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Sooo you are opening against Governors orders and not caring about the well being of your patrons or the community? Just curious. How is this following strict guidelines when you are lying?
Day 1 down! Bring it on!
Leah Marie Huels Miller and Alicia Beamon are two of the main reasons to attend Fitness 2000. They really add to the gym experience and are committed to keeping a clean facility with an upbeat atmosphere. Great place to get a workout in.
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Hello, I wanted to see if the protein shakes are vegetarian friendly? Do you use a plant based protein? Thanks for your time.
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Operating as usual

Biden Will Repeal One Of Trump's Major Anti-Abortion Policies

Look what the new administration finds important....
KILLING BABIES as fast as possible. Biden will sign an executive order rescinding Trump's "global gag rule," which bans organizations from providing, or even discussing abortion, if they receive federal funding.

[01/25/21]   Please Pray hard for our country. Say a prayer today to end stupidity and selfishness. Pray that a mother realizes the gift she is carrying and chooses life for that child.
Bible says: “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you”
It is not our choice it is Gods. Irregardless of your situation.. nothing is to big for God.

In one of his last acts as president, Trump again makes anniversary of Roe ‘Sanctity of Life Day’

Pray for our country and our world
* On Sunday, January 17, 2021, President Trump Declared January 22nd - "National Sanctity of Human Life Day" stating: “Every human life is a gift to the world. Whether born or unborn, young or old, healthy or sick, every person is made in the holy image of God, …The Almighty Creator gives unique talents, beautiful dreams, and a great purpose to every person. On National Sanctity of Human Life Day, we celebrate the wonder of human existence and renew our resolve to build a culture of life where every person of every age is protected, valued, and cherished.”. See: This constitutionally flawed ruling overturned State laws that banned abortion, and has resulted in the loss of more than 50 million innocent lives.

[01/21/21]   Encouragement for everyone

Do not focus on what you no longer can do, but on the power of prayer which is your strongest weapon against evil.

"If you believe you are defeated, then you are defeated. Believe in the power of prayer. This is the Victory of good over evil."

[01/19/21]   So my AD I tried to boost this morning was rejected by Facebook.. I guess we already knew Facebook didn’t care about Life. We also know they hate our wonderful President. It was a beautiful thing he did that I posted today. I hope you will take the time to read it. After all if the President of the United States can find time to try to save the lives of the innocent.. none of us should be to busy to try ether.

Proclamation on National Sanctity of Human Life Day, 2021 | The White House Every human life is a gift to the world. Whether born or unborn, young or old, healthy or sick, every person is made in the holy image of God. The Almigh

[01/07/21]   Well said Dave Ramsey. 👏👏

Dave Ramsey

“This morning, I realized that everything is about to change. No matter how I vote, no matter what I say, lives are never going to be the same.

I have been confused by the hostility of family and friends. I look at people I have known all my life so hate-filled that they agree with opinions they would never express as their own. I think that I may well have entered the Twilight Zone.

You can't justify this insanity. We have become a nation that has lost its collective mind.

We see other countries going Socialist and collapsing, but it seems like a great plan to us.

Somehow it’s un-American for the census to count how many Americans are in America.

People who say there is no such thing as gender are demanding a female President.

Universities that advocate equality, discriminate against Asian-Americans in favor of African-Americans.

Some people are held responsible for things that happened before they were born, and other people are not held responsible for what they are doing right now.

Criminals are caught-and-released to hurt more people, but stopping them is bad because it's a violation of THEIR rights.

People who have never owned slaves should pay slavery reparations to people who have never been slaves.

After legislating gender, if a dude pretends to be a woman, you are required to pretend with him.

It was cool for Joe Biden to "blackmail" the President of Ukraine, but it’s an impeachable offense if Donald Trump inquiries about it.

People who have never been to college should pay the debts of college students who took out huge loans for their degrees.

Immigrants with tuberculosis and polio are welcome, but you’d better be able to prove your dog is vaccinated.

Irish doctors and German engineers who want to immigrate to the US must go through a rigorous vetting process, but any illiterate gang-bangers who jump the southern fence are welcomed.

$5 billion for border security is too expensive, but $1.5 trillion for “free” health care is not.

If you cheat to get into college you go to prison, but if you cheat to get into the country you go to college for free.

And, pointing out all this hypocrisy somehow makes us "racists"!

Nothing makes sense anymore, no values, no morals, no civility and people are dying of a Chinese virus, but it is racist to refer to it as Chinese even though it began in China.

We are clearly living in an upside-down world where right is wrong and wrong is right, where moral is immoral and immoral is moral, where good is evil and evil is good, where killing murderers is wrong, but killing innocent babies is right.

Wake up America. The great unsinkable ship Titanic America has hit an iceberg, is taking on water and sinking fast.

[01/05/21]   Stop to say a prayer. Hit LIKE when your finished! Let’s be strong together!!!
Pray for Georgia election today!!!
Pray for Gods will and grace!!
Tell God thank you for all the blessings in your life.
Hugs to you all!

Enjoying watching the girls have fun!!!

Freedom Rally speech Travis Tritt speaks about Georgia Senate elections

God Decides the final outcome.. keep Praying

So adorable!!!! Love this!! Thanks guys! Merry Christmas!!!

Come join in the picture fun!!!! Look at Santa’s Elf’s!! Lol

Love our Fitness 2000 Family! Look at those smiles!!
Enjoying life!!!!

Fun!!!! Adorable!!!!

Photos from Fitness 2000's post

Enjoying each day!!! Christmas is such a beautiful time!!!

[12/10/20]   Jordan’s mother’s surgery went well yesterday and they are hoping for her to make some progress today. She is still on a ventilator. Keep praying!

Also, we are very thankful David Dombrosky had a successful surgery and we ask you continue praying for a smooth recovery for him as well.

Have a great Thursday, gym family!

Call call call!!!!! Let’s light up the Supreme Court phones!!!

Christmas Spirit!!! Love Fitness 2000 Family!

This is what you call the Christmas spirit!!!! We love it!!!

Look at these cuties !!! Love Love

[12/08/20]   One of our members, Jordan Smith, informed us this morning that his mother is in the ICU unexpectedly after a seemingly simple procedure she had last week that resulted in complications. She is fighting to recover and is currently on a ventilator at Baptist hospital. We are asking our Fitness 2000 family to come together in prayer over Jordan’s mom, Cindy.

She will be having surgery tomorrow on her lungs to try and relieve the fluid that has built up. Pray over her, Jordan and the medical team overseeing her care.


Asking for Prayers
David Dombrosky is having a very big surgery today... we are asking that you please take the time to pray that it will be successful. We pray God gives the surgeons all they need to help heal him and get him back on his feet. Dave is a inspiration to us all!!! He has never given up!!! He is a hard worker and never complains! We love you Dave and look forward to seeing your smiling face back in the gym soon!!! Love your Gym Family

Merry Christmas and Happy Employee appreciation week! You girls look adorable!!!

[12/07/20]   Reminder: Starting tomorrow Dec 7

We would like to invite everyone to participate in a week long “Thank You” to both Alicia and Leah. They are truly a blessing to all of us!!!

[12/02/20]   Alicia and Leah Appreciation week! Starting Monday December 7th 2020!
We would like to invite everyone to participate in a week long “Thank You” to both Alicia and Leah. They are truly a blessing to us and we know many of you feel the same.
Alicia and Leah work hard to make your every visit to Fitness 2000 special. How amazing are these two with their beautiful smiles, wonderful personalities, their knack for remembering your names, doctors appointments, birthdays, and your favorite smoothies! They recognize when you have missed a day, they are concerned when you are injured, and they notice when you don’t seem yourself! They have values and are willing to stand firm on what matters. These two are truly spectacular!!! They have changed and adapted this year to what ever was necessary to accommodate our members. And they smiled with every change..
Alicia and Leah truly care for each and every one of you, our Gym family. As stated before we are grateful to God and feel blessed to have them as part of the Fitness 2000 family as well as part of our family.. Alicia and Leah we love you and are so very proud of you!!!!
💜Larry, Michelle & Dakota

(Monday-Friday we will be doing special things for them. We invite you to share your thoughts with them.) thank you!

Love my President

Help us fight for election intregity!

[11/26/20]   CALL TO PRAYER
October 30, 2020
I urge, then, first of all, that requests, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for everyone–all those in authority… 1 Timothy 2:1-2
This past week, I was invited to participate in a prayer call for our nation that went out over the President’s page Sunday afternoon, October 25. It had the potential for reaching a combined 89 million people. It was hosted by the President’s daughter-in-law, Lara Trump and facilitated by Paula White-Cain. Other participants included Michele Bachmann, Cynthia Garrett, and Wanda Rolon.
On this weekend before the election I thought it was worth posting as a means of encouraging your own prayers for our nation at this critical time.

Pray with me…
Father we bow before You . . . in my spirit I can feel overwhelmed as though darkness has descended on our beloved nation… as though we are living in a moral and spiritual twilight zone. The fog has come in and I am praying dear Holy Spirit, that You would breathe Your breath through the fog, and that You would clear it away as we pray. Clear away the deception – the mesmerizing spirits – Lord show us the Truth. Show us what is really going on.
I pray, Lord, that You see each of us one by one. And so I pray for those who are wrestling with this dreadful disease – who have dealt with death. . . for those who are wrestling with disasters –whose homes have been destroyed, whose businesses have been destroyed, whose crops have been destroyed.
Lord, on top of that there are so many things coming at us from every direction and from every angle and every level. Just chaos and confusion. It is overwhelming. I believe, Lord, that You allowed this pandemic to put us – the whole world — on a Sabbath rest. You are trying to get our attention. It is time to look up – it is time to turn to You.
And who are You? We bow before You and acknowledge that You are the Living God, You are the Creator of the heavens and earth. You spoke a word, and all of the world came into existence. You hung the stars in space, and You call them all by name. You stride the winds of the earth; the clouds are the dust of Your feet. You are Almighty. You are awesome. You are righteous. You are holy. You are glorious. And, oh God, wonder of wonders, You loved us so much that You got up from heaven’s throne; You left Your throne and You came down, and You dwelt among us so that we might see You and know You and hear You.
We praise You for the Son of God, not God Junior, but Jesus who is God in the flesh, whose love for You and love for each of us sent Him all the way to die in obedience on the cross and shed His blood as the Lamb of God, sacrificed to make atonement for my sin and the sin of the world. That when we would place our faith in Him, we would not perish – we would not be separated from You. We would not go to hell, but we would have everlasting life — a right relationship with You now and go to heaven when we die. Thank you that after His death on the cross He rose up from the dead. He ascended into heaven – He has opened heaven for us.
So we look to You, Lord – we turn to You now, and we are reminded that You are a God of Your Word. Your Word is forever settled in heaven. You have said so, and Jesus said not one jot or tittle will pass away until all is fulfilled. Lord God, You are true, You are trustworthy. Your Word stands. And we believe, as 2 Chronicles 7:13-14 says. . . When you send a pestilence among us.. if Your people called by Your name would humble ourselves and we would pray and we would seek Your face and we would turn from all the wrong things we are doing. Oh God that we would repent and stop it – stop our sin – that You would hear and that You would forgive and that You would heal.
So Lord God I want to confess our national sins, and I pray now as we confess . . .
… our national addiction to sex, to money, to pleasure, to entertainment, to pornography, to technology, to drugs, to alcohol, to food, to television, to popularity, to ourselves. Oh God, we repent and we confess our foolishness in denying You as the one true living God, our Creator to whom we are accountable… living as though our lives are a cosmic accident with no eternal significance, purpose or meaning. We repent.
… our greed that has run up trillions of dollars of national debt. We repent.
… our arrogance and pride that has led us to think we are sufficient in ourselves or that we are better than someone else or we are inferior to somebody else based on our skin color. We repent.
… believing that our nation’s prosperity comes from our own greatness while refusing to acknowledge that all blessing comes from Your hand. We repent.
… that we depend on military might and our weapons systems to protect us from harm and danger while we defy and ignore You. We repent.
…that we have succumbed to the pressure of pluralism in our desire to be inclusive, honoring other gods as though You are just one of many. We repent.
…that we have allowed material blessings that You have given us to deceive us into thinking we do not need You. We confess that we have valued our foolish pursuit of happiness through wealth and prosperity rather than measuring our relationship with You. We repent.
… that we have marginalized truth and mainstreamed lies. We repent.
… that we have become one nation under many gods, divided, polarized with license to sin and justice that no longer follows the rule of law. We repent.
Oh God, we could keep on confessing and confessing – and we are so sorry, and we turn away from our sin. We ask please, Holy Spirit, that You would convict us of our sin; personal sins, national sins – convict us and bring us to the foot of the cross, confessing our need of a Savior who shed His blood to forgive us.
We thank You that You are righteous, and that Your cross states for all time that there will be judgment for sin. You do not tolerate sin. At the same time You are so gracious and merciful that You stepped in and took the judgment for us that should have been ours.
So God, we bow before You as a righteous God who is gracious and kind and merciful, and we claim now Your Word that says if we confess our sin, if we turn to You, humble ourselves, pray, turn away from our sin – then You would hear our prayer and forgive our sin and heal our land.
So we hold You to Your Word. Would You hear us? Would You forgive us? Would you heal us? Oh God, for the glory of Your name. And I want to conclude, Lord, by thanking You for a president who would see the necessity of calling our nation to fall on our knees and pray. Thank You for President Trump. I pray your blessing on him and his family. We ask that within their hearts there would be peace, there would be an awareness of Your presence and that You would surround them with people who will give them wise counsel. Give them strength and energy and bless them as a family unit – that no division would come between family members…that they would support and encourage each other. I pray for the Vice President and for those in the Cabinet…all those who are our leaders, Lord God.
This is a time to turn to You from the top right on down to the grassroots. We hold You to Your Word. So we turn to You. We look to You. We thank You that when we do, You turn to us. Lord God, would You hear our prayer? Would You forgive our sin? Would You heal our land for the glory of Your great name? The Name that is above every name, the Name that one day every knee will bow before and every tongue will confess that You, Lord Jesus, are Lord of Lords, King of Kings, Savior, Redeemer, Yeshua, Lion of Judah, Lamb of God.
You are our God, the God of our fathers, and we bow before You now claiming Your Word. In Jesus Name and for Your glory.

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Todays workout 🏋️‍♀️
Paper plate workout
“Every day is a good day to workout”
Strive for progress “NOT PERFECTION””
Easter workout




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