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Zumbini with Heidi

We are excited to offer Zumbini with Heidi classes in Northern Virginia!

Next demo: Sunday , December 30th 11:15 am at Lansdowne Village Greens.

Sessions begin in January 2019! Sundays 9:30 am and Tuesdays at 4:30 pm.

For more info, visit or!

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Zumbini with Heidi
We are excited to offer Zumbini with Heidi classes in Northern Virginia! Next demo: Sunday , December 30th 11:15 am at Lansdowne Village Greens. Sessions begin in January 2019! Sundays 9:30 am and Tuesdays at 4:30 pm. For more info, visit or!

Last #TBT class - it was #2legit2quit (I miss you Frederick crew!) Can’t wait for TOMORROW at One Loudoun for Fitness on the Plaza! 7 pm FREE Class- but reserve your spot on ClubJump Fitness MindBody app! #80sdanceparty #getheidifit DJ JSun

Good Morning! ☀️ I’m missing the beach and starting my day with the sunrise. One thing I don’t do enough for myself is Yoga 🧘🏻‍♀️ and its a practice I need more of! (Which is probably why I love doing it.) The morning I shot this- I just wanted to go through a flow and feel the sun and sand on my body while I stretched. Take some time and feel the things around you. My flow and form is far from perfect- actually needs a lot of work. But it’s me- being “present over perfect.”

Soaking in all I can here on the beach before heading back to class! Hope to see you Sunday for Inferno Barre at Pulse Inferno!

This group = 🔥 Thank you all for coming out and bringing your energy and swag 🙌🏽 I can’t wait to dance with you all again! 💪🏼 #bang #getheidifit #pulseinferno #sweatsaturday

Thank you One Loudoun and ClubJump Powered by Studio PinkFit for another fun Thursday at Fitness on the Plaza.

“It’s a Look” 👀 Get it ladies!! ☝🏼 Always a fun time with my Brambleton #flygirls Thanks for playing around for a little freestyle fun after class. 🙌🏽 See you next week! Wed 6:30 pm OneLife Brambleton Sat 9:45 am Pulse Inferno Song : Look By leikeli47 No copyright infringement intended. All rights reserved to respective music artist.

Wake up & Work it Out at the #Barre 💪🏼 Thursday 5:45 am at Lifetime Fairfax! #ltemployee #ltfairfax #yoga #pilates #dance

It’s #workoutwednesday and that means Bang Power Dance at Onelife Fitness - Brambleton See you at 6:30 pm! Shout out to Lakisha Wade & Aly B. slayin’ on stage at the 2017 Pink Ribbon Fit Fest. You ALL rocked it! Can’t wait to dance for a cause this weekend!

When it’s #gameday and you need some cardio to get your #homeworkout started ♥️🏀💙#rockchalk #jayhawk #ku #finalfour

The reason I love #workoutwednesday 💪🏼 My Onelife Fitness - Brambleton crew! Missing lots of fierce faces- but don’t worry 😉 we will get ya next time! 🤛🏼 #bangpowerdance #fiercefitness #onelifefitness #getheidifit

Saturday!! Come SWEAT 💦and SHAKE with me tomorrow! Barre and Bang to start your Saturday!

My shoes will be Red ❤️ My gloves have some Blue 💙 Its Wednesday and that means TONIGHT I get to Bang Power Dance with you! 💪🏼 See you at 6:30 pm Onelife Fitness - Brambleton! P.S There will be no more rhymes or poems written by me tonight 😂

#tbt to 2017 Pink Ribbon Fit Fest. THANK YOU to everyone who joined us! If you missed it,, stay tuned for our next party with a purpose. #endcancer #bangpowerdance #freedombarre #zumbafitness #yoga #pinkribbonfrederick #getheidifit #partywithapurpose. Here are some of the shots from our event, captured by Sarah Elizabeth Photography, Tonja Street, and April Willis.

It's Wednesday & I get excited to see my #BangPowerDance crew at Onelife Brambleton! Class begins at 6:30 pm and we will be raffling off some Bang gear! See you tonight! #bangpowerdance #onelifefitness #getheidifit #fiercefitness #muevelo

Finding time (and energy) to get in a workout (or in some cases- an exercise here and there) is definitely getting more challenging. Thank goodness for nap time and home workouts! 🙏🏻 Taking it one day at a time and getting it in when I can. This mama needs her endorphins and muscles to move! 💪🏼#getheidifit #getmommyfit #homeworkout #barre #fitmom

Taking it back to the basics - and getting in a quick workout at the park! 🌳 Sometimes all you need is a beautiful day and a park bench 💪🏼 Keeping it simple as I ease my way back into training- 1) Step Ups 2) Push Ups 3) Tricep Dips 4) Planks #getheidifit #getmommyfit #wod #fitmom

Fierce Fri-YAY with our OneLife Brambleton crew tonight for the ArmorUp Bang & Beauty Event! 💪🏼 #armorup #onelifefitness #bangpowerdance

My Saturday #barrebabes rocked it this morning! I'm ready for round 2 - Sunday 9:30 am! Join me at the #barre!

Oh snap! Discovered a new squat track for class while warming up on the platform today. 🍑 Get excited!

Happy St. Paddy's Day 🍀 Irish I was working out with you!!! 🍀 Sending a Shamrock Shake from Kansas City!

Beautiful morning at the #Barre #getheidifit #barreaddict #barrebabes

Wednesday Night Wonder Women 💪🏽 I mean, why not RUN in circles at the end of the spike?? 😳 This group is fierce and inspire, motivate, and push each other every week. (Including #winklababy and me) Thank you students! #bangpowerdance™ #fiercefitness #25weeks

Class was bumpin' thanks to my special guest! 💕 24 weeks and going strong! Teaching back to back classes is only possible because of my incredible students. You all make it so fun (and impossible to slow down! 💪🏽#getheidifit #6months #getmommyfit #barreaddict #bangpowerdance™ #zumbafitness

Barre with Get Heidi Fit
💜💙💚Maris Gras at the Barre 💜💙💚 Join me and my #barre babes tonight at The Fitness Equation for some Donuts and King Cake! And by donuts and cake, I mean plié squats and planks. 😇

5,6,7,8...."Chicken Nuggets!" 🤔 Marking routines with my skaters is always interesting- I ❤️ these talented minis! #barremini Monday Nights at Maximum Fitness 24/7. BarreMini - Ages 8+

Love the creativity of my students tonight 🎄Literally Jingled all the way through the entire class 😍#holidayparty #bangpowerdance #jinglebells

A lil' #mannequinchallenge fun with my ice skaters tonight in the Barre Mini class. (Also a creative way for us to work on our balance, flexibility..and even acting skills?!) Check out these talented girls Ellen DeGeneres!

Pink Party at TFE *no copyright infringement intended*

Pink Party at TFE *no copyright infringement intended*

When you try to cook and choreograph #choreo&cooking #dinnertimedab #dancehalldab #firsttimedabber #instructorproblems

❗️THURSDAY CLASS REMINDER❗️ Class times have moved up earlier! Barre 6 pm Bang Power Dance 7:15 pm See you tonight at The Fitness Equation!

Love Monday Nights with my Minis 👯 #barre #barremini #getheidifit #dance #maxfit24

See you at the #barre! 👯 Join the fun on Tue/Thu at 6:35 pm @tfequation @oneloudoun #barreaddict #oneloudoun #tfequation #getheidifit #yoga #pilates #dance #bootybarre

Monday Nights with my Minis 👯 The ice skaters I get to train are so incredibly talented! They are growing as dancers each and every class....and growing taller than me by the minute 🙆🏻 #barre #dance #barremini #getheidifit #maxfit24 @maximumfitness247

💥Class was BANG'in tonight! 💥You all amaze me! 💥#bangpowerdance™ #fiercefitness #oneloudoun #loudoun #getheidifit #barretobang #tfequation @oneloudoun @bangfreedombarre @tfequation

Current Mood. 😬 Back to work after the holiday weekend! I'm ready to attack my workouts and kick your butts in class! Get ready!! 💪🏽 NEW Wednesday night BANG. class starts this week at Brambleton S&H! Complete schedule at

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