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Personal training is more than just getting in shape and looking good. I promote lifestyle changes of the mind body and soul! Join me today!

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#ArmorChallenge 2020 Winner

Congrats again lady!!!



$100 Cash 💰 Armor Challenge Winner!!!


FINAL WEEK of the #armorchallenge!!!


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Zoom link for HIITZONE at noon PST
Via McGriff is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Via McGriff's Personal Meeting Room

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Meeting ID: 802 893 7040
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2nd Live Drawing!!!

[06/16/20]   HIITZONE class today at noon PST!!! What you will need:
A band and some space


#ArmorChallenge Week 2 Set 4 vid tutorial! Raise the bar!!


#ArmorChallenge Week 2 tutorial + modifiers!! Thank you to my friends Jeanne and Ryan from Crunch Fitness for joining me!!


How is everyone feeling rounding out week 1? Comment below!!

✅ Week 1 Down 3 weeks to go!!!

🙋🏽‍♀️ Who is ready for week 2?!!

🎯 Set new mini goals for this week! Either increased reps, maybe add some resistance, or maybe even doing the additional challenge/cardio work!!

✏️ Write down your progress

💪🏽Let’s get some results!!


Crunch Fitness

I will be teaching live HIITZONE classes via Zoom!! Shoot me your email to join the sessions! They start next Tuesday’s at noon! Based on need I may open up sessions earlier in the mornings or later in the evenings!!

If you want to participate in a live zoom workout with @miz_v_4hg email us at at [email protected], or just DM us your email so we can add you too the call! #crunch #crunchfitness #lakewood #lakewoodwashington #tacoma #fitness #fun #gym #zoom #live #letsgo #facebook #instagram #instagood


First live drawing!!!


It’s Wraptastic Wednesday!!!

Try this wrap for a tasty, high protein lunch!!

🥚 Scrambled eggs/egg whites

🍄 Sautéed mushrooms and 🧄 garlic

🥬 Spinach

🍅 Fresh tomatoes

🧀 Provolone cheese

✔️ Black beans

🌶 Sriracha Mayo

😋 Wrapped in a spinach tortilla!!!


Day 3: Rest/Recovery

Wow! Legs 🦵 are on FIRE 🔥 🔥

🙋🏽‍♀️Who is is excited about it being a rest/recovery day for the #armorchallenge??

Make sure you rest your muscles but STICK TO YOUR NUTRITION PLAN!! If you get an urge, get up and walk, or do something productive... Stretch, foam roll etc! Do not blow all your hard work on a day of crap eating!!

Your goals are worth it!!!


Day 2!!! In it to win it!!

[06/09/20]   Try Something New Tuesday!!

🙋🏽‍♀️ Who wants NATURAL energy and no crash?
🙋🏽‍♀️ Who wants improved metabolic pathways?
🙋🏽‍♀️ Who wants less inflammation in their joints and body?

🍈 Squueze 3 Key Limes

🌶 Dash or 2 of Cayenne Pepper

🍯 1-2 Tbsp of Organice Local Honey

🧂 1-2 tsp of Sea salt or Pink Himalayan Salt

*Optional: 1 Tbsp 🍎 apple cider vinegar

Benefits: Natural, LONG LASTING energy boost, improved metabolic pathways, reduced inflammation throughout the entire body, and improved overall gut health!

🤸🏾‍♂️ I recommend having this first thing in the morning, and you can have it through out the day. I DON’T recommend taking this before bed.. It WILL keep you up!!

I can attest to all of this! Good lookin out Sherri Jackson!!


The #ArmorChallenge is in full swing!! I will be selecting random prize winners during the challenge!!!

How to be selected:

✔️ Post anything relevant to the challenge
✔️ Tag me Via Filipe
✔️ Mention @GNG Fitness
✔️ #armorchallenge

Still want to join?? It’s simple, just PM me your email!!


Armor Challenge: Monday Motivation!!

Day 1 of the Armor Challenge is in full swing!!!


Part of being successful in getting the results you are looking for is setting your self up for success!

- Set ACHIEVABLE goals!

Make sure these are goals that are attainable. These should be short term goals that will help you get closer to reaching your overall goals! I call these your stepping stone goals!

-Have a plan of action in place as well as a back up plan.
If you know your work schedule COULD change, make sure you have a back up plan in place in case that happens. Either way, if you want to see results bad enough YOU WILL FIND A WAY!!

You may try to convince your self that it's just not worth it anymore, or maybe you are happy where you are at. That is a lie! You CAN and you WILL!! Stay focused and believe in yourself!

-Get Creative and make it fun and enjoyable!
Don't be victim to "routine workouts and bland nutrition plans" Try new things, and have fun in the process figuring out what works best for you!! Now... LET'S EAT!!


GNG Fitness's cover photo


Can never go wrong with a birthday workout! Happy 11th bday to my baby girl!! Smashed our workout, now time for some cake!!! 🎂


We gettin it in!!! Simple as that!! Can’t wait to be back at Crunch Fitness with all my fabulous clients and teaching classes, but I guarantee you this.... I’m coming back better than I left!!! Love that my kids are so active and beg to workout with me!! #fitness #fitmama #fitfam #fitsisters #gains #goals #god #family


Today’s Protein, Power packed Brunch Bowl:

Egg whites
1 whole 🥚
Deli turkey 🍴
2 C Power Greens
1/2 🥑
And Sriracha 🌶


Back Circuit: 4x 45s/15s rest between

#LP my back circuit from yesterday

[04/02/20]   #LP my phone was having some technical difficulties yesterday and I wasn’t able to save the clips for the workouts, but FINALLY got it working. Here was yesterday’s Core circuit!! Please feel free to share! Enjoy!!

3-4 Sets | 45s Each

Toe Touches
Leg Drops
Reach Thrus
Russian Twists
Mt. Climbers
KB Swings
Rest 60s

#quarantine #quarantinehomeworkouts #homeworkouts #core #cardio #abs #fatloss #fitfam #fitlife #fitness #sweat #stayhealthy


Today’s workout:

4 Sets:
Spanish Squats x 25
(This is really good if you have knee issues but it also helps train form. You can do regular squats if you choose too.)

RDL’s x 25

Hip Thrusts x 25

KB Cleans x 10-15 each arm

Glute Finisher:

100 “Booty burners” each leg AFAP (As Fast As Possible)

Enjoy! Feel free to share!


One day at a time! One goal at a time!


GNG Fitness's cover photo


Help me show some love to this week’s Transformation Tuesday shoutout Lisa West Thomas!!! This woman came in 2nd in our Transformation Challenge despite being holed up in a hospital caring for her hubby for nearly 2 weeks out of the challenge! (Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong 😬) #noexcuses she smashed it!!

Great job Lisa!!

Lisa -11.59% BF | -19.28lbs fat | +13.28lbs muscle | 16.5” overall


Monday Mayhem!!

Was asked to post video of my workouts. Here is a quick vid of my circuit work today. Enjoy and please feel free to share!! Also... knocked out 100 pushups since I got challenged 3x!! #quarantine #quarantinehomeworkouts #upperbody #kettlebells #circuittraining #burnouts #100 #repsonreps #pushups

Circuit 1:
Push ups
DB Bench x 25
DB Flyes x 25
Lateral raises x 25
KB Swings x 25

Circuit 2:
DB pullovers x 25
DB Kickbacks x 25
Bench dips x 15-25
DB KB Swings x 25


Post workout smoothie!! Yum!!

Bet you can’t guess what’s in this amazing smoothie!! 🤔

Here it is:

1 scoop dotFit vanilla whey smooth

1 scoop dotFit
chocolate LeanMR

1/2 c frozen mixed berries (I didn’t measure just did like a small handful)

1/2 banana

Pinch of cayenne pepper, turmeric and black pepper

1 C power greens 🥬

Water to desired consistency


Happy Quarantine Thursday!!


Tuesday: Core/ Cardio

Comment how many rounds you did!! These workouts are also a great way to test your muscular and cardio endurance! Maybe today you got through 2 rounds and the next time 4, etc.


Today’s workout!! Enjoy!! Don’t forget to comment how many rounds you complete!!


GNG Fitness's cover photo

[03/22/20]   How many of you got a little carried away with food during the first part of the quarantine? 🙋🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ try this detox. You can do this for 1-3 days if need be. Fasting in this manner will help reset your body and help boost your metabolic rate. I recommend doing this once every 1-2 months to improve your body’s overall functionality! (If you have an issue with under eating please don’t get carried away with this!)

Sunday Detox (or whatever day(s) you choose):

Start the day: Cup of water (or black coffee if u have to start the day with coffee)

Mid-Morning: 🍵 herbal tea of choice, 2TBSP 🍋 juice (optional), 2 TBSP Raw, local honey 🍯, 1tsp- 2TBSP Apple 🍎 Cider Vinegar

Afternoon: Water (w/lemon if u didn’t add lemon to your tea 🍵)

Evening: Tea

Late evening: Water

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#ArmorChallenge 2020 Winner
***WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT!!!***$100 Cash 💰 Armor Challenge Winner!!!
FINAL WEEK of the #armorchallenge!!!
2nd Live Drawing!!!
#ArmorChallenge Week 2 Set 4 vid tutorial! Raise the bar!!
#ArmorChallenge Week 2 tutorial + modifiers!! Thank you to my friends Jeanne and Ryan from Crunch Fitness for joining me...
First live drawing!!!
Day 2!!! In it to win it!!
Armor Challenge: Monday Motivation!!
We gettin it in!!! Simple as that!! Can’t wait to be back at Crunch Fitness with all my fabulous clients and teaching cl...
Back Circuit: 4x 45s/15s rest between
Today’s workout:4 Sets:Spanish Squats x 25(This is really good if you have knee issues but it also helps train form. You...



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