Birdhollow Resort & RV Campground "your access to grand river and beyond"

we are located on the banks of the grand river just south of langley, ok. we offer you more than your access to the water. we are you access to grand river and beyond.

we have a park like setting with landscaped rock terraces that give a burst of spring flowers. we have a spetacular view of the grand river and the historic "blue bridge". we offer a wide varity of services that you can't get from other resorts or campgrounds. we have a boat ramp with a surfaced approach and ramp, we can handle any size of vessel you may have. a lighted top notched cleaning station supplied with electric and potable water to clean your catch before you go home. we have almost 500 ft of river bank for your bank fishing trips, three boat docks, and a secluded private camping area where you can let the kids be kids. and we offer a limited lodging, but more importantly when you are here our staff is ready to assist you in what ever needs you may have. because we have built this philosphy that you are not here for us, but we are here for you. so if you would like more information please call us at (918) 589-2558 or (918) 770-1936. or you can send us an e-mail at [email protected]

Operating as usual

[05/24/17]   Well as my final time left here to finish clearing out of Birdhollow. I just want to take this opportunity to tell everyone that my time here has been one that has enriched my life. Through all the struggles, set backs, and up hill climbs, I'm finding that my life has became more richer. And everyday I invested in getting the opportunity to personally to get to know as many of you as I had, Has been such a great pleasure.
One doesn't realize just how lucky we are til things change in our lives, and I realize I was really lucky. And it has always been great pleasure to had the opportunity to serve you and the needs of so many. It has only been recently how much I made a difference in so many families lives, to been a part of making that last special fishing trip for a loved one no longer with us, makes all the bad days fade away.
And for me knowing that is the greatest treasure I will cherish. But I wouldn't have that cherished treasure if it weren't for all of you wonderful people I had met during my time here. Life can change us for the better or the worse, and mine has been for the better.
I may no longer be around here to serve you or your family, but I defiantly will see most of you every season here. But I'll be out on the river rushing to beat you to that honey hole to get the best spot.
So with that I truly will miss my time here, but not miss seeing everyone next season.
I thank you all for making my time here a special time, and look forward to seeing you next season. And like always thank you for all of your support you gave given me.

Again thank you

[05/05/17]   Well the eater level had really dropped today. At the current rate the main road should be opened by tomorrow.
But I'm not calling this over with just yet. I'm suspicious of their motives as to why they are reducing the release from grand.
And the only logical conclusion I can come to rationalize is this.
The lake level is still high, so my thought is that they are lowering the level of lakes downstream. So when they open up grand again to drop it to a safe level for the up coming money making weekend. The lower lakes can handle all the volume of water they need to drain before then.
So with that I'm not calling this event over, I'm expecting for the level to rise back up again. Not sure when, but I'm sure it will be as soon as the lower lakes have returned st or near normal levels.

[05/04/17]   Was just up at the dam and watched them close two gates on the east spillway. The level has dropped considerable amount. Water is still out of the banks, but should drop within its banks soon.

[05/03/17]   Well the fire dept was just here and advised me that if I need to get out or need to get food I best do it now. They will be opening up two more gates increasing the flow from 122k cfs to 175-180k CFS. And they will be closing down the highway 82. And my back road escape route will be under water.
I'll keep updates posted as warranted.

[05/02/17]   Here is the latest update.
The water level did come up slightly overnight, but did drop enough for the highway to be passable. There is rain in the forecast, with the upper water shed receiving the rainfall.
We have yet to crest out, and with more water incoming into the system its still an uncertainty as to how high it will actually reach.

[05/01/17]   Just got word that they have shut down highway 82 between Langley and spavinaw at the bridge. Not because water over the bridge, but due to water flowing over the highway on the north side of bridge.

[05/01/17]   The level of flood water has raised only a few inches in past couple hours. The highway 82 bridge is still open at this time. I've not received any further updates from GRDA concerning anymore gate openings. But as waters from the elk river and white water sheds begin to reach here I do expect the level to rise.

[05/01/17]   Just received called from fire Dept they informed me that the water level is expected to rise a minimum of 5' higher than that of DEC. 2015. If that is the case im not as prepared as I thought I was.....

[04/30/17]   Since my last post couple hours ago the water is now over the cleaning station slab

[04/30/17]   Yesterday afternoon GRDA informed me that I needed to prepare for a major flooding event. I asked him if this is another DEC. 2015 type of event, he responded with a un reassuring chuckle and said "I don't know, but I wouldn't wait and see I would take preparedness steps now"
So with help from great people, we are as prepared as prepared can be for a chuckle.
I will try to keep everyone posted on our situation, I plan on riding this one out on the front lines again. Phone service has been marginal at the very best, so I may not be able to keep up to the minute post or pics.
I can say the level when I left to get groceries was the main road is un passable its not raising rapid as in 2015, but was told to expect large volumes of water.
I know a great deal of you are battling your own water flooding issues, and my prayers are with you. Please be safe and together we can swim through this.
And thank you all in advance for your continued support!!!

[04/24/17]   The water level is down somewhat today, and it is flipping flopping full of shad...

[04/23/17]   Well the last numbers I had heard was they are releasing between 69-71,000 CFS.
The level did rise about a foot here overnite but has been fairly stable most of today.
We've been fairly busy again today dispite that the main road is getting covered. It is still passable as of now, but won't take much for it to be shut down.
There is a large amount of shad floating down so getting some good bait isn't problem like it was last few seasons.
If you get a chance to come out And stop by for a visit please do.

[04/22/17]   They started raising the water level in a serious way today. Its got the park under water and is creeping up on the main road. Went to the dam earlier and they gave a total of 12 gates open and full generation.
I'm sure the bass have been slowed down by the water but we have been busy today despite that. From looks of it the catfish and spoonbills are up in here.
But in the event the water continues to rise we will still be launching here. Just use the the back access road.

[04/20/17]   I received notice today that as of 12:00:01 a.m.
10 may 2017, Birdhollow resort & rv campground will no longer be in existence and will cease to operate as a resort under current ownership/management.
Effective 31april 2017 we will shut down our lodging operations. And will not be accepting or taking any bookings and if have a booking pending, we will notify you of the cancellation.
We will continue to run our boat ramp and cleaning station til 6 may 2017, at that time we will close it down and will cease all operations so as we can meet the deadline to vacate the property set by the purchaser.
And we will cease all postings, pictures, and messages by the 10 may 2017 deadline. Up til that time you can still post, message, or contact me through this page site or by my phone directly.

And I thank all of you for your past support.

[04/15/17]   We wasn't as busy as I had previously thought we would be, but still had a good day. It was tough going to put yourself on the fish. They did drop the level and flow of the river. They have been fluxing it up and down the past couple days.
But none the less fish were being caught. The wind started to pick up and seemed to be blowing a hundred miles an hour. I am hoping that tomorrow will be much more busier. Only way to know is wait for another couple hours and see how early the lots fill up.

[04/13/17]   Today seemed to be another good day for fishing. Had reports of live wells getting filled up quickly. Had several people here today putting out. Didn't see any spoonbills come in today, but do know they were some out working to snag one.
Did get a decent report on crappie up in the old channel up from cabbage creek using live minnows.
Looks like this weekend might be a very busy one, so if you come here we will be working to get you launched swiftly.
I'll meet you by cleaning table give you pay envelope and have you get your boat ready. Once ready launch and head to parking area. There will be someone there directing you where to park. The size of your trailer and truck will determine where they will direct you to park. We have found by doing this during the "rush" we can get you out on the water faster as well as maximize our parking lots. We do have handicap parking spots for permitted vehicles so let me know up front and we can better place you.
If we all be a little patient and work as a team together, we can get more accomplished. And give you more fishing time. After all that's why you're here, right?

Thanks for your continued support.

Side note: I do have an opening for the "Dawghouse" from tomorrow the 14th-21st. If you are needing lodging next week lmk and we can get you booked.

[04/12/17]   The day seemed to be a good day for fishing, got several reports of good catches being caught from the cable down to the windmills. I seen several good messes getting cleaned here today. Several large bass, with good numbers. Hauled off more chum today than any other day do far this season.
Did see three spoonbill heads in the chum wagon, so I guess they did good as well. Don't know where they were caught at, they were there when I returned back to the cleaning to retrieve my fillet knife and sharping steel. Which by the way wasn't there when I returned back. Were they stolen? Or did an honest person picked them up for me? One can only guess, but three spoonbills were cleaned, my knife and steel missing, and they didn't pay to clean the spoonbills.
The things that make you say hummmm.

First i want to apologize for the length of this posting. I feel it necessary to post this information.

I'm going to try and explain this so as to clarify any confusion on why we require for you to fill out a pay envelope when you launch your boat.
But first off I would like to thank those of you who do fill out all the information we ask for. It makes my day a lot less of a hassle and I don't have to waste time on weather or not that you have paid.
Now, the rest of you who don't fill out the information we ask for. This is why it is required.
Date : that way we know you paid for that day.
Tag#: this is the only system we know of that proves that you did pay. There is never two trucks with same tag #. But always more than one white truck. Blue Dodge, f-250, your vehicle, your tag #, regardless what color, make, or model. There's only that one tag# in the lot.
Name: because you're on our property and we have the right to know who's on our property. You would want to know who I was if I showed up on your property, right?
#of guest: this helps us get an ideal on how many people visit us, weather the count is up or down, This helps us to decide what is needed for following season to accommodate the the needs of our guest.
Phone: in case we need to contact you for some reason or for an issue with your vehicle.
Boat/park use: this is so we know what services you may have used, so we credit which service with the funds.

But more importantly, if you fail to return in a timely manner at least when I call GRDA to report you missing. They will at least know who they are looking for and how many people they are searching for.
And as we all know the world isn't full of honest people, and don't leave you a note if they damage your vehicle in a parking lot. But if everyone has filled out the info completely and your vehicle gets damaged by the person next to you and didn't leave a note. I do at least have their name, tag #, and contact phone number so you have something to get your damages fixed.
I assure you that we do not release any of this info out unless we find it to be necessary to do so.
And I assure you that I'm not tech savy enough nor do I have the time to be hacking into your states DMV computer banks to corrupt your record.
The following are examples of how not to fill out your pay envelope and the correct way to fill it out. And if you fill it out incorrectly don't get all worked up and offended when you find the note on your vehicle.
This is the policies and procedures that is required for everyone. If everyone was honest and followed the honor system there would be no issues. So the few who don't pay has forced us to require a system that identifies the honest from the dishonest.
And legally, if you don't pay for the use of the ramp, I can have your vehicle and trailer towed from our property at your expense for trespassing. It is our policy to do so, if we choose to do so. It is not something I would like to do, but if it is necessary, I will do it.
So remember next time you're here you don't fill out the the pay envelope with all info, especially a tag #. We can only assume that you didn't pay. And you can expect anything from a note on your vehicle to your vehicle being towed off the property.
We do not accept payment for tomorrow with today's launch fee. You pay for today's launch today and pay for tomorrows launch tomorrow. If you want to pay in advance you can purchase our book of pre-paid launch vouchers for $20.00 for a book of five .
I do apologize for this being so long, but felt it was important enough to set the record straight once and for all. If you will please share this with others you know or at least pass it on to others who may decide to use our ramp and not pay for using it.
I do thank you for your continued support and cooperation with this.
Again thank you

[04/08/17]   We have two full lots here, a lot of ppl out on the water. No reports of anything successful yet.
The wind is really beginning to pick up with some serious gusts from the south. I'm sure its not to bad if your running along the bluffs. But in any case if you're out on the water please be safe and extra careful. And keep your lifejacket on today, alot of crazy boaters are running full speed up from downstream. Causing more waves to go with the waves the wind is kicking up.
When I hear of any reports on fishing I'll post it here.

[04/08/17]   Yesterday we had a fairly good day. I was able to out and spend some time on the water. We caught 28 nice Sandie's, and was given a few plus two hybrids.
Expecting today to be better and they should start rolling in here pretty soon. The temps is suppose to be warmer but the wind increased. So if your out today please be careful and watch out for others, there will plenty of activity on the water.
Hope to see you here!!!

[04/02/17]   They were releasing a good amount of water earlier today, but I've noticed that they have cut it back some. Still has some current in the channel. Not sure if anyone is doing any good or not. Only one boater here today. A big drop from yesterday's number of launches.
But its still early in the season things will be going hard and strong in a few days.

[03/29/17]   Here's what I know on the fishing.
I went out for a couple hours yesterday afternoon, we started off hitting along the bluffs on our way up. Stopping in the cabbage creek, gravel bar, and finally by eagle point. I tried a variety baits from sliders to shad rappers as we drift with the current.
They were at full generation. I wasn't fortunate enough to put anything in the live well. But the guy I was with managed to throw a couple in.

We then headed downstream to about the ramp off in a cove. Didn't do so good in our boat.

We did have a couple of guys here and they were able to bring in 33 to the cleaning table. They said they were catching if they were trolling and using different types of baits til they found one they hit on.

They say if you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. If you teach him to fish, you feed him for life.
BUT if you give him a cooler full of fish, he can have a fish fry !!!!

[03/19/17]   Today's fishing seemed to be a mixed bag from not yo good to did really well.
I know the herd all stampeded upstream to graze on the gravel bar, but shortly afterwards it was a floatilla of boats one after another rushing down stream.
Spoke with some who did good on the gravel bar. But not downstream. And visa-versa.
Did have one spoonbiller here and he said he pulled in 32 in a couple hours, no real scale tipper but was consistent.
The average bass catch today was about 30-35.
I had two and a half buckets of chum.
I'll keep you Informed with reports as I get them.

The Missouri migration has begun....

[03/18/17]   Here is the latest Intel reports given to me today. Had one boat go out and reported back that they caught 34 sand bass and 15 crappie.
Another one reported back that they caught several spoonbills up in "the hole" and had one that tipped the scales at 63#.
Looks like this season might end up being a good one. Are you ready for it to get started? I know I'm ready and look forward to it.

I just finished up on repairing and upgrading the cleaning tables. I redecked the tops , added a new deep well sink, and put in all new plumbing and drains. Check out my latest fishing report from today.

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i was wondering one day just really how long has bird hollow been here as a place for gathering and a place to be at. i knew from the finding of the ancient human remains, that there was alot of history within this hollow. but just how much and how far back. it has been estimated that the remains are between 6-8 hundred years old possiblly older. after i thought about it i realized they were here for the food source, the shelter, and the water. with the artifacts that have been found in the area, there was a many different cultures and peoples that visited this humble little hollow. then they probally used log boats,fished with spears and nets, and found shelter in the caves and overhangs along the river. so that brings me back to today and i realized that the people of today are here for the same reason the people of 800-1000 years ago. the only difference is that today we have motorized boats, fish with fancy gear, and stay in the lodging of modern day. so to answer the question how long has bird hollow been here as a place to be and for the gathering of people. the answer would probally be ever since the first people wandered into this region and discovered the riches of this humble little hollow. like the times of a millium ago we still gather here at this humble little hollow for the things that was needed for survival then. so when you visit us you are visiting one of the oldest resorts known to mankind.
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Bird Hollow Resort Bird Hollow Resort
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BIRD HOLLOW RESORT is your access to Grand River and beyond. Situated just above the river bank, we have a park-like setting, cabins, camping, boat ramp, canoes/kayaks & RV hook ups.

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