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Ret. US Army Combat Vet. Martial Arts/Krav Maga Expert/Writer/Stunt Actor/Fight Choreographer/Martial Arts Seminars & Film Projects/DM me.

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WARRIOR PATH - Recovery and empowerment over PTSD/Trauma to excel in life and reach full human potential!
ANTI-ABDUCTION - Defensive Tactics against kidnapping.
BULLY DEFENSE - Dealing with the bullying epidemic.
HOME INVASION DEFENSE - Defensive Solutions for protecting your home and actions during a home invasion.
HOSTAGE SURVIVAL - What to do in a hostage situation.
EDGED WEAPONS - Defensive Tactics against edged weapons such as knives, machete, etc.
IMPACT WEAPONS - Defensive Tactics against impact weapons such as a club, staff, pipe, bat etc.
IMPROVISED WEAPONS - Learn to use any object at hand to defend yourself.
WEAPONS EDGE - Use of ancient & modern weaponry.
EXTREME SURVIVAL - Lost hiking, stranded, desert, floods, extreme weather, at sea, worst case scenarios.
COUNTER TERRORISM - Hi-Jacking, Active Shooter, Hostage situation, Riots, etc.
HERBAL MEDIC - Basic skills in Herbal medicine and survival.(through Herbal Medics Mojave)

Management Software For Gyms And Martial Arts Schools - Martial Arts on Rails 12/01/2021

Management Software For Gyms And Martial Arts Schools - Martial Arts on Rails

Are you looking for Dojo Management Software that couples Billing Management Software?

We absolutely love Martial Arts on Rails!!! After trying Jackrabbit Dojo, My Studio, Martialytics, and a few others, we stand by and fully support Martial Arts on Rails.

They have an awesome billing system that makes our job easier and it's no hassle. It integrates with Stripe and Square for ease so you don't need an additional processor to pay for.

The lead system is super easy to use and really helps bring into focus which phase your trials are in.

The member system is so easy to use, and you always know how your students are doing with time/date stamped notes and progress tracking.

There is so much to tell you about Martial Arts on Rails! Go try it out for yourself. The price is quite reasonable as well, and the Customer Service is top notch. They are super quick during business hours to respond and they really know their product!
Check it out!

Management Software For Gyms And Martial Arts Schools - Martial Arts on Rails The best rated management software for gyms and martial arts schools in 2021. Everything you need to manage and grow your gym or martial arts school.

Lion Mentality (Motivational Speech) - YouTube Music 05/11/2021

Lion Mentality (Motivational Speech) - YouTube Music

You can achieve greatness! You can achieve your goals! Do not give up and do not give in.

Your future hasn't been determined yet! Get up and get going.


Lion Mentality (Motivational Speech) - YouTube Music Provided to YouTube by CDBaby Lion Mentality (Motivational Speech) · Fearless Motivation Lion Mentality (Motivational Speech) ℗ 2021 Fearless Motivation ...


MASI (Martial Arts Society International LLC)
Internal Business Promotion
Grandmaster Jason Velez, Founder of Martial Arts Society International names new Chief Executive Officer, GM Christopher Barela 8th Dan.

Mr. Barela is a long time student and close associate of Grandmaster Velez who comes with a diverse background of various jobs, training and assignments that provided a wide array of experiences that will help MASI soar to new heights.

Mr. Barela has the passion and the drive to help others succeed, especially when it comes to children and youth from hard places. It doesn't matter if Mr. Barela is teaching children, teens or adults, he always gives the most of himself to others.

Mr. Barela retired from Public Service in 2019 to focus on other projects, the most important one is being a devoted Husband to his wife Heather, and Father to six boys, of which some are still being raised at home, while others are making their own path in life.

Mr. Barela looks forward to developing and implementing new programs and strategies to help drive MASI to the next level, and to give all of our schools, staff, students and their families his very best.


Martial Arts Society International Founder
Grandmaster Jason M. Velez
9th Dan BB - Special Forces HapKiDo

Grand Master Jason Velez is considered one of the leaders in the martial arts industry. Founder of Special Forces Hapkido, a certified expert in Krav Maga, Law Enforcement Defensive Tactics, and Counter-Terrorism. He offers unique expertise through his combined military, law enforcement, and civilian self-defense background.

GM Velez has extensive service as a US Army 10th Mountain Div. Light Infantry Commando, VIP Force Protection Team Leader, Close Quarters Battle Instructor, Advance combat weapons instructor, and Combat fitness instructor together with his 20 plus yrs. military service and 50 plus years of martial arts training. GM Velez is a retired Vietnam-era US Marine and a US Army Persian Gulf War Combat Veteran.

This real-world life training, including operational military service, makes USMC/US Army Ret. Sergeant First Class Jason Velez without question one of the most highly qualified individuals currently instructing combatives and Survival Solutions to professionals and civilians worldwide.

GM Velez was instrumental in formulating and conducting Close Quarter Combat and Counter-Terrorism solutions within the special units he served. He has been employed worldwide as an executive bodyguard and Security Operator for numerous assignments.

Grand Master Velez is an Ambassador to many martial arts organizations. He was inducted into the Action Martial Arts Magazine Hall of Honors Platinum award 2011, Goodwill Ambassador award 2014/2015. (The Academy awards of martial arts)

Presently a stunt actor training actors Christopher Robert Smith, Taylor Murphy-Sinclair, Jeff Torres, and Angela Ko in stunt fighting and martial arts. He has appeared as an extra in TV’s Casual, Ballers, Angie Tribeca, and other shows. Mr. Velez has also been in some upcoming feature films. He is also writing several movies scripts!

· 50 plus years, of practical analysis/research experience in the Martial Arts
· 40 plus years, of teaching experience in the Military, LE, and the private sector
· Certified Full Instructor in Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do Concepts
· Certified Sr. Master Instructor in Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and Filipino Martial Arts
· Certified Expert in Israeli Defense Forces Krav Maga,
· Law Enforcement Defensive Tactics Instr.
· Counter-Terrorism expert
· Certified Fitness Trainer
· Certified “Fit Wall” Instr.
· Master Teacher of Reiki, Qi Gong & other healing modalities
· #1 All Army Trainer SW Region (2000-03)
· World Karate League’s Sr. Masters Fighting Champion 2017


What is a leader?

The leaders we remember most are not necessarily the ones who have a fancy office or important position.

The leaders we remember most, the ones who stand out from the rest, are the ones who are different: in their actions, in their thinking, and certainly in the way they have interacted with us.

The leaders we remember most are the ones who have followed the practices of leadership from within:

They challenged us. They’re the ones who showed us we can always be better than we thought we could, who encouraged us to do what we thought was impossible.

They acknowledged us. They took the time to express their gratitude. They provided recognition to us and acknowledged our effort.

They listened to us. They made time to listen and paid attention to what we had to say. They helped us learn what it’s like to really be listened to.

They trusted us. Memorable leaders know that trust is at the core of any relationship. When they depended on us, we felt secure and supported, and because of that we became more accountable and responsible.

They made time for us. They made us feel important—they took the time to hear what we had to say. No excuses and no broken promises. They gave us the gift of their time.

They cared for us. By showing us kindness and respect, they created memorable connections and opened our hearts to learn from them.

They supported us. They didn’t give us all the answers or solve all our problems. Instead they did something we will never forget: They faced our challenges with us.

They gave us room to make mistakes They’re the ones who allowed us to make our own mistakes, helping us learn to look our walls for broader perspectives and deeper insight.

They believed in us. They showed us that one person who believes in you more than you believe in yourself is enough to change your life and leadership forever.

They honored us. By recognizing who we were and who we could become, they inspired us not only to perform better but to be bet

Blauer - Hicks Law 04/10/2021

Blauer - Hicks Law

Blauer - Hicks Law How many options we have can dramatically impact upon our reaction time and decision-making. Blauer uses 'Hick's Law' to explain why.Courtesy of

Fight or Flight Response 04/10/2021

Fight or Flight Response

Fight or Flight Response Paul Andersen explains how epinephrine is responsible for changes in chemistry of our body associated with the fight or flight response. Epinephrine release...


There are some very big and grand things on the horizon. We will release information very shortly.

Martial Arts Society International updated their information in their About section. 04/08/2021

Martial Arts Society International updated their information in their About section.

Martial Arts Society International updated their information in their About section.


The foundation of a warrior’s mindset is as follows:
• Positive self-image
• Visualization
• Developing a Mantra that is your own
• Learning to properly breathe to remain calm under stress (combat breathing)
• Eliminating negative self-talk with positive self-talk

Over the next few weeks, we will break this down as part of a weekly post. Look for a new post on the subject each Monday.




Retrograde has started, time for super #FOCUS


Sai Satish

Good Message from AliBaba President
Mr Ma Yun


Dr.SHIVA LIVE: We are at War. #FireFauci. End the Shutdown.

Worth looking into...


9Dragons Martial Arts System's cover photo


Herbal Medics Mojave: Herbalism, Survival, & Martial Arts

Work up to getting your Krav Certificate on our Krav Fit Sundays @ 3:30pm with Jason Marcos Velez @ 6534 Chimes Tower Ave. We work through car jacking, ATM, and nightclub scenarios. It’s a Conditioning workout to get You fit while you also learn to fight. Our age range is teens to 70. All are welcome. Get your cholesterol down and your Krav Fit On 😃💪🏽 03/07/2020

Raw, Manuka Honey Kills Every Bacteria Scientists Throw at It, Including Antibiotic-Resistant Superbugs As modern medicine grapples with the global epidemic of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, studies are revealing Mother Nature may have had the answer all along. In recent years, dozens of studies are unveiling the powerful antibiotic, antiviral and immune-boosting properties of raw, unprocessed Manuka.... 02/28/2020

10 most powerful natural antibiotics known to mankind The introduction of antibiotics to the field of medicine has saved countless lives, turning serious and life-threatening infections into temporary ones. However, with the millions, if not billions of prescriptions for antibiotic drugs that doctors have filled out over the years there comes a serious...


Attending the Oscar’s Gala event @ Hilton Universal City CA! 🎥

01/24/2020 12/17/2019

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Words of Wisdom... #PowerfulMantra 08/28/2019

1 Important Muscle Most Neglected (& How to Strengthen It) Despite their importance in mobility and general health, the hip flexors are the most neglected major muscle group in strength training.


Words of Wisdom for gaging your life cycle!


Get More Energy!


Balintawak & B3 Combat Systems Romania

Knife Craft

Rich Cotterill - Seek the centerline and destroy it

Filmed during the B3 Combat Summer Camp in Losinj, Croatia.

More about Richard Cotterill's Balintawak and B3 Combat Systems:

Filmed and edited by: Ciprian Ortan


Jiu-Jitsu Lifestyle

Practical Self-defense!

🇧🇷 Excelente demonstração de defesa pessoal com a professora @lettyribeiro e o mestre @roylergracie
🇺🇲 Awesome self defense demonstration with the professor @lettyribeiro and master @roylergracie
📽️ @lettyribeiro



Our Story

9DMAS is a Reality Based martial arts system, developed from ancient wisdom and modern science for self-defense & self-empowerment! Open to all styles.



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