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Kalt Fitness is a personal training gym that focuses on helping our clients to transform their bodie Conveniently located right off the Inglewood Blvd.

Owned and Operated by Adam Kalt (National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer with 12 years of experience), Kalt Fitness is about making you better each and every day. Adam's primary goals are to help you get leaner and stronger, along with helping you to move better and to feel better. Kalt Fitness offer Group Personal Training, Semi-Private Training, and One on One Personal Tra

Operating as usual


Our TWO Black Friday offers are Live!

1) 25% off of our 21 Day Rapid Fat Loss Program for any New Clients to Kalt Fitness in the South Bay! Link below. Offer ends Monday. Must activate program no later than Monday, January 7th.


2) $100 off of any personal training package with me for any new or former clients. One on one, two on one, and in-home training all available. Training with me takes place at Zoo Culture in Woodland Hills. For in-home training, my availability just depends on where you are in relation to the Calabasas/Woodland Hills area, and your schedule. Just email me prior to Monday at [email protected] to get more info and to reserve this special discount 😀.

Happy Thanksgiving 💪!


Proper warm-up strategies are key to long-term success in the gym. Been using Crossover Symmetry lately to warm up my shoulders before upper body focused workouts. Really cool system 💪.


Special Black Friday Deals for New Clients Coming Soon for BOTH Small Group Training at Kalt Fitness in the South Bay AND Personal Training with Me in Woodland Hills and the Surrounding Area 💪!

Stay Tuned...


If you are a trainer in the South Bay, looking for a place to rent space, Kalt Fitness rents our gym out between 10:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Mondays through Thursdays, and after 10:30 a.m. on Fridays. Our gym is also available to rent on Saturdays after 10 a.m. and all day Sundays.

We offer a very reasonable per session rental rate.

If you are interested and/or want to learn more, just reach out to me at [email protected]. I'd be happy to tell you more about it.

kaltfitness.com 08/30/2018

Get Started

We Are Excited to Announce our Upcoming 10 Week Transformation Challenge!

Starts Monday, September 10th!

This awesome program will include a 10 Week Unlimited Small Group Training Membership, our Understanding Macros Nutrition Guide, Body Composition Tracking EVERY 2 WEEKS, and Prizes for the Top 3 Clients with the Best Results!

This is DEFINITELY a great time to join our gym!


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Amazing what you can do when you dedicate yourself to your fitness goals. Picture to the left from April 2017. Picture to the top right from November 2017. Picture to the bottom right from July 2018.

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kaltfitness.com 04/26/2018

Get Started

$49 for our 21 Day Rapid Fat Loss Program!

Offer Valid for any RETURNING client.

OFFER EXPIRES MAY 1st. Don't miss out!



kaltfitness.com Ready to Tackle Your Fitness Goals?   Become our Next Success Story!

t-nation.com 04/16/2018

Thibaudeau's Simple Fat Loss Strategies | T Nation

t-nation.com Ready to get lean but not ready to count every calorie? Here are three things you can start doing today.


Results from one of our clients currently in our 6 Week Slim Down Program.

Great illustration that weight is not the only measure of success. In a 4 week time frame, weight up by .4lbs, but BODYFAT down by 2.7%. This is why you can't only judge by the scale.

Also why you shouldn't quit and give up if you don't see the scale moving the way you want - you need to:

a) Give things time

b) Have more information then just a number on a scale.


Excited to be partnering with . Chuck and his team are Certified Sports Nutritionists, offer free InBody Testing, and align with the same values here at Kalt fitness. Mention this post and receive 10% off your first purchase.



Kalt Fitness's cover photo


Kalt Fitness


24 hours left to sign up for our 6 Week Slim Down at 50% off, and only 4 spots left!

I'd love to teach you how to train and eat to achieve the results that I did this past year.

Apply Here.


Questions? Let me know.



The images below document my own progress from this past April, all the way up until very recently (and I still have a couple of weeks left that I will spend getting even leaner).

From April till July (top row of pictures), I focused mostly on Training, with small Nutrition changes.

Then, in July, I got really serious about my diet, and began focusing heavily on fat loss (results shown in the bottom row of pictures).

Since July, I am down 24lbs, and anticipate that I'll probably be down around 26lbs-28lbs total when all is said and done in a couple of weeks.

We shall see.

And so, what I'd like to do, is invite YOU to join our gym for a VERY SPECIAL OFFER, and TEACH YOU how to achieve great results just like I did!

Here's the bottom line.

I'm calling it a 6 Week Slim Down - Unlimited Personal Training at Kalt Fitness, PLUS Advanced Strategies and Protocols for Fat Loss using Carb/Calorie Cycling - the EXACT strategies I am using right now to finish up my own personal Fat Loss Plan.

So, not only will we Train You, but we will also TEACH you in a very straight forward guide how to ACTUALLY EAT CARBS and LOSE FAT!

I know, I know - Carb are the enemy..............WRONG!

Yes, if you are loading up on Carbs (especially the bad kind) all day, every day, then yeah, that won't work so well for Fat Loss.

However, if you strategically incorporate specific amount of Carbs into your diet, you can actually make USE CARBS to YOUR ADVANTAGE!

Trust me. Carbs are NOT the Enemy.

Interested in learning more about our 6 Week Slim Down?

Then fill out the application below, so we can determine if you will be a good fit.

Only 15 spots available.

***One quick note before we wrap up here. This program is HEAVILY discounted. I'm talking 50% off. Why? Couple of reasons. First, its the holiday season, and bottom line, things get slow in the gym business (ask any Personal Trainer/Gym Owner, etc). So, my loss is your gain. Second, I want to REWARD PEOPLE who want to actually dedicate themselves to their Fitness Goals during this time where most people prefer to do the OPPOSITE. We all know that come January 1st, all gyms get busier, but let's reward YOU for starting NOW.***

Don't Wait! Apply Today!

Your 6 Week Slim Down can start either the week of Monday, November 6th, or at the latest, on Monday, November 13th.

One HUGE benefit of this program? You can actually work it around your big Thanksgiving Meal! You WILL NOT have to sit there eating Protein and Vegetables the entire meal - unless of course, that's what you prefer to do.

Enough Talk - Let's Make this Happen!

Apply for the 6 Week Slim Down here:


Have questions?

I can be reached at [email protected].



Updated Kalt Fitness Training Schedule as of October 9th, 2017.

We currently hold 38 Sessions Per Week.

2-8 Clients Per Session on Mondays-Fridays.

2-10 Clients Per Session on Saturdays.

5:15am - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday
6:15am - Monday through Friday
7:15am - Monday through Friday
8:30am - Monday through Friday
9:30am - Monday through Friday
4:30pm - Monday through Thursday
6:30pm - Monday through Thursday
7:30pm - Monday through Thursday
Saturdays at 8:00am and 9:00am

Interested in learning more about what we do, how we can help you to reach your fitness goals, and what makes our program unique?

Feel free to email us at [email protected].


Great workout this morning!

Over the years, I've found that training often becomes way more complicated and/or convoluted than it needs to be, and that sometimes there is too much emphasis on being "creative" or "unique".

I know I'm not the only Fitness Professional who feels this way 😀.

Personally speaking, if you are looking for Fat Loss, I definitely prefer and recommend a balanced total body workout with some quality movement and weight, versus just doing a bunch of random stuff day in and day out for the sake of difficulty.

Just my opinion 😉.


If you haven't trained at Kalt Fitness in the last 3 months or more, we have a special end of year offer for you.

VIP Training Membership (3 Months)

Space is Limited

Includes the Following:

Unlimited Personal Training Sessions: 2-8 Clients Per Session Mondays-Fridays, 2-10 Clients Per Session on Saturdays

14 Day Fat Loss Breakthrough Guide: Jump Start your Results

ProCoach Nutrition Emails: Delivered to your Inbox Each Day

Access to 24/7 Support through our VIP Facebook Group: Interact with all of us online and ask questions as needed

Training Tracking Sheet: Record your Training Progress

We hold a total of 38 SESSIONS per week, at the following times:

5:15am - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday
6:15am - Monday through Friday
7:15am - Monday through Friday
8:30am - Monday through Friday
9:30am - Monday through Friday
4:00pm - Monday through Thursday
6:30pm - Monday through Thursday
7:30pm - Monday through Thursday

Plus Saturdays at 8:00am and 9:00am

Again, this offer is only Valid for Former Kalt Fitness Clients who have not trained with us in the past 3 months or more.

More info? Just PM me or email me at [email protected].

breakingmuscle.com 08/31/2017

Training More Isn't Always the Answer

breakingmuscle.com When you improve, so must your training and nutrition.

Want your business to be the top-listed Gym/sports Facility in Lawndale?

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Our Story

Kalt Fitness is about making you better each and every day. Our primary goals are to help you get leaner and stronger, along with helping you to move better and to feel better.

With our Small Group Personal Training Program, we offer a highly personalized group training experience at an incredible value!

Conveniently located right off the Inglewood Blvd. exit of the 405 Freeway, we are just minutes away from Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach, and accessible for all clients in the South Bay and surrounding cities who are looking to become the very best that they can be!

Videos (show all)

What Stops us From Achieving our Fat Loss Goals and What We Can do to Fix that.
How to "Stick with it" so that you can achieve your goals!
The importance of "Why" - Goals and Nutrition Habits




4646 Manhattan Beach Boulevard, Ste E
Lawndale, CA

Opening Hours

Monday 6am - 7:30pm
Tuesday 6am - 7:30pm
Wednesday 6am - 7:30pm
Thursday 6am - 7:30pm
Friday 6am - 10:30am
Saturday 8am - 10am

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