Chris Rood

Chris Rood


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Today at the #LegacySummit, we got to hear from a panel of relationship experts. We listened to Chris Rood, who was amazing to listen to, and took notes on spousal and parent/child relationships. The first picture are the notes I started taking…the 2nd would be Steve’s. 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️😂😂😂 Chris had said to be tough on your kids and don’t sugar coat sh*t…this was Steve’s interpretation 🤣🤣🤣
Chris Rood
Chris Rood
Can this All IN Entrepreneurs freedom lineup get any more insane. Ed Mylett - Emily Frisella - Pace Morby - Steve Trang - Ryan Pineda - Max Maxwell - Chris Rood and many more.

I’ll be leading charge as Emcee for the event.
You don’t want to miss this one.
Dan Kramer and Ryley Smith talk with Chris Rood about his path to becoming a Real Estate Guru! Chris Rood Roods Real Estate Chris Rood
Why Are Mobile Home Parks A Good Investment? Lets Compare $$$ To Single Family Homes…

What is your favorite asset class to invest in?

Have you ever considered investing in mobile home parks? If not, you might want to reconsider

In this quick clip from last week’s episode real estate expert, Chris Rood discusses why mobile home parks are a good investment

The link is in the bio and comments for the full episode of The A Game Podcast. Please LISTEN & SUBSCRIBE! See show notes for all the ways to connect with Chris and make sure to contact Nick Lamagna to start doing some real estate deals together!

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Tenant Owned Vs Park Owned Mobile Homes…Which Is Better?

Do you own any mobile homes or mobile home parks? If not, have you ever considered investing in them? Which is better, tenant-owned or park-owned mobile homes?

In this quick clip from this week’s episode real estate expert, Chris Rood discusses tenant-owned vs park-owned mobile homes and which is better.

The link is in the bio and comments for the full episode of The A Game Podcast. Please LISTEN & SUBSCRIBE! See show notes for all the ways to connect with Chris and make sure to contact Nick Lamagna to start doing some real estate deals together!

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How to Survive a Real Estate Crash?

A real estate market crash can be devastating. We’ve seen several market crashes in recent years. If the housing market were to crash today, what would you do? What would it do to your current business?

In this clip from this week’s episode real estate expert, Chris Rood discusses how to survive a real estate market crash.

The link is in the bio and comments for the full episode of The A Game Podcast. Please LISTEN & SUBSCRIBE! See show notes for all the ways to connect with Chris and make sure to contact Nick Lamagna to start doing some real estate deals together!

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New episode of The A Game Podcast Out NOW! Link In bio!

Join Nick Lamagna on The A Game Podcast with guest Chris Rood! Chris is a full time real estate investor, author, coach and entrepreneur who was worked alongside some of the biggest names in business and real estate including Grant Cardone. He is well known as one of the top coaches for wholesaling and now also specializes in creative real estate with a heavy focus on mobile home parks boasting over 350 units in 8 states and counting.

He shares his journey through multiple market cycles developing as an entrepreneur in many products and businesses to find financial success and share valuable business and mindset experiences in this episode to help you on your journey. Check the links in the bio to learn about his upcoming mastermind deep diving into mobile home parks.

Topics In This Episode Include:

✅ Where will housing be in the next 10-20 years?

✅ How to overcome anxiety in business

✅ Are Mobile Home Parks a good investment? Why?

✅ What's one thing you NEED to have as an entrepreneur

✅ Tenant vs Park owned Mobile homes ➡️ MORE!

See show notes for all the ways to connect with Chris and make sure to contact Nick to start doing some real estate deals together!

Need to borrow money for Real Estate?
Go to Affiliates through our bio link and email Maryann Nationwide Business Capital Group to get the most competitive rated and terms. Tell her the A Game Podcast sent you!

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Where do I start? Grant Cardone sent me
I am blown away at the conversations I’ve had on my podcast The A Game Podcast this last week or so. Truly good humans and successful people such as Matt Andrews, Mark Savant, Nick Perry, Adam Triple A Adams, Chris Rood, Michael Ian Black, Dov Davidoff and coming up soon with Brian Sigmon and Jason Portnoy and Adam Lazarra among others. It’s extremely humbling to engage with such inspirational people every week who are so open to sharing the path to their success. I appreciate every guest and every listener.

#entrepreneurial #powerofpositivity #succeed #businessgrowth #encourage #optimism #influence #inspireothers #millionairementor #positiveattitude #spreadpositivity #entrepreneurmotivation #getinspired #bethebestyou #changeyourmindset #applepodcasts #podcastshow #podcasters #newepisode #podcastinglife #podcastcommunity #podcastsofinstagram #conversation #interviews #podcastinterview #podcastersunite #podcastlifestyle #instapodcast #podcaststudio #listennow

I am full time real estate investor, coach, mentor, sales professional, and entrepreneur. I specialize in wholesaling real estate to real estate investors and mbile home parks.

Operating as usual


Your wife has to be your #1, PERIOD! Not your friends, not your Favorite Guru, not your parents, and Not even your Kids. Let me explain. Your friends will come and go. You will figure out one day your favorite Guru isn’t legit. And your kids will grow up one day and have their own lives so don’t live through your kids.
And before you get upset about the kids part understand you are setting the example of how they should be with their future spouse. Be the EXAMPLE. Too many people are living vicariously through their children. Your goal is Independence. For them and yourself.


Pro Dad Tip: One on One is way more meaningful and impactful than alway doing things as a whole family. Keep SKILLING Up!


Your Actions are a direct correlation of your thinking! THINK BIG and y’all take BIG ACTION also!


If you ain’t learning….. You ain’t Earning! I am at a mastermind right now and I always pick up one or two gold nuggets that I can implement into my business from people that know something I don’t know!

People are not smarter than you…. They just know something you don’t know through trial and error that you haven’t experienced yet! Iron sharpens Iron!

Only 4 spots left to my Allies Mastermind June 24th and 25th in Lafayette, Louisiana. Inbox me for details! Keep SKILLING Up!


Real Estate Investing is just fishing folks!


BUY DIRT! Million Dollar Profit Land Development Deal! Allies Mastermind June 24th and 25th in Lafayette Louisiana. Inbox me for details!


A Video Goes Viral with 6.8 Million views because I cursed at my kids when I was correcting him! 🤦🏻‍♂️😂 Hop on it’s going to be Controversial!


Seems Legit! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸


Pro Investor Tip: For all you NFTERS and BITCOINERS! If you want to buy something that is definitely going up in value to make up for alll your recent losses, and will definitely skyrocket as soon as they try to pass gun control legislation….. Here you go!!! Invest in the Second Amendment! You’re Welcome!…. I’ll send you my PayPal for Donations! No Bitcoin or NFTs… Maybe 😉



You need less Brains and more Balls folks! Mastermind June 24th and 25th to help you grow your balls! Inbox me for details!

Photos from Chris Rood's post 06/04/2022

Daddy we have all these Short Term Vacation Rentals on the beach and water, and you don’t even own a boat to go cruise and catch fish! Me…. Son we own valuable assets and we can “ Rent” a liability for 2k for the day to go fishing! Lesson for the day Rent Liabilities and Own Assets!


How Real estate investors think about kids!


Consolidate Your Wins and Take Some Chips Off The Table! There’s a day of reckoning coming soon!

There has never been a time like this in history! Never has a government and central bank had the exuberant privilege of printing this much money for such a long time just to cover their losses and get away with it! Why? Because we have a monopoly of force! Meaning we have the largest military in the world and can press our will on everyone else!

Here’s The Facts!!!
- Social Security…. Bankrupt
- Medicaid….. Bankrupt
- Medicare….. Bankrupt
- Government Pensions…. Bankrupt
- US Treasury….. Bankrupt
- US Government…. Bankrupt

The only reason any of these fore mention liabilities get paid is because we counterfeit,… I mean print money out of thin air backed by nothing but a promise to pay later in the future!…. NewsFlash!… It’s not mathematically possible to pay any of this back!

The US prints 120 Billion dollars a month just to pay for its losses and this number increases every month!

The only way out of this is a HUGE distraction to blame the debt crisis on! No one knows what that’s going to be, but it will happen! It will be an Engineered Crisis!!!

What Am I Doing To Hedge Against The Coming Crisis?
- Selling off all assets we don’t plan on keeping for the next 5 years!
- Paying off all unnecessary monthly notes or debts that are liabilities.
- Only invest in things that are essential to the economy that’s needed and wanted! ie…. Don’t buy a boat!
- Invest in service based businesses!!! HVAC, Roofing, Plumbing, Mechanics, Wholesaling, etc. etc.
- Hold 20-30% of your net worth in Cash!
- Only buy at Wholesale prices! We are at the top of the market cycle! If I can’t steal it…. I ain’t buying it!
- Economize! Where can you save money!

Chris you’re a pessimist!!!….. No I am a realist! I’ve been through 3 crashes and they suck!!!

The next 10 years will not be like the last 10 years and I hope I am wrong on this but I doubt it!!! I don’t talk like this to scare anyone but to make you younger Entrepreneurs more aware of what’s coming!



Read This Book Once a Year!


Why Short term vacation rentals and Air BNB make sense!


Patti Duplechien Rood AKA BIG MOMMA ROOD will be helping y’all Skill Up your Short Term Vacation and Air BNB game at the Allies Mastermind June 24th and 25th in Lafayette Louisiana! She has been investing in Air BNB on the beach for 8 years and owns Millions of dollars of Short term vacation rentals! Inbox me for details!

Photos from Chris Rood's post 05/31/2022

Daddy come take a picture with me and show my progress!…He’s starting to catch up to me 🤦🏻‍♂️🦾😂

My son Ayden Rood has lost a total of 45 pounds of fat and then added 25 pounds of muscle since he started on his Journey of getting lean and fit two years ago!…. TWO YEARS!!!! It takes time and consistency! Get out of this get rich quick, get lean quick, get wisdom quick, etc. etc. Your biggest asset is consistency over time and building great habits!

We are on vacation and he still wants to work out because he’s been conditioned and has instilled habits that he doesn’t have to even think about! Success and Excellence is a HABIT and LIFESTYLE!You don’t think about it!…. YOU JUST WAKE UP EVERYDAY AND DO IT!

And No I Don’t Take “Testosterone Therapy” 🤦🏻‍♂️. Just like I Don’t Buy Fake Followers!


It’s funny how we idolize and to some degree worship actors, musicians, and professional sports stars and yet we don’t give nearly the same amount of admiration and attention to veterans and service men. Yet they do things that most Actors, Musicians, and Sports stars could never even dream of doing. It takes a certain breed of cat to willingly and forcibly put yourself in harms way to protect an ideal that you hold greater value to than your immediate life. They are giants among men and they don’t play on the basketball courts or work in a Hollywood studio. They are the men and women that knowingly serve there country to give back and protect. Thank you for existing! For there is no greater sacrifice than what theses types of people endure for us to even go watch a Hollywood movie..... Watch your favorite band concert or attend a professional sports game. We fail to forget that these people are the gatekeepers to all these privileges and entertainments we enjoy from the idolized hero’s we seem to worship in one way or another on T.V...... The real hero’s are probably somewhere in your neighborhood and city quietly living their lives still struggling with what they had to experience that no Hollywood Studio could recreate. To all the quite less know super hero’s we are eternally indebted to you even though you don’t want anything in return. Happy Memorial Day and May God bless you and quite your heart. Tag a real super hero that needs to hear this! Eddie Penney is a real life super hero and Navy Seal. He will be speaking at the Allies Mastermind June 24th and 25th in Lafayette, Louisiana. Inbox me for details! Eddie Penney


Living The Real Estate Life and Guru Sh*t! Hop On!


Me looking at these wholesalers trying to sell me deals on MLS for more than it’s listed for online! Please Stop! 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️


I remember when I was about 8 years old, my mother bought me some false gold from a trip she went on to Colorado.

When she gave it to me I was so excited! For the first time I felt the sensation of what I thought was money or something valuable that I owned.

I then proceeded to go to the convenient store to buy some candy and baseball cards with this new found gold.

The convenient store clerk looked at me and laughed when I tried to pay for the candy with fake gold. I then realized that it was not worth what I thought it was worth and felt a huge let down!!!….. and this is exactly what is going on in the Guru space right now!!!

People with a lot of followers in which most are fake bought followers are selling FALSE GOLD!!! Selling Fairy 🧚‍♀️ Dust, Unicorn 🦄 Urine, and False Gold! 🤦🏻‍♂️

And why do they buy into it? Television has programmed people into thinking they can get rich quick without much effort!

These people selling False Gold have a lot of commonalities….
- They typically have more followers than money in the bank.
- They have more views on their social media than Assets under management!
- They are selling imaginary objects in imaginary realities.
- They are selling you false expectations of how easy it is to build wealth.
- They make more money selling coaching than they do in their business.


I’ve been at it for 20 years and I am just starting to get some serious traction!… Yes it’s going to take a long time! That’s what makes it rare and valuable! Anything that is easy to obtain is NOT RARE AND VALUABLE!

Stop falling for FALSE GOLD! Real gold is hard to obtain because it’s RARE and VALUABLE!

Get REAL with yourself and set real expectations for building wealth! 5 years minimum to get some momentum and 10-20 years to truly make an impact on your family tree!

Stop Listening to Snake Oil Charlatan Guru selling you false Gold and get in the real economy! Where Hardwork, Sacrifice, Communication skills, Team Building, Figuring out strategic advantages, and figuring out what’s really needed and wanted in the economy is the REAL GOLD!


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