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Our awesome neighbors at Jo Stretch La Jolla are offering a FREE stretch session to all Transformation Challenge participants on Monday, February 15! Sign up at the front desk or call the studio to lock in your session.

We are your go to location for any pain, injuries, and well being. Jo Stretch is a stretching studio where we offer one-on-one assisted stretching.

Long days often take a toll on your body that can be reversed with stretching. At Jo Stretch, we offer assisted stretching in La Jolla, CA. Our experienced team has developed unique stretching exercises to give you the best results possible. We incorporate a wide range of equipment (such as our trademark green ball) and methods to help stretch and relax your muscles. With our caring team's dedicat

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Golf Stretches That Improve Flexibility. These stretches are a great warm-up. If you play golf, flexibility is essential. The right golf stretches, performed correctly, can help with shoulder turn, improving your swing with a greater range of motion and less risk of straining a muscle. Stretching helps prevent injuries and boost performance. Use these golf stretches to increase flexibility, improve your swing, and help you prepare for your best game.


When it comes to boxing, it's common to think of training as only practicing punches and fighting skills. In actuality, successful boxing training encompasses much more than just the workout itself, as well as the process of preparing for and recovering from it. How important are stretches for boxing?

One of the most fundamental components of any workout is stretching. Pulling muscles or other injuries can result from not stretching before or after an exercise. Dynamic stretches and static stretches are two types of stretches that may be used to improve your boxing sessions.

Dynamic Vs Static Stretching

Before you start incorporating boxing stretches into your workouts, it's crucial to understand the different types of stretching and when to employ them. It's vital to remember that the purpose of boxing stretches, regardless of the form, is to promote blood flow and loosen up muscles.

Dynamic Stretching

When you hear the phrase "stretching," you probably don't think of dynamic boxing stretches. Dynamic stretching includes actively moving your body to warm up your muscles rather than keeping a posture.

Stretches performed before rather than after a boxing session are known as dynamic stretches. Dynamic stretching is best done with activities that activate several muscles in your body.

Static Stretching

A static stretch is when you pull a muscle or joint to its furthest stretching point and hold it there for anywhere between 10-25 seconds. Post-boxing stretches that stimulate blood flow by lulling your muscles into a state of rest are examples of static stretching, as opposed to dynamic stretching which aims to warm up your muscles.

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Stretches to Help You Get Loose ! You can give your cardio routine a skip, but stretching is a must. These stretching exercises promise better flexibility and muscle strength. If you feel stiffness everywhere in your body then it’s time to loosen up. And there is only one way to go about it: by stretching. We know you find daily stretching routines quite boring but skipping it is only going to do a disservice to muscles. Do you know, a proper 30-minute stretching session can increase your capacity to lift weights and do cardio? That’s because when you stretch, you are preparing your muscles to workout. As a result, your muscles don’t get tired soon and you don’t feel any stiffness or pain. And if you are into HIIT and/or weight training then stretching is a must for you.

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Easy Exercise for Flexible and Strong Spine !!!! So here are some useful exercises and working out alternatives that can bring you the gift of a healthy and flexible spine. a) Spine stretch:
Spine Exercise, Stretch spine
Sit on the floor and spread your legs as wide as you could. Slowly move your head down, bend forward by balancing your body weight on the hips. Try to reduce the distance between your chin and neck by approaching your chin towards the neck. Once you feel the stretch get going to the starting position. Para spinal muscles-the one alongside the spine gets a good stretch through this exercise, which makes your spine elastic. Besides, it improves blood circulation and reduces tension between muscles along with lengthening them. c) Forward bend:
Sit on the ground with your legs straight and extended (facing your face). Touch your feet with your hands or if you are comfortable hold your toes with your fingers and move down towards your knees. If you are not flexible enough then, hook a towel or stall (cotton material) around the bottom of your feet and hold it tight and then bend forward. This intense exercise stretches the hamstrings and also stimulates the inner legs. Spinal trunk rotation
Spinal trunk rotation
Lie down on the floor at your back. Let your palm rest on your stomach and move your legs upwards, with feet touching the ground. Slowly move your legs towards either right or left side. Make sure that both your legs are stuck to each other. Repeat it in both directions. All through the while, keep your body relaxed and pinned to the ground. It will improve spine pain mobility and will also lubricate lumbar spine and hips.

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Stretched for a Strong Ride !


Happy 4th of July . Don’t Forget to STRETCH!.


Success is due to our stretching to the challenges of Life. Failure comes when we shrink from them . John C. Maxwell


Happy Fathers Day! Buy a 10 pack and get two free NormaTec sessions, amazing for recovery and refreshing rides legs. DM us for more details!


The need to stretch increases each day; preventing injuries, relieving stress, releasing muscular pain or discomfort, enhancing recovery post workout, these are all great reasons to get incorporate stretching into your daily life.

Our goal at Jo Stretch is to improve our client’s quality of life. Over time, our muscles, joints and ligaments take a tremendous amount of stress.

Our “Stretchers” are the best in the business, all having extensive experience working with injuries, mobility, and range of motion.

All of our clients are different, so we provide a variety of stretching techniques and protocols for each individual. Whether you are an athlete, a weekend warrior, or just a bit tight, we are happy to help you! During your session, your Stretcher will ask you about your lifestyle, injuries, and come up with a “game plan” for your session.


🚨Big News🚨Jo Stretch is teaming up with @vuoriclothing and on June 23rd 6-8pm they are doing private shopping event for all of our clients! 20% off most items in store, bring your friends. DM us for details! 7841 Girard Ave


🚨Big News🚨Jo Stretch is teaming up with @vuoriclothing and on June 23rd they are doing private shopping event for all of our clients! 20% off most items in store, bring your friends. DM us for details! 7841 Girard Ave


Summer deals are here! Hot weekends mean we need to stretch and take care of our bodies.

Here for the weekend? Want to buy a gift card? Save 25% when you buy two 50 minute sessions- $156 instead of $208 go ahead and share them with someone special! The package expires 30 days after first use, one purchase per client only. Promo runs 6/1-9/30. Text/call 619-859-9523 for details or slide in our DMs.


Working out in the hot sun may be the last thing you want to do during the dog days of summer, but it might be the best time for it. Think about the hot yoga craze: Those warm temps actually help the body’s mobility. Fortunately for you, just stretching in the sun saves you tons of money on Bikram class fees.

Think of your muscles like a set of different-sized rubber bands. If you have a thick, tight muscle that lengthens to the full range of its motion, it’s going to experience more tension on it and you are more likely to injure it as it moves beyond its comfort zone — like a rubber band pushed past its limits. When a muscle is restricted, or overly tight, it will need more focused attention on the restricted area through a muscle release. Yes, stretching, especially in heat, will still lengthen the muscle. But it’s less likely to lengthen in the restricted parts with just stretching alone. That’s especially true if you start exercising without warming up the muscle. This could not only negatively impact your body, but also your athletic performance. A muscle at the ideal length can contract more efficiently and thus demonstrates increased strength.

By working your muscles at the ideal length, you’re maximizing your efforts on the track or in the park. You’re also improving your ability to activate the appropriate muscles, reducing injury, and improving performance. So take advantage of summer — but make sure to hydrate and dress for the heat to stay healthy.


Planning to hit the beach or barbecue this weekend? You may want to set aside some time to stretch ! Memorial Day weekend is a time to honor those members of our military who we lost. It also marks the unofficial start to summer.


Regular stretching helps increase your range of motion in the joints, improves blood circulation and posture and alleviates muscular tension throughout the body, he tells. In addition, it enhances your athletic performance and may reduce the risk of injury, notes the fitness expert. Stretching is a key component of any well-rounded exercise routine. And yet this vital element is often overlooked by many of us. In addition, it enhances your athletic performance and may reduce the risk of injuries.


Stretching Exercises Promote Flexibility, So You Move More Fluidly!
-Denise Austen @JoStretch, we can help you get into the groove! First stretch only $25!

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