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If you have not yet, please like the fan page for our new business HIGHBAR CrossFit!!! We are close to opening in Ashburn, VA


R2 Strength & Conditioning now has openings this summer for new clients. If you have young athletes looking to get bigger, stronger, and faster this summer we would love to help them improve their athletic performance. We are also accepting general clients who are looking to meet their health and fitness goals. One on one training as well as small group training is available. Please message me for more details!

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Alexandra Acupuncture & Wellness

Hey guys, this is Bobby. Please "like" our friend over at Alexandra Acupuncture and Wellness. This is a great place to go and Alexandra Khouri is awesome at what she does. I'm always really skeptical (of course), but I had an amazing experience.

Welcome to Alexandra Acupuncture & Wellness! Thanks for being a fan!


Hey guys, this is Randy. This is mostly for the meat heads out there and those who have fallen victim to the "high protein" for lean muscle growth, etc. What do you guys think of a plant based diet, where proteins come from natural high-protein super foods like spirulina, h**p-protein, etc. How much protein do we REALLY need and from what sources? What effects excess animal proteins and lab made whey proteins having on us?


Bobby Reay, coach at R2 Strength and Conditioning, will be conducting a running and endurance seminar on Saturday May 12th from 1pm to 2pm at Briar Woods Highschool in Brambleton. We will teach you the proper mechanics of running to make your run safer and more efficient. If anyone is interested please reply on this and I will send you an invite to the event. I have 8 slots open. The fee is $20. Thanks and I hope to see you all out there!

runningtimes.com 04/17/2012

Electrolyte Replacement, Explained | Running Times Magazine

Well summer is coming up, and that means more people will be out doing more longer distance/time aerobic cardio activities. And with the warmer weather also approaching, I think it’s a good time to talk about electrolyte replacement during and after these activities.

When you exercise, you not only sweat, but your body is using what is called electrolytes. To put it simply, and like the name, think of it as your body’s electricity. After all, they are electrically charged ions in your body.

Here’s a nice little article explaining how crucial electrolytes are especially when you’re doing activities like long bike rides/runs or workouts in high temperatures, or just workouts that cause you to sweat like crazy in general. Aside from natural electrolyte food like bananas, I like using Cytomax while exercising. It’s a supplement made by the guys who make Muscle Milk, and it’s definitely a great way to replenish electrolytes. Don’t believe me? Do an experiment where you go for a long bike ride or run without taking in electrolytes throughout the activity, and see how you feel compared to when you DO take them in. Check this out:




What Do I Eat to Increase My Energy? - iVillage

Here is a nice piece on how diet effects energy levels. I'm sure everyone has experienced at some time or another, that 2pm drag feeling after lunch. Out of nowhere you get tired and just want to fall asleep at your desk and your energy levels plummit like someone slipped you a sleeping pill. I know I have until recently when I tightened up my eating habits and introduced a lot more vitamins and nutrients into my diet.

This is part of the reason over the years we've seen such a surge in products like energy drinks. Instead of taking the time to research and do the work to sustain natural energy levels, people look for a quick fix for an energy boost without knowing they're just making it worse. These energy drinks are extremely unhealthy and there are a numerous ways to avoid them, and it all starts with diet.

I recently bought a juicer to add in a lot more nutrients into my diet, and avoid unfavorable carbohydrates like pasta and wheat bread, and the difference is astounding. I no longer encounter that mid day crash, and my energy levels are the same throughout the day. I also have found that I get tired right when I'm supposed to; right before bed. Take a look at this Q&A. If you want to have consistent sustained energy levels throughout the day, maybe the answer is in your diet. Well, I say "maybe" as an incentive to check it out, but the answer IS in your diet.


ivillage.com Proper diet certainly contributes to a good energy level (and I list suggestions here), but you may also want to approach the problem by looking at all areas of your life. The causes of fatigue can be physiological (such as thyroid hormone levels), em


Top 20 Battle Ropes Exercises and Sam Pace Let the Big Dog Eat Album

Coming next week to R2 Strength and Conditioning. A little something new.


http://www.facebook.com/workoutmuse Top 20 Battle Ropes Exercises and a 20-40 Interval Workout While Listening to Sam Pace Let the Big Dog Eat Album. Please ...


Coming soon! Who's ready for some battle ropes?


How does April 21st sound to everyone for the Fight Gone Bad?


Not that I could ever go full vegetarian because I couldn't. But here's a nice pic that might make you rethink where you should be getting most of your calories.


Fight Gone Bad Update: Alright it looks like we'll be holding this on a Saturday around early April. It'll most likely be in the morning between 10am and 1pm and we'll run a few different heats for women and men who can do the workout as prescribed, as well as women and men who need to scale the workout.

This is a good time to come checkout the intensity of some of these workouts. We'll need athletes to workout, as well as people to count reps. Once you get into this workout, it's almost impossible to keep track of your own score. If you plan on coming to workout, keep score, or just watch or plan on bringing anyone with you, shoot a quick comment below. We'll set up the event invite in the next week or two and keep everyone updated. We hope to see you out there!

womenshealthmag.com 03/05/2012

Drinking and Exercise: How Alcohol Affects Your Body | Women's Health Magazine

Sorry to be a downer for anyone who likes to workout and drink, but those goals will be a lot harder to reach when your sucking down Budweiser and JD.


womenshealthmag.com Do drinking and exercise mix? Women's Health uncovers the effects of alcohol on your body—and your workout

r2strength.com 03/02/2012


Alright everybody. We are very proud to announce our new website for R2 Strength and Conditioning. www.r2strength.com. I'd like to thank Thomas Martin for putting this thing together. Taught himself web design and spent hours constructing the site. Great job! I hope to see you all out at the gym some time soon.

r2strength.com Our specialty training programs are intended for those who require specific training or those who would like a more long term program. These programs are highly customized to each client


Fight Gone Bad Explained

Alright guys. We're going to be running a little Fight Gone Bad event in mid to late March if we can get a nice warm day to do it with the doors open. I'll give everyone about a weeks notice and set up an invite. This is definitely a good one to come try out or just watch. It's intense. Here is a video of what the Fight Gone Bad WOD is. More details coming soon.


Greg Glassman lectures on the development of Fight Gone Bad.

thedeadlift.com 02/17/2012


Here's a nice bit on the benefits of deadlifting. You'll hear a lot of people, especially doctors, say you shouldn't do deadlifts, they're bad for you, people get hurt. Really? So when's the last time you picked something up off the ground? I guess people shouldn't run either because they can get hurt doing that too.

The deadlift is the most functional movement out there. When done properly, deadlifts are extremely beneficial and I highly recommend them.

It seems a lot of people, especially non sports doctors, look at something like deadlifts as "you can possibly get hurt if you do them improperly so don't do them at all". Why not learn how to do them properly and get all the benefits from it? These are the same doctors who tell their patient with high cholesterol "you can change your diet, your lifestyle, exercise an hour everyday or..........you can take lipitor". A lot of people look for the easy way out or the short cut but what they don't realize by doing that, is they're missing out on a lot of benefits if they would just take the time to learn. We'd be glad to get you on your way to getting those benefits.


thedeadlift.com Why Deadlift? To us asking that is akin to asking Why Breathe? The Deadlift is one of the most ancient, fundamental and just flat out alpha lifts out there. In no other lift do you raise hundreds of pounds of weight off the ground with your bare hands. There’s really something magical about the Dead...


For anyone interested in a free workout or doing sprints on the Briar Woods Highschool track this Saturday after 2pm, I'll be up there writing up workouts and doing my own thing if anyone wants to join in. 400, 200, and 100m sprints are no joke and if you've never tried it, you should.


So how would everyone feel about a little Fight Gone Bad workout in March? Law enforcement bring your vests. Fire fighters bring your suits.

We'll keep you all updated on this, but it's definitely a good workout to try. If you've ever wondered what an MMA fighters cardio and muscle fatigue feels like in a 3 round fight; this is the workout to do.


Hyellooooo athletes,

This Saturday's running seminar is all booked up, but we'll be holding another one the following Saturday so gear up and come out. The fee will be $20 and the seminar will last around 2 hours. Don't worry it's not a run you into the ground kind of thing. We'll be talking about the mechanics of proper running and putting you through drills so you can get a feel for it. And of course, an optional workout at the end which I highly recommend. Send Bobby Reay a message if you plan on coming and let me know about any guests you plan on bringing. We'll have 6 slots open per seminar. Thanks and I can't wait to see you guys out there!


New toys

momentumsports.co.uk 02/07/2012

Running Technique Advice for all Runners. Learn Proper Technique Here

Here's an article explaining the importance of proper running technique, especially if you're an avid runner or plan on competing in long distance running events. Almost everyone says "I already know how to run". Well of course you do, it's a natural movement. You also know how to throw a ball, but does that mean you have the form and mechanics of a baseball pitcher or a football quarterback? No. So why not learn proper running technique for safer, more efficient running? I'll be holding weekly seminars on Saturday and/or Sunday. Please message Bobby Reay for details.


momentumsports.co.uk Proper Running Technique is important to runners at all levels. Learn the basic techniques here to provide a platform for future personal best times. Proper running technique also reduces your risk of injury.


Hey guys. This past weekends running seminar went really well and I'm having another one this Saturday and/or Sunday if anyone wants to come. Before I did about 10 people, but I'm going to only do 6 at a time just so I can pay more attention to everyone. If you're interested, I'll hold it at noon and depending on how many people want to come out, I may hold one Saturday and Sunday. Shoot Bobby Reay a message or comment on here if you're interested in coming out.

crossfitsouthbay.com 02/02/2012

midline stability

Here's a good article about the importance of midline stabilization in athletics and your everyday life. Because all of the power you have starts in your core and moves to your extremities, it would only make since to build a strong core and practice and understand the importance of midline stability. Stronger core=stronger overall.


crossfitsouthbay.com A pre- blog forward: As everyone who has been in for a workout this week has noticed, all the coaches are on a K-Starr high. Kelly Starrett’s mobility course this weekend was seriously f-ing rad. I was so excited to take notes on what he said that I broke the pen I was using. What I really wan...

proteinbreakthrough.com 01/31/2012

The Protein Scandal Report...

Talking with a friend about the difference between whey protein and h**p protein, and it looks like h**p protein may be a better option or at least worth a try. Here's a good article explaining the benefits over using whey protein.

proteinbreakthrough.com Warning: Don’t even think about drinking another protein shake until you read this...


Hey everyone. Next Saturday around noon I'll be running a free clinic on how to run properly. 19 out of 20 people don't know how to run properly and have never been trained and don't realize there are several mechanics to it. It'll promote safe, more efficient running. Feel free to come out to R2 to jump in on the class and for a free workout after.

marathonguide.com 01/25/2012

Interval Training For Improved Performance

Training for a marathon or long distance competition? Adding interval training will greatly reduce your time and allow you to break your own records, if not others. By doing interval training and anaerobic activities, you will increase your VO2 max allowing you to run farther, faster, and with less effort. It's also a good way to build muscle in your legs and core.


marathonguide.com MarathonGuide.com - the complete marathon resource and community. Complete directory of marathons, marathon results, athlete and race news, marathon history, training schedules, chat, email, marathoning humor - everything for the marathon runner and marathon fan.


Randy Reay 250 Clean and Jerk

This video was uploaded from an Android phone.

mobilitywod.com 01/20/2012


Here's a great resource for mobility and maintenance exercises you can do to keep that full free range of motion and to keep yourself healthy and injury free.


mobilitywod.com This blog is intended as a jump off point for athletes to systematically begin to address their nasty tissues and grody joint mobility. Be cool. Use at your own risk and stop if you think it’s gonna hurt you, your spine is going to come out your throat, or your face goes numb. But, understand that y...


....or this?


Now, which one of these food pyramids seems more logical? This.....

sportsmedicine.about.com 01/13/2012

Which Is Better - Compound or Isolation Exercises?

Why choose functional training over isolation training? Here's a brief article explaining why functional training is much more beneficial overall than isolation training.


sportsmedicine.about.com Compound exercises are multi-joint movements that work several muscles at one time. For most people compound exercises provide better results than isolation exercises and should be the core of any weight training routine.

livestrong.com 01/12/2012

How Can a Balanced Diet Positively Affect Your Life?

Here's a small brief piece on how important having a balanced diet is. Diet is the base of all performance. It effects everything you do in your everyday life, and in the gym. Having a balanced and healthy diet, as well as being fully hydrated can make all the difference in the world. To maintain full hydration you need to drink at least half of your body weight in ounces of water per day. So if you weigh 200 pounds, you need to drink 100 ounces of water to stay hydrated. If you do not have a balanced and healthy diet and do not hydrate enough; take 2 weeks, drink enough water everyday, eat clean, and I guarantee your personal records will go up and you'll feel 100 times better.


livestrong.com How Can A Balanced Diet Positively Affect Your Life?. A balanced diet can improve your mood, health and lifestyle. By eating a healthy diet, you can also control your weight and cholesterol, and perform better when you play sports and exercise. A balanced diet can also help prevent certain diseases,...

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