you!

Cheers to Igniting Your Fire 🔥

Coach Jess

Breathing Light Wellness Coaching, LLC


Did you know your BEHAVIORS are a direct result of your THOUGHTS???

Yeppers your THOUGHTS play a huge role in how you show up for yourself


But how do you change your THOUGHTS?…….


How do your create SELF-AWARENESS???

Creating TIME & SPACE

But how do you create TIME & SPACE

You make a choice that “this isn’t the way I want to experience life” and you do something you have never done before

Book a complementary Fully Expressed Clarity Call with me, Coach Jess

🤩I’ll assist you in gaining clarity about what is keeping you stuck in the same patterns

🤩Provide a ROADMAP for your next steps

🤩Meet you where you are on your journey with no judgment bc I understand and have been there too

Kickstart your journey & do something different,

Coach Jess


Resistance is a defense mechanism


Do you feel broken?….. consider this

Let’s take a minute to reframe what broken can mean

Everything starts with a THOUGHT…..

Broken or Gold, Unique, Beauty, History

Coach Jess


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